Sweet Spot for Cooking Gold

Cooking, like every other profession has what I like to call 'sweet spots' that make leveling it difficult because materials are no longer farmed on a regular basis.

For Blacksmithing this is thorium bars, for tailoring it's bolts of netherweave (largely due to bag makers buying up the cloth), etc.

When I was going through auctioneer I noticed something peculiar that really surprised me: Burning Crusade fish going for 60 gold a stack. At first I thought it was just some fool dumping his guild bank, but after watching the market for a week I noticed that it was actually pretty active with about six sellers and obviously more than one buyer. Since the food from these fish weren't appearing on the auction house I had to assume that it was for cooking. Having leveled my only cook during BC I never knew this market existed until now!

Spotted fel-tail and Crescent-Tail Skullfish seem to be the real money makers, possibly for the 330 and 335 cooking recipes that these are required for.

Definately add these to your snatch list as they can easily sell at 2-3 gold a piece.

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  1. The reason the BC fish are going for so much right now is because of all the people who levelled their cooking during Pilgrim's Bounty. Many of them got to 300 and didn't hunt down more turkeys to go any further, or didn't find out where to train their cooking above 300 until recently. Those folks are now looking for a quick way to get those points and move on to Northrend stuff.

  2. I was surprised that even with the ease of leveling cooking during the last Pilgrim's Bounty event people were still buying low level meats used for cooking. I basically unloaded my bank of all fish and meat I was saving to level cooking and watched it promptly sell off the market.

  3. Also, after the recent Pilgrim's Bounty Holiday where everyone was able to get their characters up to 300 cooking for free, there's probably a larger demand for these fish.

  4. I have to agree with the other posters. It seems like the only reason these fish are selling well is because of the recent burst of people at the level they'd sell at. Good to keep in mind for next year(Provided cat. doesn't change everything), but the market for these fish will probably dwindle as time goes on. They're currently averaging 10 gold a stack for fel-tail, which is still good, by no meants typical.

  5. Yup. This Market is lvl 70 > 80 types who are finishing off leveling cooking. Probably on an alt who they could not be bothered hunting for turkeys with.

    Mind you, it means more people ending up on the Dalaran cooking dailys. As they have not stockpiled chilled meat etc that the dailys need, there is a new Market. I've noticed a trend of buying out all the chilled meat on the day it's required, and reposting it in stack sizes for the quest. People are making a modest profit on each stack sale (50s) but it all adds up. Not a new technique, but a larger Market to support it.

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