Two Enhancements to Make Openning Mail Easier

These tips are epic, I love them so much haha!

#1. Zero's Post on the JMTC forums on automatically openning up mail all at once.

"I decided to write a tiny addon that automatically checks for new mail (CheckInbox()) and opens all my current mails in my mailbox using Postal Open All. This addon will no longer require you to press any macro or button when you have loads of mails waiting to be opened but instead it will refresh your inbox every 10 seconds and attempt to open the current mail using Postal Open All (so it will be affected by the rules you change for that). I made it so I can go AFK when I have 500 or more mails waiting for me. Download here:"

#2. Increase the speed at which mail loads with HitTheCap, Wow Journal about Hitting the Gold Cap.

These tips blew me away... nice job you two!

13 comments: on "Two Enhancements to Make Openning Mail Easier"

  1. Out of curiousity, does the first addon break Blizzards EULA?

  2. You dont have to edit your lua file to get postal to open your mail faster. There is an option in game for it...

  3. Postal's opening speed options only go to 0.30. Editing the lua file can drop it down to 0.10.

  4. Is it just me or did blizzard mess with some stuff and now we can no longer do a qa2 scan/post/cancel while alt tabbed, and open mail automatically when alt tabbed? Because that has been happening to me since 3.3, if I alt tab while my mail opening addon is going, and I come back 3 minutes later, it has just stopped opening at the point where I alt tabbed. The same is happening when I scan/post/cancel with qa2.

  5. To the person unable to use addons while alt+tabbed: I've also had this problem since 3.3. But to solve this all I've had to do is play in windowed mode and then simply minimize the game and the addons continue to run. Hope that helps for you too

  6. @ previous Anonymous

    You can run your game in windowed mode to enable posting/receiving mail while alt tabbed.

  7. I use MailGet myself, which doesn't seem to be that much slower than Postal judging by the video. I also use a '/console reloadui' macro. The 1st tip is nice to avoid having to do that when you are afk, but it would take longer. I'll think about it, but good to know its out there.

  8. I posted this tip on the JMTC forums also awhile back, but editing the LUA file isn't anything too special to make it newsworthy. =p

    These tips combined with the Stormwind AH trick are very powerful.

  9. I was scared that this addon would not work for me after I tried to install it the first time. I attempted to open my mailbox immediately after logging in before the game completely loaded and my game crashed. Saddened, I closed the game and removed it.

    Then I remembered this happens to me regardless when my mailbox is overflowing. My computer's rather old and I burden it with a lot of addons.

    I re-installed it and the end result is a mailbox that opens itself with one click, regardless of the amount of mail! Thanks so much!

  10. MailOpener is really Awesome !! Thanks a lot for that, now i can read the JMTC forums whitout having to alt-tab every 61 seconds = D

  11. I have tested both the .3 option and the .1 option, and they both empty the mailbox at exactly the same time. dont beleive me, try it.

  12. I have crap ping and a crap PC so speeding up postal doesn't work for me (you sounded GREAT though Tella). I have to say though that the mailopener addon is the SHIZZLE!!! There is a god, Zerotorescue be thy name.

  13. sendekyo said... @ December 29, 2009 6:55 PM

    Hmmm, do you have any addon such as BeanCounter running by any chance? No matter how old your computer is I don't think it should crash from just opening your mailbox without any addons reading all it's contents...
    You could also try toggling some of Postal's modules off to see if that helps, even though it is rather hard to find out what each and every module does.

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