What does PCT mean in Auctioneer? How do you use PCT to make wow gold?

PCT means percentage or percentage market value for an item. After you have scanned with auctioneer enough you will have an accurate PCT for the average price of any one item. PCT is the most important weapon of an auctioneer when looking for great deals and it's the number one thing I love about the auctioneer addon for making easy wow gold.

So how do you use PCT? First off, look up your favorite item or run a typical resale scan with auctioneer. For help on these topics, please visit the JMTC Wow Gold Forum or my Gold Guide. If you are having trouble correctly running scans with auctioneer perhaps my post on 22 Steps to Using Auctioneer will provide you with a rough outline for using the addon.

After doing your search you will notice at the far right column that it says 'PCT' with different colored numbers next to your search results. These values are color coded as red meaning way above normal value, green meaning a great deal, yellow meaning normal value, and blue meaning WOW BUY THIS ITEM OUT NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. If you see an item below 50% PCT then that means it is also 50% below the average market value for that item. By buying the item out and relisting it you have a very good chance of making a sale, just make sure that you understand the item's market and when/why/how you should resell it.

There is one key problem with PCT however and that's with searching multiple pages. When you sort a page by PCT auctioneer will only sort that particular page of 50 items. If there are multiple pages then you must cycle through each page selecting to sort by PCT in order to see the best deals. There could be a stack of the item for half price but expensive enough that it doesn't appear on the first page. Be wary of this issue when using PCT to sort with auctioneer search results.

Try out using PCT as a sorting method for making easy wow gold.

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  1. Just be careful when using this tool... people like me abuse it by posting items WAAAAY to high in order to make "normal" sales appear to be good deals.

    It's a good tool, just make sure your data is accurate.

  2. Yes I agree that percentages is a great way to find easy buys..but be careful...Bid on what you know...I bought two six of chaos at 75g and now I can't sell them no matter what.
    I only buy out what I know or what allakazam.com clearly shows is a good buy.
    I don't have all 10 professions and that is the best way to learn what is valuable by leveling a profession.
    I never knew Eternium Ore was valuable until I leveled an enchanter.
    I never knew saronite ore was valuable till I leveled a jewelcrafter.
    yes I have made a lot from percentages on Auctioneer, but you have to level professions to really learn what is valuable.

  3. Is there a way to remove old data? For example, the new patch crashed a lot of prices, and I would like the PCT to reflect the new prices. Enchanting mats have been posted in such huge bundles that the new prices will take several months to change the PCT to it's current real value.

  4. When sorting a category, go the last page first, then scroll backwards as you make your purchases. If you start at the beginning, items from the next page will fill in holes you made on the previous page and you will never see them as you advance through the page. Starting at the end prevents this and you will see every item.

    (It's easier if you leave SearchUI off when you do this. It gets sidetracked easily and will dump you back at the first page every time it find something.)


  6. Clearing out your saved variables folder every few months can allow you to see the current trends better. I just reset my auctioneer now that 3.3 has settled in so that what I see in my auctioneer stats are more accurate.

    Infinite Dust has dropped in price while gems have increased in price. Other items which used to sell are now all but obsolete with the availability of better gear through heroics. A refresh allows me to see the real deals in markets I don't know as well.

  7. Good general suggestions Markco, I have definitely relied in PCT sorting over any other method of sorting my snatch list items.

    Of course it should be mentioned that your PCTs are only as good as how accurate your market analysis is...and in this case, those are your AH scans.

    Every patch can change things drastically. My server has seen a modest rise in Saronite ore but a tripling in Eternal Shadow.

    The job of the auctioneer then lies in determining if their PCTs are valid, always proceed with caution, especially if there are many sellers posting many of the same item at what seems to be at an extraordinary value.

    However this doesn't apply when there is only a single seller posting at stupid prices, that is when you can snatch up to resell. My favorite snatch items that are often dumped by guilds/farmers - enchanting mats, Fel iron/adamantite/thorium ore and Eternals.

  8. This has been the method that I've been using the most. It's really quick and easy to do while you wait for your random dungeon to pop.

    Just make sure you know WHY the item is being listed so far below its normal price? Hopefully, it's just a case of someone not knowing the market. However, beware that the item may be undergoing a serious reduction in value (ie Dream Shards, Frozen Orbs in 3.3)

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