What's a Good Auctioneer Alt Outfit?

Diamond tipped cane, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants, tuxedo jacket, and jungle hat seem to be the ultimate auctioneer outfit for world of warcraft auction house alts (thanks to mike for an email pointing out the importance of the jungle hat!).

What is your favorite setup? I've seen people using things like pumpkin hats, centurian helmets, etc. Personally I go with old gear from previous arena seasons or with the classic setup that I mentioned at the start of this post.

If you're wondering how you can make money from this discussion, add these items to your snatch list and grab them anytime they fall below 15 gold. You can easily sell these for 20+ gold each. The cane can be worth as much as 200 gold and is obtained from fishing dailies.

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  1. All of the above plus a Noble's Monocle. No hat though, I prefer white long hair and beard on my human banker.

  2. Don't forget the crafted Dress Shoes, which are able to take the Run Speed enchant.

  3. naked

  4. *Caution* check prices on your server first! On mine, canes are on the AH for about a gold. We seem to have a fair bit more supply than demand.

    I much prefer the nobles monocle to the jungle hat personally. The hats do sell a lot better for me than the canes, though.

  5. Tuxedo, Diamond Cane and Noble's Monocle were my standard outfit until I started to get confused around the AH which Tauren was me. Seems like that's what everyone is wearing nowadays. Diamond Tipped Cane's are cheap and aplenty on our server.

    Now my Death Knight stands out in his Red Lumberjack Shirt.

  6. When I was using my level 80 paladin for a bank toon, he wore the SW guard look-a-like set, and I got lots more compliments on that then the tux and pimp hat... If you are going for the pimp look, don't forget to grab some Tarnished Silver Necklaces. You can equip up to 20 at a time. That is some serious bling.

  7. The Twill set has a classy look and I haven't seen anyone else with it. I also also have a banker running around in the Moldy Leather set.

    if you want something with more color, there's always a Crimson outfit (Crimson Silk Pantaloons, Scorching Sash, Red Swashbuckler's Shirt, Felcloth Boots).

    A bit of Timbermaw rep gets you the bag of gold off-hand.

  8. My main trader's outfit is the same plus Dress Shoes and Gold Wedding Band.

    Unfortunately this outfit become popular on my server, that's why my second trade character (night elf) wears something different: Stylish Green Shirt (green is nice for elves, isn't it?) without jacket, plus Thin Cloth Gloves.

    Next question: which city do yo prefer for auctioning? (Darnass/Thunderbluff for me, because they are least populated, and least lagged)

  9. Ruby Shades!

  10. Alot of people on my realm just use default outfits.

  11. I actually outfitted my bank alt way back in BC and he's been wearing pretty much the same setup since.

    He wears most of the tuxedo set, including shoes, except he also wears a pink mageweave shirt. My bank alt is a member of the "pink shirt mafia".

    Since I put him together during the BC days and we didn't have heirloom items, I did want him to carry a weapon, but not a grey quality weapon. I did some research and found that the keen machete http://www.wowhead.com/?item=18610#dropped-by was possibly the only white quality item a lvl 1 could equip. I actually bought it on the AH for 18 silver LOL. I enchanted it with icy chill for the bright glow and still carry it.

    I also wear a gold wedding band because I fished it up on a fishing daily.

  12. I had my pretty little bank alt dressed in the Elegant Dress from Noblegarden but ended up getting way too many requests for cybering. *shudder* Seriously, how many guys want to cyber with someone who is statistically likely to be just as male as them... (rhetorical question)

    I now have her dressed in the pilgrim's bounty outfit. Dress, hat and shoes, all primly proper in black and white. Haven't had a cyber request or even a whistle yet. I'm quite sure there are those who feel differently than I, however. The Elegant Dress is just plain hot, so if you want to stare at your bank alt and ogle awhile, keep an eye open for a bargain.

  13. This:

  14. The Sun Cured and Unadorned Chain sets from the Blood Elf starter area are both awesome looking level 1 sets. I regularly sell those for 20-30 gold each piece. It also looks really good with Ruby Shades or a Blood Elf Bandit Mask.

    The mana gathering staff with fiery enchant is much hotter than diamond tipped cane.

  15. Ruby Shades all the way! dont forget the dress shoes with speed enchant to complete any fit ^^

  16. Don't forget the Antique Silver Cufflinks...

    However, any ultimate auctioneer alt would be level 10 (so it can be restored if you ever get hacked), which gives a wider range of possible clothing.

  17. What pimp set would be complete without A Gold Tooth?

  18. Hasilian Jacket, Ruby shades and the knee-high black boots that are vendor sold in CoT.

    Also dual heirloom daggers with crusader.....because even though she is lvl 10 forever, she deserves them.

  19. Lovely red dress is no longer soulbound on my character.

    I'm going to try and see if I can't make some gold off of it.

  20. I have a level 11 Bank alt Blood elf (In case I get hacked) I use the Unadorned armor from the BE starting zone, it is the same gear the Blood Elf guards wear. There is a sword and shield that go with it quite well.

  21. "Diamond tipped cane, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants, tuxedo jacket, and jungle hat"

    That's my exact outfit, plus complimentary belt and boots. I haven't noticed any decked out bank alts on my server. And here I thought I was being original. :P

  22. I have a wedding dress, wine glass, pumpkin head, tuxedo shirt, and antique cufflinks. PIMP.

  23. My banker (Longnose on Alterac Mountains) is a male dwarf Death Knight with a white braided beard wearing the Mistscape set; he looks quite wizardly. Check out the Mistscape pieces on WoWhead, they're great. He even has the stave =D

  24. My name is Moneyholder, on Black-dragon flight, and i have a unique outfit.

    Purple turban
    Lavender mageweeve shirt
    purple dress suit
    diamond tipped cane
    dress shoes

    Also i can wip out

    Sleeveless T-Shirt
    Tuxedo pants

    for a more "manly" look.

  25. Ruby shades are better than jungle hat expencive tho go for 10-100k

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