Why Bank Space Doesn't Matter for Making Easy Wow Gold

Players are always wondering how people can make thousands of gold in wow, I mean where do they put those materials anyway? Once you get into making an easy 8k+ wow gold a day then you really do run out of space. If you're marketing the materials as well as the crafted goods for several markets at once then you surely will end up with too much mail for your guild banks to soak up.

How do players making thousands of wow gold handle situations where they have more mail coming in than they can physically handle? It's simple really, they use one of their alts as their mail box bot. Every time there are too many items coming in they simply mail the surplus to this designated mail bot, wait less than thirty days and then mail the items back. All it costs is 60 copper and you have an extra bank slot. I don't think that 60 copper per slot is going to really effect your gold making efforts too much.

This doesn't just affect the super rich wow player either. If you aren't a millionaire in wow and you are struggling on bank space this is a great way to alleviate those concerns. I know some players that go to the extreme and don't even buy guild banks thanks to this easy gold making tip.

Do any of you use this tip frequently?

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  1. I don't, but a good friend of mine did for some time until, alas, mails started getting deleted because she wasn't good about the 'thirty days' thing.

    At that point I helped her set up her own guild and paid for a two-tab guild bank, but she still uses this sometimes, since she's even more of a packrat than I am.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. everyday, especially if i am grinfing rep, or a mount(baron), or a pet. I send all of the items not soulbound in my bags to an alt and return them before raid so i have all of my consumables. Unfortunately, with all 22 slot bags, i still only have 47 free slots. (yes, i am a hoarder)

  3. All of my working materials are stored in mailboxes. The guild bank is for speculation materials or consumables where I actually need to see what I have. The 2300 stacks of Saronite Ore never needs to come out of the mail.

    It is important to mail everything at least once. Don't let fresh auction purchases pile up as they will be deleted in 30 days. If everything is mailed to an alt, it comes back after 30 days and then can sit in the mailbox for another 30 days. Everyone else can have items piled up in the mailbox, but the main AH banker - the distribution center - should have an empty mailbox as much as possible.

    Another spot for piling up a lot of materials for long-term storage is a mule, an alt with a full set of netherweave bags just for holding 216 stacks of assorted junk. Three of these equals a fully-tabbed guild bank. Leveling these up to level 10 will make them restorable if your account is hacked.

  4. actually the mail gets returned to the original sender after 30 days and then after ANOTHER 30 days in the original characters mailbox it will be deleted so you have 60 days.

  5. Lol, what if you hit 'return' to sender?

  6. If the original sender was the Auction House, you have a problem when the first 30 days are up.

    Trust me on this one...

  7. This trick is already pretty old. Gevlon made a post about it a long time ago. He just pressed return to sender when he wanted to mail it back.
    I never use this trick, because I would simply forget to check the mail. I do send all the stuff to my AH alt witch has an Guild Bank with enough slots + 4 * 32 slots inscription bags to store glyphs. It's enough space for me.

  8. I am a firm believer in the Mail crate system. Management of your inventory is still important especially if you have an excess of 50 crates. Itemize your crates to specific mules so it is easier to remember who has what since it is no fun to have to send your crates back for recrating due to you having over 50 crates on an alt. Also, there is absolutely no reason why auction purchases should be left in your mail uncrated since this is lazy and you are setting yourself up to lose inventory if these items get buried in the system.

  9. I am always out of space, and mailbox is my dearest friend. So loads of stuff passing between alts and proffesions.
    Now i sometimes forget or get interupted in RL with no WOW time, and there has been plenty of catastrophies where mail gets deleted. I have lost loads and loads, worst was like 3 stacks titansteel and a few thousand dreamshards. (Think that was 3.2 i had horded for, but prices didnt shoot).

    Then came Altoholic. Goodbye mail issues, now i get i reminder every time i log any char.
    Saved me thousands this little addon gem.
    Its kinda needed if you use mailbox as a bank.

  10. Thanks to my friends having engineering and mobile mailboxes, I no longer walk into raids with full bags and worry. I just bulk send it all to an alt, and if I really want it back on my raiding toons, I'll just hit the Return button!

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