Wool Cloth / HitTheCap / Gingerbread Cookie Recipe - Suggestion Box Friday

It's suggestion box friday and your chance to be the blog author! It's a big seat but don't be intimidated - anything goes today, as long as the comments are about tips for making wow gold.

Community Spotlight: Hit The Cap - Wow Gold Cap Blog Journal

I love blogs that tell an ongoing wow gold story... especially a SUCCESSFUL story about hitting the gold cap. Head over to HitTheCap and see how the author has made 350k wow gold in 13 weeks so far and is still trucking! I trully believe this blog is going to be a huge hit and I also expect the author to hit a million gold within 6-9 months. I was mostly impressed because the level of detail is excellent and every single article has been of a very high quality so far. Subscribe and comment to reward the author for all the hard work that is involved with keeping a high quality journal like the one at HitTheCap.

Comments of the Week:

Regarding Why Bank Space Doesn't Matter

Zamboni said...

All of my working materials are stored in mailboxes. The guild bank is for speculation materials or consumables where I actually need to see what I have. The 2300 stacks of Saronite Ore never needs to come out of the mail.It is important to mail everything at least once. Don't let fresh auction purchases pile up as they will be deleted in 30 days. If everything is mailed to an alt, it comes back after 30 days and then can sit in the mailbox for another 30 days. Everyone else can have items piled up in the mailbox, but the main AH banker - the distribution center - should have an empty mailbox as much as possible.Another spot for piling up a lot of materials for long-term storage is a mule, an alt with a full set of netherweave bags just for holding 216 stacks of assorted junk. Three of these equals a fully-tabbed guild bank. Leveling these up to level 10 will make them restorable if your account is hacked.

Regarding Famous How I Wow Podcast

Robert said...

This was the show that got me started making serious gold in WoW. I really miss How I WoW. After they went off the air (so to speak), I stopped listening to all WoW podcasts. Just didn't have the heart to listen anymore, since there show was perfect (for me, anyway).

Regarding How I Make Easy Wow Gold

Jerry said...

I've started doing this process that you are talking about since a month ago, and have been making a lot of gold with it. I started with about 2k gold and I'm up to 12k gold on my bank alt now.I love being able to check the AH 3 times a day and just pick up bargains which I can sell for sometimes 10x that amount of gold on another day.For people that want to do this, take a look at the addon Market Watcher (made it real easy for me).


WOOOAHHH is my wool cloth flying off the horde auction house shelves! Currently selling at 35 gold per stack and I purchased for as little as one gold on the alliance auction house. I get undercut once in a while but those people get bought out within 20-40 minutes each time. Have you been successful selling eggs, milk, and wool cloth this holiday season? I didn't touch eggs or milk myself but my favorite resto druid sold tons of eggs and milk for .75-2 gold each. Since Dec 1st I've probably sold around 3,000 wool cloth and I've been kicking myself that I didn't do this last year lol.

Here's a brain teaser for you: Is it worth it to buy a few stacks of gingerbread cookie recipes for those new characters/alts who need it later in the year?

5 comments: on "Wool Cloth / HitTheCap / Gingerbread Cookie Recipe - Suggestion Box Friday"

  1. I killed enough dragonhawks to get several stacks of eggs.

    Sold them in stacks of five for 5-10 gold a stack.

    I bought enough milk to sell several stacks.

    Sold them in singles for 2 gold each.

    I stopped after day two of the holiday, as most of the achievement-hounds that didn't have it before had gotten it then, and I felt that I had amused myself enough.

    I did, however, recommend it to a few friends of mine.

    -Tufa of Feathermoon

  2. I've made around 1k so far from selling single Holiday Spices for 5.99g per

  3. Anticipating the rush for wool cloth and eggs I'd saved up a few stacks of each.

    The raw materials like small eggs, wool cloth, and ice cold milk have done really well all week. The high mark was 6g per small egg sold individually, and 15g per stack of three wool (almost 100g per full stack).

    After tuesday all these markets became pretty saturated and sales has been about volume. Small eggs are now under 2g each, but still selling, and wool prices are right about where they were before the event, but with a lot more up for sale.

    In the evenings I've been able to sell quite a lot of Green Winter cloths (about 50g per item, but the price has been dropping fast) and bolts of wool.

    Runecloth has also been kind of hit or miss for selling this week.

  4. I tried buying the cooking recipes to sell last time this event came around, and none of them seemed to sell during the year.

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