Eternal Earths Going Up in Gold Value?

There is currently only one way to make an item that will disenchant into more expensive items than it took to build it. Those are: StoneGuard Bands. (There is also the Shadowmight ring but same principle). Due to this fact, many servers have seen a rise in the cost of the materials to make these rings (they cost two eternal earths each). Eternal earths have risen on my server from 5-6 gold to 11-16 gold a peice since so many jewelcrafters have been making the rings to have them then disenchanted into mostly greater cosmic essences. The eternals are reflecting about half the cost of a greater cosmic essence since jewelcrafters are willing to pay that much and they still end up making money off their disenchanted rings.

Maybe you all should go farm some eternal earths for easy gold :)

If you have access to a jewelcrafter and a disenchanter then by all means craft some rings and make those greater cosmic essences, which by the way are going up in value tremendously. Those of you who took advantage of the cobalt ore gold mine that blizzard nerfed should have tons of dusts/essences to sell at the new inflated prices. Dusts are currently at 7.5 gold on my server (up from 3.5) and essences are as high as 26 gold (up from 19).

For information on where to farm eternal earths visit:

Mining is a great way to gather eternal earths as well, so maybe think twice before selling your eternals instead of crafting/disenchanting the rings.

How expensive have the dusts/essences gotten on your server? As well as the eternal earths?
Has anyone seen any of these items actually drop in value?

Keep in mind that you can craft the Shadowmight Ring which costs one shadow and one earth, so if eternal earths get too expensive you can do this as well. Expect a rise in eternal shadows due to Jewelcrafters disenchanting this item too. Don't forget to check the auction house for both of these rings! Many players make them for skill ups and just sell them for a minimal profit.

In closing let me just say that I feel I've let you guys down big time. Had I foreseen the possibility of blizzard changing the costs of cobalt chest pieces/helms I would have immediately advised you to buy out every single earth/shadow eternal you could find. You all expect the best from me and although Blizzard has never changed the mats of an item to prevent disenchanters from making a profit prior to this patch I still thought it was definately going to change at some point down the road. Don't worry though, there are plenty of valuable gold guides to come and thankfully for you enchanters blizzard left the rings the same. Sillly Blizzard.

Suggestion Box Friday (1/30/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer.
Comments? Concerns? Gold guide ideas? This is your chance to be heard and give your opinion on basically anything regarding wow gold.

Did you feel that the blog was enjoyable this week? Or did you find yourself reaching for the nearest oil can and box of matches?

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2. Removed recommended auction house guides list. There are just too many to list!

End of the Month Stats:

45,000+ page views, 15,000 individual viewers, and 4:58 average time on site. Thank you all who have continuted to contribute to the blog via posting comments or by emailing me with your thoughts, questions, gold ideas, etc. Without your opinions this blog would be an empty shell and without the support of your mail I would have trouble maintaining my daily posting regimine.

Whisper in Game:

I received this whisper in game from Deshumay-
"hey mark, I would like to thank you for your gold making guide. It helped me get to 5200g from 100 in about a week! btw, did that hunter you destroyed in the duel ever give you your money?" - Naw Deshumay he never paid up, and sorry I was afk when you whispered me! That is awesome news that you made so much gold from the guides on this site, aren't you glad you got them for free? Thanks for reading and thanks for whispering me in game, it made my day! Good luck and keep in touch.


More mail on the dream shards. Sit tight and save them, let the markets correct themselves. Sadly, I can't give you a time frame on this, but to quote blizzard "Soon."

I really enjoyed the success stories of people who have made hundreds to thousands of gold already from reading this blog. Nothing is more satisfying than reading these stories because I get a feeling for which posts are actually helping people make the most gold.

Favorite Post Comments:

Krazykral pretty much summed up my feelings on the shards quite well with this post:
Krazykral said...

Same here :) I sold about a stack of them on patch day for a reasonable price (around 25-30+ gold each) and within a few hours the price sank to 15-20. I've not sold a single one since patch day, however I've not panicked once :p

People ALWAYS need shards, and if you followed the guidelines you could sell them all for 12g each and still not come out a loser. Just hold onto them for a bit longer and your price will return to something nicer :)On a side note, my AH is still hovering around 10-12 gold each and there's around 150 auctions up constantly. People are too stupid and keep undercutting and flooding the market. As soon as they make a quick buck I'll swoop in and make a large buck :p

Bitwise commented on another great place to farm runecloth: Stratholme. (old world)
Bitwise said...

I farm Stratholme frequently. To get rid of Cadaver Worms (the debuff that
prevents you from healing and deals 9000 damage over 10 minutes) you can use
either of these two consumables:

Purification Potion:

Remember that Runecloth is also
needed for Death Knights to get their First Aid up in the beginning since that's
the first thing that can make their skill go up

Yarr said...

I realize this is a PvP post but i'll throw this out anyways since we are talking about potions/elixers and i acutally have seen a couple of ppl pop this in PvP. Elixir of Deadly Strikes aka Cash Cow.I don't know why this sells so well or for so much but the amount of money I bring in on these is insane. I sell maybe 10-20 a night and make anywhere from 10-20g per elixir on my server. Being an elixir master only sweetens the deal.

Gold to be Made in PvP

There are several items which many pvp players purchase off the auction house to give them a competetive edge in world and battleground player vs player fighting environments. The goal of this article is to outline what consumables pvp players will want to spend their gold on and the mats required to make them. If you are an alchemist, this will be the #2 way you make money; #1 being raid pots which some pvper's will buy anyway.

Below is a list of alchemy potions and two popular engineering grenades. Next to each name are a possible 5 stars depending on how well I feel the item sells on the auction house.

Swiftness Potion *****

Requires Swiftthistle, Briarthorn, Empty Vial

Health Potion *****

Requires Goldclover, Icethorn (2), Imbued Vial

Mana Potion *****
Requires Lichbloom (2), Goldclover, Imbued Vial

Free Action Potion ****
Requires Blackmouth Oil (2), Stranglekelp, Leaded Vial

Resistance Potions ***
Requires Khadgar's Whisker, Purple Lotus, Crystal Vial

Invisibility Potion **
Requires Ghost Mushroom, Sungrass, Crystal Vial

Catseye Elixir **
Requires Goldthorn, Fadeleaf, Leaded Vial

Swimspeed Potion *
Requires Swiftthistle, Blackmouth Oil, Empty Vial

And for the engineers:

Frost Grenades **
Requires Icy Blasting Primers, Fel Iron Casing, Handful of Fel Iron Bolts

Adamantite Grenades **
Requires Adamantite Bar (4), Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (2), Elemental Blasting Powder

New Items

Kaliope runs a blog focused on trade skills in wow and he recently wrote an article discussing some of the new potions which came with 3.0.8. I think pvp'ers and players in general will be interested in these new items. Check out Kaliope's post on the subject here.

The Glassfin Minnow is used in the new Ethereal Oil which Kaliope describes in his post. The Ethereal Oil can be used to turn your character semi-transparent or be combined six at a time to make Elixir of Water Walking. These fish have had no use since they were implemented but now they are the primary ingredient for the new potions. For farming locations and item information visit here. You'll find the fish in the river that flows beneath the floating city of dalaran. I definately advise fishing there to make some gold because these potions are going to be very popular. Oh and did I mention that it takes a whopping SIX FISH for one elixir?

Kaliope's blog is a great resource for more information on all professions. His writing style is down to earth and written as a conversation rather than a list of information for readers to process.

Joana's Guide Review

If you are serious about making gold in world of warcraft then you will definately want high level alts to help ease the burden.

I have 5 high level (70-80) alts that span all professions. Having the ability to cover every profession in the game allows you to take advantage of cross profession interaction while also 'eliminating the middle man,' so to speak. This is vital to any gold guru's repertory.

I could not have done this without the help of Joana's guide.

Joana's guide changed the leveling process from mindlessly searching for quests on various warcraft web sites to following detailed instructions and watching his videos. The best part is, you can get Joana's guide at any level and easily 'hop onto' your current level in the guide.

Leveling will become FUN!

With the release of Wotlk, Joana's guide came out with their new in-game leveling assistant which is hands down the best leveling program you can find. Unlike quest helper, this guide shows you which quests NOT to do which can be far more important than the faster route (you get that too anyway with Joana's in game add-on).

Along with the written guide comes a complete and total video of Joana's leveling so that you can learn by watching as well as reading. No other guide on the market actually SHOWS you how the leveling was accomplished so fast and no other guide has a player who has broken so many leveling records as Joana. If you really wanted the best leveling guide, why wouldn't you get a guide from the world's fastest leveler?

If you are interested in getting Joana's guide, visit the site at:

Sorry alliance readers, this is for HORDE ONLY.

If you are interested in an Alliance Leveling Guide, the only one I know of that is any good is Hawque's at His guides are easy to follow along and the best part is: they're all free!

A free guide to check out that looks really promising is at Thank you for the suggestions in the comments section!

Farming Runecloth in Hellfire

Want to get in on the runecloth niche to make some gold? Here's your best spot... the Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula.

A 70 alt or your 80 main can easily farm this place very quickly for a ton of runecloth. Runecloth is a hot item right now for rep turn ins at every major city (the rep is useful for achievements such as "The Ambassador").

Simply start where I do in the video and work your way around the armory, weaving between the inside of the wall (where the buildings are) and the outside of the entire area. You will get TONS of runecloth this way and I've gotten as much as 300-360 in an hour on my prot warrior.

Speculation Roulette

World of warcraft has an incredibly realistic economy where supply and demand truly shape the value of items, and there is an inate sense of how much gold per hour a character should make. This stable economy fluctuates rarely but when it does huge amounts of gold can be made. There are times however, when players go overboard with speculating.

Speculation has it's moments, I have made gold fastest on patch days when new elements are added to the game and everyone wants them right away. Inscription netted me 20k gold right off the bat on the first weekend after it was introduced. It was amazing openning my mail box and life was good. However, things don't always turn out so well for the speculator. In fact, most of the time you are going to fail at speculating. Remember the 80/20 rule? It applies here as well.

Speculation is dangerous and it frightens me to see players spending 90% of their gold on stockpiling items for a patch. You should never throw all your money at any one item, especially an item whos price is yet to be determined. Speculation is gambling, and you should go about it as such. Whatever you bet you should be prepared to lose and not have to get into the soup line anytime soon after. Also, if you plan on selling ALL your items on patch day then you have to consider two factors: What will the demand be (ie how many will I actually sell) and How much competition will there be?

The goal of this blog is to provide you with the tools to create STEADY, DEPENDABLE, ROCK-SOLID, and OTHER SYNONYMS FOR GOOD cash flow which will make you filthy rich in the long run. It's ok to invest in the latest goods, but you should also keep up your auction house, farming, and other wow gold practices to maintain a reliable source of income.

In particular I'd like to address the dream shard issue. Some players are very worried that they wasted their money and I'd like to comfort them with some important information which they may not be aware of.

For starters, guild banks were full of these shards and you have to expect a large amount to come from their stockpiles. Enchanters who bought all of their new enchants were easily gathering the shards as well. If the price dropped because of a flooding of shards, these two groups were the culprits. Understand that although the banks and enchanters have many many shards to sell, they will sell them all eventually and the price will increase. On some servers this process literally took an hour or two before the price of dream shards shot up to 30-40g a piece. However, many servers are still in the process of guild banks/enchanters selling their shards and depending on demand it may take a while for these to be used up.

The Angry Auctioneer

Well I broke one of my own rules: avoid auction house king pins!

This one character in particular, bowsmalone, an easily aggravated individual did not take too kindly to me placing infinite dusts and greater cosmic essences 3-5 gold less than what he could put them up for. I made fun of him for being mad over monopoly money, to which he responded: "I have boardwalk" and "I'm walmart."

Eventually he read my blog and found out how to create hundreds of infinite dust in a few hours of smelting/crafting/disenchanting. After a week of creating well over two thousand dusts (my estimates of what he had) he started dumping on the auction house like mad. 50 pages of infinite dusts!!! Now don't be alarmed or worried for my monetary safety, because I didn't have a single dust/essence left to sell so this did not effect me at all. I also realized what he was doing the day he stopped posting the dusts and promptly dumped everything I had to get rid of it. But the point of this article is that I caused a small minded auction house nut to go overboard and ruin a profitable market.

Since he had so much anger I offered to duel him for five thousand gold.

Here is the video of the duel and no he never paid up:

How could I have avoided this situation? I should of offered to raise my price and sold fewer items at a time each day. If I had done this I would still be selling dusts/essences for amazing 200-300% profit. To understand the method I was using, look at this post.

Did I stop selling dusts/essences because of him? NO. I currently sell my dusts/essences at prime times and I post around 60 dusts and 20 essences each time. They all sell and then I wait till the next prime time to post again. I don't think he even realizes my auctions are up before they all sell.

The 80/20 Rule

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It states that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts, and it holds true across a number of areas, even World of Warcraft.

When I first discovered how profitable the auction houses in World of Warcraft could be, I started selling almost any item (white quality or better) I could find. Some would sell well, while others just ended up in my mailbox. I found myself spending a lot of time relisting items that never sold. That’s when I decided to optimize my trading, i.e. focus on the 20% of my effort that brought in 80% of the gold:

  • Greatly reduced the number of items I looked at each day, focusing on goods I knew would sell fast.

  • Items which had little value at the auction house above the vendor sell price, I started selling to vendors. Things like common recipes and formulas worth 1 g 50 s at the AH and 60 s at a vendor.

  • Lowered my starting bids and buyouts so I would be at the cheap end of the scale to sell things quicker.

  • If something was just occasionally in demand, saved it in the bank until someone wanted to buy it in the trade channel.

  • Started using an alt for the purpose of only selling and trading the AH. Doing so saves a lot of time.
These changes gave me more time to grind, quest and raid, which can also be profitable and above all, fun. So keep in mind that 80% of your gold will probably come from 20% of your auctions, and you should focus on that 20% and not spend too much time fine-tuning and trying to sell less profitable items.

Warning! Cobalt Cash Cow is Gone!

I don't normal put exclamation points in my titles, but this one deserves not one but two since it is a warning message. With the latest patch blizzard changed reinforced cobalt chest pieces from 4 cobalt bars to 8 cobalt bars + 2 crystallized water.

Bye bye cash cow. :(

Bars cost 2 gold per on my server and the waters cost 2 gold per as well. To make money you would need greater than 24 gold off a disenchant. Only way that is happening is if you get two greater cosmic essences and that has less than thirty percent chance of happenning.

Sorry guys but the golden goose has finally been brutally murdered by blizzard.

Suggestion Box Friday (1/23/2009)

Attention blog readers, it's your turn to be the blog writer. Comments, concerns, ideas, questions... anything you want!

Have a video you want made?
A gold guide idea you've heard of that you want proven/disproven?
Any ideas about future patches/events?
How did you make out after patch 3.0.8?
Did the blog just suck this week or was it awesome?

Pretty much anything related to making gold in wow is acceptable!

Remember to change your name from anonymous so that everyone can respond to each comment by name.

As far as mail for the week I received tons of mail regarding the dream shards after patch 3.0.8. I am extremely happy that this worked out for everyone and I hope you made a great deal of wow gold!

I had numerous questions in my gmail which I tried to answer as thoroughly as possible and may come up as blog posts of their own. If any of these emails do become posts I will include the avatar name of the person who emailed me for each question as well.

Please feel free to continue helping each other out with the comments section of each post.

Several posters had excellent tips and here are a few of my favorites:

Bearr said...
Great blog and it has helped me alot. Found out a nice way to make money now after the 3.0.8 patch: On my server the normal price per Ink of the Sea is about 4g, price per Snowfall Ink is about 70g. Do the math and you can earn a lot of money. Just don't flood the market.

Bitwise said...
I've been using Auctioneer since pre-TBC before SearchUI was even introduced.
These are settings I use on Resale:
Minimum Profit: 50s
Minimum Discount: 50%
Minimum Seen Count: 100 (to be accurate on prices and profits I set this very high)
I check for both bids and buyouts but generally bids. I also filter it so only white items show up.

Tronden of Runetotem said...
One important comment with regards to Auctioneer Advanced... I happen to know a way to reduce the scan time significantly.
use the command /aadv getall
This command will download the whole DB in less than a minute, and then process it. 2-3 minutes for full scan and processing. That is a true timesaver...

Zularch said...
Haha love it this tip was spot on i sold all my dream shards that i bought betweem 9-13g for 40g each i bought over 100 Dream shards and they have all sold Money money money. Markco you are a master thank you very much if i could hug youi would *Hug* :P

Tronden of Runetotem said...
This.... do you have a JC alt? perhaps a JC friend? How about an Enchanter?
2 eternal earth makes a ring that can be disenchanted - stoneguard band. it disenchants to 2-5 infinite dusts, 1-2 greater cosmics, or a dream shard.
That, my friend, is BANK. if you are truly getting 12 crystallized per 2 mins, then you will have enough to make 18 rings in an hour. Depending on your server prices, thats between 200-500 gold for the hour. As always, your mileage may vary...

Vendor Items for Profit

Vendors in world of warcraft will buy almost every item in the game in exchange for coin, regardless of the value another player would place on the same item. This is why you almost never vendor trash items that are white or better, since they will most likely be bought by players for a higher price than the vendor will provide.

There are times, however, when the vendor's offer will make you money.Three items in the game can often be bought off the auction house and then sold to a vendor.

Jaggal Pearl + Draenic Water -> Purified Jaggal Pearl

This can be pretty amazing since people often throw jaggal pearls on the auction house for dirt cheap. If you can buy the pearls and draenic water (costs 10s88c) for less than one gold, the materials can be combined into Purified Jaggal Pearls and vendored for profit. So if you see any Jaggal Pearls for under 89s12c, you should buy them out.

Thick Spider's Silk

These lovely silks vendor for 7s50c each but are famous for being posted for less than two silver a piece.

Netherweave Cloth -> Netherweave Bandages

Sometimes people are so desperate to get rid of stacks of Netherweave Cloth that they don't bother to see how much the cloth is worth when turned into a bandage. You can simply buy out the cloth, make Heavy Netherweave Bandages, and sell them to a vendor for profit! If you can get the cloth cheaper than 3 gold per stack you will make a profit vendoring it as bandages.

I know that these three are not going to make you thousands of gold anytime soon, but who doesn't like free money?

Auctioneer Resale Profit Guide

I have been using auctioneer 1 hour per day to try and see if I could come up with the best ways for you guys to use this addon for making gold.

I gave my alt 1000 gold and sent him on his way to make his first scan.
I set the profit margin to 5 gold and searched under resale.


Over the course of three days I was making very little money and investing way more than I was making because items that net you a 5 gold profit each are often very expensive to buy initially.

I lowered the profit margin to 50 silver and instantly started making much more gold per day.

The first two days searching at 50 silver I made up my 1k gold investment. By day three I was making 400-800 gold a day with just one hour's worth of using auctioneer. Not to mention the fact that the number of auctions I was posting went up around 40-100 per day.

Why does the 50 silver profit margin work so well? First off the majority of items selling for 5 gold or more profit are weapons, armor, some flasks, and other high value items that do not sell as frequently as other cheaper items on the auction house.

Items not selling well and being expensive to post can really hurt your earnings.

By setting the profit to 50 silver I was able to target the cheaper goods which sell better, and therefore bring in more profit. You might be thinking to yourself, well, self, weren't the items worth 5 gold profit also showing up in the 50 silver profit search? Yes, yes they were, but they were no longer the only option available.

What items was I purchasing?

  • Herbs

  • Flasks/Potions

  • Metal and Stone

  • Cheap Greens for Disenchanting

  • Enchanting Mats

  • Cloth

  • Meats

  • Glyphs
Basically if it was white I always gave it a look, while green/blue items were not given much attention (don't get me wrong I did buy/sell some rare items such as twink gear, frozen orbs, and arctic furs). With a 50 silver profit margin you have to be selective with what items you read because otherwise it will take you hours to get through everything. I sorted by PCT as well to help me see the best deals first. Keep in mind that if you take too long sorting through all the items then the deals may no longer be available!

What Sells on the Neutral AH?

Selling auctions on the Neutral auction houses (the ones operated by goblins and accessible by both factions) has always been looked at as taboo. Learn how you can make gold off the neutral auction house today!

Neutral Auction House Locations:

Auction House Deposits are much higher at neutral locations. For instance, you will pay 75% of the vendor price just for a 12 hour auction! If you're going to make money off the neutral auction house then you need to be absolutely certain that your auctions will see prime time and be of value to the audience who uses the neutral auction house.

What Items Sell the Best in the Neutral Auction House?

  • Green Hills of Stranglethorn Quest Items
  • Armor/Weapons for levels 35-45 (Tanaris and Stranglethorn levels)
  • Enchanting Dusts/Shards for leveling the profession.
  • Pets the opposite faction cannot normally aquire.

When selling in the neutral auction houses you have to remember to keep your audience in mind. What level characters will be viewing my items and how much gold will they have? What will those characters be looking for? What items will sell well enough that I will actually make more gold than a normal auction house?

The Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest items are a no brainer. Players visiting their mail box in Stranglethorn will be two inches from an auction house and will most likely take a look to see if any green hills are for sale. That is an easy way to get your items to sell and people expect these items to be on the neutral auction house.

Armor and particularly weapons can be dreadful items to put on the neutral auction house. However, some blues are worth putting up, just be sure to put them up during prime time (4pm -midnight).

It is always worth it to place a few enchanting mats on the auction house, especially since they will not cost you anything to post.

Pets for the opposite faction are the #1 gold maker at the neutral auction house. Post during prime time and put up items like the brown snake from ogrimmar or the cockroach from undercity. People looking for the pet achievement will buy these up for reasonable prices and they don't cost much to post.

As you can see it doesn't hurt to have a lowbie toon in booty bay or another neutral auction house for the sole purpose of posting a few items each week. If you currently are using an alt in winterspring for mining thorium then it is no big deal to have that toon post your items for the neutral auction house.

Farming Crystallized Earth in Zim'Rhuk

So your team doesn't own Wintersgrasp and you need eternal earths to make some gold or craft an item... well no worries! I know just the place!

The square area of Zim'Rhuk you'll see in the video is surround by 76-77 elite Guardians of Zim'Rhuk, which happen to have a similiar drop rate to the revenants in wintersgrasp.

They drop as many as 3-4 crystallized earths each.

You simply run around the square (does that make sense?) following its edges and looking for the mobnames.

I was getting as many as 12 crystallized earths per two minutes and I'm prot. I can't imagine how fast a real dps could do this. Simply kill one mob, mount up, then fly to the next. An added bonus is that they should be respawning by the time you kill them all.


Making Bank - Bank Alt Math

Bank alts are the perfect solution to a shortage of space in world of warcraft, because they help with organizing large amounts of goods and are much cheaper than upgrading your main account's bag space. Also see which set of bank slot and guild tab purchases get you the most slots for your wow gold.

As you get better at making gold in wow you will quickly realize that the standard bags/bank space is not enough for a character to hold their items they wish to sell. A typical night at the auction house will net me anywhere from 30-60 item slots that I need room to store in. Also, if you watch trends then you will often have stockpiles of items in your bags waiting to be sold. What if you had a 'slave' character which could serve no process other than to hold your excess items?

Creating a Bank Alt

To create the simplest of bank-alts, create a level 1 character of any race and run them to the nearest major city (obviously do your best to avoid the monsters in the way). When you get to the bank of that major city, you will see that your character has 28 open item slots within the main section of the bank screen.

Improving Your Bank Alt

Buy bigger bags. Your alt will benefit greatly from additional bags in their standard bag slots. This will make carrying lots of items from your bank to the auction house much more efficient. You will be able to grab more items out of the mailbox at one time as well.

You may notice that you have the option to purchase additional bank slots for ten silver. This cost goes up with each bag, from ten silver to 1 gold, 10 gold, 25 gold, 25 gold, 25 gold, and 25 gold for a total of 111 gold ten silver for all seven bank slots.

With the release of burning crusade there was another way to improve your bag space: the guild bank. This gets tricky because you need to purchase a guild charter for 10 gold and get 10 people to sign it. The people signing the chart must all do so from a single character, if they get onto an alt to give you another signature it will not be accepted. You can offer gold to low level characters to do this and paying 1 gold per is a fair amount. Any way you accomplish it, if you buy a guild charter you then have access to a guild bank.

The guild bank is different from your normal bank because you do not start with any bank tabs. Once purchased, the bank tabs have 98 item slots each, with a total of 6 purchasable bank tabs. The tabs cost 100 gold, then 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and finally 5000 gold for the last tab. That's a total of 9350 gold for all six tabs. A little excessive for one person, don't you think!?

So what is the best bang for your buck? Well for one, remember that you can make multiple bank alts if you don't feel like paying gold for bank bags/guild tabs.

Here is a chart with how much gold it would cost you and how many slots you would get ranging from one bank alt with no money spent to four bank alts completely decked out.

If you are new to this and would like to see the cheapest bank for your buck, here is a great setup for someone just starting out.

  • 4 16 slot bags: approximately 40 gold.
  • Purchase 1 guild charter + 1 guild bank slot (assumes that you got signatures for free): 110 gold.

Let's compare that to what most people do when they are creating a bank alt:

  • 4 16 slot bags: approximately 40 gold.
  • Purchase 5/7 bank slots: 61 gold, 10 silver.
  • Buy 5 16 slot bags to fill those bank slots: approximately 50 gold.

See a difference? For the guild bank + 4 16 slot inventory bags you get a total of 162 bank slots for 150 gold. In comparison you get 144 bank slots for 151.10 gold by buying 5/7 bank slots and filling them with 16 slot bags. You're getting 18 bank slots more and you're paying less money! You could also buy the first bank slot for 10 silver + 10 gold 16 slot bag and you'd end up paying 1 gold 10 silver more for an additional 34 slots!

SO... if you're a little short on dough and want to make the best bank alt for your hard earned wow gold, then you're better off creating a guild bank.

Flooding the Auction House - How to Use/Avoid

Time for some quick economics for you wow auction house nuts.

Flooding is when you post too many items in any one market and cause the supply to rise above the demand for a commodity.

Just like in the real world, in world of warcraft when you flood the market the end result will always be a sharp decrease in price as supply surpasses demand. Forcing a flood on the market can be used as a tool to get your fellow auctioneers to dump items on the auction house for less gold than they normally would.

For instance, you put up thirty items for ten gold each when the normal price is six gold each and usually there are 4-8 of the item on the auction house at any one time. Many players see what you are doing and dump their items onto the AH for cheaper than you. Eventually, these players will get into an undercutting frenzy and you will have the same commodity which normally goes for six gold selling at a rate maybe as low as three gold in this example. You could then buy out the under cutters and sell again at a more normal price.

Flooding is never a good idea when you see the opportunity to sell items.

Remember that the fewer items you post, the better price you can demand for your items (supply vs demand). There’s nothing wrong with selling items over the course of several days in short, controlled bursts vs. dumping stockpiled goods and flooding the market.

The perfect market to practice flooding is greater cosmic essence. They are free to post and in low supply on most servers. I would advise testing flooding with this first.

There are other uses for flooding such as effecting other players' addons (Auctioneer for instance). I'll get into this subject more in a future post.

Auctioner Review : Easy Gold

Auctioneer is an addon which allows players to scan the auction house and create a database of information about their server’s auctions. In minutes a complete copy of all items and their current prices get saved to your computer, and as you perform more and more of these scans the addon will develop an average price for items.

The more you scan, the better your auctioneer will be able to predict the average price of any one item.

How will Auctioneer help me make gold?

Auctioneer has several awesome features that make selling/buying items on the auction house so much faster than what you are used to.

  • While hovering over any item in your bags or when you click on an item in trade chat, a new section will appear in the item’s display which tells you, among other things, the average price of the item on the auction house. You could be out farming somewhere and instantly know the value of that snazzy new blue you just found.
  • You can post items in sets rather then one click at a time. You could, say, post these one hundred items at 5 gold per stack and make the stacks contain 10 items each. Easy as that, done in a few clicks rather than hundreds.
  • Searching for bids/buyouts is even easier because auctioneer will look for items based on the scanned average value. You can set profit ranges and search away for great deals.

  • I received a tell in game a few days ago from a player who used my system combined with auctioneer to go from 100 gold to 6000 gold in two weeks. Now that's encouraging :)

    Amazing Video:

    A detailed guide for getting started with auctioneer can be found at

    The software development team’s website that created auctioneer can be found at

    If you have never worked with addons before and want auctioneer to be your first, here is where you can learn what addons are and how to install them:

    For the programmers out there who would like to make their own addons, check out:

    There are many alternatives to auctioneer, but auctioneer is the one I would recommend for all skill levels for making gold in wow.

    Selling Individual Items Instead of Stacks

    Learn why it's usually better to sell items one at a time rather than in stacks of twenty at the auction house.

    Many items in world of warcraft sell better when broken up into smaller groups, rather than in sets of 20.

    Not every player is going to want to purchase twenty items at a time, and because wow is filled with people who want to be instantly gratified, I will show you how to take advantage of this mentality.

    In this video you'll see my level 17 orc on Twisting Nether (no main remember, he's running around solo) buying out Saronite Bars in stacks of twenty and reselling them individually for as much as 33% profit.

    The idea is that you can purchase a stack of items (or bid on them) and then resell the items one at a time for a greater profit than selling the whole stack at once.


    If for whatever reason you can't see the video, you can watch it on youtube here:

    How to Time Your Bids

    Learn world of warcraft bidding practices in this article that will help you win bids more frequently.

    Here are the four categories you will see when checking how much time there is left on an auction:

    • Short – Less than 30 minutes. *
    • Medium – Between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
    • Long – Between 2 hours and 12 hours.
    • Very Long – Between 12 hours and 48 hours.

    *Bids placed during the Short time can reset the time left on an item to Medium time left, probably to prevent last minute bidding wars.

    So how do you use this information to time your bids? Well first you identify the times when your bid will see the least visibility to avoid getting outbid. Here’s a chart of times during the week when your bid will be safest.

    Looking at the above chart you will see that the green areas are times when your bids are safest, yellow is moderate, and red is dangerous for your bids. The black area is server maintenance but bids can still end but you obviously can’t be outbid. Keep in mind that this is server time, not necessarily your local time.

    To use this chart, first check to see what type of bid you want to place. For an example let’s say it is 7:00 AM on a Monday morning and your bid is on Medium. You then add 30 minutes to your time to get 7:30 AM as the fastest your auction will end and plus 2 hours (9:00 AM) as the latest it will end. 7:30 AM on Monday falls in the green category and 9:00 AM falls in the yellow category. This would be an excellent item to bid on.

    Let’s do a more complex scenario. Two trains leave the station at 12:00 Noon. One train heads to dallas at 92 miles an hour and the other train heads to seattle at 60 miles per hour. If both trains want to reach their destinations at the same time, how man minutes must the train headed for dallas wait at the pitstop to ensure that both trains finish their routes at the same time?


    Alright, you see a shiny item with an awesome low bid price at 10:00 PM on Monday night. You look at the time remaining and it says Long. So you add 2 hours and 12 hours getting 12:00 Midnight to 10:00 A.M. as your range of end times. This means that your bid is going to be extremely vulnerable for two hours, green for five, and guaranteed if it lasts after that because it will end during maintenance. The way I look at these situations is I always assume that the auction will take the full amount of time. Then I break it down into percentages like so: 2/12 Red, 5/12 Green, and 5/12 Black which equals 17% Red, 42% Green, and 42% Black approximately (I rounded up so yeah it’s 101% total, wanna to fight about it?). Basically if your bid lasts 17% of the waiting time you will most likely win the item. Therefore it is completely worth the risk of two hours “being in the red.”

    Hopefully this chart and article will help you understand when your bids will be the most successful.

    Undocumented 3.0.8 Glyph Changes - Profit Incoming!

    Incoming with 3.0.8 is a plethora of undocumented glyph changes, most of which are being met with much anticipated glee! (Well at least for a fury warrior like myself!)

    Besides the pure mechanics update I'm giving you, "Just My Two Copper" is meant to give you a hint towards financial fortitude. So remember, if you're Mr. Inscriptioner, get ready to glyph away as people switch to optimize their characters.
    And although we're now being told dual specs are going to have to wait for at least one more patch, glyph sales will be EXTREMELY profitable once that change hits, given that every player will have a second spec with a fresh glyph sheet to be filled.

    Below are the changes to the glyphs that will hit in 3.0.8.
    (Red text indicates Just My Two Copper "Big Seller" predicitions)

    Death Knight Glyphs:

    • [Glyph of Unbreakable Armor]: Unbreakable Armor grants an additional 15% armor. (Old - Unbreakable Armor grants an additional 5% parry chance but no longer increases your Strength.)
    • [Glyph of Frost Strike]: Reduces the cost of your Frost Strike by 8. (Old - Your Frost Strikes have a 10% chance to Freeze the target for 8 sec.)
    • [Glyph of Rune Strike]: Increases the critical strike chance of your Rune Strike by 10%. (No longer increases runic power cost)
    • [Glyph of Obliterate]: Your Obliterate strikes for 20% additional weapon damage. (No longer decrease bonus damage per disease)
    • [Glyph of Vampiric Blood]: Increases the duration of your Vampiric Blood by 10 sec. (Old - Your Vampiric Blood also heals you for 3% of your total health.)
    • [Glyph of the Ghoul]: Your Ghoul receives an additional 40% of your Strength and 40% of your Stamina. (Old - Your Ghoul receives an additional 20% of your Strength.) - Most unholy DK's will have this already. But if they don't they will most likely want it after the patch.
    • [Glyph of Death Grip]: When you deal a killing blow that grants honor or experience, the cooldown of your Death Grip is refreshed. (Old - Increases the cooldown of Death Grip by 10 sec but stuns targets for 1 sec.)
    • [Glyph of Rune Tap]: Your Rune Tap heals yourself for an additional 10% of the effect, and also heals your party for 10% of their maximum health. (Old - Didn't benefit the DK and only healed the party) - Yet another self heal for DK's.
    • [Glyph of Death Strike]: Increases your Death Strike's damage and healing by 20%. (Old - Your Death Strike's damage and healing increase by 2% for every 5 runic power you currently have. The runic power is not consumed by this effect.)
    • [Glyph of Raise Dead]: Your Raise Dead spell no longer requires a reagent. (Old - You generate 20 runic power whenever you summon a ghoul) -Very nice glyph for unholy.
    Hunter Glyphs:
    • [Glyph of Serpent Sting]: Increases the duration of your Serpent Sting by 6 sec. (Up from 3 sec)
    Paladin Glyphs:
    • [Glyph of Flash of Light]: Your Flash of Light has an additional 5% critical strike chance. (Old - Your Flash of Light heals for 50% less initially, but also heals for 140% of its inital effect over 12 sec.)
    • [Glyph of Holy Light]: Your Holy Light grants 10% of its heal amount to up to 5 friendly targets within 20 yards of the initial target. (Up from 10 Yards) - Incredible PvE, 5-Man PvP Glyph.
    • [Glyph of Hammer of Wrath]: Reduces the cost of Hammer of Wrath by 100%. (Old - Increases the range on Hammer of Wrath by 5 yards.) - A neat change. Good for Ret PvP.
    Shaman Glyphs:
    • [Glyph of Windfury Weapon]: Increases the chance per swing for Windfury Weapon to trigger by 5%. (Old - The attack power bonus on the additional attacks granted by Windfury Weapon is increased by 40%.)
    • [Glyph of Fire Nova Totem]: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire Nova Totem by 3 seconds. (Old - Increases the radius of Fire Nova Totem's effect by 2 yards.)
    • [Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem]: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire Elemental Totem by 10 min. (Up from 4 minutes)
    • [Glyph of Astral Recall]: Cooldown of your Astral Recall spell reduced by 7.5 min. (Up from 2.5 min)
    • [Glyph of Renewed Life]: Your Reincarnation spell no longer requires a reagent. (Old - All stats increased by 5% for 1 min when you Reincarnate.)
    Warrior Glyphs:
    • [Glyph of Bloodrage]: Reduces the health cost of your Bloodrage ability by 100%. (Up from 50%)
    • [Glyph of Cleaving]: Increases the number of targets your Cleave hits by 1. (Old - Reduces the rage cost of Cleave by 5.)
    • [Glyph of Mortal Strike]: Increases the damage of your Mortal Strike ability by 10%. (No longer reduces the healing penalty) - Huge PvP Glyph.
    • [Glyph of Bloodthirst]: Increases the healing you receive from your Bloodthirst ability by 100%. (Up from 20%)
    • [Glyph of Whirlwind]: Reduces the cooldown of your Whirlwind by 2 sec. (Old - Increases the number of targets your Whirlwind ability hits by 1.) - Amazing PvE Glyph.
    • [Glyph of Victory Rush]: Your Victory Rush ability has a 30% increased critical strike chance against targets above 70% health. (Old - 90% health)
    • [Glyph of Rending]: Increases the duration of your Rend ability by 6 sec. (Up from 3 sec)

    Worg Meat and Frozen Orbs 3.0.8

    I've decided to release this post early since it is possible that tomorrow will be 3.0.8 patch day.

    Quoting Wryxian:

    "A new recipe for Worg Tartare is now available for purchase with Dalaran Cooking Awards. This delicacy imbues hit rating and Stamina upon those brave enough to eat it."

    Interesting, you could probably make some easy gold buying worg meat and then reselling it for raiders interested in this food.

    "Added a new recipe to convert a frozen orb and some green quality gems into several superior quality gems. "

    I'm going to go ahead and assume that frozen orbs will go up in value from this change. 'Several' superior gems probably means 2-3, but that means that you could probably sell the orbs for around 150 gold and the Jewelcrafter will still turn a profit. If you are a Jewelcrafter I would recommend buying out frozen orbs cheap IMMEDIATELY.

    Ink, Herbs, and Cash in 3.0.8

    Patch 3.0.8: You can now buy all inks for the price of 1 x Ink of the Sea, Snowfall Ink costs 10 Ink of the Sea.

    These are two large changes for the inscription profession, the AH, and the woweconomy.

    Many inks are needed in order to create the multitude of minor and major glyphs that swamp a scribe's recipe book. Before 3.0.8 you would have to either buy your inks/pigments/herbs from the AH or farm them yourself. This entailed going back through lowbie zones on a 100% speed mount, for the non crusader aura types, and picking little lowbie herbs one by one. This drove the price on many servers sky-high for the 35-60 lvl ranged herbs from vanilla WoW. A stack of Gromsblood for 40g? No thanks.

    With this new change Ink of the Sea is going to be the new ink for every single inscription, all you need to do is exchange them for the right ink when someone orders a glyph or when you decide to make them for AH/Trade profit.

    Those overpriced low-zone herbs are now worth next to nothing when u can farm a stack of icethorn on your epicflyer in 10 minutes with an epic flier.

    The other change, "Snowfall Ink costs 10 Ink of the Sea," is another large point. Northrend inscription research is now taken care of no matter what herb you get. And those cards that so many people spam in trade? Yeah you're about to see alot more of them. The price for goldclover is going to go up because it will no longer matter that its droprate for snowfall pigment is lower than lichbloom. I'm not quite sure if lichbloom's price will fall or increase but because it kills two birds with one stone now it will most likely continue to remain the king of herbs.

    Ink of the Sea is going to be the only non-rare ink selling on the AH from 3.0.8 onwards.

    Farming Fel Armaments

    Here's a video on where to farm fel armaments, marks of sargeras, and netherweave cloth.

    Back at 70 I farmed here for three days to get my epic mount. Anyone who doesn't have their rep with Sons of Hodir or is trying to get rep achievements will pay good money for the fel armaments and marks of sargeras. I suggest selling the fel armaments in stacks of 8 and the marks of sargeras in stacks of 100.



    In case the video does not load, here's the youtube link:

    3.0.8 Dream Shards Going Up in Value

    In this article, see how you can use new information about patch 3.0.8 to make wow gold off the auction house.
    Most recipes for enchanting currently require a large amount of infinite dust and greater cosmic essences. However, come patch 3.0.8 the materials required for many enchants will be changed. The number of infinite dusts and greater cosmic essences necessary for most enchants will drop significantly while the number of dream shards needed will be increased. What does this mean for Justmytwocopper fans who come to this site for awesome wow gold making tips?



    Dream Shards currently are worth very little and I expect them to double or even triple in value after 3.0.8 goes live. Be the first on your server to stock pile these currently inexpensive items and I guarantee you a huge profit margin.

    Quoting MMO-CHAMPION:

    “Many high level enchantment recipes have had the amount of Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence requirements significantly reduced, but with Dream Shards being added to them.”

    To show how confident I am in this endeavor, I'm going to buy every single shard on the AH, every day, for less then 15 gold a peice. My prediction on my own server is that these shards will sell for around 20-30 gold before dropping down to around 18-22 gold about a week after the patch goes live. In doing this I will create a little bit of inflation to help boost the price on patch day and thus boost my profits in the process.

    Sons of Hodir – Make Money from Rep Grinding

    Learn how you can make a respectable amount of gold on 3.0.8 patch day from your Sons of Hodir rep grind!

    Bornakk responded to my post on the wow forums regarding this topic.

    WowInsider covered my post as well.

    Many of you have been farming for A MONTH to get your Hodir rep to revered/exalted and pick up the rewards this faction has to offer.

    How would you like to make some gold from the time you spent building your reputation?
    I thought you’d say that.

    Before I explain in detail, I’d like to share with you some facts:

    1. Relic of Ulduar currently can only be used to buy a few consumables, the most common one being Iron Boot Flask.
    2. In patch 3.0.8, these relics will no longer be soulbound.
    3. Instead of costing 10 relics for a flask, it’s going to cost 200+.
    4. In patch 3.0.8, you will be able to turn in Relics of Ulduar for reputation with the sons of hodir.
    The Relics of Ulduar can be earned by killing certain mobs (full list) and in particular you will get these off of Stormforged Infiltrators 82% of the time. These mobs can only be faught by doing the quest Spy Hunter, which has you follow around a wolf and kill the Infiltrators as they spawn. This quest requires that you are honored with the sons of hodir.
    Ok, So How Does This Help Me?
    First off, save your relics and don’t spend any of them. If you stockpile now then you will see them sell like crazy for about a week after the patch is released. Many a rich wow player will shell out the cash rather than farm rep with this monster of a faction, and you will most likely get exalted yourself running quests to pick up the relics.
    So go ahead and complete your Hodir rep quests every day and save your relics for patch day.

    Where to Farm Thorium Ore

    Use this guide to farm thorium ore without having to run around mindlessly searching for respawns. Look for half an hour in these three locations and find atleast 8-12 nodes. Eventhough this is a level 60 item, death knights and other characters leveling blacksmithing, jewelcrafting, and/or engineering would prefer to buy this item rather than farm it.

    Mid level profession items, the ones that get you levels 220-300 in any profession are often very hard to come by. Thorium, for instance, is one of the worst profession material sinks in the game because of how many are required for jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, and engineering. A blacksmith will go through 500+ of these easily on his way to skill level 300 and that’s a market you don’t want to pass up.

    Here’s my guide for farming Thorium ore:
    Step 1: Park a miner in Everlook, Winterspring.
    Step 2: ??
    Step 3: Profit.


    Park a miner (level 69+) in Everlook, Winterspring.

    1. Make Everlook your home.
    2. Head east to the Yeti cave; there are a handful of nodes that spawn there.
    3. After the cave is cleared, head south to the Owl Wing Thicket and look for nodes in the owl caves (you don’t have to go inside any caves for the nodes to be visible on the map).
      Head south to Darkwhisper Gorge.
    4. As you enter the Gorge you will pass two demons and there will be a little hill on your right (west). Go up the hill and enter the cave to purchase Gromsblood for super cheap off the demon there. He sells some rare cloth as well but it doesn’t sell anywhere near as well as the Gromsblood.
    5. Go through each cave in Darkwhisper Gorge and into the clearings to search for thorium nodes. You will find no more then two nodes in any one clearing, and in some of the smaller ones never more then one at a time.
    6. Log off your alt. Every 30+ minutes come back onto your alt and check all the clearings for nodes again.
    7. When your bags are full hearth to Everlook where you will have access to a bank, guild bank, and mail box which will make transporting/storing the ore much easier.

    Thorium bars go for as much as 65 gold a stack and usually the ore form is more expensive because jewelcrafting needs thorium ore in stacks of 5 for prospecting. Also, any other profession can buy ore to be smelted into bars. Even though this is usually true you should still check for deals by bidding or buying out ore then smelting it into bars to be resold. The bar to ore ratio is 1:1. You should also pick up quite a few gems while farming the thorium, which will sell for over 10 gold each depending on your AH.

    The beauty of this strategy is that you don't have to farm for hours on end, but rather, you can farm once or twice a day and continue playing your other characters as usual. Have a raid and need to kill twenty minutes? Just log onto your mining alt and farm this location while you wait.

    Money & Dr. Teeth

    The lore of Warcraft had always interested me more than maximizing the amount of gold I made while playing. I vendor trashed everything I wasn't using: whites, greens, blues, everything! It was all grays to me. Markco's work on the AH and my own economic ideas came together to try to make a better return on my items than just vendor trashing.

    I have received several whispers in-game and with a little of Markco's prompting, I've
    decided to share how I made 2,000 gold in less than three days, by applying simple supply and demand economics in the virtual world. So here goes!

    The Goldclover Experiment

    I picked up herbalism to prepare for Wrath, and consequently I had lots of herbs in my
    bags. Since I had so much goldclover (more than 10 stacks of 20) I decided to try my
    technique with that. I went on the AH and checked all the prices for goldclover and found
    a rough average for a stack as well as for individual goldclovers.

    About 2/3 of all the auctions were way more expensive than the average.

    I spent several thousand gold and grabbed up all the goldclover on the AH, while
    simultaneously posting all those herbs just higher than the average I had calculated,
    about 10% more. This created the following scenario: The vast majority of the herbs on
    the AH were mine and all posted for the same price, while those not posted by me were
    very expensive. Undercuts happened here and there, which I promptly bought out and
    reposted to my new average.

    My auctions now looked like a fair price.

    In three quick sentences, this is what I did:

    1. Became the primary supplier of a gold clover.
    2. Monitored the price of gold clover by buying out undercuts that fell below the average I wanted to maintain.
    3. Once I felt that prices were going to fall again, I stopped buying out herbs and let the market correct itself.
    This Method is Risky
    New people are constantly putting items on the AH. You are always at risk of being
    undercut either by someone who knows what they're doing, or the noob who doesn't know
    what anything is worth. Because of this, I had to be vigilant about the price of my
    commodity. All of my auctions were put on the shortest time possible to allow me to
    follow changes in prices more quickly. If the auctions were selling for more, the next
    round went up higher. If the auctions weren't selling, I had to drop the price.
    I had to research to make sure that the herb would even be in demand and sustain this
    kind of inflation. Remember, you're trying to raise the price as high as the market will
    bear. Raise it too little and you'll lose money instead of making money. Raise it too
    much and market demand will collapse, leaving you with a stockpile of goods no one wants.
    The more demand for an item, the higher you can raise the price.
    In Conclusion
    I know that anyone could use this strategy to make money. I also know that this method has
    an incredible amount of risk associated with it. I had to plan ahead to get my timing just right for the marketing of this herb.
    But, risk isn't enough to keep me or anyone else away from the chance to make money! As
    Dr. Teeth of the Electric Mayhem said:

    Don't want no lovin,
    Don't want no kissin,
    Don't want no gal to call me
    Don't want my name,
    In the hall of fame,
    Just want a big fat
    pile of money!

    Video - Bid Low Sell Normal

    A follow up video for my auction house guide regarding Bidding low -> Selling Normal.

    This is by far one of the easiest ways to make wow gold on the auction house and it will change your concept of "buy low -> sell high."

    Enjoy and please turn the volume up, the narration is kind of low.


    For more information on this topic, visit this article:

    If you can't view this video for whatever reason, you can also view it at youtube:

    Buy Low Sell High Equals Bad Wow Economics

    The Concept:

    Wooooahhhh I went there! Buying low then selling high makes perfect sense in economics class but it is NOT the most effective way to make gold on the auction house. The phrase should read as follows...

    • Bid Low -> Sell Normal

    Yes buying low and selling high does make sense and it is possible to make all your wow gold doing this. Typically You will buy something out for 80-90% normal price and resell for 95-120% when demand is high but supply is low. You might also be buying items in stacks of 20 and then you can resell them individually for more overall. These are both legitemate ways to make money in wow, but they are not the BEST way. This being said, I still encourage you to buy low then sell high when it's advantageous for you to do so.

    Before I move on I'll say this again for emphasis:

    • Bid Low -> Sell Normal

    If you follow this simple guide (and the fastest path to success is usually the simplest) then your auction bid section should be filled every day with low bids on items that you will resell for several 1000% profit. Trade goods are notorius for being put up for several silver bids when they normally sell for much more.

    My level 17 orc... LEVEL 17!!! on a DIFFERENT SERVER from my main made 100 gold in 48 hours doing this and he started with 5 gold 60 silver 29 copper.

    He would bid 1 silver on an herb such as bruiseweed or gromsblood and resell it for 50 silver. Every bidding cycle (mostly medium bids so around 8 hours) he would double his money. In 48 hours he easily cleared 100 gold with about 140 in his bags and 50 in the auction house placed on bids.

    Bidding Advice:

    If you get outbid by someone and there is less than 30 minutes left then the timer is reset to 30 minutes. So wait around fifteen minutes and then rebid the
    item. Never ever rebid an item within five minutes of being outbid yourself as it will result in a bidding war which will ruin your profits. In fact I usually ignore an item if someone outbids me until several hours have passed. Also keep in mind that a majority of your bids will not be successful, so bidding on every single deal you see is the best way to ensure you get atleast a handful of wins.

    How to search for items you wish to bid on:

    • Example #1. Search Trade Goods, Herbs. Sort by Current Bid in ascending order. You will see herbs with low bids and sometimes very high buyouts. Look around
      and if you see an herb that fit this description then do this: Shift click the herb, press search, sort by current bid in ascending order. Be sure that the
      item you're bidding on is worth it at that bid price and then clear your search. Repeat until you are done bidding on Herbs.
    • Example #2. Search Gems. Select Red for starters. Type the word 'Perfect' into the search phrase. Search and sort by current bid in ascending order. You will
      see in the search panel the decently valuable perfect red gems which also sell remarkably well on most servers. If you see say a perfect +ap gem for a cheap
      buyout then shift click the gem and check to see if that bid is worth taking. Repeat for all gems and their colors.
    Knowing what items sell well is the key to bidding and reselling successfully. Once you succeed in selling smaller items, you will then be able to bid on items costing much more and still make a profit every time. The more you make the more you can invest, and therefore the richer you become!

    Many gold selling guides focus on this method as THE #1 WAY to make money in wow. In fact, you would of paid atleast sixty dollars for a wow guide to teach you this strategy. After all, if my level 17 can do it with no help I'm sure you'll be able to as well.

    If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will attempt to answer you as soon as possible.

    Auction House Pitfalls - How to Avoid Auction House Scams

    The auction house can be an extremely messy place to do business so you should be aware of the kinds of sinister tricks some auctioneers have waiting for you. I'll go through three simple yet dangerous traps you might one day be faced with.

    I. The Trade Post Scam - I have done my share of trolling the internet on many gold guide sites (I even bought a few for research purposes) and I can tell you that most guides tell you to 'try' this. Every time they describe this dirty way of selling your items they preface the discussion with "Oh I did this once but please don't do it" or "This is good once but after that your reputation will suffer." It's all BS. They want people to do this because it works and is an easy way to make money.

    • Step 1: Player places a semi-rare item on the AH for about 120% of what it is worth.

    • Step 2: Said player gets on an alt and asks in trade for the item at 130% of normal value. They will most likely be in shattrath.

    • Step 3: You go on the ah and buy it thinking you are going to resell for that little bit extra right away.

    • Step 4: BAM! You got hosed.

    If you ever see an item selling for MORE then it's normal value and someone asking in trade for it at an EVEN MORE EXTREME value... don't buy it. This trick is down right dirty trading and not worth the fallout.

    II. The AH King Pin - You're going to run into complete AH jerks more then once, I guarantee it. Anytime you enter a new market watch out for these people as they will see you as a serious threat and attempt to drive you away. First off, always check auctions for a few days before you begin serious trading (more then 5 stacks of whatever item per day). If you see the same person posting DIFFERENT prices each day depending on the market then this person is most likely an AH snob. They will undercut you by a silver and do it in tremendous quantities so it's better to spot these goons early rather then after you've saved up 50 stacks worth of an item. Getting into a bidding war is often risky since they will most likely have way more items saved then you and eventually they'll beat you down, regardless of their individual losses.

    So how do you avoid this person? Well I did mention that you should check to see if these people exist in a market before entering it in force (selling one or two of any item will not set these people into a bidding war) but the #1 way to prevent a confrontation is to set a price with the person. Maybe you will sell stacks of 5 and he'll sell stacks of 20 or something along those lines. If they want to be a pain then just sell one or two items a day at prime time and avoid stockpiling the items beyond two or three stacks.

    Remember that you don't want to put all your eggs into one basket, so diversify your options and never get bottleknecked into selling only one item. This strategy is the best way to make money on the AH and buffers against AH king pins barging in with guild banks stocked with any one item.

    III. The Hidden Overpriced Buyout - Anyone who has fallen to this trick was probably tired or rushed or a combination of both. Basically, a person puts items up in stacks of let's say 5 each for 20 gold. Say they put up ten stacks of the item but one of the stacks only has one item in it instead of five. Unfortuenately, the AH won't sort this item out of the list of other ones, so you will end up with a 'trick' stack costing the same as the others and looking almost identical to a weary or rushed buyer. Only way to avoid this is to pay attention to what you're doing at all times.

    Hopefully this post openned your eyes to some things to expect from this greedy wow world we live in. Another scam to watch out for is loot cards. DON'T EVER BUY LOOT CODES. They are going to be 99.999999999999(repeating)% of the time scams.

    3.0.8 - It's right in front of your nose!

    One of the ultimate ways to make gold is often one of the most overlooked. Players look to the patch notes for changes to their class (good or bad), but the rich players always keep a keen eye on changes that will impact the economy.

    Coming in the yet to be released 3.0.8 patch are several important opportunities. Starting from the top...

    1) Players may now create death knights on any realm once they reach level 55.

    Talk about a quick way to have a high level character for farming on any server. Markco showed you how to make 100 gold on a lowbie in under 48 hours. Imagine the potential on a level 55!

    And forget about YOU making a new Death Knight... What about those influx of 55's coming to your server? They're gonna need items for leveling, enchants, JC cuts for instance gear throughout BC and when they hit 80, and inscriptions as well!

    Now's the time to create a small store of supplies for selling specifically to the Death Knight audience. When that patch hits, visit your local AH.

    2) Increased the material requirements to make high level frost resistance gear created with blacksmithing.

    Make these items now if you can. Don't go crazy, but a few of these pieces in reserve before this patch hits mean you'll come out like a bouncing baby when the prices double on these things post-patch.

    3) Living Lashers can now properly be skinned with Herbalism.

    An obvious farming opportunity.

    4) Undocumented changes...

    While not guaranteed for this patch, remember that Blizz is working hard to push out dual-specs. What does this mean? Well, you're looking at A LOT of new gear, new enchants, new inscriptions, new gems, new leg armor kits, NEW EVERYTHING ON ALMOST EVERY PLAYER. There is TONS of gold to be made off this change.

    Are you already preparing? Of course you are... ;)

    Crystallized Farming and You

    Like the Primals of the Burning Crusade, Eternals are an essential ingredient to all building professions. These items sell well and often so be sure to atleast try farming them to see how much you can make per hour.

    Here's a detailed map *cough I can't draw cough* of where you can find the various crystallized elements in Wintersgrasp. For every 10 crystallized elements you find they can then be turned into eternals. Eternal Fires for instance sell for as much as 60 gold on my server, so if you want to make a good amount of gold per hour then Wintersgrasp is the place for you. Remember that if you are on a pve server that you will instantly become flagged for pvp while traveling in Wintersgrasp and that if you fly in you will become dismounted (but parachute safely to the ground). Normal mounts will not get dismounted.

    You'll want to farm when your faction has control of Wintersgrasp because Revenants of the various elements will spawn throughout the map. These Revenants drop crystallized elements every single time and are ideal for maximizing your gold per hour.

    Map of Wintersgrasp


    Eternal Fires respawn very quickly because there are so few on the map. You can head west a bit to pick up airs while you wait on the respawn timer.

    Eternal Airs are currently buggy in that the ones at the bottom of the map do not always appear within the Wintersgrasp 'phase' area. This means that you will see the airs but when you close to melee range they will dissappear. The white square with black lines through it represents this area which the next patch should correct.

    Eternal Shadows are densely populated in the southwestern most part of the map and are a great place for aoe'ers to farm.

    Eternal Water is simple enough to farm as you can start on the eastern most section and travel down the waterfall and through the river heading west the entire time. It's very easy to pick up several Eternal Waters doing this.

    Eternal Earths are scattered throughout the zone and are also usually the cheapest Eternal. I would advise picking up these as you see them and focusing on the other Eternals.

    Note that Eternal Lifes are best farmed in Sholazar Basin and I was unable to find any Revenants for Eternal Life in Wintersgrasp. Normal mobs that drop Crystallized Life can be found in the southwestern section (green area) next to the shadows but no Revenants spawn there. It is possible that this is a bug which will be corrected with the next patch like the airs.

    [Update 9/14/09] You can right click the bg button at the bottom left of your mini-map to instantly teleport to dalaran. Perfect for when you are done farming.

    The next big gold mine... don't miss out!

    Here's a blue post that will interest you all in regards to the new and upcoming dual specs:

    "It will swap your talents, glyphs and the position of buttons on your action bars. Note you actually have to buy the glyphs for both specs first. "

    The key part is the second sentence. If you want to make a KILLING when this dual spec thing goes live then you better have tons and tons of inks saved up. Every single person on your server is going to buy 6 new glyphs PER character (3 major, 3 minor), that means TRUCKLOADS of money if you save up now. You will want to run the gammot of inks/herbs because the minors come from lower level inks and will sell just as well as the higher level inscriptions.

    Do some research now and find out what inks you think will be valuable come patch day. For instance they are looking into changing the way flash of light works for pallies, making the flash of light glyph a hot up and coming item.

    Stay tuned for more! On a side note, my little 17 orc hit 100 gold in under 48 hours and I will do a quick article on him hopefully soon.

    Getting 1k gold at level 16

    Hello everyone, hope the holidays were a blast and that all your morning afters weren't too bad!

    Anyways, I decided to do something really fun and maybe show you all a thing or two about using the auction house! I have created a character on Twisting Nether (I have no mains there) and leveled him to 17. Nothing special so far right? Well I plan on getting him one thousand gold all by himself. No professions, no farming (cept to start out), just the auction house. Crazy, right? Well I'm going to do it!

    Here are screen shots of Day 1 for my little orc warrior. He started off with 5 gold which he obtained from killing boars outside orgrimmar and selling the meat, as well as from questing. His gold was low because I had been buying him green items off the ah (probably spent around 10 gold there) but that's not important. What matters is that he is already off to a great start! Take a look for yourself.

    Now for some quick analysis: You may have noticed this already but I'm focusing on trade goods. My main method for obtaining the goods is something I call price sniping: Look for items(particularly rarely sold goods) being auctioned off with very low starting bids and hopefully with little time left on the auction. The three best trade goods for sniping are herbs, minerals, and leathers. Remember that it never hurts to bid on an item as your money comes right back to you if you lose. The first block at the top are the auctions I still have bids on and am waiting for them to end, while the block just below it displays auctions I won this morning and reposted. Looking at the price of my auctions and my current gold in my bags, I will go from 6 gold 96 silver 99 copper to 15 gold 54 silver 99 copper if all my auctions sell. Not bad for a level 16! I will continue to analyze this character's progress and highlight key events which I feel will help you make gold in wow.

    Post some comments/questions if you want! I will do my best to respond to all of them.

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