Has Blizzard Beat the Gold Sellers with WOTLK?

Twice I've been approached by gold sellers and have promptly reported them to gm's, but I started thinking about just how many people buy wow gold. A quick inquiry among my friends revealed that several of them had atleast bought gold once in their wow career.

Check out this thread from mmo-champion that I found on the subject of Blizzard and gold farmers.

I found the whole discussion rivetting and would like to continue it here.

There are tons of factors involved with gold sellers, and this forum post did an excellent job of covering all of them. For one, due to the large money sinks in WOTLK players are looking to buy gold to avoid having to spend in game time gathering it. To counter this, blizzard made it much easier to farm gold, yet players are obviously still opting to buy gold since the gold selling industry is estimated around one billion US dollars.

Has anyone here ever purchased gold? Did you regret it, like it, or even get banned from it?

Will gold sellers increase the price of gold as soon as players start to get bored with farming and want their gold for money instead of time?

Do you see gold sellers eventually being run out by Blizzard? Is this even feasible?

Suggestion Box Friday (2/27/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to become the blogwriter and get in on the discussions. Feel free to comment about everything related to making gold in wow.

Monthy Recap

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for being a part of this growing wow economic community. This blog has seen yet another month of record numbers in terms of visitors/subcribers/comments/emails/etc. I'm very thankful for every single contribution you all have made to help make this the best collection of FREE, helpful gold guides on the web. Literally thousands of people have benefitted from these strategies and tips, and I'm sure the beneficiaries of this blog are greatful for your help. Keep up the great comments and emails!

Page Views for the Month of February: 80,000+

Your Comments

Regarding Farming Meats in Borean Tundra:
Knife said...
I've never tried farming the rhinos for arctic fur, but the mammoths (W, NW and N of DELTA camp) are amazing to farm.Mammoth meat sells for 40g/stack on my server. Meals go for 50-ish and mega's go for 120. You can AOE pull TONS of mammoths in this area (the babies have an even higher meat drop rate imo). They hit like children and drop like flies.I spent two days farming there as a rogue, roughly 3hrs total just to test it out. I got: 4 greens, 3 arctic fur, 6ish stacks of meat and a ton of trash, worth well over 100g (not sure exact amount). Discounting the greens, that's 100g (trash)+ 3 fur (30g*3= 90)+ 6 meat (240g uncooked, 300g cooked, 360g megas) = roughly 500g / 3hrs. Not the best farming spot for money, but if it's furs/meat you're after then it's not bad at all.

To Knife: WOW... I had no idea the baby mammoths even dropped meat! That's an awesome tip, thanks for your comment.

Regarding PTR 3.1 Economic Predictions:
Speeder said...
Check this out fellows:Now i knew why i wanted top stockpile pristine black diamonds"
In 3.1 there will be a new FOF :Insane in the Membrane
Raise your reputation with the areas listed below (Title Reward: The Insane)
Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers
Exalted with Booty Bay
Exalted with Everlook
Exalted with Gadgetzan
Exalted with Ratchet
Exalted with Darkmoon Faire
Exalted with Ravenholdt
Exalted with Shen'dralar

To Speeder: Exalted with Darkmoon Faire??? I nearly feinted. You are absolutely correct about the diamonds... if you see them on the auction house it would be very wise to buy them.

Hisaac said...
Markco, similar to what you mentioned prior to patch 3.08 about the probable increase in frozen orb and dream shard prices, i'm going to venture a "wild" guess and say the price of icy dragonscales is about to shoot up.Currently, they sell for near vendor prices, but post patch 3.1, they will be required in all 8 of the new epic LW patterns (40 scales apiece!). Considering they are used in about 8 recipes currently (none of which have much use), the demand will skyrocket post-patch...i foresee some serious profit potential here...

To Hisaac: Excellent find! Thank you for sharing this. I know I'm going to start buying these out right away myself.

Regarding the 1.5k Gold Trinket:
Bill said...
They also drop a BoP jewelcrafting design. I wasn't sure if grinding these would be worth my time, since the design didn't drop, but now that I know that at a minimum the loot is decent gold, I think I'll head back.Of course saying that, the recipe will probably drop on the first kill. :)

To Bill: Thanks for pointing out the BoP Jewelcrafting design and in a previous comment you advised mages to spell steal the +25% crit and bonus damage from the mobs nearby. Nice find.

Markco's Gold Guide

My guide is hitting internet store shelves very soon! I am in the process of final editing and plan to release the guide no later than monday of next week. I want to thank those of you who have emailed me with words of encouragement as it's helped me survive the long hours between working full time, maintaining Just My Two Copper, and writting my gold guide. I can't wait to make a lot of players wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, and the secret to the guide is... no two players will use the same strategy!

I will be going live on Just My Two Copper by Monday morning, though ads for the guide may appear on several websites beforehand.

So far Markco's Gold Guide has received 100% positive feedback from testers of all character levels and I'd like to thank the select few I've asked to beta test for doing such a great job.

3.1 Discussion

Will Lower Level Crafting Professions become profitable?
What will black diamonds do to the economy?
Will epic gems cause blue gems to drop in price? Is it time to start mass selling them?

Patch 3.1 - Set Bonuses Added to Blue Gear?

Apparently some nice set bonuses are going to be added to the blue craftable gear, probably to make it atleast comparable to the savage set for pvp. I look forward to this change as it means that new players for season 6 will most likely feel that the craftable gear is worth getting as a starter set.

MMO-Champion released this information recently:

"The following sets have been created to give set bonuses to crafted armor sets:

Eviscerator's Battlegear
Ornate Saronite Battlegear
Savage Saronite Battlegear
Stormhide Battlegear
Swiftarrow Battlefear
Frostsavage Battlegear

All these sets will give you:
4 Pieces - +75 Stamina
6 Pieces - +50 Resilience"

Borean Tundra - WOTLK Farming Spot for Arctic Fur

I had a whole list of posts for this week but the amount of email I've received regarding farming spots, crafting ideas, and the like has been so great that I want to post them instead of what I had originally planned. Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas, keep sending them my way and I'll do my best to get through them all.

I've tried this spot once on my hunter but never seriously gave it a real 1-2 hour farming shot like I think it deserves. Here is the email I received regarding rhinos in Borean Tundra:

My Charcter name is Jimmyboot on sargeras i use to be a big time farmer. [...] in Borean Tundra just south of the AMBER LEDGE there is the Rhinos. You can AOE pull 14 at a time as a Level 80 Shadow priest and skin them and get about 6 arctic furs a hour or more and this doesnt include the Rhino meat and the Leather you get it is a great spot. Email me back and tell me what you think thanks.
Renze the Shadow Priest and Jimmyboot the Druid"

Have you guys tried the rhinos? How much do rhino meat and rhino dogs go for on your server? Enough to make this spot good?

Let us know, leave a comment :)

PTR - 3.1 Economic Predictions

Well the PTR has started and public patch notes are already available! As you may have guessed this means that Just My Two Copper will be bringing you the news on what effect these changing game mechanics will have on the wow economy.

NOTE: Everything is subject to change on the PTR, there is an inherit risk of blizzard changing their minds at any moment if you act on the patch notes!

Here are my highlights of the patch notes released by World of Raids.

  • Increased the health granted by the Flask of Stoneblood.
  • Most of the recipes in the 1-300 skill range of blacksmithing have had their stats updated to be more useful.
  • Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade.
  • Titanium Plating now reduces the duration of disarm effects by 50% as well as increasing your block value.
  • Added a recipe for enchanting staves with spell power.
  • Several recipes in the 250-300 skill range have been rebalanced.
  • Added a new recipe to cut black diamonds.
  • Shadowskin Gloves and Dusky Boots no longer require Shadowcat Hide to create, but instead require an equal quantity of Shadow Silk. Shadowcat Hides can no longer be obtained from skinning.
  • There are TONS of new glyphs, I'm assuming that all will require northrend inscription which means that you will most likely get a unique glyph on patch day to sell for maximum price.

Analysis: Blizzard is trying to 'balance' old world items/enhancements and this could do wonders for these markets. The fact that they are improving the stats on craftable lowbie gear could mean best in slot items for pvp twinking (*cross your fingers*). The change to titanium plating means that pvp melee are going to start getting other weapon enchants to replace their titanium weapon chains... expect the value of titanium weapon chains to drop slighty and for titanium plating to rise greatly.


I also predict that dragon's eyes are going to be used for epic gems in patch 3.1 (Part of the Black Diamond Recipe?). This is entirely speculation but if you have the gold and want to risk Blizzard NOT implementing some new uncut gem for epics then you will want to start stockpiling dragon's eyes now before they become worth literally a thousand+ gold cut.

Golden Titanium Weapon Chains

Panagiotis Karanatsis emailed me with an awesome suggestion for making gold as a blacksmith:

"Hi Markco it's me again, i would like you tell you a way to make money by blacksmith.

It's a pretty good money 'cause you make proffit up to 70g per sell!

Well , in my realm Saronite Ores sell for 20g per stack(1g per ore or 3.3g per bar) and titanium ore sell for 5.5g(bars up to 13).

So if you are a miner or a blacksmither , you can buy Saronite ores and titanium ores to craft Titanium Weapon Chain!

These are selling high up to 65-80g per! This is a 73g proffit maximum per sell! If you are not a Blacksmither and/or a Miner you can always buy materials from Auction house and tell friends or guildies to smelt and craft them for you!

I am doing this for a week now and i have made more than 6.000 gold!

I sell from 5 to 15 per day!

Good luck and have a nice night! I'm gonna have some sleep now, share it with people!"

Thank you for the emails everyone, especially you, Panagiotis, for this great tip. I will try to make posts for all of them as soon as possible.

In the comments section be sure to post if you have used this strategy before!

Interview With a Greedy Goblin

A prominent member of the wow economic community, Gevlon from the Greedygoblin.blogspot.com, has agreed to sit down with Just My Two Copper and discuss his blog:

JMTC: Hello Gevlon, thanks for agreeing to meet with us.

Gevlon: Thanks for the opportunity to talk about my blog, and let me congratulate you to yours.

JMTC: Thanks, coming from you that means a lot! Ok well first off, I've had multiple readers ask me in email or in comments how they are supposed to make gold on 'high population' servers. I've tried my best to assure them that making gold on these kinds of servers is entirely possible. What advice do you have for these players?

Gevlon: High population servers have many businessmen, covering lot of fields, but not all.
There are materials that are not produced/buy-and-sold by anyone. Find them and use them. You can also pick a market and try to take it by force. You can win since a richer competitor can easily say "this field does not worth my time to fight, I let that noob have it"

JMTC: What is/was your favorite way to make gold, even if the method is no longer possible?

Gevlon: Selling glyphs. While I did it, it generated 12-14K/week with 2-3 hours/week work + 1-2 hours AFK work (while appraiser listed the items)

JMTC: Could you inform my readers of the kinds of posts you make on your blog? How helpful is your information to players trying to make gold in wow?

Gevlon: I have mostly two kind of posts. At first direct WoW moneymaking advices like "buy eternal fire and sell it as 10 crystallized". Secondly I post "philosophy" posts about the "way of the goblin", the ruthless and efficient businessman who lives by Cpt Sparrow's idea: "Take what you can, give nothing back!"

JMTC: Are you preparing for dual specs with lots of glyphs? If so, how much money do you think you will make on patch day?

Gevlon: After 150K G I stopped trading with my main, so I no longer care about glyphs. My current moneymaking campaign on a new alt does not involve glyphs. BTW I don't think much (like 5-10K) money could be made on patch day. I use to call it "small egg effect". Everyone and their mother-in-law will be selling glyphs that day (don't forget that glyphs can be produced in great quantities by a single click). However the following weeks can increase the income of glyphmakers.

JMTC: I agree with you on the 10k gold number. When I made 20k the first weekend of inscription I was also able to get max level so fast that I was the only person posting every glyph. This time around things will definately be different. I saw on your site that you've been pulling in 20k gold a week for a solid string of several weeks, what was the most gold you ever made in one week? What did you do to get that much gold?

Gevlon: The top was 155K, when I stopped trading with my main. I do nothing big with that money. I made that money for the blog, as a proof that trading can be done, to encourage others to start. Of course slowly the money will go away as I have enchants, gems, BOE stuff to buy and no income. I guess somewhere around lvl 110 I'll have to start trading again :-)

JMTC: Thanks for agreeing to this interview Gevlon, I hope my readers check out your site and learn from your excellent advise.

Gevlon: Thank you for the opportunity and I hope the people who check it out won't be disappointed.

Be sure to check out The Greedy Goblin and write what you think in the comments section.

The 1.5k Gold Trinket

Bane emailed me with this interesting idea:

"Just some new grinding spot if desperate for gold:

Nascent Val'kyr in Storm Peaks have a 100% chance to drop Dissolved Soul Essence which vendors for 65s 3c each, thats a total of 13g 60s per stack.

Also these are the only recognized mobs on wowhead.com to drop the Tears of Bitter Anguish BoE trinket which usually sells for aaround 1.5k+ gold on my server.
Credit to other ppl. have fun


Interesting, anyone try this out?

Finding that Special Someone

I don't know what happened over christmas but a ton of new wow blogs have been popping up in 2009 (including yours truly). I stumbled across this place recently:


Although there are very few posts on the site, I really enjoyed the 'find a lazy friend' article.

The idea is simple, find someone who hates the auction house and get them to farm for you. I know you might think it's crazy but I've seen numerous players that would rather run in circles picking weeds than press alt+contr+shift+batch post and go afk.

Finding that special someone or someones is ideal for anyone who wants to create a market monopoly. When I was disenchanting cobalt chest peices I had four farmers getting me the cobalt for twenty gold a stack, and that's the kind of relationships you'll want to set up a monopoly on the auction house.

It's really quite simple, ask them to COD you their items and always be sure to pay them as soon as possible. They get to enjoy farming with instant gratification, and you get to enjoy incredibly underpriced goods to resell. It's a match made in heaven!

In the words of my chinese farmer friends: "Vury Simpur! Go round circur curektin weeds and come back hur fur gold."

Suggestion Box Friday (2/20/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes here (as long as it's about making wow gold) and I encourage new, creative ideas as well as any good old fashioned farming spots.

The poll results were very interesting. 60+% of those that voted believe it's ok to take advantage of a bug in auctioneer and fool the guy next to you in the auction house. I voted no because it's a pathetically small profit but maybe you'd like to justify your yes/no/undecided in the comments section?


Thanks to everyone on the support after I finally got my character back. I am ecstatic to get back to the vidoes I need to shoot, posts I need to write, and of course my guide. To those of you with blogs that emailed me please send me some kind of guest post so that I can review it and eventually post it or ask for a revision. I had some really cool emails from people with neat tips to share so I'll try to get those up soon.


HokieJayBee made his points on the "Carrot and Stick" posting method:
HokieJayBee said...
the point is, that he has a set price in his head, that he wants to sell his items at, at a margin he prefers, and at a specific minimum profit. if he just posts his items at that price, as you describe in your timeline example, you and others will undercut him and he won't sell. so, he sets a fake ceiling price. and you and others come in and undercut him. then he posts where he really wanted to in the first place and he sells more than he would have had he just posted at that price first.

To HokieJayBee: It's ok if there's negativity or dissagreement on this blog. I know that I am going to make mistakes (and I've made several in posts already) and therefore diversity in thought is always welcome. Having your ideas challenged also forces you to examine them further with the possibility of learning something new in the process!

Archangel brought up an excellent point in regards to 2 Nerfs from Just My Two Copper - Why aren't people making the Reinforced Chest Pieces as much?

Archangel said...
"It cost now less gold to make the reinforced items. Dust went up from 4g to 7g on my server. GCE same : who cares ? Dust wins. Cobalt price is below 1.5g when supply is present (weekends) but goes above 2g weekdays. Bottom line - you make more money now, with the new recipe changes. But you know what's curious ? People stopped doing it. They didn't quit making money, but they just stopped doing the reinforced thing (from 14 pages listed in the past down to 3 in the present). For me is to much waiting time involved (you make fewer items now, for the same amount of materials). The same competitors I had on dust and GCE business have moved on the enchant scrolls business (so have I). And it makes sens e : why bother selling dust and essences when I can make scrolls and sell them for the market price of mats + profit. Scrolls also don't take deposit fee. "

To Archangel: I too have seen the scroll market go up during the past week. It seems people are charging around 50% more for mat costs than individually selling them after enchanting a scroll. That's great profit!

Check out this great tip from Hisaac:
Hisaac said...
"An item I have found to be in low supply and high demand on my server (Korgath-US) is elemental water. There are only a couple places to farm these as they only drop from Water Elementals, the most efficient of which is a small island just Northwest of Grom'gol. I have been posting these at ever increasing prices (20g at this point) and they sell each and every time. There is very little market competition, and it's easy to farm 15-20/hour. For anyone level 40 and above, this results in profits of 300-400g hour. let me know how the markets are for elemental water on other servers, i'd be interested to know.."

Regarding my AOE frostweave farming spot:
Phizuol said...
"I have a Mage/tailor friend who I linked this post to. He confirmed that it was indeed very dangerous for a mage.We did learn, however, that this is an awesome spot for a Paladin+Mage duo. I ran in and grabbed agro, then healed through the damage while he burned the enemy down with AE. He was using two of the mana-back trinkets from Exalted Oracles rep so he had full mana the entire time. The slowest part of it all was looting the bodies!Not only did we get a lot of cloth, but also enough greens and greys to make us both happy. Thanks for recommending this spot!"


I think there's enough in here that I don't need to add more :)

Have fun guys! Talk it up!

Guest Post: Bloodshrike

Please give a warm welcome to Bloodshrike who sent in the following guest post to Just My Two Copper!

If anyone else has a blog (or not) and would like to guest post as well please email me and I'll be more than happy to publish it.

Here's Bloodshrike who hosts the blog: "A Boy and His Death Rays"

“Carrot and Stick"– by Bloodshrike

Greetings all! This is my first guest post ever, prompted by Markco kindly offering to post my Auction House psychology theory.

Are you tired of seeing people undercut your Auction House postings into the ground? Tired of having your crafted items sell for LESS than the mats required to make them? Well, take heart, I have a few tips for you (well, one main one, really).

I noticed people's tendencies to undercut each other to the poverty level when I first started playing WOW over 2 years ago, and it hasn't really changed. These casual posters are just looking to make a few gold or silver, and the only way they know how to do that is to beat your price. That's it, they don't think of anything beyond that.

You, on the other hand, have tired of farming for stuff to sell on the AH, don't have time to do dailies, or only have a few minutes each day to devote to making gold to save up for your epic whatever.

Here's the secret. --- POST HIGH!

Whatever you're selling, send a few to an alt, and have them post the item for 48 hours at a very, very high price. Not a ridiculous price (like 10,000 gold) but definitely stretching it. For example, a blacksmith can make Arcanite Rods, which they tend to sell for ....... right around the price of 3 Arcanite bars, or even less. Where's the profit in that? I usually have my blacksmith make 2 extra rods for an alt to post for 48 hours at 160-180 gold, with my BS posting his at 125-130 gold for 24 hours. I come back the next day, and my BS usually has 300+ gold in his mailbox.

The same applies to glyphs and enchants. Minor Glyphs cost next to nothing to post, and enchants that you've put on scrolls don't have any posting cost whatsoever. 2 of my 3 enchanters are capped at 300 enchanting (they're both level 40), so Crusader/Lifestealing/Fiery/Icey are their bread and butter. If you make 5 Crusader enchants (I usually buy the Righteous Orbs, since I'm not high enough to do Strat) and have the alt post them for 200-230 gold, my enchanter will post theirs for 160-170 gold, and make a good profit, even though I'm buying all the mats off the AH.

I could go on, but each server is different, so you just have to get a sense for it. Trial and error, folks. I will say that with Inscription, it helps to have some knowledge of other classes abilities. For example, Minor Glyphs of Charge/Bloodlust/Battle sell well to Warriors (and my Warriors love them), but the Glyph of Thunder Clap (increases range by 2 yards) doesn’t do much for me, and didn’t do well on the AH.

Here’s why this works. By you keeping your high priced alt’s items in the AH, even when your low priced stuff gets sold out, those items will still be in there as a placeholder. Otherwise, when all your stuff gets sold, the first person to come along sets the price that other people undercut. So when other people come along to post their items, they’ll be undercutting a very high price, leaving you free to post a few more under them. I’ve been self-regulating the minor Glyph market on Demon Soul, Darrowmere, and Daggerspine using this strategy. When a glyph that’s extremely useful starts getting sold for only 5-6 gold, I start posting at 30-35 gold, and voila! the price starts trickling down from the 30 gold range. Like Markco said in his AH Psychology post, don’t flood the market. Post a few high, post a few normal, and check back in a few hours to collect your gold and repost.

Hope this was useful to you.

The Gold Rush of 2009

I was recently surfing the web for wow gold blogs when I came across a brand spanking new blog that looks pretty promising.

The site is the internet journal of an aspiring wow player who is trying to make as much gold as possible while leveling and still maintain a decent days /played. He's not trying to break any records (there are none in this category) but he was curious enough to make a character alone on a new server and try his luck.

To help him out, I gave him a free copy of Markco's Gold Guide (still in the editing process but I gave him the most recent draft) and I'm hoping that he'll show everyone just how powerful this guide will be.

Have you tried making gold while leveling or did you give up from frustration?

Check out rush's site: Warcraft Gold Rush.

Tell him what you think about his 'quest.'

2 Nerfs Because of Just My Two Copper?

Two areas of the game have been nerfed recently and I believe that they are a direct result of my postings on the world of warcraft forums.

Before this site gained popularity in the wow community I was posting on forums to try and attract visitors. My most notable post was in the guide section of the forums.worldofwarcraft.com and recieved something crazy like 14,000 views. It detailed how to disenchant cobalt chest peices to make unlimited amounts of gold. Within three weeks it was stealth nerfed in a patch.

My #1 best WOTLK farming spot was possibly stealth nerfed in the most recent patch. I went there yesterday and noticed a distinct drop in eternal airs and relics of ulduar.

Thankfully the post I made on relics of ulduar being sellable did not cause them to get nerfed into being account bound as one blue poster suggested. Eventhough my idea received a blue post and was covered by every major wow site.

Needless to say I will not be posting on the world of warcraft forums any more, eventhough it's probably too late as the Blues do read wow related blogs.

I find all of this very disturbing. Blizzard has taken an interesting view on farming locations in the game. Instead of providing players with interesting areas to farm they have tried to limit every location in the game to one type of drop. If you farm this elemental you only get eternals. If you farm these humanoids you only get cloth. They have effectively killed multi-item farming and this probably is a direct attack on gold farmers. What do you guys think?

These actions by blizzard have helped influence me into writing my own gold guide, except with a twist. I'm going to create a guide which doesn't focus on "do this here, farm this there" but rather explains HOW I find gold making tricks through my professions, thus allowing people to find out new niches regardless of which patch it is and what has been nerfed.

Expect my guide to come out in the next couple of weeks, or as Blizzard loves to say... *SOON*.

Spider's Silk

Constantly I'm being asked via emails, in-game whispers, and the comment section of posts for what items I buy to resell on the auction house. Here's a look at a simple item which I love to sell.

Spider's Silk

All types of spider silk are good sellers, but the lowest level form in particular is extremely hard to come by. It's difficult to farm (I managed six in an hour on a level 70 mage spamming arcane explosion around packs of constantly respawning mobs) and most lowbies simply vendor trash them. These spider silks can go for 1-2 gold a peice and are used to make craftable twink items. Definately make searching for spider silk on the auction house a priority because so many players undervalue this item tremendously. Because of the lack of understanding how much these items are worth, auctioneer (going off of player made prices) will usually undervalue these items. This makes posting them by hand a must and you should try to buy these out for resale during peak times for a quick gold or two per. Depending on your server you can make a killing with these items, just be aware that only a few will sell per day.

FYI: Thottbot puts spider's silk as being worth 2 gold+ ! That's crazy for a white item dropped by mobs level 15-35.

Here are the two popular twink items you can make with spider's silk.

Tailoring: Spidersilk Boots
Leatherworking: Toughened Leather Gloves

Based on these two recipies, it would be wise to sell the silks in stacks of 2.

Let me know in the comments section how these items sell on your server, and if you see some great deals be sure to buy them out for resale!

Farming Righteous Orbs in Stratholme

In this video I'm going to show you how to avoid all the undead side mobs in stratholme, thus eliminating the need to have some way of removing their debuff when farming there. This strategy requires a level 80 character to avoid every mob, but if you have a level 70 character you can avoid everything just like in the video except for the first two pulls.

In this particular run I made:

4x Righteous orbs
Alexander's Battleaxe
Bottom half of armor
Plans: Serenity
113x Runecloth
6x Dust
8x Shards
Greys/some gold
If I was doing this run for Crusader I would of made enough for two enchants worth.

You can do it much faster than I did, remember that the mobs to focus on are the humanoids in live side, because no other mobs drop Righteous Orbs. Don't skip the bosses either since two of them have a 50% chance to drop a Righteous Orb.

How to reduce Latency

This is a helpful little tip to reduce your latency that I learned a year ago from the famous warrior Swifty:

(With warcraft exited and not running)

1. Click on start, run, then "cmd". In the window that just opened type "ipconfig" and press enter.

2 You'll see something like "IP Adress . . . . . . . .: [Your Ip here]

3. Write down the Ip address.

4. Next, Click on start again, run "regedit".

5. The Registry Editor will show up, Open "HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE", "system", "CurrentControlSet" , "Services", "Tcpip" , "Parameters". "Interfaces"

6. Now in interfaces look in each folder until you see the one with your IP address.

7. Right click(anywhere on the white area of the tab), New, D-Word Value, Name it "TcpAckFrequency". Double Click it. Put "1" as a value and press Ok.

8. Close the regedit. Now disable your connection, enable it and finally login to the game.

My connection dropped from 180ms to 33ms using this trick. You can see your latency by mousing over the little computer monitor icon which leads you to the game menu on your hotbar. MS stands for milliseconds, and is really the time it takes you to send information to wow and then get something back.

This will surely help anyone lagging in areas like Ogrimmar, Ironforge, and dalaran which will in turn allow you to sell your goods in the more frequented major cities..

Let me know if it helps in the comments section.

Hacking Update - Some Gold Returned

Thanks everyone for the encouraging emails and support while my account was locked. Some more good news on my hacking: They gave me 13,000 of my gold back! Apparently they caught some of the people who bought the gold and I'm grateful to get some of it back.

It just goes to show that investing in items is the best way to protect your gold! Had I just kept all my money in one place (like so many people do to brag about how much they have) I would have lost all of it save for the 13,000 returned. Instead I spread my gold out by investing in items whose values change over time.

Speaking of investing, I would like to go over something for the people struggling with making gold on the auction house.

This was how last week looked for one of my banking alts on the auction house (Note that saturday my account was locked by mistake)

Started with 1,000 gold...
Tuesday, Day 1: 0 gold from auctions / -600 gold investments (400 gold)
Wednesday, Day 2: +1,200 gold from auctions / -1,400 gold investments (200 gold)
Thursday, Day 3: +2,300 gold from auctions / -800 gold investments (1700 gold)
Friday, Day 4: +1,400 gold from auctions / -1,500 gold investments (1600 gold)
Saturday, Day 5: Didn't log in.
Sunday, Day 6: Check Auction House: 3,300 gold from auctions (4900 gold)

As you can see I LOST MONEY on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during the week.

But was I really losing money? NO. I was gaining items which had fluctuating values of their own. If you have 200 gold on your character and a stack of saronite bars worth 5 gold each when sold individually, then you have 300 gold on your character, not 200. If the price of bars drops to 4 gold then you have 280 gold on your character, not 200.

See the difference? Hope this helps those of you struggling with the auction house!

Suggestion Box Friday (2/13/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes here (as long as it's about making wow gold) and I encourage new, creative ideas as well as any good old fashioned farming spots.

Hacking Status: I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! And rolling with 6k gold which my alt made while I was away. Unfortuneately Markco lost ALL his gold. I'm not sweating it though and I will continue to work on this blog every day while maintaining a 1-3k gold a day average from the auction house. This will allow me to spend a little time for arenas, yey! World first prot warrior to 2100 here I come (hey I can dream right?).


Thank you everyone for the emails regarding your success with using my tips, guides and farming spots on this blog. Always appreciated. I have added several to the testimonials on this blog's Post Directory page.

For those few of you still struggling, have faith! The road to success is paved with bricks composed entirely of blood, sweat, and previous failures. Ask questions in the comments section of posts and feel free to continue to email me with your requests.

If you are struggling with my old 22 Steps to Auctioneer guide, there really are only two things that changed for the resale search: You can now do a fast scan without typing /aadv getall and you can now right click on a button on the auction house tab which will redirect you to the appraiser tool for searching.


Regarding Auction House Psychology:
Aeryn said...
"You forgot to mention something important: don't be a jerk.I've paid six gold more for something than the cheapest item on the auction house just because I didn't want to help out the jerk. Did I waste money? Sure!Did I feel damn good about doing it? You betcha!"

Jhaman made a great observation on my #1 farming spot:
Jhaman said...
"Another interesting thing to note. When these guys die they don't auto give you the 50% move-speed buff. You have to walk into the cloud of dust left behind over their corpse in order to get it. These "clouds" stay active for about 10secs so its enough time for anyone to run in from range loot and get the buff to move onto the next one."

Jacob said...
Not really a comment to this post, but more of a thank you and a report :-) Thank you a LOT for your truly awesome guides and tips. You are the person who made me able to start making gold on the Auction House :-D We've talked some and on my (now) 33 Druid I've gained 820 gold in 2 days from tiny 3 gold from the beginning!! :D Thank you, love your blog, love your guides and tips! Have a really nice day Markco! Best regards, Jacob
To Jacob: Thanks and you too! Welcome to the blog, watch out for the wave of awesomeness that can overcome the weaker among us from reading posts here. If you experience awesomeness for longer than three hours, go see a doctor.

Regarding Frostweave Cloth Farming:
Anonymous said...
Seems the DR on Frostweave in general got dropped across the board. :( Has anyone found a new spot to farm?


Apparently you can't take advantage of being hacked. I was unable to keep any of the items/achievements/honor I received while playing on Echo Isles. Oh well, what a shame I couldn't give away the items to some random guy and make his day. I had about 4,000 - 5,000 gold worth of items that I had purchased for 1,500 - 2000 gold.

Also, can any of you guys help out with anonymous' question regarding the Frostweave Cloth farming spots? As you all know I've had very little access to the game and couldn't really check out places to farm. I'll be looking into low level instances as a possibility soon.

LOL Bowsmalone Gets Owned Again

Remember Bowsmalone? Well since I was booted off the server I thought now was the best time to try and make peace with the egotistical brat. Here's the conversation:

If you can't read this it says:
Markco: "Hey man I wanted to apologize for before."
Blowsmyload: "How the **** are you not on my ignore ?"
Markco: "... wow I dunno"
That last line that is hard to read is "Bowsmalone is ingnoring you."

I nearly fell off my chair laughing :)

Guess something good came about from my being banned after all: I had been removed from his ignore list.

Here's what happened the last time we met... he bet 5000 gold that he could beat me in a duel... he never paid up :(

Fun with Plain Letters - AH Prank

This prank is absolutely hillarious and probably the only scam in this game that I approve of.

Step 1: Mail a letter from one character to another character (Mr. Smith to Mrs. Smith in this example). Be sure to write something funny on the letter, this is where your prank goes.

Step 2: Go log off Mr. Smith and log into Mrs. Smith to collect the letter.

Step 3: Take the letter out of your mailbox so that it's in your bag space.

Step 4: Post the letter on the auction house, be sure to check your auctioneer to see what a good price would be for it. Post it for around 7% or less of the nearest price.

If you don't have auctioneer, just check the current rate of Plain Letter (s) on the auction house. As long as you're way below the average auction house price your fellow auctioneers have a good chance of mistaking the item for an incredible deal.

Please don't abuse this, but it is very funny and I suggest trying it once and keeping it below 5 gold. I did this to two people on my server just to try it out and refunded them the five gold each, it was pretty darn funny.

In order to set up the prank, you may need to post several letters at incredibly inflated prices for a few days.

Be sure to leave what you would write on the [Plain Letter] in the comments section :)

Mammoth and Worm Meat Farming

Check out this great mammoth/worm meat farming location in Storm Peaks. I consider it more of a 'pitstop' between daily quests but if you wanted to you could farm here as described below.

There are two mammoth packs running around outside the cave where you do a hodir rep quest (southwest of the hodir faction area). My advise is to swoop down and kill both packs, go into the cave, then head back out and kill both packs again.

For a skinner you're going to get not only meat but excellent level skins and the chance for artic furs. Even if you are not a skinner, these meats sell very well and can be cooked into great food for raiders. It depends on your server however, as to which will sell better: Meats or Cooked Food. On my server the worm meat sells better cooked and the mammoth meat sells better uncooked, but your server might be entirely different and the days in which you post will also effect your results.

It's always nice to sell food in stacks of five at a time to players who are in need of grabbing food just before a raid begins. The meats I sell in stacks of twenty because people trying to level cooking often buy as many as possible for their skill ups.

Enjoy the video!

Auction House Psychology

Here are some simple rules you should follow when posting on the world of warcraft auction house. These will help you increase the number of auctions you sell.

#1. Always have a buyout.
Players want your auctions and they want them an hour ago. Always allow them the option of paying extra to have the item now.

#2. Don't use round numbers, instead add/subtract a few silver/copper to make the price look like an addon created it.
Lots of numbers make the item look automated and set to an addon's price. The buyer will often assume that this price is fair. Avoid undercutting by one silver or one copper because a price of 99.99 really sticks out as a rude undercut. Change that 99 silver 99 copper to 72 silver 88 copper and people will barely notice.

#3. Make sure that your bid price is still a profitable amount for the item.
The reason my bid low sell normal strategy works is because people post really low bids in the hopes that a bidding war will ensue. Well who in their right mind is going to keep bidding once the price gets as high as the other items on the auction house? Play it smart and post a bid that will still make you some money.

#4. Post often but in small amounts. Low Supply really helps keep the price nice and inflated.
If you see an item at a great price to sell and dump twenty items, then you will end up enticing others to undercut you and drop the price. Supply and Demand is not something you want to try and muscle through. My post on saronite bars is an excellent example of this strategy.

#5. Diversify, don't focus on any one item.
If you use auctioneer then most likely you will have hundreds of completely random items to sell, which is fantastic. Do your best to diversify and never put all your effort into any one item.

For help with using auctioneer to make tons of gold, check out my 22 steps to using auctioneer correctly.

#1 Best Farming Spot in WOTLK

Of all my posts at Just My Two Copper, I think that this farming spot is going to excite my hunter readers the most.

In this article I am going to release my favorite farming spot in the game currently... Oh and by the way, not one gold guide IN THE WORLD knows about this spot, because it was not good until after 3.0.8.

To obtain maximum profit from the following location, you will need to be an engineer with goggles, miner, and have spamable ranged abilities (hence why a majority of hunters will like farming here).

Melee can still farm here but not as quickly as ranged. If the mobs die in the air they just fall to the ground, giving ranged classes an advantage in killing speed because they don't have to wait while the mobs slowly float down to them.

What are the mobs you'll be killing?

Scions of Storm. This is my #1 Farming spot in WOTLK. Did you hear me? I'm telling you the #1 Farming Spot in WOTLK! There are some caveats, but if you have the right professions/class then nothing beats it, in fact I dare you to find something that does. We're talking 400 gold every half hour as a bare horrible minimum. As an engineer, miner, and ranged class you would easily clear 1000 gold an hour farming these Scions of Storm.

Let's analyze the Scions of Storm, shall we?
They are annoying in that they float around looking for the souls of Taunka to disturb... part of a quest but that doesn't really matter. They have a ranged spell which can be reflected/interrupted and when they die their bodies fall to the ground, making killing them at range obviously ideal. Also, there are around a dozen flying outside the cave that require some sort of ranged ability to pull, less you want to fall a mile to your death.

They drop crystallized airs 25% of the time and relics of ulduar 33% of the time. The standard elemental gray that they drop stacks so it is very difficult to fill your bags in this place (that's a good thing). You also receive the +50% movement speed that air elementals give you when they die and it helps your kills per hour tremendously.

I raked in 4.2 eternal airs, 50 relics of ulduar, and 35 gold in grays during a half hour farming session. That comes to 385ish gold for my server. If I was an engineer I would of nabbed two of the floating air nodes just outside the cave, and if I was a miner I would of mined atleast four saronite nodes while farming (more if they respawned in both cases). If I was ranged I would have killed them twice as fast, actually more like three times as fast.

So where is this spot?

Thottbot puts the location at 64,44 in Storm Peaks, but there are multiple entrances via a flying mount.

This is hands down the best grinding spot in the game for a ranged class that is also an engineer/miner (some hunters maybe?). If any of you fit this description then please try the spot out and let me know how much you can make per hour.

Why again is this the #1 best spot in WOTLK?

Here's a comprehensive list for the doubters:

1. As a miner you will get atleast 6 saronite nodes per hour farming session depending on respawns. Saronite is great because you can sell it as bars individually for 300% more than you would get for them in stacks of 20. This means you get a nice amount of bars but not so many that you can't sell them all at once.

2. As an engineer you will pick up probably 2-3 floating airs outside the cave every hour. That just adds to the number of eternals you will grab per hour and you will probably sell them all in a single night.

3. You will easily pick up relics of ulduar which sell great on all servers currently as the only purchasable way to increase your reputation with a faction in Northrend. 30-40% of your money farming here will come from selling these, so if they go for less than 3 gold on your server then your gold per hour will take a serious hit.

4. The kill rate is insane for ranged and you have +50% movement speed between kills, which makes for even faster killing.

See what I'm getting at? Minimum amount of time, maximum amount of profit. Just one hour of farming will net hundreds of gold that is practically gauranteed by every auction house on every server.

How will my giving away this spot change the economy?

Many of you are probably worried that giving away this great spot also ruins the market for Relics of Ulduar as well as Eternal Airs. Well fear not! Let me spell out exactly what is going to happen to wow economies across the world... of warcraft.

First off, players are going to farm here and gather thousands of relics of ulduar which will of course lower the price on the auction house. By being a smart auctioneer you can watch for when these prices get too low, buy them all out, then resell at more 'normal' prices. By taking advantage of peak play times you will be able to resell relics of ulduar for fantastic prices eventhough the market will soon become extremely competetive. As prices fall, your buying oppurtunites for resale are going to go way up, whereas right now there isn't enough competition to make buying for resale profitable.

For help with learning when you should bid on items for resale, you can see my post here: http://justmytwocopper.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-to-time-your-bids.html

As always http://justmytwocopper.blogspot.com/ strives to provide you all with the best farming spots, auction house guides, and gold strategies on the internet.

Video Showcasing the location and mobs:

A Post to Feast Upon

List of valuable food buffs from Casual Raid Leader can be found here.

What can this list do for you?

Help you make gold of course! Take a look at what items give the same/better stats of the same type, this will help you decide which items to buy/avoid on the auction house. For instance, Nettle Fish can be cooked for +30 crit/+40 stam but Spiced Wyrm Burgers are worth +40 crit/+40 stam. Obvioiusly raiders are going to want the Wyrm Burgers over the Nettle Fish.

Another thing I wanted to bring up: did you notice that the feasts (useable raid wide) have no crit rating on them? This means that foods with crit rating are going to sell better than ap/stam/spell power foods since the feasts will cover these areas and there is no reason to eat these foods over a feast.

Hopefully these tips will help you focus on which items you want to farm for fishing/cooking up some WOTLK delicacies.

Rarest Item in the Game

Your targets are dustdevils in Westfall. They drop an item called Magic Dust which sleeps a target for up to 30 seconds... PVP INCLUDED. The item has no level restrictions but magic resistance and tremor totems will affect how long it lasts on a target. This item is an incredibly difficult thing to farm though, and once you have the dusts you are probably going to want to use them rather than sell them.

This is arguably the rarest usable item in the game and most players have never even seen it.

On my server they can go for as much as 20-30 gold a piece. Happy farming!

Thanks Bitwise for the suggestion!

(Map Courtesy of WowHead.com)

Suggestion Box Friday (2/06/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer. Anything goes here, whether you want to discuss what I bring up in this post or write anything about making gold in wow is up to you.


Lots of exciting events took place this week for the blog: I interviewed Derek from Zuggy's Gold Guide, wrote a guest post for Tobold's blog, was featured on Kaliope's Wow Crafting Blog, and the site saw an all time high in pageviews (17,000+). This is shaping out to be a great month for Just My Two Copper and I'd like to thank all of YOU for your comments, emails, and support. Please keep sending me strategies you'd like to see tested and all your excellent gold making guides; I will do my best to get all of you in at some point in the near future.

As far as the hacking goes, I'm currently working on getting my account back and the only thing I'm really upset about is that I will certainly lose my arena teams and enchants. Thank you all for your support, it is really appreciated.

Poll Results for most popular ways to make gold:

    • Farming - 14%
    • Auction House - 36%
    • Speculating - 1%
    • Mixed Farming + Auction House - 38%
    • Begging - 2%
    • Trade Chat Spam - 1%
    • Using Professions in Major Cities to Modify Goods - 9%
Something to think about, I've noticed a large jump in the number of visitors to my thorium farming page, possibly because of new death knights wanting blacksmithing?


Kiseki wrote...
"One thing that I've been meaning to do when I finally get some time is take a small group of friends to farm Molten Core for http://www.wowhead.com/?item=18259. This old school enchant is in high demand as the only useful caster enchant available that will work on heirloom weapons. I see people broadcasting in trade all the time "WTB old school spell power enchant - have mats and 100g tip!" I've seen people look for hours at a time.

I'd imagine a lot of people reading your blog already have it, and those that don't likely know enough people (I'd guess 3-5) to make farming for it possible. I have been meaning to write up a guide to it myself, but classes just started back up, so I don't know when I'd have a chance to do it myself. I'd imagine that people who had it would be able to make a mint either by just grabbing the odd customer from trade, or by actively making enchant scrolls to sell."

To Kiseki: Great email again, I decided it was best to share this with everyone. I'm sure we've all seen posts in trade asking for this enchant before and it definately is worth picking up. From what I've seen the only way to farm for it is to just kill the bosses in MC over and over. If you can't find a group your best bet is probably to find people who are trying to get exalted achievements and run with them. Thanks for the email!

Jaybee sent me some great information on all aspects of the auction house. In fact, if I were to post it here you would be reading for the next thirty minutes :). I'll do my best to get your thoughts into a post Jaybee, really great stuff. Probably the best email I've received in terms of knowledge of the game, and I look forward to anything else you might be willing to contribute! Two of his points which I'll mention here were: 1. Death Knights are being created all over the place again and 16-18 slot bags are selling like hotcakes for him. 2. Put speed to boots on your banking alt or a riding crop if you sit in thunderbluff on your mount. Great tips!


Annonymous said...
I just looked up my mailbox and took out a total amount of 1000 gold just over one night.I spent about 200 gold for reselling and vendoring. Thanks to you and your great guides!

To Annonymous: Whoever wrote this, could you elaborate some more? I'm sure there are a lot of people scratching their heads going what items did he buy/bid/resell? Why not share your story, and thanks again for posting.

Mark said...
Regarding Selling Saronite Bars Individually:

"This tip right here has been the single greatest cash cow for me for the 2 days that I've been trying it. Buying Stacks of saronite bars at 33-37g per stack and reselling the bars at 3.5g (inching higher every day, still selling faster than i can put them up). I've made my initial return back of 300g in 2 days with another 400g worth of bars waiting to be put up."

Bitwise said...
Regarding my post on Kaliope's Wow Crafting Blog:

By the way: In your guest post you said make a tab for all whispers. I'd recommend getting the addon DialogChat, which automatically separates each person's whispers with you in separate windows, much like instant messenger. You simply click the window when you wish to respond and a little box opens for your to type in. Its a lifesaver.http://wow.curseforge.com/projects/forgotten-chat-revived/

Jesse said...
Regarding Rune Cloth Farming in Hellfire:

I farmed the Expedition Armory ledge with my level 66 Feral Druid and since they were still green at that level got experience too. I could take the whole ledge in one go; pop Barkskin first, then body pull the first two, charge the third, walk backwards through the rest, swiping along the way, and when I get them all rounded up pop Berserk then spam Mangle until they're all dead. Swiping along the way is important to get the healing from Improved Leader of the Pack, and if you are losing health a bit too fast then pep Frenzied Regeneration to compensate. The 3 minute cooldown on Berserk gives the ledge time to respawn, and for you to get into position to do it again.

Jhaman said...
Regarding the frostweave aoe post:

I just did this on my ele shaman, It turns out if you hit one of them with a ranged attack the others do not pull. I used chain-lightning to pull 3 at a time and just dropped a magama totem, thunderstorm, and chainlightning whenever it's off CD, so when you are pulling these mobs if you can't take a few hits from several of them,just pull one at a time, they drop like flies. They don't act like normal mobs There is no b/c u hit one near another doesn't mean it's going to pull all of them. Going to try and do it w/o killing the flag bearer solo first. Will post another response.
Yup, if you want to pull all the mobs in a group you have to body-pull them or hit them all with a spell.they can be knock'd back. And the do some decent damage. Wearing mail really helps. Also the ability to self heal while CL is on CD helps too.Not a bad spot tho they drop about 20 silver each and usually a few frostweave, I'm sure in Uludar epics I'll be able to farm here no problem.
Remember, you can post about whatever you'd like, so have fun and maybe we'll all learn something from each other. :)

Be gentle about the frostweave farming spot, I apologize to any clothies that were injured in the process... hopefully not too seriously... To make up for my mistake, on monday I will be releasing what I think is the #1 farming spot in WOTLK. Stay tuned!


An Interview With Derek 'Zuggy' Hales

Derek Hales agreed to sit down with Just My Two Copper and talk about his amazing gold making ebook: Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide.

Here is the interview that followed:

JMTC: Hello Derek! Thank you for agreeing to this interview, my readers have been asking me to look into gold guides for them and we all really appreciate you doing this.

Derek: It’s my pleasure, Markco. Thanks for the opportunity.

JMTC: Well Derek, the first question I have for you is this: Were you really a gold seller at one point in the game? How much gold could you make per week then and how much can you make now?

Derek: Sadly I have to admit, yes. Early in my World of Warcraft career I worked as a free lance farmer, supplying several gold selling companies. I was an active farmer through about half of the Burning Crusade, when I finally went clean.

Total gold per week is something that’s gone through massive shifts with each expansion. During classic World of Warcraft I averaged 4,300 gold per week with a one week high of 9,000g. During The Burning Crusade I averaged 8,400 gold week with a one week high of 18,500g. And during the Wrath of the Lich King thus far I’ve been averaging 16,800g a week with a week high of 39,200g.

JMTC: That's impressive, do you focus on farming, the auction house, or the conversion of items through the use of professions? Perhaps you do a little bit of everything?

Derek: When it comes to farming I’m definitely of the eclectic mindset. I would estimate my time breakdown for each respective category looks something like this; where each specific gold making methodology directly influences the other 2 sections.
Farming – 20%
Auction House – 40%
Professions – 40%

JMTC: How do you teach through your guide? We all know it’s an ebook, but do you use any video, maps, images, or narrations to help your readers?

Derek: My primary teaching method goes something like this…

  1. Explain fundamentals of strategy in question
  2. Quick hypothetical example using above fundamentals
  3. Complete example using a real scenario I’ve experienced. This section includes various charts, images, diagrams, maps, and other resources to further reinforce the base fundamentals expressed in step 1.

I’m a big believer in the “learning by doing” mindset. I use examples and scenarios so that my members can learn to think and adapt to their server’s economy. It wouldn’t be a very good guide if all I did was list a ton of items to farm…

I want to explain why I do what I do, how I do it, and how my member’s can take this information and implement it on their specific server’s setting.

JMTC: That's an approach I think most gold guides would never even think about attempting. How long did it take to write the guide?

Derek: My guide has been a labor of love for many years. The initial version of my guide took 3 months to compile my strategies and to conduct research and testing. Since then I’ve continued to release new versions of the guide, updating for major content patches and of course all expansions.

I’d estimate I’ve put 500 writing hours (and infinitely more research hours) into my gold farming system’s development.

JMTC: I’ve noticed that you frequently update your site at wow.zuggaming.com with new WOTLK content. Have you kept your guide updated as well? If so, did anything change drastically as far as making gold in WOTLK as compared to BC?

As with any expansion you can expect major changes, and this was particularly true for WotLK. There were tons of changes in the expansion, many more than even I anticipated. It took me 6 weeks of research and testing and 2 weeks of writing to complete the WotLK update for my guide.

With the exception of a few brief basics virtually 100% of the guide was updated to reflect the new information in the expansion. I continue to make new updates as needed, releasing a new version for each large content patch.

JMTC: What interests you in the game besides making gold? Have you done any raiding or pvp?

I pretty much do it all. During classic WoW I was a hardcore raider, spending way more time than I’d care to admit here as a part of a top 20 US raiding guild. During The Burning Crusade I pulled a complete 180 and went hardcore PvP, taking my 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 teams to as high as top 50 globally on the world arena rankings.

Today I consider myself a much more casual player. Currently I’m focused on leading my guild through the 25 man content as a restoration shaman and casually playing arena / battlegrounds with friends.

I’m also a full time college student attending Kansas State University.

JMTC: That’s pretty cool stuff, college was the best eight years of my life (JK) so enjoy it man! Those were all the major questions I had, is there anything else you’d like to tell my readers regarding your gold guide, perhaps what makes it better than the dozens of other guides online?

Derek: All I can say is this…you can buy a guide out there that covers some basic information, maybe enlightens you to few farming techniques you weren’t aware of, and maybe it’ll work for a few months, but if you want a guide that’s going to last the long haul then there isn’t a product out there that can compete with my guide.

No other guide author out there maintains the type of presence I do in the game, nor has the dedication and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. No other guide offers the type of one on one service that each and every one of my member receives. No other guide offers the type of expendiant updates I do (…trust me, I’ve seen these other alleged “WotLK Updated Gold Guide”).

I’m just like your readers…I’m a gamer, I love to play WoW and I love to teach people how to take their gold farming abilities to a level they never thought possible. These big corporate driven gold guides can’t hold a candle to the personable one on one training I offer each and every one of my members.

JMTC: Well thank you so much for doing this interview, hopefully this information is precisely what my readers are looking for and I’m sure they’d love to hear back from you in the future.

Derek: I hope so, Markco. Thanks again for inviting me along for this interview, it’s been a real pleasure.

If you are interested in Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide, you can learn more here.

Taking Advantage of Being Hacked

How funny would it be if I took the oppurtunity of temporarily being on another server and used it to my advantage? For instance, dream shards sell for 4 gold less than on my server, frozen orbs 10, greater cosmic essences 15, runecloth 3, etc.

Would you guys buy out everything and have it transfered back with you?

I'm not going to do this because I wouldn't want to get into trouble and don't think they would permit this anyway, but what are your thoughts on stuff you could do fi you were hacked and transfered?

Would you make a character with the same name on the old server so that a name change was forced?

Any other ideas of fun stuff you could do?


Markco and Ej on Onyxia have been hacked. Be advised that if you receive whispers from either of these characters that they are not themselves! I'll do my best to get the accounts locked and taken care of as quickly as possible.

[Update] - I um... may no longer be Markco of onyxia... lol.

Thread regarding my issue:

Have you ever been hacked? Share your story :)

Farming Frostweave Cloth - Aoe

I've found a great spot for grabbing tons of frostweave cloth and the best part is that the mob types + location are ideal for aoe farming.

[Update] Mobs have a mortal strike debuff and are immune to snares... but not stuns??? I do apologize to any mages that tried this spot... Next time I'll do a better job by testing multiple classes, Sorry!

The area known as the Conflagration (shown in video below) is the best spot I've found for grinding frostweave cloth. These mobs have a mortal strike debuff but other than that they deal very little damage and only melee. In the northern section of the Conflagration and off to the east mobs spawn as neutral but once they run down to the southern section they become red. These 'converted heroes' then stand in groups of seven or eight in front of flag bearers, brilliantly positioned for aoe farming. The mortal strike debuff would be dangerous if these mobs hit hard but they don't so any decently geared tank should have no problem downing these mobs. I am pretty sure that these mobs also only melee casters, but I have not tested that so anyone who fights them at range please let me know if they have any sort of interrupt or throwing ability.

If you are unable to aoe groups of mobs then your best bet is to head northeast and kill the yellow not yet converted heroes that wander around before running down to the southern part of the Conflagration. As a miner or herbalist you should try flying around the outter edge of this area for several max level nodes.

Where do you like to farm frostweave cloth? Be sure to post in the comments section and let me know about how this spot goes for your class/spec!

Banned By Mmo-Champion

Wow you won't believe this, my first ever forum ban! I'm so excited! /sarcasm

I nearly fell off my chair at the reason for banning: Personal information? Gold selling spam links? How ridiculously hillarious!

Anyway, I emailed mmo-champion to have this looked at because all I was doing was posting links to various guides on this site that had to do with people's questions or I made my own threads. I did this once per day for around a week, so maybe that is considered spamming on their site.

Fun times huh? It's tough giving out free stuff, everyone thinks you're just another scam.

Guest Post on Kaliope's Wow Crafting Blog

Just My Two Copper was featured today on Kaliope's Wow Crafting Blog here. I discussed how I made 20k gold the last time there was a major inscription patch and how you can use my ideas to do the same this time around.

Check out my guide and don't forget to also take a look at kaliope's blog as well! It's a wealth of profession information, definately worth the time.

Enchanting Rods and Leg Armor

I stumbled upon a pretty nifty site that is just starting out called wowconomics.com. I think that the site has great potential and I'll share two posts with you that are extremly simple yet effective.

Enchanting Rods

The article is short but to the point, outlaying the value of crafting enchanting rods (the blacksmith ones, not their enchanted counterparts) for enchanters. Many enchanters power level with dusts/essences/shards prepared, but they end up buying their rods on the auction house. It's a no brainer to make each level rod and sell it on the auction house for an inflated price that more than covers the cost of mats. Be sure not to flood the market however, I'd say selling three per 48 hour auction cycle of each rod type is a good goal.

I disagree with the author on which rods to make. Wowconomics feels that only the fel iron rod, adamantite rod, eternium rod, and titanium rods are going to sell the best. Yes these are great sellers but some of the rods before BC sell even better and are all cheaper to make (players level the first 50-150 of a trade profession often in the same day they pick it up so the lower level rods naturally sell more frequently). Of his top picks fel iron rods will probably be your best bet in terms of profit for one very simple reason: People leveling mining spend most of their time in hellfire for outland skill ups. Because of this there are usually more fel iron ore/bars on the ah than adamantite bars and thus more competition. Bidding on six fel iron bars for around 6-12 gold will make you a ton of profit when you convert them into the fel iron rod (worth easily 34 gold according to thottbot, 25 gold according to wowhead, and 39.88 gold on allakhazam).

You can view the article from wowconomics here:


Leg Armor Kits

Another great post by wowconomics has to deal with making money off of leg armor kits. The mats for these kits are often found cheaper than the final product on the auction house. That probably is setting off little light bulbs in your brain to go buy the mats and sell the finished leg armor kits by the dozen, but hear me out first. These kits are bought infrequently by players and therefore can become extremely competetive. My advice is to not make more then four or five of each kit and to sell them one at a time.

You can view the article from wowconomics here:


Tobold's MMORPG Blog: Guest Post

Just my two copper was featured today on Tobold's MMORPG Blog here.

I wrote this article to help explain what happened to dream shards and frozen orbs in 3.0.8 for anyone who is worried about them.

Give it a look and also check out Tobold's great blog.

22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly

There’s a lot of information to sort through when bidding, buying, or posting items on the auction house. In fact it’s too much for any one person to realistically accomplish on his/her own. How can you possibly keep track of literally thousands of item prices as well as predict their values at any given time? Well thankfully there’s a little piece of freeware called auctioneer.

Go to google.com and search for auctioneer, then download the safest working version (not beta). Install the addon and place it in your World of warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder.

Now make sure to exit wow if you have it running so that it will read the new addon into its addon options at start up. Enter your information and select the character who will use auctioneer. At the bottom of the screen is the addons button, click it and make sure that Auctioneer is set up for at least this toon. Enter the world and head to your nearest auction house. I recommend thunder bluff because you can remain mounted from mail box to auction house and they are insanely close. Also the guild bank is in the open if your character has one for easy storage.

1. Open the auction house tab.
2. Type /aadv getall.
3. When the scan completes, mouse over the hidden set of icons just under your mini-map.
4. Select the second option from the right which looks like a magnifying glass. It’s the
Appraiser tab.
5. Select Vendor from search options
6. Put 50 silver as your minimum profit.
7. Using the purchase option, spam it until every item disappears from the list. These items will always net you money, regardless of whether you vendor or resell them.
8. Accept purchase for each and when you are done confirm them.
9. Select the Resale from searches options
10. Put 50 silver as your minimum profit.
11. Sort by quality of items so that white items show up first and select purchase for each item that looks like a good deal. Compare the bid/buyout price with what you think the item will sell for. Be mindful of ridiculously priced items which can trick auctioneer. You can look below the list of items to compare your currently selected item with all others currently on the auction house.
12. If you wish you can do the other quality items as well.
13. Select done.
14. Go to your mail box.
15. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT 200 GOLD. Just kidding :)-
15. Empty the mail box into your bags.
16. Go to the auction house. Open the auction house tab.
17. Select Appraiser at the far bottom right of your normal auction house tab.
18. For each item, use the first horizontal bar to select the size of each stack to sell. If the item is not that susceptible to flooding you can leave the total number to sell at ALL. If the item is susceptible to flooding, such as rare twink items, then reduce the number you wish to sell at any one time.
19. Select the enable batch post check box.
20. Select the enable market pricing check box.
21. When you have finished every item, shift+control+alt click on the Batch Post button.
22. When all the auctions are finished posting you can close all tabs and you’re done!
Next time you log in simply empty your mailbox and then head over to the auction house to repeat the process. As you do this you will most likely gather far more items than you sell, so making money may take a few days but the gold will come in exponentially as your total number of auctions increases. You should aim to make half your money back the first day. By the second day you should have most if not all of it back and by the third day you should be easily making money. As you build up and get to the point where you are posting a thousand or more auctions a day you will be handling as much as five thousand gold per day on the auction house.

It doesn’t get easier and now you have the step by step guide to become rich in wow. Combine auctioneer with my farming strategies and you've found the best way to make gold in wow.

If you need further assistance with updated walkthroughs for auctioneer in cataclysm then consider looking into purchasing the 20k Leveling gold guide. It's written for players of all skill levels and one of the best parts is a thorough walkthrough for all aspects of the auctioneer addon in cataclysm.
Let me know in the comments section if any part of this guide is confusing or requires more explanation!

Tricking Auctioneer

Sometimes when using auctioneer the program makes mistakes. Well we can't really call them mistakes because it's doing just what it's been told to do but have you ever been tricked into bidding on an item that was way overpriced?

Auctioneer scans are stored on your computer and the average value of these scans are considered to be the market value of each item. These values are usually spot on accurate and update as the market changes with each scan. It's very hard to fool an auctioneer that has been scanning for months with his tool. However, it's very easy to trick someone who has just started using auctioneer by creating items that appear to be great deals.

You can accomplish a seemingly good deal two ways. First, you could post items at a ridiculous price (I'm talking many thousands of gold) and then a few items at the rate you want to sell them for. A fresh auctioneer (the addon itself) with little market knowledge will believe your normal posted items at 10 gold a piece are a great deal because the market average will be inflated several thousand gold. The second way to trick auctioneer is to post an item with a buyout of several thousand gold but a bid of the price you want to sell at. Your bid to buyout comparison will be so large that auctioneer will almost always flag it as a deal, especially if there are few competing items on the market.

So which markets should you watch out for this happenning in?

Weapons and armor are the chief culprits of these auction house shinanigans. Since very rarely the same green weapons or armor will be posted on the same day, and if an item is posted which never would normally see the light of day (64 fire resist helm for instance) then auctioneer is almost gauranteed to be tricked by the pricing. More often than not a poster will use the second method when dealing with weapons/armor since they will not usually have multiple items of the same name to post.

Remember to pay attention when purchasing for resale and these dirty tricks won't affect you.

Wow Super Bowl Commercial?

Who thinks that there will be a wow super bowl commercial?
I'm leaning towards yes.

If so, what will it be about? The truck killing a dragon again?
I'm guessing alliance characters still but I have no idea what they will be doing this time. Post your ideas in the comments section!

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