Fun PvP Video

Thunderion and Markco quick pvp video. This was just something small that Thunderion put together for the fun of it last night.

Sell those soul bags! Patch 3.1 Warlock Changes

EDIT: I was incorrect in this post in so many ways. The maximum count of 32 in the inventory for soul shards means that if you have 32, you can't carry anymore. I misread this as meaning that they now stack to 32!

On a side note, this means that 32 slot soul bags will actually be quite valuable after the patch because they will carry the perfect number of soul shards for warlocks.

So um... yeah do the opposite of what I tell you in this post and thank you for those that commented. I'll leave the original post up for the lawls.
In terms of hunters, they will definately be wanting big bags after the patch, since quivers are likely to be removed from the game and ammo will see some kind of +% speed boost.
Interesting Patch 3.1 Warlock Change from the patch notes:

Soul Shard: This item now has a maximum count of 32 in inventory.

WOW does this make soul bags totally useless, and also makes selling 16 slot bags or higher MUCH more valuable on patch day.

So here's what you should do to prepare for 3.1 regarding the Soul Shard change:

  • 1. Sell all your soul shard bags (avoid flooding) for whatever you can get them for. I suggest selling one per day if you have a few stockpiled.
  • 2. Get the materials for high level bags and stockpile a few. If locks are willing to shell out the money for big soul shard bags then a few will surely buy the expensive normal bags. Take your time and get the mats as cheaply as possible.

On patch day just dump all your bags on the auction house for those initial 1-5 hours of frenzied purchasing. Afterwards, post slowly and watch the market for the following weeks, as not all locks will remove their soul shard bags initially.

Good luck!

How to Farm Thorium on a Crowded Server

Here's an excellent one on farming thorium if you are getting destroyed by the competition in Wintersgrasp or EPL on a crowded server.

Hi Marco.
My nick is Speeder. I posted couple days ago with my money tips, so here goes another one.

I'm enjoying your blog so i decided to sell my little idea how to earnsome money.
I sell thorium for around 50g /stack. It's staedy income , and 90% ofposted thorium are sold in couple of hours.

Most miners are located in EPL/Winterspring. It can be sometimepainful on old(or/and) pvp serever with big competition.But you can mine thorium in Dire Maul as well. Zone in (east part), kill last boss , exit corridor (after last boss - Alzzin theWildshaper) guarantees 3 Rich Thorium Veins (12-15 ore).

Reset instance and do it again :). easy moeny, no competition. You can loot boss as well for some blues and greens.

Hope you'll find this tip helpfull, maybe not biggest money you can find, but definitely stress-free so to speak :).

Of course I find your tip helpful! This is a great way to beat competition on the server and pick up some good enchanting mats as well.

Thanks again Speeder. What do you guys think? Is this better than farming Winterspring or EPL because you're gauranteed three nodes in the time it takes to clear the last boss? What if you're on a crowded server or the mining routes are being farmed at the moment?

Blue Gems for 3.1 - Hold or sell?

Get saronite ore instead of buying the gems so that you can prospect if prices are up or sell the ore as bars if prices go down due to epic gems appearing. The ore is seeing all time lows (as well as cobalt) so it should be easy to buy them out and stockpile for patch 3.1.

My gut tells me that epic gems are going to come with the patch, but if you want to stockpile gems for 3.1 (even with epic gems the blues will still sell the first few days) then you will want to grab ore instead of the gems themselves.

Currently there are a select few epic gems on the ptr from fishing dailies, but these are all unique to each other, so getting one excludes you from getting any of the others.

Blue gems are at an all time low price, but I still advise NOT to buy these. If you buy these gems and epics come out, you'll have a limitted amount of time to sell before they become virtually worthless.

Buy the ore, save it and if you can't sell gems on patch day you can convert it to bars and sell that way for blacksmithing upgrades (gloves + belt).

NOTE: Apparently mp5 is becoming more of an important stat these days for raiding than spirit to some casters, so it is possible that mp5 gems will sell much better after the patch.

Herbs and Glyphs - One Not So Much

First off, don't stockpile all levels of herbs. Just stockpile the best ones, because players can turn in inks of the sea for any other ink.

Many players ask me which glyphs I'm stockpiling for 3.1. They are shocked to hear: ALL of them.

Players will want to experiment and although some glyphs will sell better, no two servers will be the same. Plus, the glyphs that don't sell well now (a rarer spec's glyphs for instance) will sell amazingly well on patch day!

So I'm going to make 35 of every single glyph. Then I'll post one of every glyph on patch day at a very high price on one character and then five at a more resonable price on a seperate character. Why limit myself to the most popular glyphs, thereby completely missing all the players that will be experimenting on patch day?

As glyphs sell I will repost and every few hours I'll readjust my prices to keep the glyphs selling. If any of my glyphs sell out, I'll have 500 inks of the sea to help restock the store shelves.

The last patch I made 20,000+ gold from inscription. I'm hoping for 15,000-20,000 this time.

Start stocking up now, and Good Luck!

Suggestion Box Friday (3/27/09)

Suggestion Box Friday - Feel free to comment on the discussions I offer in this post or on any topic related to making gold in wow. The comments section is just below the ending of this post and you may comment annonymously if you should wish to.


Michael said...
Hi again- I just wanted to update you on my question, since I found a great answer for it today. WarcraftEcon did a post about the glyph business ( ) that mentioned an add-on called Lil' Sparky's Workshop that does exactly what I was looking for =)

Check out this awesome little add-on that makes working through which glyphs are worth selling a breeze, as well as other crafting items.

Moneh of Firetree said...
Hi markco, here is a sweet farming tip for mages at the seething revenants in stormy peaks.

When agro'd after a few seconds they cast a spell called "Seething Flames" that can be spell stolen. This does a few hundred damage to all enemies around you. This is perfect for mass agroing of the elementals, especially when other people are competing.

I just spellsteal the buff, kill it, then mount up on my epic flyer with the buff. Fly around 1-2feet above the ground so they dont reset, and move around the anvil, agroing and marking them all.
You'll piss others off, but get most of the mobs.

Enchanting Tip

Brian said...
GCEs are 9-10 on my server. But LCEs sell regularly for 4.7-5g per. So yeah, I've been enjoying that market for a while.

Casinos in 3.1?

Sherry said...

Hello Markco, I was reading this post and it just occured to me that the idea of a raffle could turn out to be very exciting in patch 3.1.

A new lockbox will be released, only obtainable by fishing, called the Tiny titanium lockbox

that could contain stormjewels, the new wotlk epic gems, and also existing rare gems such as scarlet rubies.

I hope you find this piece of news interesting!

To Sherry: Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

Money from botters?

Kring said...
I have another question. There are the 4 old world dragon pets which are painful to farm. They normally went for about 1900g.In the last few weeks I noticed heavy botting around these areas and the pets started to flood the AH. Yesterday there were about 10 azure pets for 500g each, by two different sellers.I did report 3 bots and the one I put on my friend list did not log on after about a week after reporting it.Clearly, there isn't a market at the moment. Otherwise, the prices would not drop that low.Would you buy them all out and hope that Blizzard bans all bots and then slowly sell them?Will the market recover? The only possible buyer who might be willing to pay more than the current 500g is a pet collector with money. But why wouldn't he buy it now? Will people all of a sudden start to collect pets?Or will these pets lose value because with time it gets easier to get the 75 pet achievement (children week, new 3.1 pets) and you don't need the expensive BoE pets anymore.Can you make money from botters?

To Kring - I've found that the pets do make a decent amount of gold and that on my server I can sell one every four days or so. You can be sure blizzard cracks down hard on these botters and eventually the influx of new welps will die down. If you don't mind waiting it out buy the welps and sell them in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to try selling them on the neutral AH as well as the forums. Pet collectors often check these two places as well as the standard auction house.

The Great Flask Debate

Anonymous said...
The Flasks are getting their duration cut in half . but instead you make double the flasks . If you have 100 flasks right now their times will be cut in half next patch and mean you will be losing a lot of money because they will drop about 50% less price. Also there will be double the flasks to undercut , Meaning more people will be undercutting people and therefor bringing the price down.

Ben said...
It doesn''t seem like blizzard to destroy your existing stock, as this would penalize those two have been preparing. It seems more likely to me that you will have your current stocks doubled (max stack will be increased) or something like that so they retain the same functionality. Do you actually have a link to a post, in blue, saying they will be destroying all the preparations made by alchs for 3.1 over the last few weeks?

The Debate's Over:

Monthly Statistics for JMTC

This month has seen over 200,000 pageviews and JMTC's 100th post. Not to mention three posts covered by wowinsider regarding farming spots and economic analysis of patch 3.1.

Pageviews- 206,000+
Average time on JMTC- 4:00 minutes
Average pageviews per visit- 2.53
New Visitors- 44%

Here's to many more great months and keep your comments/posts/suggestions/emails coming!

You guys/gals rock!

For the Comments section: What is your favorite post on JMTC? Least favorite post?

Kreug's Sword - Easy Quick Wow Gold

Kreug Oathbreaker just outside of Naxx drops a 6 gold gray sword 43% of the time. Combined with his chance to drop up to 7 frostweave cloth makes him a worthwhile kill on the way to your nightly raid.

Warning: This mob is TOUGH for an undergeared player or clothy without some sort of snare effect. Slows do not appear to be enough, as he still moves wicked fast! If you are going to kite him then kite in a circle as he is quick to reset.

Do you know of any other mobs like Kreug that drop nice grays? I've been searching long and hard and the only other mobs that even compare are here.

Help with Auctioneer - Where's my data?

I'll keep the sender anonymous, but his question is in the minds of many confused players:

Can't seem to get my auctioneer to find items that are selling for less then vendor value. I've downloaded the newest auctioneer version. The search is simple.. like you described just put in the amount over vendor value that you want under the vendor search tab and click search but it always returns no results. I've even had buddies post auctions for me that are under vendor value and should show up in the vendor searches as I've checked that the posted item in question is within the auctioneer vendor search criteria and is still active, auctioneer is not detecting them as well. From this test I know that many under vendor value items are most likely out there but the problem lies in the fact that auctioneer is not returning them. Any ideas or advice?

You have to first do a normal scan of the auction house. Once this scan is complete you can then sort through this information with the vendor search. If the next day you search for vendor without performing a normal scan you will be using the old data and not the current data on the auction house. Basically, when you scan you are only looking at a copy of the auction house, that's why some items will no longer exist when you select to purchase them.

Hope that helps anyone who was confused with using auctioneer!

Regarding patch 3.1 and auctioneer, YES there will be UI changes implemented in the game so expect auctioneer to be down for around 1-4 weeks while the designers work tirelessly to update their tool.

Do you have a question about auctioneer that you think I can answer? - Then shoot me an email or comment on this post below!

100 Posts at Just My Two Copper

Thought I'd celibrate with a little cake:

Thanks for reading!

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Sell Flasks NOW

Thanks Jeff for gmail messaging me about this new 3.1 change.

Flasks are going to drop in price with the release of patch 3.1 due to the fact that alchemists will be able to make double the flasks for the same number of mats currently.

What does this mean for you enterprising auctioneers?


I estimate that even with the demand ulduar will create for these items that DOUBLING the current supply would destroy the market. Expect to barely make a profit off selling them after patch 3.1.

Some of you may be thinking, well, what if people post too low while trying to dump their flasks? Perhaps you should take the oppurtunity to buy those posted too low (as in cheaper than the cost of current mats divided by two).

Thanks Jeff for the message.

Remember to keep an eye out for flasks posted far too low, and do your best to empty your stockpile at the current price. Note that when the flasks take a price drop from this change that the mats required to make them will drop in value as well. Eventually things will even out and you will be able to buy the mats + craft the flasks for a marginal profit, but nothing as obscene as you can make now.

NOTE: When the change to flasks happens all your current flasks that say 2 hours will now have a duration of 1, effectively cutting your stockpile in half. Sell now for the current price or you will lose HALF of your investment after the patch.

The Selling Blues

Eragón - Burning Blade (EU) asked me in an email when he should sell his items. This is a great question so here is my long winded answer!

Note: Raid consumables will not follow this strategy at all. They sell best during the week when most guilds raid. Same with some high quality epics and raiding enhancements.

Before I show you the steps to taking advantage of your fellow auctioneers' "selling blues," let me explain why it works.

No no, I don't mean blue quality items. I mean blues as in depression, /cutcut, and overall frustration or sadness.

You see, auctioneers don't like watching their items come back in their mailbox with the dreaded "Auciton Expired," so here's how you take advantage of people who are at the breaking point.

Poor Joe Auctioneer posts his items on Sunday afternoon after farming all weekend (big mistake by the way, buyers are more frequently available friday-saturday. Nothing sells and he has to repost on monday-tuesday. By Wednessday-Thursday his items have not sold up to three times (depending on how long his auctions go for) and he is getting desperate.

Joe Auctioneer needs his epic flyer and those shiny relics or glistenning lichbloom or w/e the heck he farmed up is now costing him money to post! Desperate, he posts the items way too low and in huge quantities, unaware of the fact that in just one days time his auctions will be much more likely to sell. He might even advertise in trade chat to avoid losing any more money.

You, the enterprising auctioneer show no mercy and snatch all of poor Joe's auctions for resale on thursday night (set to 48 hour auction). This in essence, is how you take advantage of the "Selling Blues."

So why does this system of buying/bidding low during the week work so well? Because you're selling goods at normal prices on the weekends! For more information on bidding low (in this case also buying) and selling normal, check out my post here:

Care to give this a try?


Check This Blog Out

I asked Nic from Wow Trade this question:

What items do you love to snatch on the auction house with auctioneer? Can you name your top 5? This would be really helpful to my readers and you could state how much success you've had as well as the purpose of your blog.

Nic's Response:

Hey there Markco,

I wish I could give you a list of my snatch items but I don’t use the built in snatch although I probably should. Although the principal of snatch items can be very beneficial to you, I can see if a patch or something can turn one item upside down and then you’ll be snatching something for less than its current market value. But, if I had to think of a list of items that I would put into a snatch filter right now I would say these: 1st Firewing Signets and Marks of Sargeras for Aldor Scryer rep at less than 10s/per, which I then turn around and post in stacks of ten for 3g. I know that seems small but I sold over 250 of these in the last week this way. Second item I’d be snatching on my server would be Nexus Crystals at less than 1g each. I then turn around and stack them individually for 2g each which is a touch under market on my server but it definitely makes them move. Also Titanium ore has been working out spectacularly for me at a price of 4g or less per. I turn them around in stacks of 5 for 29g.

As my blog states, I started this whole deal with 20g as initial investment capital. As of this morning, 9 days into my trading, I have 489g and approx 1200g in outstanding auctions. I have been buying bigger items slowly as I get more comfortable with what will actually move. The purpose of my blog is to track the specific items and progress of someone learning how to play the AH without any prior knowledge. I hope this can help many other people learn how to grow their bank accounts in World of Warcraft.

Here's what I love about Nic's response: He's not selling items for 30 gold+ profit, he's making literally 2-3 gold per sale. What makes him successful is the ability to do this hundreds of times over, which is why I love auctioneer so much! I'm sure he didn't post 250 marks of sargeras at once, but rather he made the item scarce on the ah and only reposted once all of his items were gone. By maintaining a low supply he kept his price high enough to make a nice profit over time. Great work Nic and congratulations on the gold as well as your blog.

Well don't just stand there! Go see what a great blog Wow Trader is turning into and show your support :)

For the comments section: What's your snatch list?

2165 and Flawless Victor

Shame, we had 2197 and then two disconnects send us down to 2165. Either way, we got our achiement and are now officially the #2 Prot Warrior/Holy Paladin in the world.

Grats to my teammate thunderion, he's doing awesome!

A Post for Twitter Lovers

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I got to admit I suck at this twitter stuff, so feel free to help me out with it! All I know how to do right now is tell people what I'm doing, so I like to post random links and blog posts there.
Do you like twitter? Is this the first time you've heard of it?

Blacksmithing and Enchanting 3.1 Patch Notes


• Most of the recipes in the 1-300 skill range of blacksmithing have had their stats updated to be more useful.

• Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade.

• Titanium Plating now reduces the duration of disarm effects by 50% as well as increasing your block value.


• Added a recipe for enchanting staves with spell power.

• Several recipes in the 250-300 skill range have been rebalanced.

Economic Predictions

The update to blacksmithing recipes from 1-300 will have some kind of effect on those items, but whether the 1-300 items become best in slot for twinks remains to be seen. The titansteel spellblade will fly off the shelves on patch day, so assume that it will require similiar requirements as the other titansteel items. Also, ulduar recipes will supposedly require as many as 10 titansteel bars to craft, so save these as well. Many tanks already have Titanium Plating on their shields, so the change to this item will not increase its price until players start getting upgrades from ulduar. I will be posting around a dozen each day after ulduar is released.

Enchanting is going to see massive spikes in prices as every player in the game upgrades and looks for enchants. Spell threads, leg armor, weapon chains and gems will go up as usual but enchanting always spikes the most during these periods of frequent gear upgrades. The stave recipe will most likely be a druid AP buff, so expect that to sell like crazy (make weapon vellums on patch day). Do your best to sell as much as possible the first four weeks of ulduar, after that enchanting mats will surely fall back down to their current prices.

Suggestion Box Friday (3/20/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer. Anything that pertains to wow is free game so write whatever you wish! Questions about this week's posts? Ideas for new gold making strategies or the blog itself? Leave your thoughts in a comment!


Regarding Some Delicious Cake Andi said...
Oh, and on topic: If you are going to farm the mats for this, visit Westfall. I know there is a lot of Mageroyal there and that was where we farmed Small Eggs for Winter's Veil too.

Wiggin said...
@ Upset, You make a valid concern that, because Markco's readership and notoriety has grown, people will follow exactly what he says, ultimately affecting the Market in an exaggerated and unsustainable fashion.

But just like buying mats for the cake is a potential opportunity, so is selling the mats to the buyers.

If prices rise due to speculation, it is your opportunity to exploit that. You just have to be careful because speculation is a tough game that can swing wildly in any direction. But in general, if speculation drives prices down, if you have the capital to make the investment, you will see a return when that market returns to normal. And thus, when speculation drives prices up, one would want to up drastic under cutters or sell their own stock.

@ Markco - A general tip, but from a player to player standpoint. Maybe I can't help it, but as a Public Relations Major, I always whisper those that recently purchased my goods. It's pretty common to see "A buyer has been found for your auction of X." If I see someone purchased multiple stacks, say Strange Dust, I'll whisper them "Thank you for choosing Wiggin for your Strange Dust needs."

Typically they say thank you, often ask if I have more to sell, or we chat about other auctions because they are AH hunters as well. Regardless, a simple whisper helps someone remember you as potential future customers.

Regarding Borean Man O'War Beryllos said...
I'm with Choice on this, I play a Deathknight tank and while I don't usually eat that much, it is annoying to have to wait so long for Mage food to refill my massive health pool. As long as this stuff is cheap enough (and as I have a cook all I have to do is get the fish themselves) I will keep a stock of these for my own use.

I will have to see how they look in the AH on my server before I decide if I wish to invest in them for money making purposes or not.

As a sidenote this reminds me of something I made money from a while back after wrath launched. I am not sure if this opportunity is still available, but if all the fishers on your server are trying to sell Barrelhead Goby in stacks you may be able to make some cash selling them in singles higher per fish. This fish is used for only one recipe, that doesn't give a food buff. The recipe is yellow from 350-365, and green until 380 so it doesn't really help level cooking. The only use I can see for this fish is getting credit for it for the Northrend cookin achievement.

Come 3.1 this fish might be able to be skipped, but as it is right now everyone who wants to get the cooking Meta has to cook one of these fish.

Regarding Selling Individual Items Instead of Stacks Frithiof said...
This is a really good tip, and it does work quite well. Although some things sell better in full stacks (e.g. Cloths) and some in a carefully considered stack quantity (e.g. your suggestion about selling Spider Silk in stacks of two to correspond with its use in certain recipes).

One profitable market niche I've found in the AH (at least in my server, US-Bonechewer) are the selling of Primals, particularly Fire and Water. I usually buy several stacks of cheap motes on the AH, say for example fire motes which sell for 10-50s a piece. 10 Motes of Fire = 1 Primal Fire, and based on the AH prices, I would basically be paying a minuscule 1-5G for a Primal Fire that would sell for 20-25 Gold EACH! That's a maximum of 24G profit right there, per individual Primal Fire sold - and they sell fairly well. (Occasionally though, some Primal Fires that sells for 10-12 gold pop up in the AH. Simply buy them out and resell for a good profit.)

I find Primal Fires and Waters to be the most profitable, although the others could also turn in a profit, albeit smaller.


Aminoboshi of Anvilmar wrote:

Hi Markco! I just discovered your blog tonight and am very excited to follow it.

My current money making 'thing' is for fishermen of lvl 300-400, aiming for 450.

On my server, no one sells Whitescale Salmon. Therefore, I fish them and charge 6g for one fish and people buy them. My general tip would be to find a fish caught in Azeroth that no one sells on AH, fish em up (and get points to lvl fishing in the process), and sell. For fishermen with higher fishing skills there aren't any annoyance with needing to bother with baits.

Also, I say 'Azeroth fish' because on my server, Northrend fish sell for an average of 2.0-2.5g each and Outland fish sell for an average of 5-50s each (so don't fish in OL even if your skill lets you).

Fishermen, find the fish that no one sells, look them up on El's Angling, and occupy that niche.


I'm not releasing the numbers for the blog this month until next friday but they are... more than double last month already.

When JMTC first started out, it was almost an exclusive club where you could get tips which a relatively small population knew about and thus there wasn't much competition.

With the tremendous increase in new readership, have you noticed a negative impact on your auction house endeavors? Comment and leave your thoughts for everyone to discuss!

For the newer readers I'd like to point them to some helpful links that might be hidden in the mountain of posts contained within the archives. These should help you get your feet wet.

Enchanting Mats - Is it buyout time?

I look at the price of Greater Cosmic Essences / Abyss Crystals and I wonder... is it buyout time?

With the release of Ulduar and Arena Season 6, many players will be boasting their new gear with shiny enchants sparkling from every bladed sheet of metal. These enchants cost lots and lots of greater cosmic essences / Abyss Crystals, but will the demand be enough? Also, won't greater cosmic essences just return to their current value or even less after 3.1?

Thanks to blog writers and forum posters like myself, many players have found ways to create tons of greater cosmic essences (see this post for one example of how to do it).

After pondering about buying out Greater Cosmic Essences / Abyss Crystals for weeks I've finally come to the conclusion...


Here's why:

3.1 will release and demand for these items will sky rocket, prices will be flying high for a few days before things calm down, but in that time period you should easily sell 100-200 greater cosmic essences. The trick will be to get in early and also get out as soon as possible.

This market is doomed to CRASH seriously hard after the patch, so please understand this before you go off and buy a thousand of these items. Only buy what you believe will sell on patch day, so if there's a greater cosmic essence baron on your server controlling prices, don't expect to sell too many before he cuts you down.

The reason this market will crash is that all players have an innate sense of what items should go for in the game. They recognize unfair pricing and usually react by posting with huge undercuts. It's a foolish business practice but really just human nature. Do your best to prevent undercutting by posting with lower bids but not lower buyouts should someone undercut you by say a gold or two.

Personally I will be posting 25 greater cosmic essences the day of the patch and will then replace them as soon as they are purchased. Same goes for abyss crystals. I am hoping for a 150-200% gold return on investment based on my server and the demand I foresee on patch day.

On a side note, the day after I purchased all these items and created a hole in the market (almost 0 supply but demand stayed the same) I managed to resell 25% of my purchased items for around 250% profit. Not bad and it's not even patch day yet :)

What happened was something I like to call the selling blues, but I will discuss this in a later post!

Good Luck!

If you're sheepish about purchasing items via buyout in bulk then try this post:

Pass the Cake Please, It's Delicious

Here's a great reader submitted email that just might make you hungry:

First off, I like your blog and is making a lot more gold now and by just standing in Orgrimmar!

Now for the tip:

I looked through some upcoming World Event achievements and saw that the achievement "Bad Example" requires a Delicious Chocolate Cake. I predict there's some gold to make off this because a lot of people are obsessed with achievements and especially the World Event Achievements.

I have already bought up all the cheap small eggs and mageroyal on AH and have a full bank of these, so I am just waiting. Unfortunately these don't stack so a lot of space will be taken.

The recipe for Delicious Chocolate Cake is a rare drop from ZF off of Sandfury Witch Doctors.

Good luck farming these, you'll make a killing off this achievement if you can manage to get the recipe. Cakes go for 10 gold a pop right now... imagine how much they will be worth during children's week (May 1st - 7th).

Borean man O'war getting a little extra kick in 3.1

Choice wrote:

I have just seen that a currently worthless fish is getting a recipe in 3.1 that will have better health AND mana regen than any in the game right now. This fish even has existing pools right now and people fish these up a ton just on accident and put them on the ah for cheap.

Borean man O' war will be able to be made into black jelly which restores 18000 health and 15000 mana over 30 sec. The next closest only gives back 1500/1290 over 30 sec.

Well it looks like the choice is obvious, (pun intended!) buy out those Borean Man O'wars while they stay super cheap!

If you're looking to fish these then Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra are your best spots. They do drop occasionally in some of the mid level zones as well.

EDIT: I'd like to clarify on one point if I may, based on the comments so far. DO NOT cook these fish immediately after the patch! Instead, try selling the fish to those that want to cook it themselves, and vary the stack sizes (1, 5, 10 , 20). I have no idea if these will sell better cooked or as raw fish, so only cook them if the market is strong and otherwise sell the fish raw. Atleast if you avoid cooking them after the patch you will have an option.

Seething Revenants - 1000 Gold An Hour

Here's my favorite farming spot for someone who can't use their professions (not leveled enough or for whatever reason). The mobs are Seething Revenants and they die pretty fast, drop up to 15 gold in loot, and respawn as fast as the frostweave farming spot I showed you in sholozar basin.

The anvil where you do several quests for Sons of Holdir rep is where you'll find these mobs. See video for exact location.

When selling your loot remember that crystallized fire sells best individually and that relics of ulduar sell best in stacks of 100.

Enjoy the video and happy farming!

Pro Gnomish Engineering Tip

I received this email regarding an interesting way to make gold with engineering:

I have discovered a trick that I have been doing for awhile now. I thought I would pass it onto your readers.

I am a Gnomish Engineer.

Before BC, you picked a specialization and had to buy a membership card every two weeks in order to purchase the Gnomish Engineering plans. It was 2 gold and you got a gift in the mail for renewing. Sometimes the gift included a rare schematic but usually some engineering materials.

At times, I would get 3-5 Unstable Triggers. On my last run, I spent about 80g and received about 40 Unstable Triggers. These sell for about 10g on my server. Spend 80g to make 400g. Not a bad profit for little to no work at all.

Once you renew your Membership, you can destroy the card and repeat the process. Its tedious but requires no effort at all. It might take a bit for you to sell the triggers but they usually go pretty quickly.

Just don't post them all at once or you will drive down your own cost.

I absolutley love this suggestion and thank you for the email! The poster wished to remain annonymous.

Funny Shield Slam

Just a fun post while my server is resetting:

I had zerker buff, recklessness, kings, shield block, trinket and mow. My target was a lock who I had silenced, disarmed, and shield slammed once for the +10% glyph. I was in defensive stance but I'm pretty sure I had enrage from his pet hitting me so that evens out.

Granted I had the zerker buff but still this would of been a really big crit even without it :D

That says 5661 Physical (11428 Overkill) (Critica)
For the mathematically challenged, that's 17089.

Without zerker you're looking at a 13145 crit :)


I received this great email and just had to respond to it:

Hey markco,
This is Ri on the Drak'thul server and I was just looking for your opinion on a subject that has come up recently.

Well, I logged onto my alt's server Drak'tharon today and noticed that there was a guy in orgrimmar advertising for his Casino and all of his rules. Now I remember that pre-bc they had banned all Casino activity because of the overwhelming amount of tickets reporting scammers and spammers. I did a little searching around on the WoW forums to confirm that it was against blizzards ToS/EULA to operate one, but instead found out that the rule has actually been reversed.


I was just wondering what your stance is on these Casinos and whether you think that they are supposed to be a part of WoW. Right now on Drak'tharon there are around 4-9 different people in /yell advertising for their little gambling operation.

Hope to hear back,
Ri of Drak'thul

PS: Another blue link from 2005 stating their reasoning for banning it in the first place.
I really see no reason for blizzard to go back on their stance, since their reason against it in the first place was that it caused spam and scamming. Now, people are just trying to make an easy buck and there will also be those who are willing to scam other out of their gold.


I am totally against "Casinos" in world of warcraft, but there are legitamate ways to get your gambling fix (and make some gold in the process)!

I first came up with this idea by using clams and selling them to players for half the price of the best item that dropped from them (pearls). This didn't last long because people starting assuming that I was looking into the clams before handing them out (I wasn't). That's when I came up with my next idea...


By selling locked lockboxes I (and my buyers) were truly gambling. I would figure out the above average value of disenchanting greens from lockboxes and charge that amount to people wanting to gamble on the boxes. I made out on average more than I would have and players were able to get their gambling fix.

Lockboxes are the only way I think gambling can work in warcraft and still be fair.

Let me know if anyone else tries to do this :)

Suggestion Box Friday (3/13/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Leave Comments and discuss the issues that matter to you!

First off - THANK YOU!

Welcome new readers and thank you to everyone who stuck with this blog for so long. Your comments, emails, and support have made all of this all possible. Just My Two Copper cannot exist without you and that's why I thank you all so very much.


It's been overwhelming at times, as I have been flooded with emails but I love reading them and many includ neat tricks for making gold. I'll do my best to pass them along to all of you via posts and videos! Remember to include what name you'd like me to refer to as the originator of your idea. For those of you who need help with your own blogs/websites I am doing my best to get back to you as well.


Regarding Auction House Viper
Spacedrabbit said...
i've done this recently, due to all of the accumulated stuff I had in my banks. i was really just interested in getting rid of all the stuff and not having to see it back in my mailbox in two days. needless to say i saw a return of ~300g in the first 30 minutes. I didnt price things too much lower than the lowest bid.. maybe 1-2g for cheaper items and 5-10g for more expensive ones. if i knew a particular item sold well, however, i priced it somewhere between the lowest and highest prices.but if i was the only one posting a particular item that sold well, i was sure to tack on an "exclusivity" tax. :)

Darraxus also said...
I have been making some good money while leveling my inscription by looking at what glyphs are going for a nice amount, and how many there are on the market. If there are too many at low prices, I hold them until the others are bought up then post mine. Easily making a few hundred gold a day for like 15 minutes of leveling inscription.

Regarding Old World Essences and more importantly items people like to sell currently

I highly recommend that everyone reads through these excellent comments, and I'd like to thank each poster for their remarks (choice, Beryllos, basehorhonda, Wiggin, Jesse, Phatious and an annonymous poster). I had a ton of fun reading through these so thank you again!

Regarding Freya hording her cloth in sholozar basin:
Mark said...
Impressive find there markco. I stopped by and farmed there for about 30-40 mins. got 80 cloth, countless vendor trash and quite a bit of cash. The only downtime was when I ran outa mana. Thanks for the awesome tip!

Markco's Arena Team
Had a great night and went up to 2064 (+43 points in 13 games) as prot warrior / holy paladin which makes us one of the top teams in the world as far as I can tell with alloraan's team leading at 2413. The best part was... I can actually USE some deadly gear now; aka the shoulders. I'm hoping to make a video near the end of the season to show off how fun this combo is. Hopefully three more items from 10 man naxx and the Tier 7 or 7.5 helm will drop so that I can finish my block set too.


Ulduar is probably coming early April as well as the end of season 5. What items are going to be replaced in terms of gear upgrades? Will there be new gems, new enchants, new leg armor and spellthread? Predictions and analysis coming soon, but I'd like to see what you're all thinking about as well!

I'd like to get you all saving up now for the next patch, but you don't want to be stockpiling Bold Scarlet Rubies to find out that a new epic gem has replaced them! Expect a post on this as we draw closer to the end of S5.

Aspect of the Auction House Viper

I received a lot of mail from players who are stuggling on crowded servers with lots of people 'ruining' markets. I made this post to show you how to sell your items even with people cornering markets and creating monopolies on established servers or just flooding your favorite markets with underpriced goods.

My favorite way to post on the auction house is lightning quick with relatively few items of any one type. I like to call it Aspect of the Auction House Viper: A kingsblood here, a frozen orb there, a stack of meat for half price, etc. I wait until the time is right and then I don't flood, but rather post a small amount of the item in question.

Patience is the key.

Most auctioneers who try to corner their market won't even know that I sold several items in their niche on any given day.

There are other ways to play the auction house and I've employed them when the time was right, but Aspect of the Viper is the best way to play if you'd like to consistently make hundreds of gold per day.

Auctioneer makes playing quick and small easy as well as fun and I highly recommend it for anyone still teetering on downloading this awesome addon.

Here's a link to download auctioneer.

How successful/unsuccessful has this strategy been for you (if you enployed it)?

Old World Essences

As I search through the auction house for items to resell with my handy auctioneer addon, I always like to snatch old world essences.

See for a review of the addon auctioneer.
See for how to use auctioneer in 22 steps.

Back at level 60 there were no motes or crystalized elemental items, instead, you had essences which stacked up to 10 and didn't combine into anything. (Yikes I feel old talking about this).

These items are still used in twink enchants, leveling professions, and in some valuable crafting recipies. Anytime you see auctioneer suggest to bid on or buy one of these out you shouldn't think twice.

I find that fire, air, life and undeath sell the best, probably due to Firey, lifestealing, agility to weapons, and spellpower twink enchants. Essence of earths sells ok, but I definately focus more on the others.

What items do YOU like to snatch on the auction house? - COMMENT! :)

Mailbox mod

Email received regarding a great mailbox mod:

Hi Marcko, it's me again, but with a little suggestion this time. I watched your AH vid and noticed that emptying your mailbox takes quite a lot of time due to so many auctions. I found a nifty little addon, which makes the life of a big-scale auctioneer easier, especially when it comes to a full mailbox.

Check out "Easymail"

It helps you to select multiple letters or even empty the complete mailbox at once without clicking every letter+attachment. The version on curse is from December, but still works fine for me. Perhaps it helps a bit.

Beside that, thanks for the awesome guide, money is already rolling in :)



Thanks for the great addon and I'm really happy you're doing well already!

I've really enjoyed the mod so far, I was so sick of clicking all those damn auctions because my old mailbox mod broke.

Freya Is Hording Frostweave Cloth!? Impossible!

Apparently Freya in Sholozar Basin has left some mobs for you to kill... and they never stop coming! That's right, as shown in the video, three people can farm these mobs and they never stop respawning.

Get your farming on for some great cloth, grays, and greens. If you have tailoring then this is the best place to farm cloth in the game. Especially if you never have to drink like a rogue/warrior/retpally/feraldruid/dk, though those classes most likely don't have tailoring!

Team up with some buddies and bring a tailor to make this place an awesome farming spot.

This is legion hold without the marks of sargeras in my opinion!

(Nerf incoming btw, you know it and I know it, so get your farming in while you can)

WOTLK Farming Spots - Frostweave Cloth

Who doesn't like Cookies? How about Sharp Cookies?

I received this Tip from Maresa of frostmane:

Mob selling the item:

Sharp Cookies are sold by Coreiel when your team controls Halaa in Nagrand.

This raresell item costs 2 gold 21 silver and when disenchanted becomes:

1-2 Greater Planar Essence (10-20 gold value)
2-5 Arcane Dust (2-5 gold value)
1 Large Prismatic Shard (5 gold value)

Most (as in 90%) of the time you will make money from this. Having a disenchanter camped at halaa and logging in every half hour to buy these is a great way to make some dough. <-- little cookie pun there hehe.

Maresa also pointed out that this was a great way to gather mats for the mongoose enchant.

The respawn rate is fairly quick (around 30 mins to 1 hour).

Boar Meat is Made of Gold?

Level 6-10 boars drop boar meat (who'd of thought), which sells for 2-10 gold PER STACK!

Nothing a lowbie can farm beats this, and the best part is there is never much competition so your stacks sell the same night you post them. My level 11 shaman that I just made dropped 15 of these off at the auction house and sold them 1 gold each that same night. It was nice having more gold than the level of my character at level 11 :)

Each starting area has comparable meat to the orc one, such as lynx meat for bloodelves.

As you level there's another meat that sells equally well in the auction house for a similiar price: Clam Meat.

You'll get these from clams dropped by the turtles of the barrens (as well as small lustrous pearls). You can farm these outside of wailing caverns and camp the rare spawn hydra which drops an awesome offhand weapon as well as a sword. While there you might as well fish up some deviate fish from the schools nearby, since the price of deviate fish has gone up on most servers with so many people leveling and so few farming.

I'd suggest being atleast level 15 before you farm in the lake. Miners and herbalists will be pleased with the numerous nodes scattered throughout the lakes in the barrens as well.

Suggestion Box Friday (3/06/09)

Remember, suggestion box friday is YOUR chance to be the blog writer! Anything related to making gold in wow is acceptable here.

New Poll

If you had to choose the best post on this site, which would it be? What posts have made you tons of gold? Any posts show you something you'd never known or inspired you to try something new? I'd like to flesh out the parts of this blog that people really enjoy in order to share it with new readers.


Regarding a Pleasant farming spot:

Razor1138 said...
Mobs also drop a gray 100% when mined, a 20 stack sells for 4g50s. Not to mention mining it gives a chance for Cry Earth. Nice spot :)

Regarding Icy Dragon Scales:

Brian said...
I've been buying them for vendor with auctioneer, but not actually vendoring, so I'm going to come out ahead if the market is still crap after patch.

Regarding the Rune Cloth Risk:

Rush said...
Markco, the argent tournament will kick off in 3.1. The Coliseum that we are "questing to build" will not be completed until a later date (Probably the next major content patch 3.2?) according to blues on World of Warcraft forums.


I've received many wonderful submitted gold making ideas this week and as always I will do my best to get as many of them into the blog as possible.

Gold Guide

Thanks to all who bought the guide and I wish you the best of luck with it. From now on however I will not be posting about the guide on this blog and will be focusing 100% of my efforts on providing you all with the best free wotlk information on the web. If you have any questions regarding guide purchases or issues please email me.


Let's flesh out more ideas on the argent tournament, dual specs, and patch 3.1 game changes.
What glyphs will suddenly become must haves? For instance, priest bubbles will now grant warriors rage when hit; will this cause the power word: shield glyph to skyrocket in value? Will any other glyphs benefit from class changes?

From cold to HOT: Icy Dragonscales

Icy Dragonscales are the dream shards of patch 3.1.

Long time readers of this guide will remember a post I made on buying out dream shards pre 3.0.8 since they were going from almost no use at all to major components in many enchanting recipes.

And after 3.0.8 I was quick to make a post on why they initially were not doing amazing with the release of the patch.

On my server the shards are still fluctuating but they have finally risen to 18-20 gold (compared to when I purchased them at 9-15) and they will continue to rise as the demand for these items remains constant.

Icy Dragonscales are going to do the same thing. This relatively useless item will be a primary component in many upcoming trade skills with patch 3.1. I have been purchasing them since monday and will be stockpiling hundreds for resale.

Let's learn from dream shards, shall we?

There will be an initial rush of icy dragonscales going for 200-300% of the current price the day of the patch. This may last for an hour or even as long as eight hours before others catch on and the market floods back down to 1 gold per (the current cost) or less. You will want to be a part of this cash cow while it lasts. When the price drops to LESS THAN THE CURRENT VALUE you will want to buy them out.

Next, the price will remain flooded for a week and then slowly increase over the course of a month. You will want to post a small number (2-3 stacks) every day that you see them going for more than what you purchased them for. While flooded there will surely be amazing deals, snatch them as you see them.

There is a concern that I have with the icy dragonscales that did not exist with dream shards, however. Demand for these items will NOT be consistent. As raiders get more and more gear, the craftable items will become less necessary for raiders (think titansteel weapons/armor).

The big question remains, will the market rebound after the initial roller coaster on patch day, and will it happen in time for there to still be a large demand for the craftable items?

I'd tell you, but my crystal ball is a little hazy today, perhaps another post. I really need to shine this thing more often! :)

What do YOU think?

The Runecloth Risk

Some interesting comments have been made in recent posts regarding the possibility of runecloth skyrocketting in price with the argent dawn tournament.

Not everyone is in agreement however.

What happens if Blizzard implements an awesome way for players to get exalted with their rep factions in preparation for the argent tournament?

I believe that some sort of reputation bonuses will be granted through quests (as many have suggested) but I also believe that runecloth is going to skyrocket in price.

Here's why:

Regardless of what Blizzard implements, we all know how the playerbase feels about grinding quests. It's fun for a short period of time but most would rather buy rep (think sons of holdir rep grind). So eventhough it may be possible to grind some new quest for faction rep most players are not going to A. Have the time or B. Have the endurance to complete these quests every day.

This is where runecloth comes in.

Horde your runecloth, start buying out cheap when the price dips with the announcement of the argent tournament and you'll be the smarter auctioneers. Once the price goes up again and people are bored with the quests you will make a killing.

Yes, many of you are thinking: "But Markco, what if the quests are worth tons of gold, won't players be more willing to complete them then?" Of course! And they will have more money to buy their rep in order to reach exalted with their primary faction faster. Remember the quest to pay 10 gold and get 150 rep on the Isle of Quel'danas? It's the same idea.

For a great farming spot to gather runecloth try hellfire peninsula or stratholme.

NOTE: The argent tournament is a looooooooooong way off... atleast 3.2

100 Youtube Subscribers

I wanted to write this post partially to celebrate 100 youtube subscribers on my youtube channel, but also to let you all know that it exists!

If you have trouble reading my long winded and text walling posts then my youtube videos are exactly what you need!

Most of the videos have seen sister posts on the blog but it is always nice to take a break from reading and just watch a video.

Enjoy and be sure to subscribe if you like the videos!

Completely FREE WOTLK Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide

Just My Two Copper sat down with ’s webmaster, Hawque, to discuss his free leveling guide.

JMTC: Welcome Hawque! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. I’m sure my readers are going to fall in love with your leveling guide, as I have. Hi Markco! I'm a regular reader of your blog and I'm glad I have this opportunity to sit down and speak with a gold making genius like you.

JMTC: I may be good at making gold, but you've got me trumped on leveling characters for sure! Speaking of leveling, I regularly advise all my readers to level their alts in order to ‘cover’ more professions. Could you take a moment to describe your site to my readers? What is How will it help them? is a completely free leveling 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide and Horde Leveling Guide. Both guides are hundreds of pages long, contain hundreds of images, and both feature a system of leveling purely through questing.

Readers who follow the guides will have the time it takes from leveling to 80 drastically reduced.

The guide maps out in detail the complete journey from Level 1 to 80 and does not just tell what quests to do, but also which mobs to kill and where they spawn. It actually shows you the locations with detailed map images for every place you'll visit and all the mobs you'll kill all the way from level 1 to 80.

Only the most efficient methods to gain experience are shown - there is no grinding necessary at all. You could get to 80, purely on your own through soloing in under one played week if you followed the guide with the goal of speeding through the leveling process.

JMTC: How do you react when people tell you that your guide is BETTER than other leveling guides that cost money? I'm pretty glad when that happens. I must admit I'm a little bit of a lore nut - I love to know everything about World of Warcraft. Hence, I was led to do heavy questing through which I realized it was definitely the fastest way to level. Then, I decided to map out every single step on where to go and what quests to get.

This mindset is where the quality in my guide comes in, because I try to get the reader to quickly be able to understand the steps and be able to follow them easily.

Many commercial guides only offer vague instructions on areas to level or grind in. My guide is a colossal step up from guides which just say "Grind here at X level," and a major step up from guides which just say "Do these quests" in writing. My guide has the steps listed out and are broken down to the smallest detail so that every time you move, you see where you're moving to - there are maps and paths associated with each step as well.

The previews the other commercial leveling guides give have some unclear directions, shorthand instructions, or even inefficient leveling paths.

I really focus on maximizing efficiency of gaining experience and making the guides extremely user-friendly.

JMTC: I love your leveling tips section, would you mind sharing your favorite tip? As a funny anecdote, the first character I ever leveled was a priest, back in original WoW. I leveled from 1-60 as pure Holy, putting all my talents in plus healing power, simply because I didn't know about respeccing. My advice is not to do that. :)

Hence, my personal favorite tip happens to also be the most important tip which stretches all the way from 1-80. Research the best leveling build for your class! Do this while leveling up (or even before you start the character!). If you choose talents which focus on killing faster, then that benefit carries through every single level and you level much faster.

There are many resources out there (World of Warcraft forums, etc) which present the best leveling spec. You will then kill faster, which will make you level faster.

JMTC: Do you have a deathknight leveling guide yet? Yeah. The Death Knight guide was actually the first guide up on the site because I got in the WotLK beta for only a few days and decided to give the Death Knight area a whirl.

The leveling rate is quite fast, you make 55-58 and get out of the zone in just about three hours.

If you've never leveled a deathknight before, I encourage trying the zone out - the lore behind the DK starting area is really interesting too.

JMTC: My favorite part about your guide is that it’s so fresh. Every other online guide out there was created before the xp bonuses for level 1-70 were implemented. Do you think that this is what has made your guide so popular, the fact that it is new and updated for WOTLK? It is definitely a big benefit that the guide was created post-xp changes because this makes the guide the most up to date. The guide is very consistent in actually being a certain level when the guide says you're supposed to be a certain level. Additionally, there's a bit of time saved in the lower levels as well because of new travel paths (the Stormwind to Auberdine boat, for example).

Again though, I think the most key part of the guide and what makes it more practical and useful than other guides is that it really shows every step to take and is very quest-centric which maximizes experience rates and minimizes travel and research time.

JMTC: How long until your Horde guide reaches 100% complete? I saw that you have 1-75 done as of 2/28/09. Definitely by the end of March, and I'm hoping to get it up earlier than that!

JMTC: Well Hawque, I want to thank you for all the great work you’ve done for the wow community and for agreeing to participate in this interview. I know my readers are going to enjoy your work as much as I have. Thanks Markco. And I want to thank you for the great information you're providing for the wow community too. You and me bud, we should team up! If people level alts using Ding80's Alliance and Horde leveling guide AND follow your gold tips provided during the quick leveling process, they'll easily have more money than they can use even after buying their epic flying mount.

They might have to buy a swimming pool and fill it with all the gold coins they'll have. Thanks again for the interview. I see you've made a gold guide of your own, best of luck with that, keep up the good work and I'm sure it will be great!

Check out and write your thoughts in the comment section as always.

A Pleasant Farming Spot

I was randomly killing mobs in dragonblight when I came across a small frozen lake with a dragon's skeleton protuding from the middle. Intreagued I decided to investigate and started killing the ice revenants there.

Then I realized something, all Northrend elementals drop the same grays. Hmmmmm... Interesting.

After killing for almost seven minutes I made 40+ gold in grays, disenchanted greens, and crystallized water. Not bad! The fact that level 80 grays were dropping from level 72-73's was pretty awesome.

Here's the video with the location:

New WOTLK Gold Guide

It's finally here! After three years of game play and countless hours of work, I give you:

Markco's Gold Guide at !

In my guide I reveal the best methods for discovering market niches on YOUR server. I even include multiple examples of how every single profession can make tons of gold daily (in case you're too lazy to discover your own niches). This is the most dynamic and powerful section of the whole guide!

For new players I offer a complete explanation of the value of items in this game; which happens to be the most important information you're going to get while leveling!

If you're working on your first character or an alt and want to make substantial amounts of gold leveling then you will want to read my leveling with professions section which tells you the three best professions to level with. (HINT: They aren't all gathering)

My auctioneer guide is step by step exactly what you need to follow every day to make 300-1000 gold off the underpriced goods on your server. It's free money, why not snatch it up?

For the gold tycoons out there I offer a collection of advanced auction house guides which will take your game to the next level. What makes these timeless strategies unique is that no two players will use the same gold making techniques!

Q: Will you continue to work on your blog now that you've made your own gold guide?
A: YES! I love this blog and will continue to post great FREE gold guides and youtube videos.

Q: Will this guide be cheap?
A: If by cheap you mean the least expensive guide on the internet with the most information... then yes! How's 45 cents per page sound compared to most other guides charging 60-75 cents per page.

Q: Will the guide be free for your loyal blog readers?
A: No, but I have worked with clickbank to provide a special FREE premier subscription for everyone that buys the guide during the promotional period. This includes live updates for expansions and patches.

NOTE: I encourage everyone to try to make gold first with my free blog before buying. There is tons of great information here and thousands of people have succeeded just from reading my posts on auctioneer. If you feel that you need additional help then perhaps you should try the guide.

Suggested Icecrown Mining Route

Well I received another email regarding farming in WOTLK and it looks like the player Bane scores twice in one week! (He was the one who recommended that I check out the mobs here)

Bane suggests using the yellow route as that's what he uses when mining here.

Thanks for the suggestion and if anyone else has guest posts, farming locations, or other gold guide ideas feel free to email them my way and I'll be sure to give you credit.

For the comments section: What's your favorite place to mine in WOTLK? Is it not even in northrend at all?

Insider Gold Strategies

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