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/ReloadUI is a brand new blog about addons in wow. The reason I was drawn to this site was not because I'm a computer programmer, but because there's a lot of changes going on with addons and this site looks like a great place to watch those changes get covered. Not to mention the fact that Valrot, the owner of /ReloadUI, looks like a pretty dedicated blogger and writes to all skill levels of addon usage.

I'm hoping that with his help I can make a much better UI (user interface) and you all know how horrible mine looks right now! The post he made about align, an addon which helps setup your other UI addon alignment, has already started me in the right direction.

So go take a look if you're interested into learning more about addons. I particularly liked his Top 5 Addons I Can't Live Without.

Mithirl Ore - Gold Making Tip

Hey Markco,

Just wanted to tell you another gold tip. With patch 3.1 the JC pattern Citrine Ring Of Rapid Healing no longer requires 2 elemental water, this means that this item will level your JC from 180 to 210. At the moment the citrine are 5g each on my server, but no doubt they will skyrocket since other recipes will be expensive compared to this. This recipe will give you atleast 30 skill-levels before it goes yellow, its pretty good. Currently Mithril ore goes for 20g a stack on my server, if I prospect this I usually get back 30-40g in gems. Prospecting mithril also gives aquamarine and star rubys - which are needed in alot of JC patterns too. This tip can both make you money or save it if you're levelling JC aswell.

Good luck reselling and keep up the good work on your blog,

Ryosh, Draenor-EU server

Tip speaks for itself, nice job Ryosh. I would recommend the hinterlands for farming mithril ore, as well as the auction house.

Putting it all into Perspective

EDIT: Ironically on the day of this post GreedyGoblin blogger Gevlon has called it quits (sort of) on his blog. He reached the gold cap on his main and sees no reason to continue collecting/blogging. See possibly his final post here. He apparently has 'won' in his mind, and I think that's an appropriate example to bring up for this post. Congrats to Gevlon.

Rule #1 of blog posting, never put the word 'it' into your post title, it's misleading (pun intended).
I'd like to take a day to put this time sink we call warcraft into perspective and possibly enlighten a few players of the nature of this massively multiplayer game. The reason wow is so successful can be summed up by conversing with players currently engrossed in the game.

The discussion would usually go as follows:

Outsider: "You play wow?"

Player: "Yeah, great way to use up my free time."

Outsider: "Are you good?"

Player: "Oh yeah, really good actually."

Outsider: "Oh nice, I heard a lot about that game and how it takes forever to get good at it."

Player: "Actually, I have awesome gear and it didn't take long at all. I have mostly epics, which are the best items in the game and just have a few more things left to get. I'm really good at killing other players and love stomping the noobs."

Outsider: "Noobs?"

Player: "Yeah, the other players that suck at the game. Everytime I kill someone I laugh at their noobness."

Outsider: "Oh, so you're really high ranked for, oh what's it called..."

Player: "Arenas? Oh I don't really try at those but still have a 1600 rating and my teammate is kind of garbage."

If you haven't noticed, a mediocre, probably decent player has just talked about how amazing he is at wow. Now I'm not going to go into who's good or who's bad as it doesn't matter. All that matters is having fun with friends and enjoying the game, whether you like winning or not.

The amazing part about wow is that you get to define your own definition of success! You don't have to even succeed according to other players to consider yourself a winner or even the best.

Just look at me. When people ask if I consider myself a good player I make my own excuses/stories. I'll say something like: "Well I'm the #2 ranked prot warrior in the world, have battlemaster and of the horde, but I don't really try at pve so I haven't finished 3 drakes yet and only recently downed razorscale in 25 man ulduar." See? I focus on what I put up as my definition of success: arenas and pvp prowress. A hardcore pve'er would look at me and laugh, calling me a noob.

Anyways, just my two coppers. For some laughs, check this out.

For zee comments:

What's your definition of success in this game, and have you reached it? Do you even care about the end result and choose to focus rather on the journey?

Level 1 Whisper

If you are reading from a feed and looking for today's actual post, it's about a rare twink throwing weapon.

Last night I read yet another whisper and in turn another success story. Mike (can't believe this name wasn't taken on my server) whispered me to describe his success with 20kleveling. In just 24 hours Mike made 200 gold on the auction house, and from what I gathered from our conversation he isn't even level 80 yet. In 48 hours he made 600 gold total with relatively no effort on his part (besides reading the gold guide). I'm really happy for Mike and excited because he hasn't even finished reading all of the chapters yet! Can't wait until he sees chapter 7 :)

Thanks for the whisper Mike!

If you have your own story to tell, whether with the guide or not, please don't hesitate to email me. Don't forget about the gold contest guys and girls, it's your chance to make a cool video for all to see!

Throat Peircers - Twink Throwing Weapon

Today's a quick tip:
Throat Peircers

Sold by Eralan

This is a raresale item in the ghostlands, and sells for tons of gold to twinks who don't want to go get the item or don't know where it comes from. You can also disenchant it for mats worth far more than the 6 silver cost.

As a note, all enchanting trainers sell lesser magic essences and strange dust far cheaper than the AH price, so be sure to grab them for free money.

Here's a post on a similiar item that disenchants into far more valuable mats:
Sharp Cookie

Raiding Achievements - Why not make some gold in the process?

Hi Marko!

I spent my Sunday revisiting old world dungeons like Dire Maul and ZF for the achievements. Having remembered reading your post about farming old world cloth, I made sure to kill all the mobs in the dungeons for the loot even though I could have walked right past without aggroing. What I found was that not only was the old world cloth selling at insane prices, but so were a lot of other vanilla WoW items. Items like mithril ore, living essence and essence of undeath were in very limited supply which allowed me to charge very high prices. I also bagged 16 green items and one boe blue item, which I plan to DE and sell as enchanting mats for leveling enchanters.

Overall, my 4 hours in Dire Maul, ZF, Mauradon and Razorfen Kraul netted me around 700g not counting the greenies. It might not be as much as farming Seething Revenants, but it sure beats the monotony.

80 Priest

I like this tip not because it's a tremendous amount of gold, but because it reminds those players going through old content for achievements that they are missing out on tons of gold if they don't loot. Thanks for the tip!

Enjoy the Pot

Potions are selling extraordinarily well for me. I don't mean flasks, I mean gold ol' Runic Healing and Mana potions. Obviously this is due to ulduar's challenging nature but who am I to complain.

I rarely ever stockpiled these items so I decided to start yesterday. Probably made 20 gold per stack selling the potions (that's after deducting the cost of mats) and I see the prices only going up. This weekend I'll be sure to snipe any underpriced ones and relist them on tuesday night for raids.

My potions all sold within an hour's time late at night while I was raiding. That just tells me that people were getting ready to raid and grabbing pots off the ah.

If you are an alchemist and aren't buying the mats to make these potions and selling them... what are you waiting for?

Suggestion Box Friday - Gold Contest

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer!

It's a very special friday, because today I'm announcing the first gold making contest for Just My Two Copper!

Overview: The idea behind this competition is to show off some of the cooler ways that players make gold in this game with a new format: Youtube. The contest will end May 20th at midnight and the top 3 youtube videos will be awarded a free 20kleveling guide as well as a post featuring their videos. In order to decide the top 3 videos, I will first pick 5 to place on the site for voting. You, the readers of this blog, will then get to choose the top 3 of those 5 to be the winners.

How to enter the contest: Simply create a youtube video and email me a link to it via the 'ask markco' image at the bottom of the blog. Once you've created the video and received a confirmation email from me that I have seen your video all you have to do is wait for the final decision on May 21st. On May 21st I will release a poll with the top 5 videos and then I will allow the readers here to pick their three favorites. I will let the poll go for atleast one day to decide the winners.

Criteria for the videos:

  • Appropriate for children over 13.
  • Showcases a creative method for making gold.
  • Only one method per video.
  • Mention somewhere in the video that it is for the Justmytwocopper gold contest.
  • The video must reach my email box prior to 5/21/09 12:00 AM EST.
You may send in as many videos as you like, but only one will be picked as your best for the top 5 poll.

Community Spotlight:

Thought I'd give a shout out to AHTrader, a new blog that has come up with an interesting twist on gold making advice... saving time! Head on over and show your support of this idea, as well as read through some of the posts.


Regarding Auctioneer Suite 5.4
Wiggins said...
My auctioneer hasnt been working properly, I cant use the /aadv getall function. I type it into the AH search and nothing happens. If I try to simply type it into the chat plane, I get DCd. This was happening before the patch too.

To Wiggins: The /aadv getall function is no longer necessary! Auctioneer now allows you to click on the fast forward looking button at the top of your search tab to activate the same feature.

Regarding Banking Again... the Importance of Space
Darkdemon said...
I really belive the best bank alt is a dwarf or a gnome, 1) Its really easy to get to ironforge if you are careful.. 2) Ironforge is the center of trades nowdays you only walk straight for bank to auction house.. 3) Gnome girls are cute =]

To Darkdemon: #3 is so full of win lol.

Regarding Upgrades and Inflation - Not Happening this Time
bubu said...
Thanks for the info m8, i kinda seen that going out on AH.the listing increased by almoust 20% in mats and glyps, people are still putting tons of glyps on the AH and prices droped a one buys...only thing it sells good for me are fish... :D
Enjoy ur fishing :P :P

To Bubu: Fishing rocks!
Regarding Auctioneer, Where's My Data?
Anonymous said...

My vendor search wasn't working either until I realized that you have to have Informant installed as well. Auctioneer pulls all the vendor prices from it so if its not there, the vendor search has nothing to compare to.


Will you participate in the gold contest? Do you like this idea? What do you think? Comment!

WOTLK Farming Spots - Sholozar Basin Gorillas

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Gorillas of Sholozar Basin!

Stats: Easy to kill mobs with quick respawn rates and lots of closely packed groups.

Drops: Chilled meat and furs. If you need either, I suggest farming here. The grays are decent too.

See video for location, Good Luck!

Too Many Auctioneers

I'll keep the author for this email annonymous, but I think the question he asks is on the minds of many of you:

Hey its me again, I still don't have my duel monitor thing due to that i think i lost my user's manual but thats ok. Anyways i'm here to request a post or maybe just some help in this particular area. I told you a while ago that I transfered with my guild to a new server. I am now under the belief that around half of the current population uses auctioneer or other addons to similar effect. I was talking in trade just messing around and a bunch of other people joined in. Around 3/4 of them had the word "bank" in their name and i've seen plenty of other level 1 alts sitting in major cities. I've tried finding niches with blacksmithing and my lowbie tailoring but they only seem to work for around 3 days max. What i'm wondering is if you could have a blog post or just email me back with advice on how to make money with several other people using auctioneer or similar strategies of your blog.(ex: stoneguard rings)

I have several things to say in response to this question, but let's start with the first thing I read and found interesting: "They only seem to work for around 3 days max." Why is this? Did someone mass undercut you and ruin the market? Or was it just that time of the week and there was too much competition? Remember that wow runs on a weekly cycle and prices go up and down depending on the number of players on as well as the number wanting your goods at any one time. Don't just give up on a profitable market if you have a bad couple of days, because odds are the prices will come back up the same time the following week.

Now for your main question, yes there is a way to make gold with lots of people in your market, though you will make less obviously than if you were the sole provider. To beat your competition you have to time your selling and work as hard as possible to get your mats cheaper than everyone else. Think walmart: quality + low prices. Get farmers, cut deals, and do whatever it takes to be the cheapest provider of the mats you are fighting over. Next, sell your items when you have the best chance of attracting buyers and in small quantities. Pick prime times, toss up 1-5% of the total items on the ah at that time and resupply if they sell.

Leave your thoughts! There are many other ways to compete, such as collaborating with your competition and striking deals.

Quick Announcement - 20kleveling

For the gold guide holders, I have a new chapter coming soon that I'm really excited about :)

It's going to have something to do with owning the auction house, but I think you guessed that much, hehe. I won't be on much today but I hope to have it out later in the week.

In case you are reading from a feed and looking for today's actual post, it's here: 3.1 Upgrades and Inflation.

3.1 Upgrades and Inflation - Not Happening This Time

Upgrades with inflation is not happening this time.

I'll say it again: With patch 3.1 you are not going to see prices sky rocket for weeks while people gear their characters. I read and heard about so many people stockpiling mats, ready to dump for season six.

It's not going to happen. It's just not going to be like the glyphs were a week ago.

Here's why:

PVE - People are not clearing Ulduar at anywhere near the rate of naxx 10-25. Even 10 man ulduar is challenging enough that you cannot pug it. What I've noticed in the raids is that, especially in 10 man, the dps have far more responsibilities and fight gimmicks to watch out for. Another thing to note is that there's more randomness in accounters (adds spawning and locations, cooldown timers, etc). You're not going to walk out with a smorgeousboard of goods like naxx.

PVP - No one will be buying gear out of the gate with season six. Why? Because you're going to need to play 50 games and win every time just to start seeing gear! There will be a decent group of players purchasing free hateful/deadly rewards but other than this group no one will be buying gear. Yes prices will rise from this group alone, but I'm doubtful that it will be sustained more than a day or two.

So what's going to happen to the market for season six? People are going to flood... A LOT. With little demand and high supply prices will plummet and create the greatest buying oppurtunity in the history of warcraft. No real change in demand, but an assumed change by the playerbase!

Play it smart and look for when these items become amazing deals:

Enchanting Mats
Leg armor kits / Spellthreads

Good Luck.

PS: Use that money you made with glyphs to reinvest into the market. I'll probably be spending 90% of it on these items the next couple of days and into the weekend.

EXAMPLE: I purchased fifteen blue gems on the day after patch day and had them cut into +24 stam. Sold them all for 30 gold each over the course of last week. Total profit of around 15 gold per gem.

Time is Money - Wow Insider

I've taken a look at the Wow Insider column Time is Money and I have some advice for the writer(s).

For one, I really like to see people getting the word out about good gold making strategies for free. The writing style is easy to read, even if the content is a little vague.

Readers of JMTC know that I cite my ideas and quote the responsible parties with follow up links and descriptions. If I come up with ideas on my own I usually show in game videos or describe the thinking behind my strategies. What I do not like about this Time is Money column is that it does not cite ANYONE for the ideas within these posts. I'm going to give Time is Money the benefit of the doubt and assume that this column is being 'shot from the hip' with no research behind the information.

I hope that this assumption is correct, because if most of the information contained within Time is Money comes from the various gold making blogs out there then Time is Money is doing a great disservice to the wow community by not citing their sources. That's all I have to say about that, as I am extremely greatful for the columns, The Daily Quest and The Queue, which have covered my blog multiple times. In fact, I want to take time to say thank you to you guys from the The Daily Quest and The Queue for the thousands of new readers you've introduced to my blog and I love how you scour the web looking for blogs to show your readers.

Time is Money has several flaws which I want to point out in the hope of improving it. Look at my blog and ask why is it successful? Players want specific ways to make gold and they want estimates on how much gold they will make for their time. They also want out of the box thinking combined with intelligent analysis of gold strategies. More specifics, more examples, and more numbers are what makes them come back.

I totally understand where Time is Money is coming from, they want to teach you how to make your own gold strategy instead of handing you one or two examples. Which is exactly how I started my gold guide. It was just a list of the game mechanics and professions you should make use of when finding gold niches on your server. However, players react better to examples of gold making strategies and actually bulid better upon already established gold making ideas. That's why at the end of my guide I added over 60 ways to make gold using professions because just saying do this and look for this value is not enough. People like it when you connect the dots for them, and it reinforces the process for when they go off on their own and find their own gold making strategies. I also took auctioneer and explained in detail how it works, how to make money with it, and how to compete against those doing the same thing as you.

In other words I am always looking at the next idea, taking old ideas and adapting to new situations, as well as explaining my thinking process so that others can follow along easily or even build upon it.

Here, as an example, I'll take each post and add to them with more information that would allow people to immediately start making gold after reading.

Disenchanting Tips
You can disenchant Stone Guard Bands which cost 2 eternal earths and make good profits selling the infinite dusts and greater cosmic essences. Shadowmight Bands are a great option as well.

The information on disenchanting blues is misleading, most blue items cost much more than 15-20 gold which is the value of dreamshards currently.

The tip on using the auction house to find weapons/armor for disenchanting is great, but making your own items is even better! How about going one step further and showing people where they can get the materials? Such as eternal earth or elementals in wintersgrasp.

Addons to Beat the Vendors
I like this post except that you need to follow up with posts for each addon, especially auctioneer. Going into the specifics of how they work and how you can use them would really be helpful. For instance my 22 steps to using auctioneer is a great starter guide that shows step by step how to use auctioneer to make money right away. There is a lot more to auctioneer than just using it's search features, as you have to populate its values with scans first and many new players have no idea how this system works.

I know this from the dozens of emails I've received asking me why a search returns no results (becuase no scans have been done before the search).

Selling Your Quest Rewards
This post is useful for new players and does a good job of explaining the value of soul bound items when deciding which to take for the sole purpose of vendoring. However, instead of guessing at the value of these items you could simply use auctioneer to mouse over the items and see their values.

Farming in StormPeaks
This is my favorite post, it sited exactly what to do and where to go; though there was not much information on what to do with the items farmed.

For instance, the saronite mined in this area can be made into bars and sold individually for 300% more than in stacks of 20. A mining map or herbing map would of been great instead of writing 'herbs are all over the place'. Eternal Fires should be broken up into crystallized fire for the best profits too.

As far as I know Just My Two Copper was the first website to discuss the value of the Nascent Val'kyr who drop the best gray item for farming in the game. Something I didn't see mentioned was the fact that these mobs also drop a trinket worth thousands of gold (though it will become less valuable as ulduar gear becomes more readily available along with naxx trinkets). Also, the relics of ulduar sell best on the weekend when players with the least time on their hands are on and just want to get their rep up as quickly as possible.

In conclusion, Time is Money has great potential, a huge audience, and dedicated writers. A little more thoroughness will go a long way as well as smaller, more concise articles. In order to achieve this, I've learned that you have to shoot for only one or two ideas in each article, as there is just too much information to write about if you expand further. I think Time is Money could avoid some of the vagueness by limiting the number of ideas within each article.

Talk about hypocrisy, look at the length of this post and tell me to be more concise... hehe

As a side note I do not mean to compare Time is Money with JMTC, it's not exactly a fair comparison with 4 posts vs 130+. I just don't want Time is Money to make the same mistakes that I made when I first started out three months ago.

Visit their posts in the links above and leave some comments to help Time is Money grow and become a better column. The writers will appreciate your support, thanks.

If you're starting your own blog (as I know many of you are) then you will probably benefit from this message of "simplicity with detail" as well.

Banking Again - The importance of space

Space is a precious commodity in this game. With several sets of gear, dozens of fun items, and other miscelaneous goods, there usually isn't enough room in your bank and/or bags to hold your auction house items.

That's where your alt comes in! If you haven't created a deathknight, now's the time for some free 16 slot bags and within an hour of leveling you'll have a 58 in a major city.

Having an alt is a huge relief on your bagspace and makes auctioneering so much easier. For some math on what's the cheapest way to get the most bag space, check out my post I made on bank alt math.

Remember, sending mail between your own characters is instantaneous.

For another great read on this subject, check out Zekta's Stuff. This blog has some good info, definitely worth a look.

Auctioneer Suite 5.4

There were tons of changes made to the background processes of auctioneer, but the biggest change for end users was probably the price per stack / per each pricing option.

Go grab auctioneer, and if you are new you may want to check out my 22 steps to using auctioneer. If you're still struggling with auctioneer and making gold in wow, then I highly recommend my gold guide which I will be updating for patch 3.1 this weekend.
You will retain all information from past auctioneer scans with this update, so please do not remove the old auctioneer files before installing, as the new files will simply overwrite the data that needs to be replaced.

Happy Hunting... I mean Auctioneering!

Suggestion Box Friday (4/17/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Use the topics I bring up in this post or write anything you'd like about making gold in wow. Make use of that comments section, I want to hear what you think too! :)

Community Spotlight

Check out Northrend Aoe which was a video response to my Dragonblight farming spot, and created by Gaur2k. His video has given me an idea for a contest that I will announce next week. Should be fun :)

Game Changes and Bugs

Lots of email about game changes and bugs. For instance, if you have an herbalist/miner you can see both on the map while searching for one of them. No idea if this holds true for the fish finder ability, if someone could try this I would really appreciate it!

Another pretty big game change is the fact that books are no longer needed for first aid, fishing, and cooking. That means that grabbing the book in bootybay for fishing is no longer going to get you a few easy gold anymore.

Have you noticed any other interesting changes or bugs with patch 3.1?

Thank you Saturas and Darkdemon for those changes/bugs.


Regarding being the lowest seller:
Nitemarre said...
hey, this is just a thought, but say you were to buyout the abyss crystals, and repost them, you may only be making 1g per auction, but aren't you fixing the prices (keeping them at 100g)? As long as supply isn't so huge it may be the desirable outcome.

To Nitemarre: This is a byproduct of selling consistently at market value and definately has a positive impact on future sales. Thanks for pointing it out.

Regarding Changes in 3.1 - Material Requirements
Archangel said...
I think you also need to see the big picture with "changes in patch 3.1": the changes to the reagents needed to craft useful leveling items like Smoking Heart.

Blizzard is removing a plethora of reagents from old world items/enchants, reagents that are currently, for some players, a decent amount of income : Greater Eternal Essence, Elemental Water, Hearth of Fire, Heavy Leather, Rugged Leather, Guardian Stone, strange items like Wicked Claw, Ironfeathers and the list may continue.

Second, they are reducing the mats needed for many old items/enchants: mageweave and runecloth bolts require 4 cloth instead of 5, thorium ore, dust essences, everything is less.So while Blizzard is aiming to help all the (leveling) players, not to waste time chasing these elusive or long time to get materials, I’m sure they will hit a good number of niche markets too.

Email - Success Story

Received an email with this picture, I'll keep the sender anonymous as I don't know his character name:

It took me a month and a half but I finally got my chopper and I did it from using the info from your site.




I'm holding onto all my item enhancement and recipe materials for after S6 starts, as many players haven't even upgraded a single item since patch 3.1 was released. I hope the glyph market has been generous to everyone involved and I am definately looking forward towards tonight and tomorrow for one last big hurrah of sales. This will probably be the last time we see glyphs in such high demand (unless of course there is another expansion in the future with 10 more levels).

3.1 Glyph Sales Still Going

I was selling glyphs every fifteen seconds the first two hours of the patch, and it's the most fun I've had in a while on the auction house. Slowly I'd work my way up from warrior to deathknight or vice versa making glyphs and posting them onto the ah right away. During this process (about 45 mins long), a bombardment of yellow text greeted me:

A buyer has been found for your glyph of the XXXXXX
Sorry, if I made that yellow it would be too hard to see, so use your imagination!

Because I was selling every glyph (YES EVERY SINGLE GLYPH), I could see players buying whole sets of glyphs in my chat pane. With hundreds of inks in reserve, it was easy to repost glyphs as they were purchased.

My strategy? If the glyphs were over 20 gold and had good competition, I'd simply post two glyphs at a small undercut. Should there be one or two glyphs completely underpriced (less than 5 gold), it was easy enough to just buy them out and repost for 15-35 gold.

Players were purchasing glyphs so fast that they managed to keep demand beyond the supply, regardless of how many auctioneers were doing the same strategy as myself. A friend of mine, Jhaman, was posting glyphs at the same time as me (going from the opposite end of the profession tab in reverse order compared to me), yet we rarely even saw each others' gliyphs! That's how fast they were being sold.

While everyone else is running around trying to get their specs/glyphs set up, I'm making tons of gold, and it will only get better this weekend.

Do I have to be the lowest priced item to sell?

This question is something I see all the time:

Do I have to be the lowest priced item to sell?

The answer is an emphatic...


I rely on simple mathematics to sell my goods: If an item is worth X amount I sell it for X amount, even if seven idiots are selling it for X-Y amount.

You see, if an item is valued by the playerbase and purchased frequently, then people will snatch up those cheaper priced goods and eventually get to mine. Who makes more money? The undercutter or me who posted them at normal value?

Let's have fun with some more math.

The auction house takes 5% of your profits, so if you buy an undercutter who is posting at X-6% and you resell it for X, you will make 1% of X off the sale.

Let's make that easier to read shall we? We'll use Abyss crystals because I love to do this with them.

Abyss crystal, my price: 100 gold.
Undercutter price: 94 gold.
Auction house cut of 100 gold: 5 gold.

So if I buy out the person selling for 94 gold and resell for 100 gold, I will make 1 gold.

Let's say I buy out 10 abyss crystals at 88 gold, and relist them two at a time for 100 gold each. Sure more undercutters appear, but eventually over a 48 hour period my auctions will sell and I'll repost as they do.


Another Success Story

I love getting emails, pm's in game, etc about people who have succeeded thanks to the blog posts, guide, and/or youtube videos.

This one just really made my day:

Thanks, basically all your free information has helped me so much in farming these past few days that i've gone from 200g 72 noob DK to 76 3kg no noob DK.
Just a big thanks :)


You're very welcome! Thanks for the email.

AOE in Dragonblight

Feezee of Baelgun emailed me with this great aoe spot for mages.

Respawn Time: Kill one group and fly to the next, it will have fully respawned by then!

Abilities: A rend like ability that stacks and deals some decent damage. This is your only threat so getting hit as little as possible while grouping them up is important.

Drops: Normal world drops.

Changes in Patch 3.1 - Smoking Heart of the Mountain

Smoking Heart of the Mountain

This trinket looks like a great dk leveling trinket, here are the mats:

Requires Essence of Fire (3), Small Brilliant Shard (3)

Guess what mats I suggest to stock up on?

So why has this trinket's stats been adjusted? Many lower level crafted items such as trinkets, armor, enchants, and weapons are having their stats adjusted to make them more valuable to a leveling character in patch 3.1. Obviously any items that share positions with account bound purchases will not sell as well as the other slots, but you should take a look through your profession tabs to see if any items have become best in slot for twinks or just useful for leveling in general.

UPDATE: Check here for more info on your particular profession and mat changes.

Here's an item I think will be very popular with twinks:
Spidersilk Drape

WG Herbing Route

Bane has done it again! Here's his WG Herbing Route which I highly recommend all you herbalists out there take a look at.

If you are interested in the location of eternals in wintersgrasp, check out my map here.

EoV Bracers and Ulduar 3.1 Patch Notes

Medivhgold had this to say about EoV bracers and changes that will come with ulduar:

I just found several shocking statements by the blues regarding EoVs on the blue tracker

You can read the blue tracker here and here
You might have to scroll down a bit

Certain key points can be derived

-Ulduar10 drops different colored EoVs
-Nothing besides relics/totems/idol/sigils will be added to the EoV vendor
-Blizzard doesn't "want piling up a bunch of emblems now to give a big advantage when a patch launches where someone buys a set of gear from the beginning."
-Which means, you won't be able to buy Tier8 tokens with EoV if things remain as they are until patch day!

What does this mean for you?

Sell your EoV bracers! Now! Yesterday!
Sell them while they still fetch anywhere from 1k to 3k!!!

Well that is, it depends on whether you still have any use for Emblems of Valor before Ulduar hits. So before I begin making premature decisions, here are still some last few things (besides selling the bracers) one could buy with it:
1) Off-spec Gear
2) PvP Gear
3) Tier tokens and remaining items for mainspec Gear

Why shouldn't one start liquidating their EoV stock?
1) You plan to change your spec immediately, or when ulduar comes out.
2) You've been pvping, and you just need that one or two more set pieces to get the bonus
3) You've only started raiding recently, or you've been really unlucky, and you really need that gear upgrade.
For those reasons, you might indeed make a better investment in gear upgrades than in liquidating your stock.

If you don't belong in the above categories, or unsure of where you are, you might then want to consider the following.
1) If you have an offspec, but you don't think you'll be using it for serious raiding anytime soon. Go ahead and sell your 60 badges, ulduar 10 and 25 will be dropping plenty of gear, and both versions will drop gear that are half a tier to a tier better than whatever offspec gear you can get from the vendor now.
2) If you're more pvp oriented, or you intend to start soon, just sell. Arena season has ended for now, although you can still earn and spend points for another week or so. (Do correct me! I have not really been keeping up with season 5) The new ulduar 10 badges can still be used for hateful gear. But more importantly, Ulduar 25 conquest badges can purchase Deadly gear. If you have yet to start pvping intensively, wait for ulduar, sell your badges now while they still fetch a pretty price.
3) If you have gear upgrades from the vendor still, but they are more of sidegrades to minor upgrades. Just go and sell your bracers, Ulduar is a few weeks away, and most of what you have now will be upgraded the raid you attend right after patch drops.

And if you're hesitating, here's why you should start selling now
a) There will be no further use for your emblems, you cannot buy tier 8 with it, so there is no point in saving it up to get instant upgrades the day 3.1 hits live.
b) The only way to liquidate EoV pre and post patch as a result, will be to buy these BoE bracers and sell. However, there will be a huge difference in the price they can fetch pre and post patch. Currently, the ilvl 213 Bind on Equip wrist gear are decent to best possible gear slots for a great many classes and specs, and are pretty much the BEST bind on equip bracers any class can get. BUT, once 3.1 hits, and the huge horde masses towards ulduar, you'll soon see ilvl 219 bracers hitting the auction house. That is because half the wrist slot drops in 10 man ulduar will be bind on equip, like this and this and this and this. I think you get my point!
The demand for the old ilvl 213 bracers will definitely tank(of the submarine type, not the soak damage kind).

Ultimately, you must make the right decision for yourself.
As for me, you'll find me in trade channel broadcasting "WTS 60 eov bracer, pst"

The only thing I have to add is that these bracers will also make great gear for your fresh 80 alts. Should the price of these bracers drop so low that abyss crystals are more valuable, I think you'll all know just what to do!

Suggestion Box Friday (4/10/09)

Suggestion Box Friday - This is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes today, as long as it has to do with making gold in wow.

Addon Spotlight:

Auctionlite is an interesting new addon that was brought to my attention by the author Merial Kilrogg a few weeks ago. I've been testing it and giving her feedback on the addon since then. I can say that this is a great addition to auctioneer and makes spotting outliers even easier than reading pct.

If you think auctioneer is too complicated then I would suggest trying this addon as a substitute to auctioneer. An interesting feature is the ability to buy multiple items at once, instead of having to select purchase for every item the way auctioneer has you buy.

Simplicity is the key to this addon and makes it a must have for auctioneers who would like to speed up the buying process and thus save time overall.

Blog Spotlight:

RP4FunAndProfit is a new blog coming out written by Spark with an interesting twist: It's an RP gold making site! Pretty cool huh? Why not head on over to his site and let Sparks know what you think :)

Congratulations to last week's Blog Spotlight: Skrooge who was already featured on Wowinsider's the Queue this week!

Your Comments

Regarding Reverse Speculation and Icy Dragonscales:
Wiggin said...
I have over a thousand dragonscales, but I never paid more than 1.25g per...and I'm still buying a few stacks a day. It just seems my server (Cho'gall) either doesn't read your blog, or there is just too much supply. I know I won't make back my money quickly...but I hope to be one of the largest suppliers on my server. I plan to hit the market on patch day with 3 different toons with 3 different and increasing prices. Wish me luck!

To Wiggin: GOOD LUCK! Be sure to get all the other people that hoarded scales to post underneath your initial posts before undercutting with your other toons (I'm assuming that's your plan in the first place).

Regarding Back to Basics - Auctioneer Recap
Anonymous said...
Does auctioneer keep the data from different realms separate? I assume it does since markets vary from server to server, but I've been hesitant to use it on other servers with the fear it may skew the data on my main.

To Anonymous: Post a name next time, Don't be shy! Yes auctioneer keeps data between realms seperate.

Regarding Hunter Ammunition
B said...
Hey Marcko. Check out if you don't have it already. It uses auctioneer data to calculate your inventory etc so you can see how much gold you really have :)

To B: Cool!!!!


TONS of gold making ideas, blogs, and much more have reached my mailbox. I will do my best to work them into the site over the next several weeks. Keep sending in your tips and I'll continue to post them. Remember to let me know if you'd like to remain anonymous.


What will patch day hold for auctioneer? Will it cease to work with 3.1? How will you combat this? I'm considering posting all my glyphs the night before the patch hits, just in case auctioneer stops working with the new .LUA changes.

Average Joe's Farming Spot

Just to the west of the Argent Dawn camp where you can do Troll Patrol is an amazing farming spot.

I like to call it: Average Joe's Farming Spot. It's quiet, out of the way, and very safe.

The mobs here chain pull like crazy and are kind of fun to engage. Especially the gargoyles, whom you can prevent from grabbing nearby defenders and tossing them to their doom. I like to taunt them on their way up so they have to fly back down and release the defender. It's kind of fun actually :)

Drops are cloth, grays, and world greens (with the occasional scroll or potion as well). If you are leveling, I highly suggest farming here for some easy xp and nice gold.


Back to Basics - Auctioneer Recap

In regards to using auctioneer, how has it worked for you guys?

I am consistently pulling in 1000 gold daily with around a half hour of work each night(Emptying my mailbox takes up most of my time because it can only load a few dozen items at once). I am seeing 500-800 auctions per night with around 60-80% sales.

This is just from using the resale and vendor searches, I'm not factoring in any material manipulation with professions.

For the newer users, I recommend scanning twice a day for four days minimum and being sure to atleast get one weekend included in those four days before trusting your auctioneer's prices.

None of your bids are going through? Check out my mini-guide to bidding at the right times.

Auctions not selling? Read my guide on what items to focus on with auctioneer.

If you still haven't grabbed the FREE add-on, here's a link to my review.

Here's my (slightly outdated) guide to using auctioneer in 22 steps.

Reverse Speculation

Ever seen the show MadMoney? If you have, you're not the only ones watching it that want to make some money. You see, countless investors do exactly what the show tells them, and wallstreet sharks take advantage of all the little fish mindlessly following the show.

How does this relate to the world of warcraft economy?

Take Icy Dragonscales. Players flocked to the auction house to buy these items which are going to be used as many as 40 at a time for a single pattern in Ulduar. What happened to the price? Supply dropped, demand rose.... 300% markup! I'm seeing Icy Dragonscales start to drop again, but not before several smart players took advantage of the influx of buyers.

I saw people buying out the dragonscales at 2-3 gold per when they used to go for 1.1-1.5 gold per. Those players who either read my post, wowinsider's post covering mine, or just saw the sudden surge of buyers, dumped their dragonscales onto the auciton house for great profits. Those players who didn't know the market grabbed as many as they could with the promise that on patch day they'd get more than double their money back.

This whole process is something I call Reverse Speculation. The art of selling goods when buyers are told they are a good deal or will be needed later. There's nothing wrong with this process, it's a totaly legitemate way to make gold, but I'd also like to point out to the newer auctioneers that this is definately something to watch out for.

Have you ever used reverse speculation to your advantage? Comment!

Dream Shards Are Getting Rarer... Patch 3.1

I am getting this horrible feeling of deja'vu. Remember that post about dream shards I did way back? Explaining why they weren't as big as I originally thought after patch 3.0?

Well, now I'm convinced they are going to be big... very big in patch 3.1.

Why? Let's see, when supply is low and demand is med-high, prices go up right?

What happens when you have an item that very few people are collecting but a decent group of players still need for enchants or acquiring new recipes? Um... prices should rise.

So, here's my thinking for Patch 3.1 and I'm already starting to see it with dream shards currently. Here's why I think the supply of dreamshards has hit an all time low:

  • There's no content in the game past 5 mans that drops blue loot.
  • There are no items in the game worth disenchanting that frequently drop dream shards.
  • Players have been buying enchanting mats for months while dream shards were slowly dissappearing from guild banks.

Dream shards on my server are as high as 17-18 gold, which if you remember my video a while back is 2 gold more than the highest price I purchased before patch 3.0.8. Do you think that dream shards will be a profitable investment this time around, or will I once again mistake scarcity for people stockpiling?


Hunter Ammunition - How to turn a profit

Hi Markco.

I just wanted to forward a little tip to you regarding hunters ammunition.

The Saronite Arrow Maker and Ultrasafe Bullet Machine doesn't currently show up under the Ammunition tab in the Auction House, and it seems that a lot of hunters are blissfully unaware that they even exist. I'm using this to my advantage of course!

These crates go for around 60-80g on my server, while a stack of arrows/bullets, which does show up in the correct tab, is easily sold for 10g. There's 10 stacks in each crate, so we're looking at 20-40g profit for rightclicking 10 times and I can easily sell 5-6 crates worth a day.


Great tip skrooge! Thanks for sharing.

Enterprising auctioneers should also try breaking up popular elements such as eternal fire into crystallized fire and selling it that way.

Essence of Undeath Farming Spot

You mentioned the old essences selling pretty well, undeath being one of the big ones (8g 45s a piece on emerald dream). Well Zul'Mashar in the upper north east of the Eastern Plague lands is a snap for that stuff. There are several graves in from of the pyramid that spawn undead Infected Mossflayers around level 55-57. Clearing the whole group can net you as much as 5-6 of them. The spawn rate is super fast as well.

Sorry if you got this one already, just got to your site and loving the info!

Ettis, Emerald Dream

Excellent Email! Thanks Ettis, I had forgotten about this spot completely. Note that this location also yields a decent amount of runecloth. The greens can disenchant into some great money makers as well.

Note: By stepping on graves you will cause more to spawn, making aoeing the whole group fairly easy and you can 'choose' how many you want to kill at a time by not stepping on all of them.

Suggestion Box Friday (4/3/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes as long as it pertains to accumulating gold in wow.

Blog Spotlight: Skrooge

Skrooge has a new blog, where he is aiming at making 25,000 gold starting with 100 on a server with no other supporting characters. I love this idea and tried it myself a while back, stopping at 1k gold. I highly encourage that other people try this as well, if nothing more than to improve your auction house skills. Did I mention it's fun too?

Comments of the Week

Regarding lockboxes requiring 405 skill to open:
Anonymous said...
The lockboxes no longer require 405 lockpicking. They've dropped down to 400. The epic gems are also no longer BOP. Another change in 3.1 is that the recipe for dark leather gloves no longer requires fine leather gloves. If you've been hoping to buy these patterns and sell them for a profit, you're out of luck.

Regarding winning bids on the auction house:

Regarding Selling Bags on patch day:
Ramsey said...
I apologize; I realize that my previous post was unclear. This is based on the PTR, which could obviously change at any time.Quivers are *NOT* disappearing.

The requirement that every hunter use one or have gimp DPS is going away, though. Jesse is correct that you can still use them as massive ammo bags if you really want to carry enough rounds to last you until the next expansion.

Personally, I'm going to drop mine for a real bag. I can fit all the ammo I need for an outing in 6-8 slots easily. Quivers will be worth a lot less come patch day, so if you have any laying around, try to get them sold ASAP.

I'm sure there are many hunters who won't know about this change until they read the patch notes.

Regarding Gems or Ore for patch day:
Sherry said...
Markco, I suspect non-unique epic gems will not come out in Ulduar if we compare it to burning crusade progression.

Taking naxx to be like t4, and ulduar to be t5, one could postulate that ulduar would still be using rare gems with the occasional unique epic stormjewel. This is especially since epic gems in BC did not appear until t6, from black temple and hyjal.

However, I totally agree with you that keeping gems in their most raw form allows you an amazing flexibility that will allow you to squeeze the most gold on patch day!

Blog Thoughts / Discussion

I wasn't happy with the blog this week. Posts I'd written weeks ago finally made it into my que, and they were obviously outdated in terms of patch 3.1 information. Since patch information is so volatile (literally changing every week) I think that I will refrain from making too many economic predictions on the subject from now on. If I see something amazing, I'll post about it. But otherwise I'd like to try and keep the blog on the 'how to make money now' track. What do you want to see? Do you like the 3.1 posts on items and economic predictions? Would you rather have more auction house strategies and farming spots?


Requires 405 Lock Picking Skill - WHAT!?

Quoting Warcraft Econ:

"The epic gems, which are quite rare, just seems to be a small profession bonus of taking up Fishing. A unique item I came across in the bag is a new type of lockbox, [Tiny Titanium Lockbox]. Make no mistake since it has tiny in the name, these contain some of the best and most profitable items from the daily.

They can contain Stormjewels, blue quality gems, blue items, and some vendor trash. The last box I received contained a
[Runed Stormjewel], two [Scarlet Ruby], a level 78 blue item, and some vendor trash. For all the non-fishermen out there, the only
way you are going to get your hands on epic gems is to buy one of these lockboxes.

The interesting thing about these boxes are they require a Rogue with 405 lockpicking skill to open. For those of you that have one, you will quickly realize the current cap at 80 is only 400 skill. To get those 5 extra points, you will need a crafted item called
[Dark Leather Gloves].

These gloves are going to be hard to get because they are a low level world drop
recipe for Leatheworkers. Not only that, you will need
[Fine Leather Gloves], because it is one of the required materials to create [Dark Leather Gloves], which are another world drop.

So assuming you are a Leatherworker, you are going to need to obtain two world drop recipes just to craft these."

Get a hold of these items ASAP and get them on your rogue (or hold them if you don't have a rogue). You will make tons from tips doing this, but you may want to just sell the gloves for outrageous prices come 3.1.

For the comments: Will Blizzard implement another way to get 405 lock picking skill?

How to Win Bids in World of Warcraft - Auction House Strategy

Take it from Gammon, this really works!

See how to win your bids gauranteed, even if it's an item of tremendous value on the auction house.

Become a world of warcraft auction house pro with this tip!

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