Darkmoon Faire - Artic Furs?

Not sure if anyone has said anything about this before, but Lhara always has some good stuff to buy and resell. I've bought some Arctic Furs a few times which she sells for 12g and resold them for 50-60g on Detheroc. She also sells some gems and herbs and restocks her stuff about every 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

Dome - Detheroc

Great tip, I had no idea she sold artic furs! What a sweet may to make some easy gold. Thanks for the tip.

Mining Time - One Last Call for Alcohol

It's time to mine!!!

With so many engineering items being taken out of arenas, many engineers are moving towards jewelcrafting to remain competetive. (Thank you Wiggin for bringing this up last week).

This means that ore is going to rise, and you would be wise to start mining. This also means that there will be an influx of inexpensive gems as people dump them just to make room for the next set of skillups. Some would say, "oh no this will ruin my gem market," but the wise auctioneer would say... "What items can I make from these gems and then disenchant for profit?"

Here are some posts on mining that should help you gather. Also, I'm looking for a map of thousand needles if anyone has it, as that is probably the best midlevel ore farming spot in the game.

Howling Fjord

I predict the 'choke points' for jewelcrafting to be: Mithril, Thorium, FelIron, Adamantite and Cobalt.

Suggestion Box Friday (5/29/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer. It's when I, the gold making master, step down from my saronite plated throne and let lovable rank amateurs take a shot at making heads or tails out of wow economics.

It's the last friday of the month of may so it's time for a recap!

Pageviews: 180,000+
Average Time per Visit: 3:02
Forum Members: 302
Youtube Subscribers: 786
Twitter Followers: 137

If you aren't a member of one of the three activities linked above, then please take the time to sign up! These are great oppurtunities to provide you with ways to interract with your fellow auctioneers as well as myself.

XFire Live was a total failure for me with frequent disconnects while active. I've had several people suggest justintv; do you have any recommendations for a new Live Feed of my play?

Here are two videos in particular that were well done but did not make the final cut for the gold guide contest of last week:

Netherweave bags and Cloth Disenchants

Long Elegant Feathers

Word of Caution with Tournament Pets

On the forums there is a discussion going on about tournament pets and how the prices are dropping on all servers. This is understandable considering the fact that pet collectors would of been the first big buyers with the initial introduction of the new vanity items. Now you've got to convince casuals to buy your goods which can be pretty difficult.

I'd like to suggest several methods for selling your goods that will save you the agony of auction house cuts and costs to post. For one, you should link in trade chat the pets that you can purchase. Use an addon which will allow you to see items in the game and link them or whisper yourself the items when you are at the argent tournament for later use in trade chat. Say something along the lines of "Selling [Pet #1], [Pet #2], [Pet #3] 1,500 gold each."

Another great resource for selling your items is the world of warcraft forums. There you can offer to sell pets to your own faction or cross faction via the neutral auction house. Be sure to advertise your wares in your particular server forum and not the general or professions forums.

Pet prices are going to go down more and more as the pet collectors are replaced by casuals looking to spend their hard earned cash on a new vanity item. Sell them now while you can and also look for people selling them way too low out of frustration.

Glinda from Only Ten More Points has published excellent read on making money with pets.

Cobalt Route in Howling Fjord

Last friday Vennren added a comment to the post: Smelting My Gold, which I thought was so good that it deserved some front page time.
Vennren said...
My bad, typo in link, so here is the fix for the cobalt route(s) I go through; Cobalt Route.
Click the link for a higher quality image!

It just so happens that so many people farm saronite ore that cobalt sometimes sells better and is easier to come by. Like the author, I found Howling Fjord to be the best place in the game for farming cobalt ore.

On my server cobalt ore is either in large supply or completely gone, and this is due to the fact that there are never enough people farming it to supply one or two others powerleveling a profession like blacksmithing, jewelcrafting or engineering. When the supply dissappears I usually post 4-6 stacks for outrageous prices and laugh when they sell for as much as 60 gold a stack.

Even if you don't snipe like the example I just gave, you can still farm cobalt very quickly and get decent money for your time.

If you go the route of prospecting the ore than remember to also cut the gems for maximum profit. Red, yellow, and orange gem variations sell the best.

2350 Weapon

Oh baby, look at this hot weapon. I may be the only warrior in the world who is going to shelve this in the bank after using it. Woot, thanks to my teammate thunderion, I hope to see him with his weapon in around two weeks. #1 Prot warrior in the world with the best 2h in the game. Life is good! :D

Wow.com Hates Just My Two Copper - Wow Time is Money

Dear Wow.Com,

After having been emailed by the lead producer for Wow.com (the previous wowinsider.com) I fervently believe that they HATE this site. From what he said, they do not appreciate the requests I made for them to cite their sources when making their Time is Money articles, and what's really funny is the way they dance around my posts. Have you noticed that JMTC went from being covered on a weekly basis by Wow.com, to suddenly never showing up again? Interesting, no?

For instance, Time is Money releases an article on farming saronite. They go out of their way to find a NEW icecrown mining route, even though the daily quest already gave props to bane from this site for his icecrown map. How hillarious.

Once again Time is Money gave wonderfully small segments of advice that are virtually worthless to the wow community at large. For instance, going by wowhead price data is a complete waste of time. I've found it to be outdated, inflated, and just plain wrong in most cases. Next, the entire article focused on selling saronite ore as either bars or prospecting it. Now this is good info, but why not mention the fact that selling the saronite bars one at a time yields 300% profit on your investment? Sigh, how nubbish to try and smelt bars to resell them without further planning. Sure you can snipe the ore when it's low, but Time is Money didn't even mention this. In fact, there's more information in the comments of the article than the article body itself. One commenter pointed out that saronite bars cost 30 gold to put up for 48 hours and sell for around 35 gold per stack, which means Time is Money probably never even tried to sell a stack of saronite bars before.

Did you notice Time is Money did not overextend in their writing style this time around? Remember when I told them that their problem was in being too vague and spreadout in their Time is Money articles? Hmmm, it looks like they took the hint this time.

Wow.com you featured JMTC multiple times with my excellent video guides, auction house strategies, and farming locations. You're missing out on not covering this blog and you can simply go back to your visitor numbers on the days in which you covered my posts to see how beneficial they were to your internet trafficing.

Perhaps you should reconsider completely ignoring the greatest community of wow economic tipsters on the planet. Just take a look at our forums to see what I'm talking about.


Gold Making Master Markco

The Cost of Buying Low and Selling High

Have you ever wondered what will happen to a market if every day you are purchasing at X price and reselling at a higher price?

Look at eternal earths on your server. Many, many players know that you can make cheap items for disenchanting through the clever use of eternal earths, and thus these players are purchasing the earths if they are worth less than 2 infinite dusts. What happens to the price when this happens? Eventually, the price of earths rises slowly but surely to a value above being worth it to disenchant.

This happens in cycles, as people stop buying the earths because they can no longer disenchant for profit and the price will eventually drop back down to a level that enchanters will purchase at again.

Do you already see how this cycle could be valuable to you? Let's say you purchase 100 eternal earths for the purpose of disenchanting. You turn 60 of them into stoneguard bands and then disenchant. The other 40 you hold on to in your bank while you wait for the price of earths to rise. A week or two later the price of earths has gone from 5 gold to 10 gold per eternal. You post your 40 slowly in stacks of 1 and only repost when the couple you have up on the auction house get bought out. Instead of making 6 gold on average per two earths you are making 10 gold.

Infinite prices dropping can also cause earths to drop, this creates a great buying oppurtunity as less people will buy the earths and cause a surplus. Paying attention to the way markets react to each other is essential to being a good auctioneer.

For more info on farming crystallized earth, you should check my farming videos:


Learning to Learn

As you've seen in my previous e-mails and posts (I post as "Bill") I've appreciated your advice and wanted to let you know how well its worked out.

After a couple of months I now have 30k more cash than I did before. Plus I've raised an alchemist to 300, an Inscriber to 420, Leatherworked to 390, Jewelcrafter to 445. I already was doing Tailoring and Blacksmithing. I've bought an Ice Mammoth (the 600g one, but apparently my uber raiding newphew thinks this makes me "rich"), the Red Drake and the mounts needed for the Albino drake. I've also dropped over 5k on purple upgrades to help me get ready for raiding. Although I made some from quests, most of it was farming and selling.

I'm not uber rich. But probably because after I broke 20k in cash, I got lazy. I CAN buy any of the expensive items I want. Or drop several hundred gold on twink gear, fast mounts, etc. I guess I like looking at my gold total more than a motorcycle.

Things that worked for me:
- Eternal Belt Buckles, Enchanting Rods, Weapons chains.
- Netherweave Bags, Spellthread, 28 slot Herb and Shard bags.
- Raid food
- Saronite Bar singles.
- When I get bored I farm various spots in Storm Peaks for Relics and other stuff.
- Transmuting Mithril to Truesilver and Thorium to Arcanite. Who needs a max level skill to make money? :)

I have the resources to make more from jewelcrafting and inscribing. But tailoring and blacksmithing is much easier to make money with at the moment. But when I decide I want to spend a little more time making even more money that's my choice.

So thanks for the advice and opening my eyes. Although I have a lot to learn, learning how to learn was the first step.


Two points here you should take from this email:
1. Max level skills are not required to make a lot of money.
2. The items he sold are still valuable in today's market.

Thanks for the email bill! Your contributions to the site have always been thoughtful and appreciated.

Markco on XFIRE

Come watch me live at http://www.xfire.com/live_video/markcolol/

Enjoy, I will try to get on this frequently and allow those interested in prot pvp to see some action, and I will try to turn it on when I play the AH as well.

Thanks for watching!

If you are reading via a feed and want to see today's actual post, go here.

Noob Guide to Making Gold

I think it's time for a noob guide to the world of warcraft auction house and making gold in general. Just my two copper is a great resource for noobs, but the problem is finding the right information! There's so many posts, so many user comments, videos, and now the forums that a noob could easily become overwhelmed or even frustrated.

Now, understand that being a noob is not a negative thing. We all started from somewhere right? Just look at me: 20+ days to level my first character (my warrior) to 60! If you had told me then that I was going to turn around and write a blog, gold guide, youtube channel, forum, and twitter I would of laughed my way to Sillithus for a guild run of AQ.

Here is my list of must reads on the site which focus on Auction Housing:

22 Steps
Bid Low, Sell Normal
The 80/20 Rule
Banking Space
Auction House Viper

Here are the most popular farming spot videos:

Seething Revenants
Scions of Storm
Icebound Revenants

There, I just gave you more information than most gold guides. Go forth and cease to be a noob!
If you are still stuck, take your questions to the forums "OMG I can't make gold" section. Perhaps you'd like to try my (shameless self promotion incoming!) 20kleveling gold guide?

For the comments: Are there any posts I missed that you would recommend to a noob? (Besides all of them hehe).

Suggestion Box Friday (5/22/09) - Gold Contest Ends

Suggestion box friday is your chance to write about what you like about making gold in world of warcraft. It's when the gold making master, Markco, takes a seat back stage while rank and file amateurs (though lovable and well meaning) take on the task of educating the wow populace. It's a risk that I'm willing to take, are you up to the challenge?

Community Spotlight

The first Just My Two Copper Gold Contest has ended and the votes are in...

#1 DE Legs

#2 Tourney Pets

#3 Combine Your Dailies

The voting was incredibly close and I have definitely learned a thing or two for the next contest. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Next week I will post the honorable mentions that were good but not quite good enough for the top 5. I want to thank everyone who sent in videos and I hope you had fun making/watching the tips.

Grats to those who participated and especially to the winners of free 20k Leveling Gold Guides! I have all your emails and will be contacting you soon.


Regarding Smelting My Gold:

There are a few markets that are my 'staple markets', this is one of em.The Ore/Bar market is usually a good one. But you have to be aware of the conversion ratios tho, as some are 1 to 1 and others are 2 to 1. Also you'll see saronite ore go for more than the bars due to prospecting for JC. When Saronite ore falls below 75s/ea I usually buy it all up for prospecting on my JC, as I'll usually hit at least 1 blue out of each stack that makes em break even.

Regarding Nexus Conversions:

Sparks said...
Bean spillers! All of you! Thankfully the Void to Prismatic conversion requires a rep grind to do. I'd highly recommend NOT converting them unless you absolutely have to. Not only are the Voids still useful for enchants such as Mongoose (which is still a great enchant), but it's better to have one stack of voids than 2 of LPS taking up space.

Hey Markco,
Thanks to you (and some other guides, but mostly you :P) and your website/guide, I was able to scrounge up enough money to be able to buy the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth last night. Ever since I read about it on Wowhead during Wrath Beta I think it was, I always wanted one. I spent an hour last night with two guildies riding around in circles in Dalaran, culminating the experience by jumping off the side of the Violet Citadel and killing myself and the other guildie who was still with me. Keep up the good work.

Deip of Korgath

Hello and hella impressed with the variety of tips I've read on your blog.
The only edition that comes to mind is another random one that some enchanters may not know. If you have room for another couple dailies for venture coins in venture bay, spend them for the epic throwing weapon, 30 coins at a time. The amount of DE'able blues you can buy are unlimited in your inventory and of course they combine but don't do that.
Disenchants to a small dream shard.
Should you have a stack of unused venture coins or are in the area it might be worthwhile with the price of dream shards going up with the new Uld gear.

Happy hunting! Typh
What would you like to see in the next gold contest?

Gold Contest Ends - Vote Now!

EDIT: 20kleveling.com is having some issues today, if the problems persist I will increase the polling time by one day. ~Problems resolved, I will stick to the one day polling time.

Well the submissions are in and I've broken them down to the top 5, it's now you're job to pick the top 3!

For easier polling I'm going to use the new Just My Two Copper Forum, so head there to vote on your favorite videos.

These are my top 5 picks, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

Video #1 - Combine Dailies

Video #2 - DE Legs

Video #3 - Tourney Pets

Video #4 - Quickest Hodir Route

Video #5 - Snowfall Inks

Ok, you've seen the videos, now it's time to vote! Head on over to the forums and select 3 of the 5 that you enjoyed. Good luck to those involved and thanks to everyone who submitted but didn't get in. I'm going to make a post for those submissions that didn't get into the top 5 since I'd like them to get some link love for participating.

Smelting My Gold

Cobalt Ore fluctuates on a daily basis on my server from 15 gold per stack to 27 gold per stack. That's a pretty nice gap right? Wouldn't it be nice if someone were to buy them out when they dropped to 15 gold a stack and then resell at 27 gold?

Yeah, that would be pretty good, but here's why cobalt is so nice: The bars sell 20-40 gold per stack, making it possible to actually earn gold by smelting the ore into bars.

Oh and it gets better! You can sell the bars individually or two at a time for great profits as well (2 at a time since almost all blacksmithing needs require multiples of 2 cobalt bars).

I love this market, on any given day it will be totally devoid of either bars or ore and that's usually when I swoop in with a stack or two plus a handful in groups of two. They sell like hotcakes and I make usually 1.5-2 times my initial investment. I can also make use of the bars for other gold making methods...

Part of the reason for the disparity betwen high and low prices for cobalt ore/bars is that cobalt ore is much harder to farm than saronite. There's no perfect route for the starting areas which provide cobalt and many players focus on farming the saronite instead.

Have any of you watched your cobalt ore/bar markets long enough to state the range of their prices over the course of any given week?

Patch 3.1.2 Notes - Glyph of Rapid Charge

Glyph of Rapid Charge changed from 20% to 7% (3 seconds to 1.05 seconds).

If you want to make some money you'd be wise to sell all major pvp glyphs that warriors will replace this one with such as mortal strike, rend, and sweeping strikes.

Glyph of Innervate has been greatly improved to give the druid 90% of his/her mana over 20 seconds. However, most druids probably have this glyph already.

One More Day

The Just My Two Copper Gold Contest is coming to a close! Tomorrow is the last day you may enter a video for the contest, so be sure to send your videos in right away!

I've started to go through them to pick my top 5 for you all to vote on the 21st, but it's going to be really difficult to choose :(

They are all so good!

Now, back to auctioneering... Going to do a flashback to one of my favorite posts:

How to Time Your Bids.

Do you make use of this strategy? Are there any other times when you find bidding to be both easy and profitable?

A quick tip to those new at bidding: If you bid on an item and the time is 'short,' then you add a small amount of time to the auction's timer. If two people get into a bidding war they will be continuously increasing the time remaining on the item of desire. It therefore behooves you to wait as long as possible before bidding on an item, thus avoiding having someone else bid and raise the time left on your action. Should you bid on a short item and then get overbid, simply wait fifteen minutes and then bid again - odds are you will avoid the other person and you know the auction will still be around because of the bids raising the item's remaining time.

Jadefire Inks

Many people already know about the Ink of the Sea to Snowfall Ink conversion however I found one better on my server. 20 Ink of the Sea trades in Dal for 20 Jadefire Inks. Nobody lists Jadefire inks on my server. I clear 9-10g per ink. 20 Ink of the sea - 60g 20 Jadefire inks - 190g in two days Doesn't sell in large quantities but I can sell a stack in two days. I usually do half Jadefire and half snowfall to clear them in one day sales.

Brynestar - Windrunner

Love the blog

Favorite part about this tip is that you said you limited the number of items you sold because you knew the demand was less than a full stack. Very good job :)

Nexuses and Prismatics Conversion Profits

The tip pretty much speaks for itself, it's just another way to convert materials for profit.
Check out the profession forums for more great gold making discussions.


I am addicted to the AH and your blog is one of a kind!

Let me share with you one of my tips, usually I make around 300g+ everytime I flip it over, You gotta have a decent level in enchanting, or access to someone who does.

This principle applies to any other item that you may transmute, so, I am sure that you will get the idea

After your regular scan, notice the price of large and small prismatic Shards AND nexus crystals. The trick works in both ways, but lets assume that the large prismatic shards are, more that three times the prices of the smaller version and/or the nexus crystals.

In that case just grab every piece of small prismatic shards and nexus crystal going for less tan one third of the large one. Then, use te nexus transformation enchant to turn the crystals into small shards, transmute the small shards into large ones, and repost them.

I usually post them in several stacks, most of them individually, and play around whit 2,3 and 5 items/stacks, They usually sell within a day, and, most important, don't overflow the market, nor undercut the buyout price, although you may lower your starting bidding price in order to be placed higher in the AH listing.

Best Regards!


Forums Upgraded AGAIN

I have Great news! I'm upgrading the JMTC Forum site's hosting capabilities to keep up with the incredible amount of storage the forums will require. Just think, in 3 days you all created almost a 1000 posts... imagine how much space is required for that!

So I purchased the upgrade and it should happen within a few hours today. Be warned that a few posts may be lost during this juncture though my hosting provider assured me that losing posts is a rare occurrence.

Consider this a gift to an amazing community :)

If you are reading via feed, today's actual post is here.

Mazthoril Cave

Feezee is the player who told me about the ghouls in dragonblight. Here's another tip!

For skinning rugged leather, then winterspring is great.

I spent a few weeks of game time there grinding for the winterspring frostsaber. The Mazthoril cave (full of cobalt dragonkin) just south of Everlook contains elite 55 or so dragonkin, but I found them relatively easy at 60 since you can pull them singly, and they are a joke at 80.

Each dragonkin drops some silver and can be skinned for worn dragonscales, blue dragonscales, and 1-2 rugged leather each. I've gotten some nice greens, blues and epic drops from them as well.

Inside the cave are two spawns of Thorium, one in the first open cave and one much depper where the named Dragons are.

The cobalt mageweavers in and around the cave are also the only mobs to drop the recipes for the greater arcane protection potion (I usually get 2 per clear of the cave) and the arcanite dragonling (this scales with engineering level so is ok even at 80, but I've only had it drop twice). These are really rare as nobody goes into Mazthoril anymore, so they sell well.

Across from Mazthoril are yetis that can also be skinned. They also drop some silver and the chance of green and blue items. For skinning at these low levels I try to find these types of mobs that drop silver and items and can be skinned, or beasts that drop meats needed for leveling cooking.


Only thing I want to add is that inside the yeti cave is lots of thorium. For another great thorium farming spot south of there, check this post.

JMTC Forums - A New Home

Sadly, all previous data, user accounts, and threads are gone from the old forum. So many users posted so many topics that the size limit was breached and the forum automatically turned off :(

This time however, I will be running the show and hosting the forum. Should we reach the cap I will buy more space and keep this awesome tool alive.

I managed to fix some big bugs with the last forum including color and size options disabled but all other BBCode is working (ie quoting and url's).

Go forth and repopulate the forums! We have lots of work to do!

Thanks for being such a great community and I apologize for the initial loss of information,


News: JMTC Forums Overhaul

I am in the process of redesigning the JMTC forums and migrating them (or starting over in the worst case scenario) to my own server 20kleveling.com.

I will keep you all posted and once the new forums are set up, send you the links. I'm really hoping I can keep the data already present but from the looks of it so many people signed up that boardzero was not prepared with enough bandwidth and the forums were turned off. I emailed them but have decided that the better alternative is to host the forums myself.

Thank you for your emails, I will do my best to get this forum working again!


Suggestion Box Friday (5/15/09)

Gold Contest

...5 MORE DAYS...

That's right we're down to the final five days before the gold contest ends. Have you submitted your video yet? Well if you haven't there is still time!

As I explained before in this post, I will be picking my top five videos which you will all then be able to vote on. The top three of those five, based on votes, will get free 20kleveling gold guides.

My judging of the initial top five is based on creativity, repeatability, and style.

Community Spotlight

JMTC Forums - Nothing says strong community quite like a strong forum. When I made this forum I convinced myself that if twenty people signed up it would be a success. However, nothing could of prepared me for the amazing reaction the forums received. It's been only a few days and already JMTC is probably housing the largest gold oriented forum on the planet. The most amazing part is that I had nothing to do with it other than taking the time to set it up.

YOU, the readers of this blog have created this encyclopedia of gold making ideas and I'm going to continue to let it be run this way. This is your outlet and I'm sure you'll continue to make great use out of it. If you haven't signed up or posted yet... GO JOIN THE JMTC FORUM. You're missing out on so much great information if you don't.

One of the greatest parts of the forum is the ability to ask questions of literally hundreds of like minded players. Make use of it!

Want to take a moment to thank my two blue posters for their work so far: Thunderer (Jewelcrafting) and Jhaman (Inscription/Herbalism).

Pretty soon I will start creating a forum MVP system which will be a special rank similiar to the one used on the world of warcraft forums.

Thank you all, this is the proudest moment I've had while running this site.


Regarding Icebound Revenants:
AntiKathy said...
Man, now I'll see the occasional farmer farming my sooper sekrit farming spot!Honestly, thanks for all the tips, Marko.P.S. The next cave north of there has lil' balls of fire that have a very nice crystallized fire drop rate if you are unfortunate enough to not have an engineer.

Regarding The Greedy Goblin Transfers:
DarkKnight said...
@Rare pets: it's actually the market where I made quite a lot of money, especially with access to both horde as well as alliance AH on a pvp-server.
Although currently prices are dropping, mainly because supply exceeds demand (My guess is that all the pet collector's have them and that's the only group of people that will actually buy the insanely priced pets).
@Eternal earths: I think it is also safe to say that the higher price on his new server is also due to the further advancement in Ulduar, which has quite a few nice recipes dropping that require eternal earths.
But yeah, Gevlon did an insane transfer of which I can only dream.
@Markco: have you ever thought about transferring to another server with your main bank(s)? And would you manage the transfer? Same as Gevlon or would you try a different approach?

To DarkKnight:
I would have done the exact same thing. Diversifying myself and taking as many item enhancement stuff as possible with me as those sell the fastest (which would allow me to accumulate my wealth back at a much faster rate then say pets or epics). I think I would of invested more into abyss crystals but they might have been going for more on his starting server than his destination server.

Regarding Eternal Belt Buckles Again:
Jeff said...
These are my primary money maker and I sell 20-40 every two days by taking 5 gold less profit than every one else on my server. Every once and a while the price of once material or another will spike and I take a break until it comes down, but some one always wants a quick gold soon enough.


Hey Markco,

Luv the blog. Keep up the good work.

We all know about the prospecting of saronite to get gems. One of the by products of prospecting are Shadow Crystals. These gems are useless except for the JC daily and the cut gems. So on my server I am seeing stacks of these going for as low as 37.5 silver per gem. Now vendoring the gem is 25 silver each. However, a cut version sells for 50s. Even better, if you proc on cutting and get a "perfect" version they vendor for 1g. Or you could auction them, but I find vendoring easier.

I can easily turn a stack that I paid 7g into 11 to 12g. The only painful part is it takes a long time to cut (one night I had 340 to cut).


Dream Shards - Deja Vu

Do you remember this post?

Do you remember the reaction that most people gave when dream shards remained the same or even dropped a little in price?

Well now that the dream shards are finally becoming rare (there are no methods for crafting and disenchanting to gain them anymore) well guess what... the price is DOUBLING. I've seen it go from 11->15->40->20->18->33->18 in the past week. As you probably guessed I gleefully sold dozens of them for double or more of my initial investment oh so long ago.

If you stuck it out and held on to your shards get ready for a nice payday. Just goes to show you that when everyone is doing one thing it's probably wise to take a risk and try to do the opposite.

For those of you who lost faith and sold your shards ages ago... Don't worry I forgive you, I actually sold off more than half of my stockpile at break even prices because of the damn disenchantable legguards that blizzard finally nerfed. Now there is no way to get shards except for instances and world drops... which means prices are gonna go up.

How are they doing on your server?

I checked the JMTC forums and low and behold this is being discussed here.

Icebound Revenants

Are you a miner? Are you a dps? Well then prepare to make some serious gold!

The mobs in this video drop crystallized air and can be mined for crystallized earth. Plus, they respawn so fast that you can clear the cave and the entrance will have respawned, allowing for continuous farming.

Oh did I mention they have a haste buff you can steal as well?

24 Hours Later : 100 Forum Members

WOW. That's all I have to say...

Over 375 posts... 100 members... in 24 HOURS?

Grats whodat for being the 100th member!

You guys are amazing. If you haven't the slightest idea what I'm talking about, check out the JMTC Forums and become a member today.

If you're reading from a feed, today's scheduled post is here.

Glyph Business Alive and Well

Fools, all fools! I tell people that I can make 500-1k gold a day off glyphs and they call me a liar!

Sure there isn't the demand that came and went with patch day, but there is always going to be a need for glyphs. To understand the value of glyphs currenlty you need to follow one simple rule: The price of your glyphs must be higher than the going rate of one ink of the sea. Some glyphs cost two inks, in which case they must be worth atleast double the rate of two inks of the sea.

If you follow this rule and look through the auction house you'll find tons of glyphs worth selling. In fact, you'll probably find plenty of no shows which you can post at a price of your choosing.

Now part of the reason the glyph business goes so swimmingly for me is due to the fact that so many players are unaware of its potential. Even with this post, the stereotype will remain and I'll laugh my way to the bank. Care to join me?

Next time someone tells you inscription is a useless profession since the patch has passed you can just give them a smug "sure is" and go empty your mailbox.

STILL don't believe me? Go see how Gevlon of the Greedy Goblin made out with his glyph business among several others.

There is a discussion going on currently at the JMTC forums on this issue as well.

Forum Time - Join in the Fun!

The Just My Two Copper Forum is now online!

Here's how I'm going to manage this forum:

I'm not, sort of. This will be a 'free market' forum where you can post whatever you want (within reason and following forum guide lines of course). My philosophy will be to avoid posting in topics unless moderation or extreme action is required.

I ask that every person who reads this article go and contribute something to the forum, be it a question, an answer, a suggestion, or just whatever pops into your mind. Get as much information as you can into this thing and it will become a truly valuable tool for everyone.

Feel free to use the forum as a chance to show off your blogs or websites and make use of the 'Link Love' section for this purpose.

Please also use the forum as a place to ask questions and get answers from the readers of this blog.

Most importantly... HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

Eternal Belt Buckles Again

Man alive, do those Eternal Belt Buckles sell quick! I grab the mats cheap and post the buckles for 15-30 gold profit!

Breakdown of mats:
Eternal Earth - Random, constantly fluctuating market because people will suddenly buy them up for disenchanting. I buy when they drop below 6.5 gold.
Eternal Water - Purchase on weekends. I buy at around 5 gold.
Eternal Shadow - Purchase early in the week. I purchase at 6.5 gold or less.
4 Saronite Bar - Purchase in stacks of 20 for the best deal almost any day. 26 gold a stack is about the best I can get.

So one belt buckle at a decent price for mats would be 24.4 gold. Resell for 40-60 gold for some easy profit.

Best part is that these items are in HUGE demand because pvp belts are pretty much free right now and best in slot for all pvper's. I suspect the market will stay strong for 1-2 more weeks.

The Greedy Goblin Transfers

Greedy Goblin transfered 211k+ gold with his character between realms. How did he do it?

Look at this screenshot.

If you want to know the most expensive and profitable items on any server look no further than this screen shot. There are pets, relics of ulduar, epics, greater cosmic essences, inks, leg armor kits, and much more. There was one item he stockpiled that really stuck out to me: eternal earths.

I saw the earths and I really was stumped for about .0000375 seconds. Then it hit me, there are no inifinite dusts in his bags. Each stack of 20 earth could be turned into a maximum 50 infinite dust and I'm betting that's why he stored them. If you're curious what I'm talking about, check out this post.

Here's another thing that I found interesting: 40 khorium bars. Khorium bars make tons of gold sold individually, and it's a market I only recently discovered.

I bet that a lot of players wish they had the same problem as Gevlon!

For the Comments Section: So how did Gevlon do in your opinion?

Suggestion Box Friday (5/8/09)......

Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making master, hand over the blog authorship to lovable rank amateurs. Feel free to write anything you please as long as it pertains to gathering gold in wow.

Don't forget about the gold guide contest scheduled to end the 21st! I've been blown away by the creativity of some of the submissions so far, as well as laughed at some pretty comical methods of making gold.

Community Spotlight:

Skrooge Vs. Markco

Here's some highlights of comments this week:

Regarding Pets for the Horde:

Xanariae said...

I don't know if it's cooincidence or not, but before tuesday's reset I stuck a character outside the place that the rare Dalaran guy spawns so I could pick him up after the reset. Sure enough, he was there, and I killed him and he dropped the cat. There were no other cats on the AH, and I wasn't sure what price to sell him at. I went with 600g/1000g BO, and it sold within 15 minutes. Thanks for the tip!

Regarding Boar Meat Farming Spot:

Mogresh of Moon Guard said...

It takes money to make money. 20g at level 10 can easily be turned into 10k at 80 with a little effort. This guy gave a good farming spot for new characters. I don't think he's expecting a level 80 to go to elwynn for this.

Regarding Children's Week:

Glinda said...

Hi Markco,
Thanks for the mention! I'm starting to wind up operations now but my full report on Children's Week can be found on my blog http://onlytenmorepoints.blogspot.com/


Recently I've been getting huge numbers of in-game whispers and mail from new readers of the blog. Due to physical time restraints I'm finding it impossible to 'consult' with each of them and solve their individual problems. Now I encourage everyone to send emails my way with questions but I'm beginning to wonder if there's a better way. How do you suggest I help the newer members of the community? Part of what made this blog so special is the interaction with me, the webmaster, and you the readers. Perhaps I should write a long letter that can be given to anyone, with answers to most frequently asked questions? What do you all suggest?

1000 Readers Via Feeds

Didn't even cross my mind yesterday that for the first time ever on JMTC there were over 1000 readers via feeds. If you'd like to join the masses and subscribe to JMTC's feed burner simply click here.

So far social networks have done wonders for this blog, so I'm going to name a few in the hopes of also helping out newer bloggers:

If you're coming from a feed, today's actual post is here.

Boar Meat Farming Spot

First of all I would like to say thank you for making your blog, it is amazingly helpful.
I remember a while back that there was a post about farming boar meat to sell. Earlier today I came across a great place to farm it while I was on a newly created alt. This place id The Stonefield farm in Elwynn Forest coordinates 33-85. After spending around half an hour killing the boars then skinning them, i had made approximately 20g in leather, boar meat, vendor trash and the occasional green. The boars re spawned amazingly quickly, had roughly a 50% drop chance of boar meat and were easily killed in a few hits. Feel free to take credit if you wish as you gave me the original idea to farm and sell boar meat.
Celand of Arathor EU

Here's the original post, and I'm glad that Celand took the time to email me this great spot for farming the boars. Just outside of orgrimmar is a great spot for Horde.

Only Two Hours Till Raid - HELP!

I took a tremendous risk leaving my pen name the same as my in game character's. Should this blog have failed or become the subject of ridicule there would be no anonymity to hide behind; no place of refuse. Luckily for me, a vast majority of readers have found this blog to be both inspiring and thoughtful, which only empowers me with newfound enthusiasm.

Every day there are literally a combination of hundreds of emails/whispers thrown at me regarding making gold in wow, pvp, and/or just wow in general. Sometimes they make me laugh with openners such as "Dear sir, gold making master," but other times they inspire me. When a complete stranger comes up to me and says thank you it really excites the creative authorship within me. Surprisingly, one of the best whispers I've received in game came from a guildy:

"Hey Markco, I have no money and need to pay for raids, give me some cash."

I don't normally give people money, instead I give them information. For instance, if a no-name begger comes up to me asking for change I point outside of orgrimmar and say "See those boars, what if I told you the meat they drop is worth 50 silver a peice." You'd be surprised just how many beggers literally run for the boars.

Oh where was I, yes the guildy. Now this guildy had two hours before the raid and I had to come up with a fast way to make him some cash. "What are your professions," I asked. Profession X and Mining was the reply. There were multiple answers I could of given him, and I had decided against many of them because explaining more detailed cross profession plans would of taken too long. He also had no epic flier so a quick farming run would not be enough nor was it possible. I took a look at the AH and noticed that there were only a few saronite bars up and not too many eternal airs.

I sent him here to farm scions of storm as well as a few saronite nodes. He farmed for forty-five minutes and came back with four eternal airs. He immediately posted the airs and crafted the ore into bars to resell one at a time. I disenchanted his greens and he posted those as well, with lesser cosmic essences posted instead of the greater form. I then instructed him to buy out the saronite ore for 21 gold a stack and reform it into bars to be resold as well. Just before raid started he checked his auctions and made 600 gold with some of those auctions sold but not in his pockets yet. Not bad for one hour of farming/ah'ing.

I don't beleive in kharma, but that night I did get a shiny new pvp/pve epic from ulduar.

For the comments, what do you say to beggers?

Don't forget about the gold contest guys! It's your chance to win a free copy of 20kLeveling!

What would you do...

...If this hit you?

For those that can't read that it says: 12986 damage (7175 Overkill).

20161 total damage.

Non-Enchanter Enchanting Tips


One disenchanting strategy that I use, but haven't read about yet (maybe I've just missed it) is this:

Since Auctioneer gives you the going value for BoEs after they have been disenchanted, you can use this data to profit even if your character isn't an enchanter.

In my example: My lvl78 main is alchemy/herbalist. I have a lvl51 alt with 275 enchanting skill. My main will frequently get BoEs that require 300 enchanting and up to disenchant. Let's say the vendor price on one of these items is 5g and auctioneer says to disenchant because the value of the materials is 20g. I put this item on the AH with a buyout of 17g. Any person trolling the AH for items to purchase for disenchanting will buy this item every time because they know they can disenchant it and sell the mats. End result, I get 17g instead of 5g for the item and the person buying it turns a profit of 3g as well.

Printorn on Eonar

This is an excellent point that many non-enchanters probably never think about and knowing what someone else will pay for something really helps you when pricing it. Should you not want to find a disenchanter for your goods, the idea of posting a barely tantalizing price on the ah is brilliant. The nice part about this is that competition doesn't matter! As long as you have a price that is decently under the auctioneer estimated disenchant value then yours will sell along with every undercutter.

Here's a second email on a similar enchanting note, though it only applies if you are an enchanter:

A growing demand on my server (US - Rexxar) is for non-enchanters to find someone to regularly disenchant their Northrend greens and blues, both for their own stash of mats for future enchants, as well as easy profit on the AH.

What I'm doing with my enchanter is just that - being the go-to guy in the guild as well as occasionally picking up a new customer in trade. What I do is simple, I ask them to mail me batches of their green and blue Northrend drops, and I return mail the mats. Some include tips in the mail with the items, but generally I do not ask for tips and instead clearly tell them that instead I'll keep a couple pieces of dust or an essence for myself, depending on the haul.

Keep it honest, and you'll have a steady, easy stream of mats for yourself, for either selling for 100% profit or holding on to for your own 'chants.

Aberrant Mind

Sholozar Basin Farming

Latest post from Time is Money, focuses on farming spots in Sholozar Basin.

Their list of farming spots is ok, but I'd like to add my three favorites with videos:

Frostweave from Freya - Featured by Wowinsider

Elemental Plateau of Sholozar

Gorillas of Sholozar

As a gold making master I feel qualified to write this critique just as I did last time, but if you disagree, feel free to comment and call me a pompous bastard :)

What I Thought Was Good:

The primordial drakes that drop icy dragonscales was news to me, I had no idea that all dragonkin in Northrend had a chance to drop these as I had foolishly assumed that only the non-firey type did.

As with any gold guide or farming list it's only human nature if you already know the information to think it's of no value. However, if I were a new player looking for places to farm then I would be greatful for the information contained within this time is money post. Listing the types of items that drop is extremely valuable to someone who knows they need XX mats but doesn't know where to find them.

From the basic to mediocre ah player this post is relatively good information.

My Additions:

Icydragonscales vendor for 1 gold, however it is mentioned in the article that they sell on the ah for 1 gold on average. To avoid confusion, it should be explained that placing these for less than 1 gold on the ah will definately cause them to sell, but you're shooting yourself in the foot just like so many misinformed players are who bring that average price to 1 gold on wowhead.

It's mentioned that the herbs would be worth around 550 gold that the author gathered. There are far better ways to sell your plants than in raw form. One simple thing to do is craft healing and mana potions for awesome gold depending on if you are a potion spec'd alchemist. Another selling method would be to mill them into inks depending on how cheap your herbs sell for.

There's a frenzyheart spot that you can aoe farm endlessly with almost no down time. The frenzyheart are mentioned but this spot is not. It's a big rock with around a dozen of them surrounding two engaged in a duel. I don't have a video of this up yet but it's a great spot.

Cultist Infiltrators can also be found on top of northern most pillar.

Eternal earths and shadows are mentioned, followed by "If you are a jewelcrafter you can make tons of gold"... but what a dissapointment to see shadowmight bands not mentioned. Check the link for what I'm talking about.

Saronite bars can be sold individually for around 300% normal price. Check this post for more info. In the Wow Insider article there's a typo on the Saronite ore to bars ratio (should be 2:1) but not a big deal.

What did you think of the Time is Money post?

Pets for the Horde


I've recently made a nice amount of gold by simply selling Alliance only mini-pets at the neutral auction house (since I play an Alliance character). I useally stock up on 4 of each (Moths, Cats, Rabbits and Owls). This is common known trick; I know that, but I wanted to tell you that I've come across this idea after I looked on Warcraftrealm.com and saw that my realm has three times more Horde then alliance.

Ah well, maybe it's worth to post that people should check their server, and maybe get a good amount of gold from this. Maybe a new trick for you too, playing the market on the opposing faction...?

Tenadres, Burning Steppes EU.

Nice tip, here's a post I made if you need more ideas for items that sell on the neutral AH. Anyone have success selling alliance or horde only pets? What pets did you sell the best?

Here's even more info on pets:
Hi Marcko , I have a tip here for you.
For the horde, they can go grind http://thottbot.com/c1920. Black tabby worth 3k. (Just put a alt there and check once in a while)
For the alliance, Go camp http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=8666 . White Kitten worth 1k on alliance Ah, and maybe more on Neutral Ah. (Make a round in SW once in a while)
Elohym Hellscream EU

Here's another email I received regarding farming a specific whelpling:

My strategy was to start farming the tiny crimson whelpling in wetlands. On my server they sell for 1.2-1.5k each. I farmed them for a while myself and then eventually I started hiring people to farm them 400g or so per. In 2 weeks or so I hit the 10k gold mark. Currently I'm at 13,200g and I'm going for the travelers tundra mammoth.

Children's Week

I've been receiving emails like CRAZY about the cupcakes you can make and sell during children's week. Definitely take advantage of them! I'd love to post all the emails but I literally have a dozen of them all saying the same thing.

Remember this link? Were you prepared for the chocolate cake craze that I predicted?

Here's a great email regarding the foods you can purchase or cook to make some money from this holiday:

Hey Markco,

Just want to put a quick tip out there for those that are looking to make some money off Children's Week.

The achievement "Bad Example" requires that you eat seven foods: http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=1788

I've had some success collecting/crafting these foods and selling them as a package - as 100g for the 7 foods required for the achievement. It really is astounding how many people will spend money to save themselves some time (or perhaps they don't know where to get them?)

Anyway, the foods and where you get them (first 5 are from vendors, last 2 require cooking to make)

Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream - Thousand Needles (racetrack) or Nagrand Innkeepers
Red Velvet Cupcake - Dalaran, near north bank
Lovely Cake Slice - Dalaran, near north bank (buying a Lovely Cake creates 5 slices)
Dalaran Doughnut - Dalaran, near north bank
Dalaran Brownie - Dalaran, near north bank
Tasty Cupcake - Cooking, world drop recipe
Delicious Chocolate Cake - Cooking, recipe is from cooking daily quests.

Happy Children's Week!


Here's how Palmolive of Magtheridon is doing:

Hey Markco,

I found a pretty good gold maker, for this week anyways. Tasty Cupcakes, required for the children's week achievements, only take 2 four (bought from a vendor) and 1 Northern Egg (Found in Northrend) and they make 5 at a time sell for 12 gold a piece on the AH for those trying to do the achievements.

I Sold about 20 or 25 last night. You can also buy the vendor related foods and sell them in the AH for the lazy people.

Great Blog.


Here's how Glinda is doing with her delicious chocolate cakes, another great seller this week:

Mageroyal (3) 2g55s00c
Small Egg (8) 8g00s00c
Simple Flour (8) 00g02s00c
Ice Cold Milk (4) 00g05s00c
Mild Spices (4) 00g00s40c
Flask of Port (1) 00g01s25c

Total cost = 10g66s65c

I am currently selling these on the Auction House for 35g

An interesting spot to farm for allies:

Small Eggs are going for a bundle on my server right now because
everyone wants Delicious Chocolate Cake. Right outside Sentinel Hill
in Westfall are a large number of condors who drop them, and the
respawn rate is pretty nice.

Valorum, Dalaran server.

Check this link from wowenomics... very interesting information on post patch prices.

Suggestion Box Friday (5/1/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blogwriter. Let your creative juices flow... anything about making gold in wow is fair game.

Gold Guide Contest

Don't forget, the gold guide contest is scheduled to end May 20th at midnight, so start working on sending your videos in right away! Be sure to mention justmytwocopper in the video as well as explain in detail what you're doing to make gold. Then just send me a link via email to let me know about your video and I'll enter it into the contest.

On May 21st I will put up for voting my top 5 videos and then you, the readers, will get to vote on the top 3 to be the winners. The grand prize: 3 free memberships to the ultimate wow gold guide.

So far I've received some pretty creative videos and am looking forward to many more. Get em in now, don't procrastinate!

Here's a great video that was submitted on maximizing gold from a few easy dailies that can be combined.

Community Spotlight: CoiningWow

Man, wow economic blogs have been popping up like crazy! Check out this blog from the perspective of a level 42 who has made 1000 gold + about 1000 gold currently in auctions!


This achievment http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=1788 needs 8 small eggs and 3 mageroyal for Delicious Chocolate Cake. (and 1 notheren egg for cupcake)



Regarding Twink Throwing Weapon: Throat Piercers
Kohaku said...
"Throat Piercers" are supposedly the best twink weap for lvl 19 rogues. Since they are only available for a limited amount of time, one can make much money by getting hold of this baby and smuggle it over to Ally side to sell for a fortune (400~1k-ish gold). An awesome thing like this shall not be de-ed...

Regarding Enjoy the Pot
Sparks said...
You should take a look at what potions and elixirs are selling well. If health potions (and especially mana potions) are doing good, then flasks should be good too. Lil' Sparky's workshop (no relation) does a great job on helping you determine which production items are sold at a profit.


To Sparks - I laughed so hard at the 'no relation' comment.

Important Notice!
Noochie said...
Hey Markco, i know this isnt the right place to post this, but i dont know where else to put it. So I'll just tell you here. I think i found a bug in auctioneer. Saronite bomb's vendor price is way off, it says they sell 4g50s for a stack of 20. When really they only sell for 50s a stack of 20. Just wanted to let people know so they dont make the same mistake as me.

To Noochie - Great catch.

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