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There are a few sites on the internet that people just associate with wow gaming. These include world of raids, curse-gaming,, wowhead and a few others. Very rarely do you come across a site and add it to your 'favorite wow places.' I took one look at wowraid and did just that.

Wow raiders have been handed an awesome resource for news and information regarding the PVE aspect of their favorite game (no I don't mean peggle). Whether you are a hardcore raider or casual pvper, you will find valuable information on this site. Take some time to look through the class loot lists to see what gear options you have in WOTLK raiding, read the mountain of mounts guide if you're an achievement hunter, or maybe you'd like to read an interview with Tom Chilton, lead developer for blizzard. If you're into pve, then this site is definately something you're going to want to bookmark.

No More Vendor Searches

Apparently blizzard is making the vendor price of items appear in the item description of all vendorable commodities in world of warcraft.

So much for vendor searches :(

Honestly though, vendor search is something most auctioneers do for starter cash, not a steady income. Now the only successful vendor searches will come from either idiocy or mistakenly priced goods.

Is this blizzard's first step in producing an in game version of auctioneer?

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #11

Purchase an item as a stack of 20 and resell one at a time for 150-300% profit.

Now, remember that this works both ways, particularly for elemental items. Look for goods that have completely different PCT's (that's percentage of market value which the addon auctioneer shows you) and compare 1 item vs 20 items or a comparable stack.

Saronite bars are the best example of this practice, but all this speculation about titanium ore has also produced an oppurtunity for crafty auctioneers. Myself, I purchased 40 titanium ore for 130 gold and then turned them into bars, selling the bars for 10 gold each. I made 70 gold from this the same day I purchased the ore.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #10

Offer services today, whatever your profession is and instead of asking for a tip, charge a steady amount. For instance: WTS Spellpower to weapon, your mats + 10 gold. If someone wants this enchant they’ll pay the 10 gold to save time.

Pick locks, cut gems, etc all for a set price... don't rely on random tips for your hard earned profession skills!

Suggestion Box Friday (6/26/09)

Vacation is going great for your auction house master with BBQ's, boat riding, beach parties, and even a few arena games on a laptop under a palm tree. (Ok the last one was a lie but I wish).

Today I want you all to post a comment with your own strategies for making gold, whether it be speculation on 3.2, your current activies or maybe even gold mines of the past. Sharing ideas is the goal of this blog, so get going :)

Be sure to visit the forums for some great Q&A as well as auction house discussion. Definately want to give a shout out to the forum admins and MVP's who have done a marvelous job particularly in the "OMG I Can't Make Gold!" thread.

I'm having this next beer for the blog :)

A toast to the best wow gold making community on the internets!

PS: I've been getting some GREAT emails while on vacation regarding gems and such for the upcoming patch and I'll be making them into posts when I come back from vacation next Tuesday.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #9

Find a Mining, Herbing, or Skinning farmer, even advertise in trade; looking for someone who has tons of your favorite mat and can COD them to you at any time.

Many players don't want to deal with the auction house at all and you can make their lives so much easier by simply buying out their goods at a standard and reliable price. Many dislike the COD option so you will want to find a farmer that usually sells their goods in trade while you are also online.

I've seen several players already advertising in trade and looking to pay titanium ore farmers great money for their goods at fixed prices.

Be sure to be consistent with the price you are offering and try not to spam more than once per minute in trade chat.

Numbers Are Fun

Congrats to V1TalityC! He was the 1000th subscriber to JMTC's Youtube account.

Congrats to lauraishere for being the 500th member to JMTC's Forum.

Vacation is going great, hope all is well for you guys :)

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Let's Not Forget Thorium Ore

Lògosh of Mug' thol said...

Hello Markco i would just like to say a way i am making money from leveling Jewelcrafting. On my server thorium goes for 28g a stack while all the gems that come from it go from 10-18 gold. Just from prospecting i make a profit. I made about 200 gold back from out of 400 leveling my jewelcrafting. It is quite funny how i can make a profit from it.

This is a great point and maybe if you get bored of collecting all that titanium ore you can go take a lap around darkwhisper gorge and gather some easy money.

You should also make it part of your daily routine to be buying out thorium ore on the auction house.

Trickle Up Wow Economics - Titanium Ore

So titanium ore is becoming an incredibly sought out commodity... all based on speculation for a patch possibly months away!

This will and is already having an effect on the prices of anything built using titanium bars. Titansteel, Titanium Weapon Chain, Enchant Cloak Titanweave, and Titanium Rod will all see huge price spikes once playeres start crafting them with the new titanium prices in mind. If you managed to have a small stockpile of any of these items (lucky!) then you will be able to price gouge and make huge profits.

Let's say I take my ten Titanium Weapon Chains and in one week notice the price has gone up by 10 gold. I can raise my price by 5 gold and be the lowest seller and beat out all the competition for a huge profit, whereas my competetitors would be losing money selling at my price.

I like to call this trickle up wow economics, eventhough it has very little to do with the real world version.

Once you notice the price rising on any of these titanium commodities, go farm some titanium ore and spend some time crafting for huge profits.

Why Saronite Bars Will Be Valuable after Patch 3.2

That's right, Saronite, the ore that is going to drop like a rock when blue gems become worthless, will also become one of your greatest tools for making money.

Let me show you an example:

Deadly Saronite Dirk - 7 Saronite Bars, 2 Crystallized Air. Right now those mats cost around 18 gold each and the dream shards they disenchant into are worth upwards of 24 gold (it fluctuates down to 19 sometimes). What does this mean for the savy enchanter/blacksmith like myself? For my server it would mean that it's time to buy saronite bars if they drop down to 1.5 gold or less.

Since Saronite Bars vendor for 1.25 gold each, you won't see them drop much lower than 1.5 gold and they're sitting around 2 gold right now anyway.

Get your blacksmith hammer and disenchanting rod ready!

NOTE: You may want to start doing this as soon as saronite bars fall in price becuase with the release of conquest badges for heroics a lot of blues are going to get disenchanted on a more regular basis.

Errors On Page

Hey guys I dunno why but my auto post here on blogspot has been having some hiccups lately. If you notice that a post doesn't show up at 8:00 AM know that I'm not slacking but rather there's an issue with the post feature. I'll look into it but in the mean time thank you for your understanding.

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21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #8

Check a low level market today.

Look at your tradeskill and look for items that may be valuable to power levelers, low level characters, or even high level characters looking for thrills (i.e. deviate fish). Every profession creates items that can prove to be valuable to someone leveling the same profession or another one. If you are a disenchanter, look for items that can be crafted cheaply due to an influx of low level mats and in turn can be disenchanted into much more valuable materials. For example, Tailoring can make linen items that often disenchant into much more valuable strange dust.

Anyone care to share their own examples of 'low' level items that are actually quite valuable?

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #7

Organize your bank space. Move everything into order according to profession. Trust me, this is well worth the effort.

Buy bags that are made for your profession, allowing for larger stashes of items in your particular niche. Some professions, like mining, can be annoying in that not all the items produced or gathered can fit in the same bag (i.e. gems). Be careful and plan out the space you willl need as well as the number of normal, open bag slots you will require.

Be sure to maximize the open slots on your banking character(s) in such a way that you can take as few trips as possible to the auction house in order to sell all of your goods.

Here's a break down of my organization:

Bank alt 1 (Level 70): Alchemy and Herbalism (Guild Bank #1)
Bank alt 2 (Level 70): Random Items from Resale and Vendor Search (Guild Bank #2)
Bank alt 3 (Level 71): Glyphs and all things Inscription (Guild Bank #3)
Bank alt 4 (Level 70): Mining and Gems (Guild Bank #4)
Bank alt 5 (Level 70): Leather Working and skinning (Guild Bank #5)
Bank alt 6 (Level 80): Tailoring - Bags, Cloth, and Bolts (Guild Bank #1)
Bank alt 7 (level 65): Lock Picking (Guild Bank #1)
Bank alt 8 (Level 70): Engineering (Guild Bank #4)
Main (Level 80): Enchanting and Blacksmithing (No personal Guild Bank)

Suggestion Box Friday (6/19/09)

Ah yes, it's time for open thread friday! When I, the gold making master take my leave of my saronite plated throne (don't worry it's warm unlike someone else's throne) and allow you, the lovable amateurs, a chance to make heads or tails out of world of warcraft economics. Are you prepared?

Call of the Crusade is out and so are epic gems! If you didn't know already (where have you been for 48 hours?) then you should definately start farming some titanium ore. Right now it's a total sellers market because people are blindly buying the ore with no idea as to price ranges of the epic gems. My advice is to stockpile 1/4 of what you gather for creating your own gems, keeping in mind that pvp honor and badges of heroism will be tradeable for epic gems as well, and then sell the rest to the greedy populace for insane prices. Be sure to sell this weekend when players who didn't get on during the week will rush to the auction house to see if any ore is left.

Mind sharing your thoughts in the comment section? Or better yet, check out the forum where they are discussing the recent gem developments as well.


Regarding Epic Gems!

OracleMars said...
Dropped 1k on titanium ore. Hoping to get 4.2k back. Thanks for the tip!

Regarding Farming Primal Airs

Antaria said...
Cat's swiftness has no improvement in wrath, and it will beat icewalker for a couple of classesthats why there is still a very reasonable demand and people will actually pay that price (even tho, for 50-100 a piece it would be better to grind it yourself id say)

Regarding Buying at a Different Time

RFairney said...
Enchanting.Even better, find when the prices are highest, do it for a few days to get a handle on the patterns, and price it to sell then.In large servers if people put everything up at raid time for people, they can end up lowering prices significantly! I let mine be undercut, because I know it will sell at 2am when less people are posting mats than buying them

Epic Gems! Call of the Crusade Content Patch 3.2

Epic gems will be appearing in the next upcoming content patch 3.2, as well as changes to all other professions in order to compensate for blacksmithing's ability to add two new gems.

Let's think back to Burning Crusade for a second here. What happened to the blue gems of BC once epic gems arrived? Here I'll just tell you straight out: They became practically worthless. If you don't sell your gems now, you won't sell them later either.

There, that's all I have to say about blue gems, now to discuss the epics :D

In the upcoming content patch 3.2 you'll be able to prospect Titanium Ore into these epic gems. You will be able to obtain gems from transmutations (no word on specifics yet, possibly blue gems), pvp turn ins, and emblems oh heroism.

Expect Titanium Ore to go up 3000-5000% these next one to two weeks before they release this patch (atleast two weeks time, maybe a month or more). If you have Titanium Ore I would save it until the price becomes ridiculous and if you don't have Titanium Ore I would definately suggest buying it right now. Just be careful and watch out for prices skyrocketting due to speculation and people thinking that they have to buy as much ore as possible for their gem business.

Remember that prices will continue to rise for titanium ore until there are so many gems that profits suffer from the competition. Then you will slowly see titanium ore fall with the price of gems and eventually settle to what I predict to be around 1000% the current price of titanium ore.

One last point, Titanium Ore is increasingly dissappearing from the auction house due to speculation regarding this patch. Therefore, you should definately consider farming and since Icecrown is the best location for Titanium Nodes (Source) I would suggest checking out Bane's submitted route.

Geese this post just keeps getting longer... here's an excellent email I received a few days ago. I have asked Toriigate to try and come up with another fast search setup for epic gems:

Hi Markco,

Really enjoy your blog, thanks for spending RL time to share with the WoW
community. Toriigate/Hazmats of Ally Onyxia writing in.

Hope I can give back a bit here with my programmer background to help
describe some of Auctioneer's more advanced search features. Especially
since you're on Auctioneering tips.

I've found these two "General" style searches to be invaluable to factory
cut-gem production and JC disenchantables production.

Getting a search of only uncut gems I think is kind of tricky given that you
cannot use iLvl or Quality to differentiate between cut/uncut gems (which is
possible for uncut green gems). This search takes advantage of the raw
uncut gem naming convention of 2 words (ie Scarlet Ruby, Monarch Topaz,
Autumn's Glow, Earthsiege Diamond etc). Rare cut gems are all 3 words.

To lookup just uncut blue gems (check Regex checkbox):

Set Category to 'Gem' and Quality to 'Rare'

Save time getting your mats.

Additionally you can just click 'Invert' if you want to see what is
cheap/expensive in only the realm of cut blues.

Auctioneer/LUA's regex does not support logical "OR"s but you can use a
'set' to get a similar effect. The following search will list anything that
begins with Eternal followed by a word that starts with S -OR- E.

Lookup just Eternal Earths/Shadows:
^Eternal [SE]

Additional information on some of the pattern matching syntax is here:

Torrigate sent me this as well:

Here’s the revised search string for uncut rare gems – was previously excluding Dragon’s Eye and Autumn’s Glow:


Tough Times in Arena - A Life Lesson

Arenas are my favorite part of wow (gee did you figure that out yet lol?) and recently my team took a nasty hit from 2555 down to 2402 after a foolish 49 games this week because we felt invincible. We tried to force wins when we shouldn't of and as a result we lost 143 points with a 60% winning record for the week. At first we were pissed as hell, blaming our losses on the lack of balance regarding frost dk's and the ease that shamans have defeating our setup. Then I started thinking, does this really matter? We maintained an 80% win rate against the best teams in the battlegroup to reach 2555 and we did it as possibly the most under represented team makeup in the world. I had a talk with Thunderion (my partner) and we realized that neither of us were really upset that we lost, after all we only had two bad days during a season of mostly excellent play.

Our story is truly incredible when you think about it:

A paladin alt that never played competetive arena and that only had a few hours at level 80 joins up with a prot warrior who was sick of getting destroyed as arms in patch 3.0. The duo then discovers that through careful execution and creative gearing/specing that they can be an impressive comp even against the best on the battlegroup.

Our playstyle is unique even to the few people running the same comp (they do prot/holy paladin whereas thunderion is ret/holy) as the fights become a crazy dance around ret's need to judge and our cooldowns required to kill someone in a cc chain.

I've learned a lot about myself this season as I've been required to run incredible amounts of pve in order to build my "Furious Block Set" and be competetive in arenas. If all we had to do was play 10-20 games per week and if arenas were my sole source of gear then I would be happy playing this game competetively. However, running 14-16 hours a week doing raids has put an unnecessary stress on my life. I haven't decided my next step, but I am certain that if next season I can't build my set out of pvp gear then we will both be quiting arenas. Thunderion will most likely quit the game and I'll be left to play the auction house in order to keep this blog alive. Even if we get gladiator this season I would not want to put the hundreds of hours into pve just to... how did South Park put it... "finally play the game."

Currently I think the state of pvp in this game is pathetic. Our comp is the only one I've seen that truly bounces back and forth between being on offense and being on defense half the game (this is due to cooldowns being up every other minute), whereas other comps tend to pressure the other team for 99% of the match. Healing and Damage is such that simply pressuring your opponent for thirty seconds without being peeled means that they are going to die. Plate means nothing except to other warriors with all the magic and armor ignoring talents on other classes.

Sorry for the QQ, but these are my current thoughts on the game and since many of you read this blog to see what I'm thinking, I figured I should let you know. I also didn't want anyone to think that if my pvp career ended that I would stop blogging about the economics of wow as I've informed many players that this arena season will likely be our last.

So what's the life lesson? If you are spending hours just trying to make this game fun then it's time to move on or try a different aspect of it. Do any of you perform some task in the game in order to fuel another? Such as farming to get an epic mount or doing pve to pvp?

One Million Page Views at JMTC

The blog's readership continues to grow, and as a result Just My Two Copper saw its 1,000,000th page view today! Thanks to everyone for visiting the site and contributing to the community.

If you are reading from a feedreader then please visit today's actual post here.

Participating at JMTC

This post is dedicated to the influx of new readers that found the blog this past week. Here's some important information that you need in order to participate at JMTC:

2. Comment on posts

3. Search Using the Bar at the Top Left

8. Email ideas for posts or tips on making money to freebeertomorrowonyxia AT gmail DOT com

There are so many ways to become an active member of the JMTC community that I would highly suggest trying several if you haven't already. The reward is often a lot more knowledge about making gold in world of warcraft, and it never hurts to try something new! If you are struggling to make gold be sure to post on the forums in the OMG I Can't Make Gold thread.

Farming Primal Airs - Yeah Not Eternal

For the life of me I could not figure out why primal airs were going for 50-100 gold on the auction house. I knew that they were used in leveling some professions as well as twink enchants, so I understood why some level 80's might buy them. Then it hit me, no characters were ever encountering the air elementals while leveling! The two spots you can get primal air are shadowmoon valley and the elemental plateau: both of which a deathknight or other leveling character would never enter because the elemental plateau requires flying and shadowmoon valley is too high level; by then they would be in northrend leveling.

Thus you have a somewhat in demand item with literally no supply. Here's my video on where to farm primal airs, I would suggest parking an alt at either of these locations and then just logging in every once in a while to collect some airs.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #6

Try buying at a different time today.

If you never check the auction house in the morning, get up a little earlier and take a peak tomorrow.

Also, try to check more than once separated by at least 8 hours. You'd be shocked at the changes of prices that can occur in as little as 8 hours.

If you are in the habit of checking once per day then you could be missing out on some great deals!

Also, if you are into the enchanting business you can easily cancel your auctions and relist in order to react to market changes during the same day that you originally posted them.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #5

Expand your bank space. Create a banking alt if you don’t have one. You have several options for upgrading your bank, and I'd like to link to this post to help you out.

Remember that you can level a dk and have him within a major city in as little as 1-2 hours. He or she will have some lovely big bags already on the character, as well as 15% movement speed while mounted.

When purchasing your bank bags, keep in mind what professions you have and what your toon will be storing. If you're going to make a glyph hoarder then you will want to purchase a few inscription specific bags in order to save space for other items in the bank.

Keep your bank organized and clean, it really helps in the long run to speed things up.

Suggestion Box Friday (6/12/09)

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer! It's when I, the gold making master, step down from my saronite plated throne to allow you, the lovable admiring amateur the chance to make heads or tails of wow economics. Don't worry, this throne ain't frozen since I kept it nice and warm for ya.

Discussion: Today I'm going to be interviewed by Shawn and Patrick from "How I Wow," an audio series that talks with gamers throughout the world that play wow. I will have a link to their broadcast hopefully before Sunday, but I'm not sure how long it takes for them to get everything set up. It may be up to a month before you get to hear the podcast, but I'll let you know asap.

Community Spotlight: A Greedy Goblin

The blog you should all be reading:

This unique blog puts a twist on wow economics by discussing real life as it's related to wow. The articles are interesting, controversial, and often filled with a little goblinish humor. Gevlon, the author of this site, does a fantastic job of creating a down to earth blog that makes you feel like a student in an excellerated class on goblinish wisdom. There is A LOT of material to read on his site, everything from his amazing glyph industry to global economics. Be warned, his writings are not for the politically correct :)

Among his many accomplishments, Gevlon has also hit the gold cap and is going for it on a second server that he recently transferred to. He actually pays a guild for a raid spot for the not so cheap price of 5k gold per week!

So um... why haven't you checked out his site yet? You're missing out!


Regarding: Tip #1

dylan said...
Exodar is the best ally city. It's got the shortest AH/mailbox loop. The profession vendors are close to the AH. When you port from Dal you stay on your mount and the port location is the close to the AH. And no morons with choo choo trains.

Anonymous said...
Silvermoon is the closest AH/Mailbox spot. Also you can stay mounted the whole time, making the short walk faster than normal. Remember, I'm talking about the west auctioneer in the southwest auction spot in Silvermoon, not the east one.

Regarding: Summer's Out

Sajaglol said...

This may sound funny but I have been making pretty good gold from the Ritual's of The This may sound funny but I have been making pretty good gold from the Ritual's of The new moon I advertise like this.All you Twilight fans come get your wolf from the sequel New Moon Only $$$.So far I am averaging around 150 to 200 gold each.So far the red wolf is the most bought with white being second.Glyph's for me have just bottomed out right now so i have been making cards and the rituals.

Regarding Hot Gems:

Vennren said...

Well Markco, there is a very very good website that shows what's hot and what's not so hot each day/week.

It's quite valuable to me atm, as it helped me prioritize my wares.
When I post them and for how much, so that the cash flow keeps going.

As this is mainly gathered from all the servers globally, I hope I won't mess up my own realm with this tip =P

Learn to play with it, browse it and use it.

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