Suggestion Box Friday (7/31/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to share your wisdom or newfound tactics with the rest of the JMTC community. Anything goes today so feel free to comment as long as it has something to do with making gold.

Still working on the format for the next gold guide contest as well as timing. As Blizzard likes to say: Soon. My pvp video is still in the 'collect footage' stage and I've gotten a few really cool/funny shots so far including the 2450 Rated Farmer with pitchfork killing people, going 1v6 in wsg, slamming montage openner, and much more. I still haven't decided if I want to turn the video into a tutorial or just show off the skillz. Perhaps you have some suggestions or requests for the video?


Regarding Saronite Over Supply

Outdps said...
Just an FYI- saronite ore should have a hard minimum price of 12.5g a stack- anything less and you can smelt the ore and vendor it for a profit.

Regarding 3.2 Flask Prices

Andy said...
Flasks are selling a lot better on my server currently, but at market prices - not that I'm complaining as I make a nice profit. I sold 20 flasks of endless rage last night, for example.I plan on buying some hopefully cheap mats this weekend in preparation for the probable patch next week.

Regarding Auction House Talent Points

Frogi said...
Funniest post ever.

To Frogi: I agree :D

Saronite Over Supply

Titanium ore farming has been on the rise ever since epic gems were announced by blizzard in the next patch 3.2 and the fact that prospecting titanium ore will produce these gems. How many and how often is anybody's guess, but this simple announcement has created rampent stockpiling of Titanium ore by savy speculators on every server.

A side result of the Titanium farming is the mass flooding of extra saronite bars onto the auction house. Many see this as a negative: lower priced saronite bars means more blue gems being prospected and thus lower prices for gem sellers.

I see this as a great thing for crafters. If you're quick at buying out saronite bars now when they drop too low then you will allow yourself to craft blacksmithing items much cheaper than the competition.

Eternal belt buckles, saronite weapons, saronite pvp gear, etc are all going to be cheaper to make. If my manage to buy out the saronite ore as it comes in then the prices of these goods will remain the same whlie you manufacture them for even cheaper and thus make even more gold than normal. Always look into disenchanting items after creating them to see if buying saronite bars for various blacksmithing greens will be worth it to craft and disenchant.

Flask Prices - 3.2 on the Horizon

Usually when a patch is coming players will attempt to get rid of their goods for fear that they will be made worthless after the patch arrives. If you're currently dumping flasks you're making a big mistake. For one, no new flasks have been mentioned besides flask of the north, which will only effect alchemists in the arena and not pve raiding.

Currently, guilds are trying to make last ditched efforts at algalon and various hardmodes throughout ulduar. Time is tight so maximizing performance during the raid is key and thus raid leaders are cracking down on getting players to bring flasks to the raids.

If you're an alchemist then I highly recommend looking into the flask market not only just before 3.2 but also just after it.

I recommend selling the flasks in stacks of 1-4 since raids usually don't go for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Figure out how many can sell in a single raid night and avoid selling more than that to reduce the amount of flasks that come back in the mail as well as help to drive prices down with extra supply.

How are flasks doing on your servers during raid nights currently? Notice a slight increase?

Making Gold Syndrome - Addicting?

From the JMTC forums, Ceffo writes:

"Ive got over 120k now in gold but i still got that feeling its not enough. (already bought the mounts/pets/chopper etc). Yet everytime i look at the bank roll i think hmmm.. thats not much.. all my guildies think im being a smart arse.. but in all honestly it is a small amount to me imo. Anyone else have this syndrome?"

Is Ceffo right? Anyone else found that once they reach their previous goal, regardless of whether it's the gold cap or 10k, that you can't stop chasing more gold?

For me, the fun of making gold isn't making it, but coming up with new ways to make it. Hence why you get this blog with all my money making ideas, because what fun is it to just keep it to myself?

I agree that making gold can be rather addicting once you start passing your own expectations and start grasping at loftier goals. That next 1k, 10k, 200k is always right around the corner and there seems to be no end to the race of collecting gold. This is one reason why I enjoy my playstyle and how I avoid the gold collecting addiction.

For the comments, are you addicted to making gold in game? Is it a fun addiction or annoying for you?

Auction House Talent Points

I came up with this idea as a joke, and it is kind of funny but can you imagine how fun it would be to have a character class known as 'bank alt' with the following conditions:

It can be any race/sex and is considered a hero class with no requirements.
Bank alts require focus to use abilities, and this focus is generated 50 per hour with a cap of 100.
Bank alts are the same level as your highest level character.

Talent Points

What do you think? I tried to add a little humor to the talents here and there :)

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #19

Ask another auctioneer what they sell to make gold. Be sure to share your own tip as well, so as to make it a profitable discussion for both.

This tip sounds stupid at first, but it's surprising the kind of useful information you can get from someone else that you'll never think of on your own. Be kind and share something back.

The forums are a great place to do this anonymously.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #18

Discover the limit to your market. To find this first you have to break that limit. Post a stack today, two tomorrow, three the next and keep posting until your items do not get purchased in full. Then scale back and you have your limit. If your goods sell prematurely then by all means post a little bit more after that. The goal of this exercise is to see how many items you can sell in one posting so go nuts :)

Once you find the limit (the point at which not all your goods sell), start scaling back until you find out just how much of your item your server is willing to buy on a given day.

For me, pygmy oil sells about 8-15 stacks of 20 per 24 hour period, so I rarely post more than that.

Suggestion Box Friday (7/24/09)

Another suggestion box friday, another chance for you, the lovable auction house amateur to show off your strategies and share your insight with the JMTC community. Anything goes in the comments section, so have fun!


Regarding Spring Cleaning
The Grinch said...
I really liked the video, but watching the results vid I especially liked the utility addons you're using like the mail one and the message one. What are they?Also do you know any way to get more then 25 "letters" at a time from the mail box. The time spent waiting for the mail server to respond takes a full quarter of my auctioneering time?

Regarding Spring Cleaning
KevMar said...
You can either relog or /reload to refill your mailbox.

Regarding Apprenticeship
Darth Solo said...
They say that a good deed never goes unpunished. The apprenticeship wouldn't work for me. I've tried helping a couple of people by giving them tips on how to make money after they whispered me for some gold and then I couldn't get rid of them for months. They kept begging for freebies, dungeon runs, gear and stuff. It's just not worth the hassle.

Regarding Portals and Tips
Gibbiex said...
Same thinking for enchanting, regarding tips. My rule: If they've been spamming trade for 5 min or more, are level 80 (or high level), and i have the enchant, i'll switch over to my enchanter. I got really tired of 'can you come to org', 'what, you don't have mats', 'what you mean you expect a tip after wasting 15 min of your time?' Its not like I don't like helping people, but I have stuff i could be doing instead of dealing with idiots.


How many more weeks until the next season and patch 3.2? 4? 5? 6? My money is on 4 more weeks but we'll just have to wait and see! I hope it's not much longer or else I'm going to have to play more arenas.

Gold Guide Update (7/23/09)

20kleveling is a pretty ambitious and groundbreaking guide when you think about it: attempting to teach gamers how to play economics and how to think in order to procure large stockpiles of in game gold. I could just say go farm here or go do this, but then within a week they'd need more assistance. The success of the guide so far is tied to the fact that it leaves room for you to grow and become a better auctioneer without chaining you to too many specific strategies. The beauty of this strategy is that two guide holders on the same server can come up with completely different ways to become filthy rich without stepping on each others' auctioneering toes.

I'd like to give a heads up for gold guide holders and anyone who is considering buying it, I am currently working on the next Bonus Chapter for the guide: "Case Studies." I expect to get several of these done each week, so stay on the lookout for some nice updates to the guide which will focus on valuable items of all levels that you might not realize the value of. Each case study will include a video ranging from 2-6 minutes long as well as a conclusion paragraph in case you don't feel like listening to the videos.

I am also leveling an enh shaman who will hopefully break 4k gold on his own tomorrow (if my auctions sell). He is following the gold guide and using a banking alt on his server to help make the gold. His level? He's 38, and he's not using a single profession (he'd have more gold but be leveling much slower). I'm hoping to take what I learn from running another character using the guide to create several additional case studies.

For today's actual post, go here.

Spring Cleaning - A Bountiful Harvest

I haven't done any serious auctioneering for a few weeks.... months? Other than the occasional 1-2k a day of course. So I decided last weekend to post one of my alt's ~600 auctions for fun and see how much gold I made. This alt is my random arbitrage alt, so the items have absolutely no rhyme or reason other than to be sold for more than I purchased them at. Many of the items involved are old world (pre BC), some BC, and a couple are WOTLK. It probably took about three periods of scanning/collecting to build this stash, but I can't give exact figures since I hadn't touched this alt in so long.

The point of me posting this video is to show that you can make THOUSANDS of gold without a single profession. Simple arbitrage is amazing and all this money was made using my 22 steps to auctioneer. If you're confused or having trouble please see that post. Here's the result from my ~600 auctions:

Rerolls in 3.2

Anyone else sick of questing? Do you find that you just want to log on, kill some stuff (particularly players), and then log off? Well with 3.2 Blizzard is going to make leveling through bg's a legitimate method to earning experience.

I have tons of alts sitting close to the level cap and one or two I'd be willing to level from around 30 to 80. But questing has become way too boring, thus bgs are the only way I'd be willing to level these toons.

Many players level their alts with lack luster attempts at improving professions. Sure they start off strong, might even make some low level gear for themselves but eventually the speed of leveling overlaps the speed at which you can level professions. You're in and out of areas too quickly to gather adequate supplies for leveling (except first aid) and thus professions will almost always become a 'I'll do that at 80' thing.

With all these new level 80's created through bg leveling (particularly hardcore arena players who are tired of questing like myself), there will be a real demand for the choke points in various gathering professions. My favorite choke for multiple professions is Thorium ore, since BS, JC, and Eng all require this before outland. Since BS, JC, and Eng are the most popular arena professions, expect Thorium to shoot through the roof shortly after 3.2 hits.

If you need help finding a good Thorium Spot, look no further than these posts:

For tailoring you may want to stock up on runecloth and netherweave:

For the comments: Any ideas on other 'choke points' that will provide a lot of gold for the savy auctioneer who prepares now for the oncoming storm?


Gevlon came up with an interesting idea for helping out players who are struggling with the auction house: become his apprentice. I've received a few emails and even a comment on this site asking if I would do this on US servers.

I have two answers to this question, one will make you go "awwww :(" and the other will make you go "oooooo :D".

So here's answer #1: I don't have the time to take someone under my wing and truly tutor them (probably 2-4 hours of work). Every time I log onto wow I get an insane number of whispers regarding prot pvp, the gold guide, youtube videos, and this blog. I actually avoid getting on Markco unless it's essential (pvp or the occasional raid), because I do take the time to answer everyone's questions which can be quite time consuming. Whenever possible I redirect people to my forums, because many many questions have been answered there by the readers of this blog. In conclusion I just don't have the time to do what gevlon does.

Ok, I know you're all depressed so here comes answer #2: I will be running another gold guide contest! I haven't ironed out the details but I'm going to make one winner this time and allow voters to vote on ALL the entries; with one vote per person on the JMTC forums. I don't think it's going to be video format again, or even the same topic (all gold making tips), so give me some time to iron out all the gritty details.

For the comments: What kind of contest would you like to see? Another tips focused one? Perhaps something different like a wallpaper for justmytwocopper or an ingame screenshot? Be creative, all suggestions are welcome!

Portals and Tips

Portals are an interesting way to make gold in world of warcraft. Many players will pay upwards of 10 gold for a main or alt to get a hearthstone set in dalaran, just as shattrath was popular in the Burning Crusade. Being a mage has its uses, that's for sure!

My mage is one of my favorite bankers (blinking around corners and through mail boxes to the bank in org is fun!) and so I usually keep an eye out for people in need of portals between my auction house activities and quite often it's a free 5g+ to port them to dalaran.

If you have a mage and haven't started responding to "LF Port to Dalaran, tipping well," then you are missing out on free money!

For the comments, how much do you expect someone to pay for a portal to dalaran?

You can also join the discussion on the forums.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #17

Learn about a profession you’ve never owned. See if it interacts with any of your current professions and start making gold modifying goods. Every profession except fishing, first aid, and cooking interacts with every other profession in some minor way at the very least. Whether it's materials for crafting a weapon or requirements for a trinket, they are all connected in some way. Learn these connections and see if there is gold to be made.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #16

Flood your market today. Post everything you have and watch people dump their items back at you. When they get to be pretty cheap buy them out. Repost in a few days when the dust settles. When I say 'flood your market' I do not mean undercut yourself to death. Instead, place double or more than the normal amount of items you would likely post at around 120-140% price. Supply and Demand is a mysterious but often predictive mechanism of free markets: Post double your normal amount, watch your prices get cut in half.

When the dust settles start buying up the competition. Remember that all those items you posted are not likely to sell so be ready to accept that deposit cost (if any).

HowIwow Back Online

Use this link to listen to the podcast, as of 9:43 AM EST the site was back online.

Suggestion Box Friday (7/17/09)

It's time for another Suggestion Box Friday! It's when I, the guru of gold, the sultin of surplus, the diva of deposits, the extraordinary economist and overall good guy, retreat from my saronite plated throne to my saronite plated jacoozi and allow you, the lovable auction house amateur, a chance to share your thoughts on world of warcraft economics.

Community Spotlight

I really enjoyed doing an interview with, so I started browsing around for more world of warcraft podcasts (quasi radio shows) and I found Pretty cool stuff all around, although there isn't the focus on gold gathering, it does have a large following and enjoyable content. You can head over to their site and find hours upon hours of recorded shows (one of my favorite parts about podcasts is the archives they create). Go give them a try and be sure to contact them and let them know what you think.


Do you think that the 21 Tips in 21 Days has been a success so far? Are there any tips you disagreed with or felt were spot on? Any of them actually help you out?


Regarding Wow Popular

Uzuri said...
I'm sure this goes without saying, but people also need to keep in mind that things vary from server to server.For instance, the list has Shaman's "Glyph of Astral Recall" marked as a rather unpopular choice (two stars), but I find they sell very well on my server.So this is definitely a great starting point (especially since, I would imagine, the most popular glyphs involve min/maxing and thus are most desirable), but I would encourage new scribes to keep track of what glyphs they've sold themselves, as no one can tell you what sells best on your server aside from those with experience.

Regarding Essence of Undeath Video

Anonymous said...
Great spot for starting on a new server. Go there with a death knight and you are all set.

Regarding Tip #14

Anonymous said...
The best play I have is typically on market monopolizers. They've bought out the whole market hoping to double the sale price and I slowly post one or two at slightly above reasonable prices which they then buy in an attempt to continue to control the supply. I keep unloading my inventory slowly at very favorable prices until they break.

New Mounts and Turn Ins

Hey Marko!

I have now re rolled horde, and as such became interested in the new items available to the horde, including the new raptor mount. I came across a comment on wowhead sayong how to get the mount, which included giving the npc 20 runecloth and 20 Rugged leather. I just wanted to ask your opinion if it is worth buying these out now and hope for an increase in price, or to save my (at the moment low amount of) gold?

From Necrolia of Draenor EU

Hey there Necrolia, here's my answer: Look at the auction house currently, how much Rugged Leather and Runecloth is there? The less there are the more potential for profit. What I would do is set a price that you are willing to buy out all runecloth and rugged leather in preparation for this quest. If you're low on cash it's quite easy to just go farm stratholme or various other places for the cloth. The leather can also be farmed but is a little more time consuming (I'd rather just buy it).

Sorry allies but sadly rugged leather and rune cloth are too numerous for horde to want to travel to the neutral auction house so allies won't be able to make any gold off the new raptor mounts. It's a shame because I think this quest alone is going to make tons of gold for clever horde auctioneers when this goes live.

How I Wow - Podcast

Thanks Sean and Patrick for having me on their podcast and to introducing me to the podcasting world... of warcraft.

Here's a link to their site, check there for the interview on making gold, playing with 0 resilience, and much more :)

For feed readers check here for today's post.

EDIT: Howiwow is down because of either too many people trying to access their site or they are having issues with something else. Please be patient and be sure to let them know what you thought of the show afterwards. Be sure to keep listening when the initial show ends because they go into their thoughts and how they fared afterwards. Also, you should be able to click the little arrow to make the podcast play even with the page the way it is now.

Funny side note but I will be going to blizzcon which is hillarious because a month ago when this was taped I was totally against it.

Farming with Players Doing Their Dailies

Here's a nice tip for those of you that do the Hodir dailies. My only additional thought I had regarding this method is that it would be unwise to just grab the ore as soon as a mob dies. Be sure to wait and make sure that the person who killed the mob is not also a miner.

Hello this is Lògosh of Mug’ thol again I found a wonderful spot to make gold Frostfield Lake yes this sounds odd but this is mostly for miners.

You must farm brittle revenants. Not in the normal way but mining there corpses for the Geodesic Fragments and ultimately Crystallized earth Notice all the people killing the brittle revenants for there dailies most just leaving the corpse behind to be mined so miners can keep mining them for crystallized earth and Geodesic Fragments

Geodesic Fragments sell 4g 50s per stack and eternal earth prices varies server to server but this is so easy corpses everywhere and no miner usually bothers mining the Brittle Revenants. Thanks to Metamaster for this original Idea.

You could kill them too they do drop Relics of Ulduar aswell.

This is a better spot than those Zuldrak sentinels when you do not have Wintergrasp for killing as I got crystallized earth a lot faster.

WowPopular - Best Glyphs to Sell

I've had numerous people ask me what the best glyphs, gems, etc are for selling on the auction house. Finally I came across a helpful site that literally tells you the most popular items in the game. I highly recommend this site for anyone who is struggling with deciding what items to craft and sell on the ah.

Here's a link to WowPopular with glyphs selected.

Essence of Undeath Video

Thanks to ZalyksVidz for this video regarding a farming post on JMTC. It was a while back but it had to do with farming essences of undeath, mojo's, and tons of runecloth. I never made a video regarding these mobs so thanks again for your efforts!

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #15

Undercut someone by 1 gold, 15 silver, and 39 copper with one item. When the item is purchased repost two at the same price. Keep doing this until you get undercut.

Do you have to use 1 gold, 15 silver, 39 copper? No, but the purpose of this experiment is to show you that a random undercut (by random I mean it looks like a robot decided the number), does not come across as an aggressive takeover or undercutting war. The seller above you will either buy you out or just wait until your item has been sold. I'd say undercut by 5% with some random silver and copper ammounts mixed in.

Try to do this at a time when you can check the auction house about every hour for about three hours. Each time you check simply increase the number of reposts by one if any of your items have sold.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #14

Ever play poker? Well then, it’s time to start reading auctioneers.

Ask yourself, why is this person posting these items, what benefit is there to this crazy undercut? Does this person just want fast gold and therefore I can flip the item? Is this person emptying their guild bank?

Why, what, when, where, etc. Don't just bid/buy/post blindly before you understand why your opponenets are doing what they're doing. Get into their heads and you'll be surprised at the kind of mind games you can play with people.

For the comments, does anyone have an example of when they 'played' a fellow auctioneer?

Suggestion Box Friday (7/10/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making master, abandom my instruments of communication and allow for you, the lovable amateur, to share your opinions in place of my own. In other words, I basically take a day off.


Regarding Using My Power for Profit

Kring said...
Only people who inherit power use it for evil. People who worked for their power know how to use it. :-) Just an update. A few month ago I asked if I should buy azure dragon pet on the AH for 500g (which were obviously sold by a bot, because all had the same seller).I finally sold the first two last week for 1300g each (I didn't try sooner because I don't need the gold and I wanted the demand to grow). You were right, thanks. :-)

Regarding How to Use Routes

Sekirei said... - Sample route

Regarding The 4th of July

Anonymous said...
Dalaran server - complete dump in prices over the weekend. picked up a 20-stack of void crystals for 70g (typically 230g on my server). Shards dropped dramatically as well. I can't give meat away right now. I will no longer buy this product (ie. chilled meat, fish, etc.). I plan on continuing to buy up shards for enchanting at these low prices. I've never seen such a flood of enchanting mats on the market.


Share your thoughts on the upcoming patch and the economic changes involved.

Using My Power for Profit

I had a very interesting message from Sparks over on the JMTC forums regarding using my "Power" for evil and profits. Sparks wanted to know if I would ever say something on the blog, forums, or gold guide just to make myself a profit. When I first read this I started laughing so hard at how evil that would be.

Picture this, I have a huge stockpile of long elegant feathers and can't sell them no matter what I do. After a few weeks of fruitless attempts at rock bottom prices I decide to write a post about how these feathers are oh-so-important for a particular hat's recipe. Within a few hours all my feathers sell and I happily bank two hundred gold from ten gold's worth of feathers.

No, I didn't actually do this, but what if I did? Obviously I wouldn't throw away all the work I've done in creating this blog for a few hundred gold, but would you? What if it was ten thousand gold? Twenty? At what point would you go over the edge and use your "powers" for evil?

Thanks for the message Sparks, I had a blast coming up with imaginary ways to con my own readers.

How to Use Routes

The addon Routes is a great way to create your own map for flying around like mad and collecting some ores. The best part is that you can import the entire wowhead database to assist in your mining/herbing/clouding/fishing/etc needs. Here's an excellent write up of how to use routes by Sekirei.

Hellos. For those who are wondering what Routes and Gathermate are or how to set them up here is a short guide.

1. Download and install the two addons(duh) and make sure to get the gathermate_data file as well.

2. In game do /gathermate and use the import database option choosing the type of resource you'd like to import: Herbs, Clouds, Mining nodes, Fishing pools etc.

3. After import is done and you can see a shitload of dots on the map do /routes.

4. Chose the option "Add", select the zone you'd like to create a route for, put a name there and hit OK.

5. Chose the type of resource you want to make the route for and hit Create route.

6. Your map should be full of crazy lines at this moment. Select the zone you created the route for and then select the actual route. Go to optimize and hit cluster and then Foreground.

7. If you did this right a nice continuous line should appear on the map.

All thats left to do now is mount up and go gather and laugh in the face of the other lesser farmers >:).

I know this is a big wall of text and I thank you for reading and hope this will help your gathering future :).

The 4th of July

I didn't get onto wow once this past 4th of July weekend, however, I bet that I can tell you exactly what the market looked like.

Perhaps a picture will be more powerful than my own words:

Weekends are normally violent in terms of price fluctuations, but JULY 4TH is possibly the most violent in terms of how low the prices can get. This weekend was probably your best buying oppurtunity for the upcoming patch. If you saw titanium ore at crazy low prices I hope that you bought them out if nothing more than to resell them in the upcoming weeks.

I want to apologize for sharing this information *cough* a little late *cough* but I had no internet access the whole weekend and thus no way to get the word out. I'm sure that the few of you that did take advantage of the prices this weekend are somewhat greatful that I didn't get the word out.

On the plus side for some servers there may still be great prices to be had. Remember that prices will eventually climb back to pre-4th of July numbers so be on the look out for uninformed auctioneers continuing to sell their goods based on this weekend's numbers.

Expect prices to be near normal by next wednessday.

Avast Ye Admiral

I was perusing the JMTC forums and came across an interesting post about selling admiral's hats. The recipe is sold by cowardly crosby on the beaches of STV, with a very slow restock timer.

I'd been selling the recipe itself for a very long time but never even thought to craft the hats themselves. /Bonk !

Apparently they sell amazingly well (as much as 50 gold) but there is a catch. The item icon doesn't even look like a hat so you are better off selling in trade or by standing in sight of other players and waiting for them to whisper you "hey where did you get that hat."

The hardest component to find are long elegant feathers, but thankfully there was a gold guide contest entry not too long ago that explained a great way to find them. Of course if you don't have the time to go farm these feathers then you will want to just snatch them off the auction house whenever they are cheap (and that's pretty frequently the case).

Mining Saronite in Sholozar Basin

Hi Markco! This is Zakky from Az'galor and i have a saronite route that makes me rich!

[BLACK ROUTE]- My favorite route by far. I average around a stack and a half of ore PER ROUND. just follow the outer edges and watch out for your Nodes. Also, your gonna wanna check out the rivers/lakes that are close to the route because you never know where some titanium will be hiding. I usually farm at around 2 in the morning so that might make a difference but i usually get around 10-12 stacks of ore per hour. and ive gotten up to a stack of titanium ore in an hour but it fluctuates

[RED ROUTE]- Not my favorite but it still works. Dosent put out as much saronite for me but if my Black route is occupied by other farmers this is where i go. I pay special attention to all the nooks and crannies of the lakes. Around 3/4 stack of ore per round. I have only solidly farmed this for an hour once and i got 8 stacks of ore and 7 titanium ore. not bad for an alternate route but if your looking for hardcore farming go for the black route

[BLUE CIRCLED]- HOTSPOTS! If you can check around the base of these because usually they hold between 1-2 nodes PER pillar.

I use this method of Farming along with JC and i make tons of gold off cut/uncut gems!


21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #13

Between posting your auctions and picking up successful sales, try running someone through an instance and have them loot then mail you all the items they find. See how much money you make from disenchanting/looting everything.

My favorites are:

ZF (mainly for the cloth), Scarlet Monastery Cathedral, and RFC.

Disenchant everything and be sure to sell the loads of cloth you get on the auction house. A single run through RFC can net you fifty strange dust which can sell on my server for 25-30 gold. The linen isn't particularly valuable but you can craft it and disenchant to get even more strange dust. The greater magic essences are nothing to sneeze at either.

Having a Tundra Mammoth to get rid of items (or an engineer's mail box) is a huge bonus in ZF.

Suggestion Box Friday (7/3/09)

Another month has passed and more records broken for the site!

Pageviews: 313,901
Average Time on Site: 2:39
Twitter Followers: 207
Youtube Subscribers: 1,054
Forum Members: 554

Be sure to explore the various methods to participate at Just My Two Copper and become a member of this incredible gold making community.


Wiggin said...
Hey Markco, check out this excellent post on the new crafted items in 3.2, which include a lot of existing mats, I.E. Saronite Bar, which definitely have the potential to rise in price.

Anonymous said...
I always use the following macro when entering a city:

/run SendChatMessage("Enchanter looking for work - 10 gold tip - ",GetSpellLink("Enchanting")), "CHANNEL", nil, 2)

Great way to get the info out there!

Community Spotlight

Keganscoin is a relatively new blog that I'd like to give a shout out to. I love these 'journal sytle' blogs similiar to what scrooge had going until he mysteriously stopped blogging. Keep the updates coming Kegan!


Twinking changes are getting very interesting: the ability to turn off xp, the need for lower level enchants due to higher ones being disabled on lower level characters, and BOA gear being BIS for several item slots. How will this effect the economy?

JMTC Going to Blizzcon

Great news everyone, I was invited to Blizzcon! My 2's partner (thunderion) and I will be going to our first Blizzcon and I honestly can't wait. It's disneyworld for nerds lol.

We're trying to work out getting T-Shirts or something made and some other fun stuff. What questions do you have that you would like us to ask the developers at blizzcon? Maybe I could compile the questions and bring them with me.

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China Bans Gold Farming

As pointed out on the JMTC forums:

China is apparently banning the sale of virtual goods within their county (both imports and exports) as of June 29th, 2009. Here's a link to the article from Information Week:

EDIT: Check this article as well - - who do you think is right?

Very interesting stuff. So how will this affect the world of warcraft economy? The way gold farmers make their gold is by farming massive amounts of goods (usually materials for enchants or crafting) and then selling as much as possible for ridiculously low prices (as compared to market norm). The end result from removing the 80-85% of gold farmers of the world who live in china will be rising prices across the board in world of warcraft, particularly in the area of material goods.

If you're thinking to yourself "self, there are no farmers on my server," well then think again. Farming and account leveling groups usually operate together. When you see someone spamming in trade chat about a new powerleveling service you can bet money that there are also high level farmers on that server who will double as account power levelers. They are hard to find on the auction house by name because they try to meet quotas at the end of their shifts; They'll dump everything for super low prices at once, get bought out, and then dissapear until the end of their next shift.

Will this kill gold farmers? Absolutely not. They will adapt and get back into business as usual eventually, but hopefully many of the smaller operations will be shut down. The problem with gold farming is that there are gold buyers, so as long as there is a market then the former will sell to the latter.

I'm going to be watching the prices of easily farmed goods (herbs, ores, skins, etc) closely to see if they slowly increase over the course of the next month or so.

On a side note, the sale of pre-paid game cards are also banned.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #12

Bid on items Tuesday morning before a hard reset (don’t do this on a 15 minute server restart). The reason for doing this is that auctions continue to 'roll' regardless of server inactivity. So if you have an auction with 4 hours left at the time that servers go into an 8 hour restart then your auction will have expired by the time the servers come back up.

Here's a post when the blog was first starting out that makes bidding fast and efficient.

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