Selling your honor in Wow?

"So, a few days ago i wanted to buy epic gems for 100g/each, after 5 hours of sitting in trade, i got 1 gem total.

(in my server epics go for 150-250g depending on color and cut)

After a while i got so bored that i started asking a friend of mine to buy gems for honor for me,
and then it hit me, why not buy honor from players?

Advertising in trade that i buy large amounts of honor (10k/20k etc.) 1 honor = 1s
and all they have to do is buy the gem and sell it to me.

At first i didn't think it'd be of any help, but after 3 hours in trade i had made over 40 epic gems for 100g each as i wanted to.

I don't know if anyone has done it before, but maybe it's useful.

thought i'd share my success with someone ;)

Added a screen shot also of chat."

Aruk-Defias Brotherhood EU

EJ's Lesson on Deflation and Oppurtunity Cost

As both an avid investor and avid Wow player, I find a great deal of parallels between the markets in the world and the markets in the world ... of warcraft. Right now, RL markets are still in a great deal of trouble and its difficult to predict where either are heading. Our retirements may not depend on the price of goldclover, but if we miss out on a market move in the auction house it can erase a lot of hard work and create many hours of more mindless farming instead of hours playing bg's or (dare I say) something other than WoW.

There are two specific things I would like to focus on in this post, the first being a phenomenon called deflation. Deflation occurs when there is downward pressure on prices and your money can buy more today than it could in the past. This happened earlier in '09 when the market tumbled and prices were falling. Similarly, it happened when Wrath of the Lich King went live and prices for everything dropped through the floor. Everyone stockpiled everthing they could, thinking demand would skyrocket. They were right; demand sky-rocketed but supply grew even faster and outstripped demand. Consequently, prices collapsed and the people who made out like bandits (like myself) were the ones that stockpiled gold and didnt both buying items. That same amount of gold now bought more goods than before.

The second item to discuss is opportunity cost. Basically, this is the cost of any decision when you could have made alternatives. So for example, I invested gold to buy eternal fire and resold them a week later for 20% more. This sounds good, but I could have spent the same amount of gold buying bolts of frostweave and in that same amount of time the price for that went up 35%. So although I made gold by investing in eternal fire, I had an opportunity cost of 15% by missing out on a better deal. If a majority of people were to take advantage of the better rate of return, then I technically would have lost money. Senarios like this happen every single day on servers, so it's important to not just make gold, but to make as much as possible. Remember, if everyone else doubled their money, and you only got 10%, are you really a winner? When people have more gold they are willing to spend more for the same stuff, and prices are going to go up. Can you keep up with prices doubling? Not on a 10% rate of return - you're gonna get smoked.

Remember to watch out for two things: prices unexpectedly falling, and a better rate of return. The first doesn't come often but can make you lots of gold. The second is almost always out there, you just need to look for it - and looking here is a good start.

Good Luck,

Ej of Onyxia

Preparing for Cataclysm - Alchemy and Engineering going UP

Goblins are going to increase the value of mid-high level herbs pretty substantially. Even with lots of farmers and faster leveling of professions every person is going to likely have a few herbs that they need for leveling alchemy. Every goblin should become an alchemist/engineer for arena purposes as they will get more tricks to include with their utility belt through engineering and more mana/health from potions. If you're alliance, this won't affect you but you may want to start sending herbs that you get cheap on your side to a horde character for sale later.

On the flip side worgens are going to gain a skinning increase. Expect mats for skinning to go way down as lots of players will level their craft. Leatherworking/Enchanting will be an excellent way to make money since low level to high level crafted gear will be much cheaper to make with the influx of leather from all those worgen farmers. If you are horde be ready to buy the leather when all the alliance worgens are leveling and resell horde side.

Remember that this is a looooong way off so don't start doing any of my suggestions just yet.

Suggestion Box Friday (8/27/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Leave comments and start some discussions as I will once again take this day to prepare for the upcoming week... and quite possibly get my drink on.

Kylol sent me this email and I'd like to make it the Community Spotlight for the week:

I farmed at this spot for about 45 minutes and got 593 gold worth of cooking mats!

Its in westfall.. COMPLETELY secret!

Here is a video showcasing its raw awesomeness (brace yourself).

This video is not made by me :P.

If you watch how he kills them you will notice they INSTANTLY respawn after dieng, if you kill them all for 2 minutes going back and forth and then loot (you dont want corpses to despawn) for an hour i bet you will make 1000g!

Just wanted to throw this tip at you because its such an odd and secret spot with masssive gold, and good also because you are farming 3 diffrent items in abundance so you dont have to flood one market really.

Credit goes to Top Game Guides Premium's youtube channel for this tip.


Speculate on Cataclysm... there is way too much to talk about. Also, I somehow managed to sell Icy Dragonscales (about 80 of them) for 2.5 gold each last night!

Flying Mounts in Cataclysm

Flying mounts in Azeroth are going to change the economy greatly. In fact, it's going to flip many markets completely upside down. Changes to the cost of leveling professions will also add to creating less of a need for old world mats.

You're going to have huge increase in farmed supply and a huge decrease in need, even with new races leveling their professions.

If you have old world mats, get rid of them in a timely fashion before Cataclysm... which could be a year away, so you have some time to farm Darkwhisper Gorge before it becomes a home for the Twilight Cultists.

Reforging - Cataclysm Ability

With the Cataclysm will come sweeping changes to professions as well a new one and some new abilities for past professions. One of these new ideas is the ability to reforge created (and possibly non created) gear for the purpose of changing stats. You will not be able to change all your gear but gear will be forever changeable and never stuck with whatever you first picked. Gear cannot be changed to a stat it already has either. Basically you cut one stat in half (or possibly more than one stat) in exchange for a new one. Think of getting hit instead of agility or something along those lines.

I really like this change and I'm sure there will be some sort of regent or something gained from gathering that will allow you to reforge items. Since each profession will be able to reforge different types of gear (plate for blacksmiths, leather for leatherworkers, etc.), expect multiple reagents for each item type.

Do you think reforging will work this way, any additional ideas?

Gems will be destroyed by the Cataclysm

Many of you have probably found out from other news sites already (darn the fact that I post once a day), that many stats you've come to dislike accumulating are being destroyed. That's right, no more armor pen, attack power, spell power or MP5 on gear.

I'm not going to get into the new stat balancing changes or anything like that, but I will give you a warning:

Gems are going to have to be destroyed or changed in some way.

Let's say you have +40 Attack power gems or w/e the maximum epic is these days. Cataclysm hits... BAM that attack power is now removed from items. Will it also dissappear from gems? What will happen to your gems? It's possible that attack power gems will remain, however certain stats will have to disappear, such as MP5. Maybe the MP5 will be converted to spirit, but odds are those gems are going to have something happen to them.

I hope that blizzard simply changes all current gems in the game that represent stats no longer being supported in cataclysm to something more useful, but only time will tell.

Think of this as a warning but also as a tip: Don't stockpile useless stats for cataclysm and focus on the stuff people are really going to want to stock up on, such as the new and improved spirit or agility.

Yellow gems are probably the only unaffected ones.

Loremaster EJ

My brother just achieved Loremaster :D

The Goblin Race and Why I'm Rolling One

Goblins... those sly green midgets are finally entering the horde, and I'm so rolling one next expansion. I'm not doing it for their reverse-disengage belts or rocket launching ones either. Nor am I doing it for their passive racial. Instead, I'm picking a goblin because they may single handledly be the greatest money making machines in the game.

I'm going to give you several cases where being a goblin is better than any other class:

You're out farming at your favorite farming spot and run out of room. You've already dumped all grays that you don't need onto your mammoth vendors so now you have a full stockpile of goods you'd like to store. Instead of hearthing or running to a mailbox to send the items to an alt, for the first time ever you can summon a helper goblin and put the items directly in your bank or your guild bank. You've just eliminated the middle man. But wait... it gets better.

Want to send items between your characters for crafting without using a mail box and having to log in and out... put all your items into a guild bank for your alts.

Let's say you want to buy some reagents or other items that might be more expensive based on reputation with a faction. Maybe in the expansion there will be an item you'd like to buy off a faction's vendor that is necessary to some profession. Get your goblin to buy it, he always gets the best deal, as if he was exalted with the faction.

All I have to say is... goblin is going to be my favorite class. Who knows, he might even replace the mighty markco.

Back from blizzcon!!! BTW Thunderion and I both won spectral tiger mounts :D

Now for a random post at 10:20 PM at night...

Frompy sent me a mail in game and I got to share this:

I'm really happy he took the videos the right way because we really did just mean it as a joke. I'm glad he thought it was funny :D

I sent a mail back promising that next time we saw him we'd take great pains to kill everyone but him and leave him the last man standing lol.

The vids were slam montage and poor frompy.

Abyss Crystal Money Strategy

Currently abyss crystals have fallen around 60% on my server, but the enchanting recipes are still worth around 80% of their original value. Therefore I've been crafting various high level enchants that take abyss crystals for huge profits (often 125-150% profit). Only a few sell each day but it's a thousand more gold for very little effort. Been using trade chat like crazy to pick up dream shards and abyss crystals cheap.

Since this market could go sour anytime, I am selling off all my excess mats each day for a few gold below the current price and only making 1-4 of each enchant. This way when the market does crash to where it should be I will have come out on top in the long run.

Hope this information helps you enchanters out there make some easy money!

Ogres Raid WSG!

Was fun :)

At Blizz Con

Having a blast at blizz con, meeting new people as well as tons of fans/readers of the site. It's actually been really touching and I've enjoyed meeting so many people.

I've met the developer of the wow laptop from Dell, Zach Yonzon from, members of 'The Guild' and a slew of other interesting characters... and blizzcon hasn't even started yet!

I walked around early afternoon with the newest host of PUG at who you'll meet tonight at 9 PM PST who also happens to be Thunderer on the JMTC forums.

Looking forward to meeting many more of you, keep a lookout for the black JMTC shirts :)

Fill the comments with anything you'd like me to ask the panels or want me to look into.

Boar Ribs - The other White Meat

This post ranks right up there with one of my favorites of all time because it's simple, effective, and gets you lots of gold. Thanks to Will of wowconfidential for this tip :)

I just finished a video on a farming spot I make 500+ gold from an hour.

The video is based on the cooking market. Most players wait until the level cap to start power leveling their professions and the fact that cooking really isn't necessary until you start raiding (for making your own food stat buffs) it is easy to understand why people hold off leveling cooking.

Many of the ingredients needed for power leveling cooking are found in the old world and level 80's don't want to go through the hassel of travelling back and finding the most efficient spots so they just buy the meats from the Auction House.

After analyzing all the meats needed to go hit the cap I've noticed that "Boar Rib's" are consistently in demand and in low or no supply on the AH.

I've sold Boar Meat now for 2g 95s EACH, and given that I can farm 180 an hour this comes out to 531g an hour.

Here's a video of the best route:

Thanks for reading

Stationary Farming of Frostweave Cloth - Mobs come to you!

Not everyone who reads this guide also looks at my youtube profile, so from time to time I like to link to current videos.

Here's one on farming frostweave cloth, greens, and grays but with a twist... the mobs come to you!

Blue Gems Sell Better Than Epics

"Hi Marcko,
Bucknastee here from the Rivendare server Crimson Eclipse guild. I have a gold making tip. Right now blue gems CUT are going for about 50g. UNCUT they are going for 10-15g. Buy them, get a jc to cut them and watch the money roll in. but be careful not to flood the market or prices will go down"

Currently players are getting new gear and looking to gem it out, but not with epics! Since epic gems are currently still pretty expensive and new arena gear is just around the corner, there's a real market for blue quality gems.

Farming Herbs in Swamp of Sorrows

Stonard Herbing Route

After 20 minutes of running this route I made:
35 Blindweed: 98 gold
5 Goldthorn: 10 gold
3 Fadeleaf: 6 gold
17 Liferoot: 17 gold
11 Khadgar's Whiskers: 30 gold
6 KingsBlood: 5 gold
1 Stranglekelp: 2 gold

Total Gold: 167 gold

Not bad for 20 minutes of mindless farming!

This made me smile :)

I don't post anywhere near the number of thank you's I get but this one made me smile when I was very tired and busy:

"The Guide is Awesome. made 300 gold my first 2-3 days using a strict limit of 100 gold. Upgraded all my bags and leveled my Tailoring about 100 lvls in 1 day. Thanks"

This is probably a low level character on his way to making some serious cash.

Making Money With Nothing
Here are my three favorite ways to make gold when I have little to none on a new server:

Farm Low Level Meat - Level 9-12 mobs
Disenchant Low Level Greens - Level 5-13
Trade Low Level Reagents - Usable by 80's (if they don't have the minors). Shamans in particular have enough useful minor glyphs that they sometimes won't get water walking or water breathing glyphs, thus keeping the fish oil and fish scales valuable whereas light feathers have become worthless.

Please note that none of these methods make you rich, they simply provide you with some starter cash at lower levels.

Skyguard Gold

Hey Marko,

A great way to make money @ 80 is to go back and grind Skyguard rep in terokkar forest. I went from neutral to exalted in just 3 days of grinding rep. You can get TBC greens, blues and BoE epics( if you're lucky, i got 2) from the mobs and you never really see anyone else there. There is a quest line but you don't really need to do it if you're only after the money just make sure you do the introduction quest in Shattrath

1. Keep the shadow dust for shadow elixers
2. use the scrolls on skull piles
3. Sell everything from the mobs that are summoned from skull piles (or keep them to summon terokk if you can solo him)

You make more than enough money to buy the mount and the pet.

Mágus (May-guss) of Dalvengyr

To Mágus:

Very nice find. I found about a hundred of those shadow dusts in my bank and boom sold them all in a week for about 1.50 gold per! I may have been lucky and found someone leveling rep that week but I think that there are actually quite a few people doing this grind. Back at 60 I managed to get exalted from friendly in about two weeks, with just a few hours of grinding plus daily quests. Now that we're 80 it has to be a breeze ripping through all the mobs there and what's more, this place is easier than grinding rep with ogrilla (no huge starter chain that an 80 can't solo).

Nice find indeed :)

Suggestion Box Friday (8/14/09)

Another friday, another list of my favorite comments this week :)
Oh and you can post some of your tips if you'd like to try your luck!

Discussion: I'm looking forward to blizzcon next week, I'll be wearing a JustMyTwoCopper T-shirt so I should be easy to spot as well as my 2v2 partner should you want to say hi.


Regarding Eternals On the Rise

Boilanger said...
You're not kidding about Eternals being on the rise! Because I farmed so many though, I just sell them for cheap and get a nice little profit off of each one. Sold about 12-15 altogether over the course of 4 hours on my server, making just over 51 gold total off of it.

Regarding Pick Pocket Farming

It only takes about two minutes to go through the whole place once you are practiced. I typically get 1-2 Runic Healing Potions, 5-25 silver per pocket, and a couple pieces of vendor trash that are typically worth 1-2 gold. It's not something that will net you a fortune, but it's basically free and is near a good area for farming Frostweave and greens, so it's convenient.

Regarding Abyss Crystals and TOC

Kohaku said..

Why's everyone so unhappy about prices of frozen orb + abyss crystal dropping?
It just means two things to me:
1. leg armor kits just got cheaper to make.
2. Enchanting scrolls are easier/cheaper to make.
Since they'll probably sell due to people getting new gears... really, I don't see discontent.(Unless more people want to go into the market due to the lower cost of entry.)

New Excel Addon for Auctioneer

I received an interesting email regarding a new addon for you wow auction house nuts:

"Hi Markco,

I've developed an application that takes WoW Auctioneer data into a spreadsheet format and even creates reports in Excel, if it is installed.

I'm currently trying to make it known to the world so that more people can enjoy the result of my work.

I'd very much appreciate if you could help in this regard (post on your site, link, mention in any other way), as well as if you could send me your feedback about how you think I may improve it.
The addon is hosted here: and at (search for "wow sales reports").

Thanks a lot!"

Give it a try and please give any feedback you have to the author, it will help improve the addon. Thanks guys and girls!

Pick Pocket Farming - Cathedral of Darkness

Valustria presents: Pocket Farming the Cathedral of Darkness!

This is a very well done guide, I'm impressed! Basically you get to pick pocket some mobs and get tons of free gold.

Abyss Crystals Trial of the Crusader

The newest instance is Blizzard's way of basically handing out abyss crystals to non-raiders. Perhaps this was an accidental side effect of helping gear out newer players, but the effect is still the same.

The bosses drop a TON of epics and every single one that no one wants will turn into an abyss crystal. Since so many characters in wow, particularly raiders, do not need the gear dropping from these instances there is going to be a huge crash of abyss crystals.

I predict prices dropping by about 20-40% by the end of this week. A frozen orb also drops off the last boss, which will probably seal the fate of those as well.

Cross Faction Trading

Step 1: Create a level 1 of the opposite faction (better be alliance) on your server.

Step 2: Run the alt to the auction house and compare prices.

Step 3: On your mail go to booty bay and grab an alliance friend.

Step 4: Place items on the neutral auction house for 1 copper buyout and have your friend buy them off you.

Step 5: Your friend should mail all the items to your level 1 on the other side.

Step 6: Sell your goods (make sure your friend gives you some starter cash)

[Comment regarding high neutral cut removed]
EDIT: Sorry I mispoke. I meant to discuss the fact that transfering gold across characters isn't worth it (because the neutral cut is so big) and that it's better to sell items 1 copper at a time then sell it on the other side. Don't know what I was thinking lol.

Communication is the key to this, if you don't have an alliance friend, you won't be able to buy your own auctions (game won't let you).

Don't forget that if you've never experienced the opposing faction that the day you get on could be a super low price or super high price for whatever item you're comparing. Get some data over the course of a week before jumping into a market.

New Mounts and Turn Ins

Hey Marko!

I have now re rolled horde, and as such became interested in the new items available to the horde, including the new raptor mount. I came across a comment on wowhead sayong how to get the mount, which included giving the npc 20 runecloth and 20 Rugged leather. I just wanted to ask your opinion if it is worth buying these out now and hope for an increase in price, or to save my (at the moment low amount of) gold?

From Necrolia of Draenor EU

I predict that the runecloth will become more valuable but the Rugged Leather will only increase early on because there are tons of Rugged Leather dropping mobs right where you get the quest.

Eternals Rising Again

Here are a list of some of my favorite eternal farming spots, take heed and get out there if you want to make some easy cash with all the epic gem transmutations.

Eternal Air
Eternal Water
Eternal Fire
Eternal Earth
Farming Eternals in Wintersgrasp (best spot for life and shadow as well)

There are many more farming spots listed on this site for those eternals, so feel free to 'shop' around for your favorite spot.

Suggestion Box Friday (8/07/09)

Community Spotlight: Veritable Avarice
This is an interesting new blog in the wow economic arena and I think the content + quality of writing deserves some attention. Give him a read, Veritable Avarice looks really promising.


Feel free to comment on your ideas regarding the patch so far and wow economics. It's your chance to be the blog writer :D

PvP Dilema:

It's been a great week for the blog, breaking 1600 readers for the first time and I've received more whispers/emails/youtube messages about successful gold making players than ever before. The patch really took the wind out of my sails and I honestly was upset with the changes to prot. I will do my best to try and do well in 3's, but there isn't that thrill that I used to get out of it anymore. 2's is a total wash now because I will never kill a shaman or paladin again in arena. Now I get to anxiously watch as mediocre teams slowly inch closer and closer to knocking us out of glad range, completely defenseless and unable to play.

I blogged about prot, I spent a year gearing out and learning to play prot, and I loved every minute of it. I think it's wrong to continue dwelling on this patch though, so I will do my best to pick myself up by my bootstraps and get back to making prot work. I need to adopt a new attitude: "I may not kill you, but my partner with ms will." Now it's just a matter of finding partners on a server where only three horde teams managed to get into glad range, and of those they all played 2v2.

Believe me and you, I'm working my ass off trying to discover any possible way to make prot work. Fury/Prot builds will be my goal this weekend. 2 minute Deathwish + 2.33 minute recklessness may make conc + shield slam + devastate + shield slam a pretty decent combo in full ap + arp gear.

I've tried full armor pen, full block value, full furious and mixed sets. Against melee of any armor type full block destroys them. Against casters and healers mixed sets do the best, however unless I outgear the healer I really don't have any chance of bringing them down. Shamans are literally impossible to kill with earth shield for me now.

Since we have no hunter, thunderion is working on one right now and it's possible that instead of looking for a hunter, we'll look for a druid instead.

Thank you for your supportive emails and tales of success, I never get tired of reading them. You made my success in arena so much more fun, because I had someone to share it with.

I spoke to thunderion last night and we had a blast joking about teams we outplayed and the exploits we had. Like our last game, in which thunderion hit divine plea with 0 mana and had just enough at the end to shock a rogue to death, then we had to run like little girls from a disc priest with both of us below a thousand health. I reflected a shadow word death and bandaged, he did the same. It was the best way to end the season in my opinion.

Another game, I had a druid who went to bear without hots to stun me and was at about half health, had regrowth and no trinket. I concussion blowed before he could bash and took him to about 30% while also slamming his regrowth off and then I feared him just as it ended. I go on skype "He's feared, come over here and finish him!" I then charged the warrior partner and shockwaved him, giving thunderion enough time to get over to the other druid and hammer, shock, glowy execute him with me intercepting plus shield bashing to finish. We laughed about these times when we completely outplayed teams, and how we made something work that never was meant to exist.

We laughed at some of our favorite moves, like concussion blowing or hammer of justicing a druid or shaman just as he hit nature's swiftness so that I could knock it off.

Reflecting COI and gag ordering dk's so that they could do nothing but watch my pally run by them, those were the times :)

Speaking of reflects, catching earth shocks and strangulates were so easy... we even had teams get on level ones and complain about that on multiple occasions. Come on, you think we actually were gonna let you interrupt a cast? Silly deathknight.

Then there were the games were we knew we were beat and so we made one final outrageous attempt at victory which actually worked more than it didn't! And there was a game where I solo'd mage/rogue because thunderion disconnected while they were nuking him... you should of heard us celebrating on skype afterwards.

All in all, getting to play competetive arenas with my cousin was the most fun I've ever had in this game and I wouldn't trade it for the world... of warcraft.

Some hated us, some loved us, but I think everyone saw what we did as something special.

Runed Orbs Post 3.2

Runed Orbs are going to plummet with the onset of patch 3.2. Think of their frozen cousins, which at one point sold for a hefty 100-200 gold but now sit idly in the 10-40 range. Right now Runed Orbs can go for as low as 500-800 gold, but usually sell for around 1000 gold, and it's going to get a lot lower after the patch.

Basically, Runed Orbs are going to become the frozen orbs of 3.2, the easily obtained and farmable orbs perfect for entry level 80 gear.

If you have a stockpile of these or are a guild master definately start selling these off or craft the starter epics and sell those.

As their price decreases it may become possible to start making the epics and selling those on the auction house. Spiked Deathdealers and Battlelord's Plate Boots are going to be nice starter boots for death knights should you choose to make those.

With the onset of 3.2 expect to see a new Orb appear as well as the reemergence of standard crafting materials such as dragonscales, nerubian chitan, arctic fur, heavy borean leather, titansteel bars, and the various spell weaves.

Cross Faction Purchases - Quick Gold Tip

This is a heads up to any savy auctioneers that want to make thousands of gold. I will have a post in the near future and probably a video regarding this topic but for now I'm going to tell you one piece of advise:

On pvp realms you can now make cross faction characters.

Take that information and run with it, remember that you can't buy from yourself in the neutral auction house.

Wood and Cloth - Salute to a Warrior

Patch 3.2 came and went with the excitement of ore selling like crazy, gems going for 500 gold cut, and lowbies rushing into bg's. But markco was no where to be found in the auction house.

He was alone, in the valley of honor swinging his gladiator's furious axe into a big stick and bag of cloth that made up one of ogrimmar's level 80 dummies. The bag head seemed to smirk at Markco as he attacked, and after every shield slam he swung from side to side as if to say 'no, you won't beat me.' Markco worked up quite a sweat and was seen changing into four different sets of gear while he compared all kinds of stats and the results of those changes on the dummy.

Try as he might, Markco never even put a dent into the thing.

3k, 4k, 2k, 2.2k, 4.2k... the numbers just wouldn't go higher. The devastates didn't live up to their name.

Frustrated, he swore and put on his full block value set... 13k with shattering throw, shield bash, shield block, and greatness proced with full sunders. A day ago that would of been 18k, and what's worse, the resilience changes made it so he could not possibly wear that block value set any longer. The devastates were too low, as low as 1.4k and he was too vulnerable in this gear set. In 2's he could survive, but not 3's.

So then Markco got an idea, a crazy idea that no one else seemed to have thought of... he put on full armor pen. Epic gems, worth 750-1000 gold each he bought without even thinking about it. As quickly as possible he put on the few pieces of armor pen he had and regemed everything.

The end result? A measly 28.63% passive + 10% from battle and +20% from sunders. 58.63% all together.

3.8k, 4.6k, 2.4k... the numbers didn't seem to go up much at all. Maybe with full pve dps gear he could do it, but after hundreds of hours of gearing for the block set, Markco didn't seem to think he had the power in him to do it again.

After almost four years of mastering his character, perfecting arms, perfecting prot... Markco suddenly backed away from the dummy. He wasn't upset, he didn't cry or turn his back to his opponent in disgrace. He simply looked down at his weapon, took a deep breath of the smooth, cool ogrimmar air, and held the hilt with suddenly sweaty palms. The smell of kodo, caked mud, and the flowing river next to him filled his senses with dreams of when he first ran through this great valley. Small and alone, he had looked at Ogrimmars wonders with such passion and respect. These memories were replaced with the thrill of combat, the hundreds of thousands of alliance he'd slain. Suddenly he roared with his axe held high in his right hand and let his shield fall to the ground.

The axe flew so fast that it took the dummy's head clean off. Tired but satisfied, Markco headed off to the auction house, leaving his weapons behind.


9/17/2005 - 8/04/2009


So Markco is getting shelved because I just don't feel like running hundreds of hours of pve to get armor penetration to make prot somewhat viable. What's worse is that there really isn't a hunter good enough on my server to do 3's to glad competitive levels. Therefore markco is getting shelved for the time being and I have several alts I can pick up to start over. Who would you pick?

Mage, Shaman, Lock, Rogue, Hunter, Druid, or Paladin

Now Markco isn't totally going away, let's face it, he's my favorite character. I will do my best to get him into a 3's team with good players and attempt to get high as prot or arms, but I'm definately not going to keep him as my main character.

Epic Gem Transmutations for 3.2

This email pretty much sums up what you should do with your twilight opals, forest emeralds, and sky sapphires (SAVE THEM FOR THE PATCH - HINT HINT).

With the newly announced mats for the Alchemist transmutes to make epic gems in the next patch there's a chance to probably make some very good money, the materials are sky sapphires, forest emeralds and twilight opals, all of which sell cheap on my servers (sapphires for as little as 5g per!). The transmute takes 3 of that particular type to create one epic gem (i.e.; 3 sky sapphire transmutes to 1 Majestic Zircon).

Even if you can't transmute them yourself I imagine the prices will skyrocket once people start stockpiling.

I'm definitely going to give this a go and see if it can make serious bank! :)

Sahiel - Medivh

EDIT: This post was prewritten weeks ago, unfortuneatley some of the information is outdated, here is a more accurate summary, thanks Hatch.

This information is outdated the current transmute materials are:* Red: Cardinal Ruby (mats: 1 Scarlet Ruby, 1 Eternal Fire)* Yellow: King’s Amber (mats: 1 Autumn’s Glow, 1 Eternal Life)* Blue: Majestic Zircon (mats: 1 Sky Sapphire, 1 Eternal Air)* Orange: Ametrine (mats: 1 Monarch Topaz, 1 Eternal Shadow)* Green: Eye of Zul (mats: 3 Forest Emeralds)* Purple: Dreadstone (mats: 1 Twilight Opal, 1 Eternal Shadow)

Lesson from Walmart

"So I was at Walmart yesterday in the medicine section. I saw this stomach medicine Zantac in two different packages. One had 8 pills and was about $3, one had 65 pills and was $17, so I thought "Hey someone at Walmart read your blog about marking up individual quantities of popular consumer items!" So for a blog post perhaps you could share other insights such as these and different strategies you have seen that work well in the real world economy that could relate back to the WoW economy."


Deip of Korgat

Deip, wow is a totally free market, devoid of government influence. Because of this, you will see some pretty wacky price gouging and fierce undercutting wars that you won't see in the real world economy, especially the US economy. Plus, there's no one around to stop monopolies!

There's something else missing from the wow economy, and that's quality. Often, people will buy something because of the brand name or the supposed quality of the item, and that's something you just don't have in wow.

The stock market closely resembles the wow auction house but it's still an auction house with it's own limitations. Your example is an excellent one in terms of relating wow to the real world. Ok, my turn:

At the end of a season (let's say Christmas), all the santa cookie jars go from 120% price down to 30% price in order to empty store shelves for room for normal inventory after the season. A savvy entrepreneur can buy out all those santa cookie jars and then resell them next Christmas for 80% when everyone else is charging 120%.

If you listened to the podcast then you know about the cyclical nature of wow; although this example is seasonal and the typical WoW one is weekly.

21 Tips in 21 Days - Last One!

It’s finally here, your last day and time for the best tip you will ever get. Take a break today. Don’t play wow, but instead go for a run, call a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or do some chores. Stay away from the computer as long as possible, as well as any screen. Give your eyes and your brain a break today; you’ll be shocked how much better you play tomorrow.

I'm dead serious about this tip. The more rested you are, the more relaxed your muscles are, and most importantly the less strained your eyes are the better you will play.

I hope you enjoyed the 21 tips in 21 days and feel free to click on the topic '21 tips in 21 days' to view all the tips at once.

21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #20

Advertise in trade chat to buy goods for 20% less than they are worth on the ah. Post after buying, though not right away to avoid suspicion. Always look for people selling huge amounts of an item in trade to empty their bags or buy their flying mount.

Basically, do not ignore trade chat, even if idiots are spamming about somebody's mom or advertising the newest and greatest guild.

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