Orbs and Gems - Making Money from Badges

Moral of the story? Buy purple gems with badges and runed/crusader orbs for easy gold.

The Forum Post You Need to Read


If you are interested in what to do regarding the onslaught of noobie auctioneers hitting the auction house for the first time thanks to MMO-Champion, then you don' thave to look any further than this post.

Hope that helps, don't forget to thank your JMTC community members once again.

Playing the Long Haul on the Auction House

Part of becoming an auction house guru is realizing that you're in it for the long haul, not just the instantly gratifying sale. With this being said, there are several bad habbits you should avoid which prevent you from playing the 'long haul.'

1. Overreacting
I see this all the time, especially with newer players. That first time your stuff doesn't sell, or that time when someone undercuts you and you freak out. You dump all your items in a fit of anger and someone else makes a killing off your stuff.

2. Ignoring Cycles
The cycles of wow economics provide savvy auctioneers with the oppurtunity to create oppurtunities for themselves. By being ignorant of the price cycles for the items you are selling on your server you are basically cheating yourself. Start writing stuff down if you have trouble remembering when markets shift. Don't post infinite dust the day that they plumet to 3 gold a piece when in two days they will shift to 6 gold a piece.

3. Posting only what your character doesn't need
This goes back to being ignorant, but is focused on living in your own little world. If you only focus on tossing away items you know your own character doesn't need then you are probably putting them up for far too little. Just get some cloth from a chest but aren't a tailor? Going to just dump it on the ah for the lowest price? This is a fine oppurtunity to educate yourself on the value of cloth over the coarse of the next week.

4. Assuming investments are risks.
Have some faith in your own ability to read markets and feel comfortable investing money into good profits. Don't doubt yourself into missing up deals!

Ignore these bad habbits and you will surely start playing for the long haul!

Thank you MMO-Champion, Now we PWN YOU :)

I'm not one to judge websites when they try to help people, but mmo-champion did this all wrong. The way to help people is not to tell them exactly what you want them to do, but make them think for themselves. So it's time for me to counter everything they said today, and make my readers money out the wazzoo.

For one, go sell eternal earths, borean leather, cobalt ore, and eternal shadows. The price won't last forever. If the price has not increased on your server, buy them now and relist as the price goes up.

Make enchants when infinite dust plumets. They will sell better than the dust.

At first enchanting mats will plumet, so pick them up early and make your enchanted vellums. Then when the prices react to the fact that eternal earths are 20 gold a piece you can then sell your vellums for much more because the dust, essences, and greater cosmic essences will also react to the increased value of the materials.

This is a gold oppurtunity like no other.

Thank you mmo-champion!

Farming in Prot PvP Gear

A lot of people have been asking me about prot pvp and since this video is both a farming spot as well as an example of my dps, I figured it would be a good fit. I am currently gearing for armor pen while slowly removing my block value except for t9 prot helm and shoulders. I will eventually switch to the 75 badge helm and t9 prot legs. Currently I'm wearing the t9 dps chest and gloves. As you can see from this video my burst is almost as good as shield slam damage but my dps has doubled.

This method of gearing for dps instead of shield slam has drastically changed both my playstyle and spec. Perhaps I'll save this part of the discussion for another day, now for the video :)

Icy Dragonscales a waste of time? NO.

Icy Dragonscales have always been a difficult money maker for many many players. I still get emails from angry readers of this blog who took my advice and bought these up months ago when I suggested doing it.

Here's how I make gold with Icy Dragonscales:
Thursday evening I post 40 Icy Dragonscales for 26-40 gold a stack. Those two stacks are normally gone by Friday night. So basically I make as much as 40 gold a week from these, no questions asked.

Try doing this if you still haven't vendored your Icy Dragonscales, it's free money!

In case you didn't know, Icy Dragonscales are used in a variety of paterns 40 at a time for leatherworking. That's why you want to sell them in a full stack of 20, not 1 at a time.

Brewfest Boss - Save the Boe One Handers!

I received this excellent email regarding the new boe's from the brewfest boss:


This was hot fixed in last night to drop from Coren Direbrew. For the first few hours the price was incredibly high but as many started dropping and hitting the AH the price 'tanked'. This is currently the best BoE one hander in the game, rogue and DK alts will snatch them up then as brewfest goes on more and more will drop and the price will drop as well. It's already down below 1k on many servers. However, being as this is an incredibly limited time item and the best BoE for DW DKs and rogues, I'm going to be snatching up a few to relist at a later date for a great markup. My server has A LOT of people that are probably going to do this as well, as there are many AH players on my server, but I figure people on less played server will be able to make an enormous profit by doing this. Note that the above screenshots are not mine.

-Aleros of Feathermoon

Suggestion Box Friday (9/25/09)

Everyone having a good friday? I am feeling pretty good but it has nothing to do with world of warcraft. Today starts my new workout / diet I've been working on the past few weeks and I think it's finally time to impliment it. I definately needed it because sitting 12 hours a day between my job and this one has slowly but surely taken its toll on my body. So I am going to approach this problem the same way I do everything in life: Do the best I can or not do anything at all.

Now for the weekly comments, this week was pretty lively in terms of discussion.


Regarding Watch me Live - Wow Tutorials

Anonymous said...
I think you should just stream it all the time, or whenever you want. I'm sure there is some widget you can place on your blog to see if you're live.Also, as an idea to help promote your xfire stream better, perhaps set a day where you and a couple buddies go out and gank or do arenas and stream it live. Plug the date a week in advanced that way you'll have more viewers. Personally, I enjoyed watching you and that shaman gank outside Onys lair the other night.

To Anonymous: Yeah that was pretty funny. 2v10'd em. I took your advice and put a widget on the front page :)

Regarding New Wow Gold Blogs
Anonymous said...
another great Gold Blog i read is toogreedy.blogspot.com
check it out!

To Anonymous: Blackwolf, a JMTC forum admin runs that blog, good stuff.

Regarding Youtube Comment that Gave Me a Headache

Onewing said...
If we were to give the commenter as much credit as we could, I'd equate his statement of luck as an actual measure of time. If he is searching for ways to make money, the two most prevalent things he has seen are a) gold sellers and b) sites and videos claiming that he can make 600G/hr. The 600G/hr sites are pretty easy to interpret after a while - they are relying on two things. 1) That you won't notice that they measure their drop rates (and thus ROI of time spent) are extremely idealized. 2) The statements of 600G/hr are based on AH value of items, not actual gold. Now the savvy AH pro can actually convert that value of 600G in items to actual gold, but it often takes multiple selling cycles to post a large quantity of farmed materials. At this point, the average Joe just looking at the 600G/hr site sees a lot of luck involved - luck on drops and luck that the materials will move on the AH the first time they are posted.Its wrong, but it is a little more forgivable than just flabbing his mouth off calling AH playing luck based.

Regarding World of Warcraft Gold Blog. Why?
Carbon said...
I read JMTC because your always posting new strategies on making money. I'm not a farmer and a lot of your posts seem to be farming based but I enjoy expanding my knowledge on areas that I don't personally pay attention to. I love being able to help people struggling with making money by giving them advice on where to farm without it actually affecting my markets. Plus being a regular on JMTC forums it would only make sense to check out the JMTC blog wouldn't it?


Have you gained some weight, no matter how small, from playing world of warcraft?
What do you plan to do about it, if anything?

Watch Me Live - Wow Tutorials

So I have this new snazzy computer and I'm thinking about testing out XFire on it. It would be nice to get the XFire going again so people can watch me both making gold and playing pvp.

My question is, what do you want to see me do in world of warcraft? Do you want XFire running non stop or only when I do something I feel is important? Do you want to see raids? How about random duels? Etc.

Looking for any ideas regarding a system of 'going live' so everyone on the blog knows when to check if I'm streaming live. If I turn on sound in XFire you'll even be able to hear me talking over ventrillo or skype I believe.

Shoot some ideas around in the comments section, and looking forward to broadcasting again.

Also, speaking of broadcasting, there is a good chance that I will participate in a gold making show with other blogger(s). Everything is very hush hush right now but I'll let you know if anything becomes of it.

Ganking Brewfest

Check it out!


New Wow Gold Blogs

There are so many new blogs spawning from this one that I could probably write an article on each one and have over a year's worth of posts! Please, if I didn't list your blog here today write me an email and I'll take a look. There are just so many to go through and I really don't have the time to fit them into one post. Send me an email and I'll try to get you some link love eventually, and you can always post on the JMTC forums for more visibility.

Here are some up and coming gold blogs that I have enjoyed reading so far:




Bobreaze is trying out the Bid low, Sell Normal strategy I outlined many months ago both on my youtube account and here on the blog. Morgraanscorner is looking into using enchanting, tailoring and some flipping techniques for making gold. Diamond-Tipped Cane is a wordy but valuable blog that seems to be a little broader than the others, providing starter information and expecting you to fill in the gaps with your own ideas.

Why are these blogs worth your time, or any new up and coming blog based off of this one?

Think of these blogs as your own personal testers. They are coming up with new ideas and taking fresh looks at old ones; all the while allowing you to watch the entire process. Perhaps they will uncover and surpass an economic hurdle that would of bogged you down had you not read their blogs.

Enjoy these new blogs and definately drop them some comments to boost their morale.

Youtube Comment that gave me a headache!

“Could you show us a spot that doesn’t use the ah luck like cooking?”
This comment made me go... what? Seriously? Ouch, my head hurts.

Now I'm not demeaning the person who wrote this, he is actually being quite serious. What really made me upset for this person was the word 'luck.' As if using the auction house is based solely on the random event that someone will buy your item at the price you want to sell it. There is almost no luck on the auction house, unless of course you consider finding this blog as a lucky thing. Then yes, there's a lot of luck in the world of warcraft auction house!

To the player who wrote this, now is your chance to change that 'luck' into certainty. Read this blog from beginning to end, dive into the forums, watch the auction house youtube videos, and most importantly experiment in world of warcraft. Educate yourself and most importantly have a blast experiencing the learning process.

Get used to it because you never stop learning.

Since you are obviously very new to the world of warcraft economic system I would start off with items you personally use or buy frequently. Find out what that item is worth to not only yourself but other players. Is it used in professions, is it used in raiding, etc etc. Then find out what you and more importantly other players are willing to pay for that item. Watch the auction house each day and observe how the item's price changes througout the week. You'll be well on your way to becoming an auction house pro.

World of Warcraft gold blog. Why?

This isn’t a confession but a fact: I have never taken an economics course. I have never taken a course on SEO or online marketing. All I had going for me when I made this blog was an idea, motivation, and the entrepreneurial delusion that most Americans are born with. I learned more from writing/marketing this blog then I could possibly have learned from four years of college. You see college teaches you how to work for someone, not how to work for yourself. You can imagine my shock when JMTC seemed to double in hits each month and became a special place for other gold seeking, creative players to mingle.

What is it that makes JMTC such a special ‘place’? I look at this blog and I say to myself I could add this content or that, I could do this differently, and a slew of other additions I’d like to make a reality… but… somehow the blog is succeeding without them. What did I do right? What was the reason for this ‘success’? Was it the content? No it couldn’t have been the content because it doesn’t seem to matter what I write about, people keep coming back to read again. Before I answer the question, think for a second and ask yourself: “Why do I read Justmytwocopper.blogspot.com?

I have two answers to this question:

1. It’s the reader next to you.
2. You want inspiration.

It’s an amazing concept, but I think it’s true. The first thing I do after a post goes live is check the comments. I don’t look at the google stats, the SEO content, or anything like that. I look at the comments. Don’t you do the same? You want to see what others think and I am simply the catalyst to allow that connection to proceed and prosper. The forums were originally designed to be an extension of the comments section for each post. Now look at them… they are an encyclopedia and all I did was write the titles to each forum… the content is YOURS.

My goal behind writing this blog was to create the catalyst for other players to connect and to inspire them into doing great things. Some say I did this for the gold guide, which I would have a tough time proving was not the case even if it wasn’t. Keep in mind that the gold guide sales go straight to supplying the blog with new features, such as the forum which I pay top dollar to keep 100% up and ready for expansion each month (I have upgraded the server package three times) and I consider it my ‘salary’ for blogging, testing content, and providing new ideas for the community. But you can’t deny the results of my many hours of work: A place where inspired individuals can share ideas about making gold in world of warcraft.

It’s your blog, with my creativity as your foundation.

I then look at the dozens of blogs sprouting from my own. Each one is basically a JMTC clone to some extent, but with the twists that having a different author brings. I absolutely love the fact that people are mimicking my success, there is no greater flattery than copying. I mean this in a good way, I want to see these new blogs succeed just like mine did and I’m happy to give them some link love. Unlike some sites which stop linking to me simply because they think I’m a threat. *cough not naming names cough*. If only they’d realize that linking to similar websites actually helps their SEO; something I learned quickly in this ‘business.’ Feel free to use the ‘link love’ section of the forums for a great list of JMTC-like sites.

So am I full of crap? Why do you read Justmytwocopper.blogspot.com?

In future posts I will be sure to link to some of these growing blogs, which will also give them some time to get more posts up.

Farming Mammoth and Worm Meat Again

Here's the video + commentary:

There's another reason to farm here not listed in this video: In patch 3.2.2 the drums that you can create (aimed at providing raids with buffs which might be missing from certain setups) take jormunga scales! This is by far the best place to farm them if you take a detour into the cave north of where this was filmed. Simply kill both mammoth packs, do the cave, then come out and do the mammoths again. We managed to get about one artic fur per 10 minutes chain pulling like this but the real money was in leather, meats, and greens.

What makes a good farming spot in world of warcraft?

YARRRR!!! Here's my criteriar for when ye be looking for a good ole' farming location in wotlk or anywhere in world of warrrrrrcraft:

1. Mobs drop items used in more than one profession.
2. There are nodes around the farming location for atleast one profession.
3. After the mob dies there is the possibility of skinning, mining, or herbing the corpse.
4. Mobs die quickly and are close enough to reduce down time between mobs.
5. The combination of materials gathered from the farming location can create an item or process for making more gold.
6. There is the chance to hit the jackpot and get some kind of really profitable item.
7. The area is relatively safe, and an added bonus would be that the mobs are neutral.

Let's go with an example from Burning Crusade: Legion Hold
1. Cloth, reputation items
2. Mining Node and Herbing Node
3. Nothing Here
4. Very quickly and respawn insanely fast. Tightly packed for easy killing/looting, extras can be pulled at leisure.
5. Cloth + enchanting mats could be used in tailoring to make some gold.
6. Cards and expensive blues could drop here. You could also get fel armaments.
7. Not so safe unless you were fully geared, an elite patrolled but could be avoided. The mobs could also suddenly group up on you and respawn faster than you could kill them.

Think about this criteria next time you submit a farming location to the blog or when you are just off looking for a place to kill some time. If you have a farming spot you'd like me to look at then scroll down to the bottom of the page and submit it to me via the 'ask markco' button.

Suggestion Box Friday 9/18/09

Community Spotlight: Video on Farming Crystalweb Spiders. Not too much to this video except showing you what the spiders look like in the cave and how frequently they appear to drop ice web spider silk. Thank you Chimei of Kilrogg EU for the submission.

The one comment you all should read from this week:

Railverson said...

I don't usually post to comments... just read them, but this "Used to love your guide what happened?" crap is so inane.

Most of the grab-and-hook blogs out there that force you to a guide offer ZERO helpful information for free. This blog has been anything but...

Markco busts his ass every day to offer posts. I could care less if he talked about chicken factories and adequate storage for all those eggs. His site is a portal my friend. And a source of relevant information.

He engages the community effectively, excels at the game (in many different aspects. I don't read just for the money-side), and he offers medium overload as far as information is concerned (ie. the blog, you tube, twitter, the guide, the FORUMS)

Rush was right, go buy gold if you're that blind to all the info Markco has stored here. His blog is a continuous book that has yet to reach a final chapter. Go back and read from page 1. There's a lesson in there for you somewhere.


Have you gone back and read the old posts to see what you can learn, have you made use of the forums, youtube, twitter, etc found here on the blog?
Quick Tip:

Don't forget that tomorrow is Talk like a Pirate Day! As suggested by darryl, you should head over and grab the admiral's hat pattern for some quick money :)

Farming Clam Meat from Nagaa in Zoram Strand

Check out this great farming spot for clam meat and small lustrous pearls.

Avoiding the Auction House in World of Warcraft

Here's a question and my response that you may find interesting:

"Recently I've found that while many players abuse the auction house, some do not at all, and simply sell outside of it. I think this is because the Auction House seems time consuming, unfair, and unsure to many players, and they turn to a more "controlled" "hands-on" option. They advertise erratically, sometimes for hours, sometimes maybe only for a few minutes, some are dead-set on a certain price, while others do not know what they are doing at all, and will settle for anything you offer. Here's an example for you...On my server, I'm currently buying Frozen Orbs outside of the auction house any time they are advertised. About half the players that want to sell them, are thinking they are going to get AH price, which is bullshit, because usually there is around 3-4 postings up there, split two ways between me and my Alt, so it only takes about two seconds to figure out if I can drive them downwards. I usually confront them with a very low price, like "Hey, I'll give you 30/a pop for those." they will refuse at first and say "No, man they're 80 on Auction House." so I go "Oh, what? That's BS." Don't you realize that there is only one guy selling those things?" I go like this for a couple of minutes, haggling. Usually I can get them for no more than 40, sometimes even less, for maybe 25 each. I then go to Auction house, and resell them for 80 gold within a couple of hours, a pretty quick and easy profit. If anyone goes to undercut me at the normal price, such as 60, or maybe even something so bold as 40 or 50, I buy them out immediately, and then put them back up for much higher prices (+50% or more) on numerous alts. Basically, I'm starting to do the same thing with many other items, and I'm getting better and better at it. Haggling is actually very easy to do because just like the general population, the WoW population is extremely ignorant and easy to fool. I know this is a very inconsistent way to make gold, sometimes just down right frustrating and sterile, but it is very exciting at times, and it is something any proficient auctioneer can do whenever he gets tired of the normal search. destroy. manipulate. over the auction house. Hell, you can do it while your doing all those things too.

Just tell me what you think about it, I'd like to see your feedback through your website. That'd be awesome!


Linus, there are three 'selling routes' in world of warcraft: guild/social, trade, and the auction house. If you are a clever auctioneer you can take advantage of all three. For instance, when dealing with guildies often they will sell you items just because they don't' feel like using the auction house; do them the favor of buying their stuff! I've had countless guildies come to me because they know I have money to burn and say things like: "Hey I have a dozen stacks of infinite dust, will you buy them for 200 gold?"

The next 'selling route' is through trade. Here you can spam away (keep it to once per minute) looking for deals and always be sure to be in the most frequented city of your faction (orgrimmar or stormwind). Quite often you can make a killing getting other people's professions to do your work for you such as cutting a gem for 5 gold then reselling it for 40 gold profit. But most frequently you'll get the attention of someone looking to dump the item you're trying to buy. I find trade is most useful for buying, not selling.

The last 'selling route' is the auction house. We all know just how painful and large this can look at first, and also how rewarding it is to put that little bit of effort into becoming good at it.

That little bit of effort is what seperates a poor man from a rich one and a challenger from a gladiator.

Farming Spiders in WOTLK - Youtube Video Request

I got this tip from Rogueorc of Stormscale, but I need help fleshing it out. Please can someone make a video farming the mobs in question and post it on youtube? I'm looking for anyone with skinning and decent damage to do a quick 2 or more minute video of these mobs. Don't forget to try the kobolds and big purple spiders in the back of the cave.


im playing on stormscale server in wow character Rogueorc i found a good farming place i don't know if you know it or not.
In the cave at K3 in storm peaks is a gold mine :P if you kill the spiders in the cave you can get Iceweb spider silk that sell for 3-5g each and if your skinner you can get extra money. I went a run in the cave and i did get 10x iceweb spider silk and 3 stacks of Borean leather and 2x arctic fur. if you want you can make a movie on youtube and tell all other wow players.

Good Bye =)"

Protection PvP Solutions

Prot is alive and well, living it up and helping my cousin Jhaman get geared in 3’s. We’re playing a comp that should not work… prot paladin, prot warrior, elemental shaman! The kills are hilarious and the damage is disgusting. I’ve been working for almost two weeks now trying to make the best gear setup possible for both damage and survivability. Trying to balance things that were never meant to be has proven to be a difficult yet rewarding challenge.

It’s crazy but I currently do more damage than an arms warrior with the control of a rogue. I no longer have to rely on cooldowns to kill stuff nor do I have to set them up perfectly with debuffs. All I have to do now is spam devastate/shield slam while keeping a target stunned/silenced and my partners throw in around 15k for good measure.

I feel that any more tweaking I do to the gear setup is just a minor bonus and I probably have the base for what stats prot pvpers should shoot for: 5% hit, 20% crit, 28k health, 2200 block value, 22% armor pen, 4100 base ap, +5% dev dmg, +10% crit dev, and 350 Resil.

I was smacking a 10k armory dummy with nothing but self buffs yesterday after buying the t9 pieces. Let me just say that a huge smile spread across my face when devastates broke 6k self buffed.

Epic Screens

Judging from the enthusiasm brought forth by you all during my last gold contest I can safely assume that you all love getting free stuff. Well here's another chance :)

I received this email two days ago:

"I wanted to share my new website with you, www.EpicScreens.com. I have always wanted a screenshot website from the game I love most, but didn't find any, other than what Blizzard has, but there is no community behind it as far as commenting goes. So that's when I came up with Epic Screens. I have owned the domain for about a year now, but only recently cranked out the site due to another WoW screenshot website. I was extremely disappointed in the site and decided to let mine fly.

Along with the website I am giving away 2 free copies of the original WoW game for submitting screenshots as I do not have too many since I did not want to take them from other places. I hope this does as well as I think it should, just wanted to spread the word to you.

Love the show and site, keep up the great work!

Well don't just stand there! Click and send in your favorite 'epic' photo.

Suggestion Box Friday 9/11/09

Today's Suggestion Box Friday is a very special one. Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning I was gkicked from my guild. It was extremely complicated as the guild leader is one of the most manipulative people I've ever seen. One minute he's throwing out insults and turning the guild against me, the next he's asking forgiveness and begging me to take down a forum post which shredded all of his credibility as a guild leader. It was interesting to watch and I realized just how childish some people can be over a video game.

He told me to take my 3.5k dps (I do around 4.7-5k wearing 90% pvp gear) and kicked me because I called into question the fact that he has taken every plate dps piece (3 total) as well as 2 trophies for himself. He said that he showed up the most so he deserved the loot. Right, the fact that he did barely #1 dps and sometimes was passed by people wearing nothing close to his gear says that he should not be taking everything. He's a terrible leader and a snake when it comes to manipulating people. I'm a lovable guy but I don't let you take the middle ground when it comes to how I deal with people. You either are my best friend or you're on the shit list. The stuff he did to the girls in the guild was deplorable as well... we're talking trying to get them to become his friends and then sending them naked pictures of himself... he's one sick piece of crap.

Needless to say I'm very excited to be done raiding with that lunatic Vaeros. I've gotten a ton of invites to various guilds and I'm whole heartedly considering joining Fierce... an alliance guild on my server. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Do any of you have your own story regarding guild break ups, getting kicked, or quitting guilds in general?

$5,000 Offered for Your Wow Account

I received this offer today and I was shocked. Of course I would never sell my account, nor would I ever recommend someone ever do it. But the amount was staggering. Some of you may remember Sean from the HowIwow.org interview mentioned that he would most likely accept this kind of offer for his wow account. Speaking of their podcast, I'm very sad to see it go, but am happy that both hosts can move on with their lives and hopefully into more profitable careers (Patrick is headed to work for blizzard). They have nothing but great memories from their program I'm sure and a huge fan base of grateful listeners.

Now back to $5,000 for your account. Would you take this? If not 5,000, then how much more? I mean honestly if someone offered you a million dollars for some 1's and 0's you will most likely only enjoy for 1-4 years... wouldn't you take that?

It's an interesting concept, and yes I reported the person who made the offer to me.

What if you had all Prince Al'walweed's Gold?

This article by Forbearance was absolutely hilarious, for the comments section, what would you do? If you don't know Forbearance is there to help you ret paladins learn to push more than three buttons in raids, or at least have a blast pushing them.

"I'll hire all my sexy readers. All of you. Your job is to sit there, eat bon bons, and play wow with me.

I’d like to expand on this a bit.

1) We’ll be a pretty big guild and there will be NO drama. People who get into drama will have their penis decapitated with a rusty spoon dirka dirka Muhammad Jihad style.

2) Everyone one of us will be a brick in a brick house. If we throw individual bricks at Yogg, he’ll laugh. But, if we stack them bricks and build a huge-ass brick house and drop that on his face, it hurts. We execute as one unit and we do whatever the raid leader tells us to do. If the rl calls for field goal on 1st & 10, we kick the field goal. Anyone who says things like “that’s dumb” or “why don’t we try…” or anything like that… dirka dirka Muhammad.

3) I don’t wanna be the raid leader or the GM. I don’t wanna deal with formulating strategies, raid composition, or any other administrative stuff. I’m a lazy deeps and I just kill skull.

For GM role, I’d appoint someone with proven track record of leading a big guild through end-game contents. Matticus comes to mind. The only thing about Matt is that he looks like a big wobbly teddy bear and I’m skeptical whether he can instill fear in people’s hearts. During ready checks, I need someone to yell out stuff like “on my command, unleash hell”, and you can’t do that in Barney’s voice.

I want a solid range dps to be the raid leader, this is because range dps has visuals on the entier raid movement/positioning and has much higher margin of error than those of tanks/healers.

4) All gems and enchants will be guild-provided. So, I’ll hire Gevlon as the guild gold fund manager. He says stupid things and pisses me off, but his investment acumen and market discipline is legit.

5) I’d hire Averna and Ferraro, just so Averna can have the first set of legendary fragments.

6) Slayton, Markco (he runs JMTC), Hana, and Rafa will be required to form a 5v5 arena team with me and carry me through 1800+ rating. I want the furious mace. All other ret pallies have furious mace and they don’t let me join in the reindeer games. It’s bullshit. Antigent will be required to put his furious mace in the bank and run around with something like Sonic Spear until I get my mace. It’s not that I’m bad at PvP. It’s just that I treat everything like UK trash. I do insane dps, but I only excel at dpsing down stationary targets that don’t sheep and stun me. I also operate on an “agro table”--I just go after whoever pisses me off the most."

Please read the rest of the article here and let Forbearance know if you liked it!

Inscription - Another Way to Make Gold

Sell off hands with inscription. There's actually a very real market for them with fresh level 80 shamans, priests, paladins and druids.

Since there are still no honor weapons to be found on vendors this season my titansteel weaponry has been selling like crazy. What's more, my off hand books are selling from inscription!

I had long ago stopped crafting these books because they could not be disenchanted for abyss crystals as a gold making strategy once abyss crystals tanked after Trial of the Crusader was released.

With herb prices dropping milling has become even cheaper and thus the offhands can be sold at great prices to new players looking for something in that slot. This also saves a player having to waste badges on their off hand when they can get tier gear instead while initially gearing their character.

Noob In Azeroth - Charities

NoobinAzeroth Guest Post:

If you have ever played an MMO before you would probably be aware of a certain etiquette required while playing. I was playing with several PUGs earlier this week, and I noticed that certain events during the game triggered certain, and specific reactions from the players in the group. It was a trend that interested me, and decided to focus on Azerothean Etiquette, Ethics and a great idea on my part, for this post.

While you do get alot of players who totally disregard etiquette, by either quitting without warning, or thinking they're Bruce Lee and ninja-ing that sweet pair of rare gauntlets from right under you, the majority of players are honest, and polite people. The first thing that got my attention regarding this, was when someone in the party dinged, and regardless it was only level 25, there was congratulations all round, with one or two members of the 5 man group even cheering. I then started to see other trends such as, when someone says something along the lines of "drink" or "mana break" everyone stops what they're doing and wait for that one person to get back to 100%, without question. Why can't the real world be like this?

Think about it for a minute, how great would real life be, if, everytime you succeeded in something, everyone around you clapped and cheered? Or if you could take a "mana-break" from work anytime you needed to? Would Adolf Hitler have done what he did, if someone, even one person, commended him on his artwork as a young Austrian youth? Maybe, but who knows, human kindness only seems to exist on the internet these days.

If there was someway to track the amount of donations to guild banks and low-level characters in World Of Warcraft in a single month, I'm almost positive that the figure would eclipse the entire annual collections of The Red Cross in one year. You may say that this is virtual money versus real money, but I can assure you, that these players worked just as hard for that 100 gold as they did for that €1, dollar or whatever.

Wait. What if charities could exist in a persistant world like World Of Warcraft? What if I could donate 100 gold to a charity of my choice. Sure, what would a charity do with virtual money? Maybe the likes of Blizzard could donate €1/$1/£1 for every 100 gold collected. I can see this as being good for both the charity, and Blizzard, as it would help remove excess money from the in-game economy, and will help Blizzard's public image. There could even be incentives to donate, such as achievements for donation milestones, titles, and even temporary ingame buffs.

But then again, this isn't a perfect World (Of Warcraft)...

Some Helpful Selling Tips

This post was taken from the world of warcraft forums and written by Somuchblood.

This is a short guide that should help almost anyone become a better seller, which is handy
because it means you'll be making more money. Any profession with the right seller behind it can be profitable...well except maybe Engineering. <.< I. Be Upfront
This is a big one!!! Be upfront about what you're looking for. There's typically 2 ways trades can occur, tips or fees. The difference is huge, and misuse of these can potentially make you lose customers faster than you can bat an eyelash.

Tip =/= guaranteed payment. A tip is an optional giving of money chosen by your customer. You can't say "tip 10g". That doesn't make sense, that's a fee. Do not get angry when you put up accepting tips and don't get money, it's your fault about not being upfront about what you want, just be honest to your customers and be up front about what you are looking for. Feel free to say you're accepting tips, feel free to not mention it at all, but whatever you do, remember that tips are optional.

Fee = guaranteed payment. A fee is a forced payment of an amount of your chosing on top of any other additional costs (ie: mats).

The difference is small, but it makes all the difference in the world. A lot of people would sooner pay a 15g fee than someone looking for a 10g tip, simply because the 15g fee guy is upfront about what he wants and is direct, whereas the 10g tip guy is sneaky and underhanded about what he's looking for, which doesn't gel with most people.

II. Be Polite
Seems basic, but is easily forgotten. Be polite to your customers, and they'll tend to reply in kind. Don't be pushy, don't be egotistical, don't be impolite, don't get angry. Your word language can be the importance between getting a sale or not or even determining how much Gold someone will be willing to part. This means even if you're only looking for money, you have to treat your customer like a human.

III. Be Efficient
You know the old saying, "Time is money"? Well, turns out it's true. If you want to make more money, you need to keep your trades short. Not too short, that gives the impression you're just seeking gold now (even if that is the case, it's a bad impression to give off), not too long, that weakens your ability to get gold faster.

Assist your customer if they ask questions (what mats do I need? what do you have? etc), but make sure to keep the conversation flowing fluidly. If someone is being too slow or not responding, quite simply tell them that you need to go and it was nice talking to them, hope they have a nice day. Quick and to the point, without showing any anger or impoliteness.

IV. Have a Plan to Deal with Everyone you Meet
This kinda ties into with Be Efficient, but have a plan on how your trades will go down before they do. Know what you're offering, know the answer to any potential questions that come up, essentially, know everything related to what you're trading. This will help speed up your trades because you're going into them with a plan and already have it set out what you will or won't do, which means more money over time for you..

V. Learn Marketing Techniques
While these are techniques you might not be able to apply often in the virtual world, they are still techniques you should know and utilize none-the-less.

If you have a really rare item or an item that a lot of people want but no one is around at this point and time that can make it, you can utilize Haggling. Essentially, to get the most out of this, you raise the price of the item you're trying to market by about 10-20%, but will secretly be willing to part for it at its normal price (or slightly lower). If people really want the item, they might quickly accept it and you're 10-20% richer. Some smart people might haggle with you for the lower normal price, in which case you don't lose anything (but this will be rare, so expect to make more money!). It's key you only apply this in that situation though, otherwise people will just ignore you.

Another rare technique you can utilize is if you have an item you don't need and can't really sell, and have a product someone really wants (and your item can be useful to them in some way), you can make a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale. Essentially, you raise the price of your "real" item by approx. 5-30% depending on what the item you don't need is, and then trade both items at this price. You will make some cash this way since your other item wasn't really marketable anyways. It also plays on the mind a bit, it seems like a deal (and it technically is) so people can sometimes really buy into this concept so long as the "free" item is something remotely useful in some way.

VI. Build Connections
Your customer is more than just the gold he parts with you, he's also the path to more money. If you find a good customer who knows what he wants, seems friendly (means he probably has friends!), and is also efficient about his trades, make a connection with him. Friend him, make small talk every now and then, tell him if his friends/guild need anything you can make it for a reduced cost, and offer the same deal to your connection.

I know a discount seems a bit odd giving the whole deal of this is to get more money, but in the long run a lower fee will make them use your more over other competitors which means you will wind up making more money than normal from these folks.

To give an example of how a very good seller can utilize this concept, I used to know avery established Rogue on another server, who made a unique Pick Locking service. He did things in person, charged a flat fee based on various factors (Player Level, Item Level of the Lock Boxes, base fee), but also had special deals where doing multiple lockboxes would make all the lockboxes beyond the 1st 50% cheaper to do, etc.

He also had a "subscription" plan with 3 tiers, these players would pay a flat fee (depending on tier, all are cheaper than coming to him repeatedly tho, meaning the more loyal customers would buy in) and each tier had benefits, from better customer support to support for mail transactions for when they couldn't meet in person (time zones etc) to better deals and such. The real special thing about the sub plan was that each tier awarded players "tickets" that he would then use every 2 weeks for random drawings of free loot (like a free Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer), special bonuses, and so on.

In the end, he made his tradeskill a business and he made quite a deal of profit off of Pick Locking alone, but you don't have to do anything this fancy at all. Find people who you can live to deal with day in and day out, and connect with them, all it takes is to find the right person, and then you're connected to all his friends, and when they see how awesome you are, you're connected to their friends, and so on and so forth. It's a bit time consuming to start with, but it can really pay off for you in the end.

Anyways, I hope this helps someone, after seeing a few bad sellers earlier today, I really just felt like maybe some of this stuff isn't obvious and could help someone. :)

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Too Greedy

Blackmane, a regular poster and MVP for the JMTC forums is hard at work on his own blog called Too Greedy.

"Most students are now back to school, so we should expect market changes to what they were like in June/July. There will probably be less buyers, and also less sellers, which may be good or bad depending on the point of view. Less buyers isn't a very good thing, but we can live with it, because there are still weekends. Less sellers may mean less supply and then higher prices, and it also means less competition, which means less work hassle for us auctioneers.Be ready for these changes, and take advantage of the sudden lower number of players. Take this opportunity to make a statement for yourself on the markets you play. Show competitors you're not gone, and pull your weight for this; you may get people out of *your* market if you did the right thing during Summer time (I hope you weren't a cricket ^^).
Play Zamboni style (JMTC forum members know what I'm talking about) if you have what it takes, or just take it softly if that's your own way. As long as you have a strong presence, there's no wrong way to go. But make sure you have the money for it beforehand!

This "event" is already causing changes (most likely on every server). Check this topic from the JMTC Forum.
(Thanks Jean de La Fontaine, for creating the fable "The Ant and the Cricket", otherwise I wouldn't have been able to metaphorise this post ^^)"

Suggestion Box Friday (9/04/09)


I’m going to spend some time with the family this holiday but if you’re playing wow for the next three days, what are you going to do to make money during the holiday? Are you going to take advantage of the extra day on the weekend for big profits?


Abyss Shatter


Sherretz said...

I don't like this at all. I would have rather seen them follow the trend from TBC and Vanilla and have Abyss Shatter create 2 Dream Shards.

The dust and essence markets are already saturated. Adding this is going to crash them in the short term and depress them in the long term. Unless Blizzard increases dust and essence numbers for mats in the future (or adds new enchants), this could take a lot of wind out of JC.

Another Farming Option


Wiggin said...

Any smart auctioneer should watch Eternal and Crystallized markets closely. Quite often one or the other will take a dive while the other will skyrocket. Recently, Eternal earths were selling for only 7g while their crystallized brothers well selling for 2g a piece, easy money.

Also check the cost of these items to see if their prices have dropped, sometimes a new recipe, or new items available make some eternal/crystallized mats less in demand, it is at that point you will want to buy/craft/DE.

S7 Deadly Honor Weapons


Rush said...

Not true, in BC they had season 2 PvP weapons available for honor during season 4. They said they want to make sure that arenas don't become "welfare epics" anymore so they aren't allowing PvE players the ability to grind something to skip to a high-end weapon.

Instead of forcing PVE players to PVP to compete they're doing the opposite and forcing PvP players to PvE for competitive weapons.

Selling Your Honor in Wow


tom said...

i had a similar experience with the bracers a couple months back.. asking for BoE Valor bracers for less than 600g was unheard of, but advertise buying your valor badges got me a couple for 400g.

EJ's Lesson on Deflation and Oppurtunity


Rybosh said...

Finally some quality advice on this blog!

@Rybosh : I lol'd :)

Abyss Shatter - Interesting Fix to Falling Prices

Hey Marco

I'm a very big fan of your blog and i try many stuff that you tell on your blog.
And most of it works for me ^^

So today i saw something interesting at mmo-champion.com

  • Abyssal Shatter - Disenchants an abyss crystal into greater cosmic essence or infinite dust.

So i think going PDC every day a few times and disentchant everything and stack the Abyss Crystals would give at the beginning a few cash
The other thing would be that the price of greater cosmic essence and infinite dust would go down.

Maybie it helps you maybie not.

Thanks for your great work and continue with your work.



My opinion on this? Abyss shatter will work like disenchanting any level 80 green: 3.5 infinite dust and 1.5 Greater Cosmic Essences. This will help put a floor on the abyss crystal market... which desperately needs it right now!

Crystallized Fire - Another Farming Option

I've gotten this email a couple times now so I thought I'd share the most recent one:

I just recently found your blog site. I have always struggled for gold and i have learnt so much in the 4-5 days from reading your blogs.

Took me a while to find a decent one for me but i picked up some great stuff.

Anyway to the point. Whilst i was flying around trying to find you "#1 best farming spot in WOTLK" Loc.

I got lost... and i found a different cave. This cave is GREAT for farming crystalized fire.

1 single eternal fire goes from 20-30 gold on my server. It has about 33% drop rate with the occasional

2. The mobs have the same amount of health as the Scions of storm and die quite quickly, but unfortuneately. they have a charge effect.

But this place is great if fire is worth more on the server or air is being farmed out. Great place.

Check it out loc (62, 41) Storm peaks


Season 7 Deadly Honor Weapons

You're probably looking at that title and getting very excited...

Only to see this:


What does this mean for the pvp community? Major let down.

What does this mean for the auction house community? Major profits.

Those titansteel weaponry are still going to be of value to new 80's and what's more the prices have remained rather high with the rush to buy titanium ore instead of selling the bars.

Enjoy some easy profits and be sure not to post more than one or two each day as well as focusing on selling in trade chat to avoid ah posting costs and cuts.

Be prepared for major increases in enchanting mats, boe weapons, belt buckles, epic gems, blue gems, and other gear enhancers.

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