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Here's my ghoul video from last year, enjoy!

Stay safe tonight, don't drink too much kungaloosh!

Scavenger Hunt

Today I'm actually not here, as I'm somewhere in the wilds of the midwest fending off wild animals and avoiding scary red necks with big guns. Hopefully I'll make it back in one piece!

Anyways, I have a little game that I constructed for you to play as a team. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to answer the following questions using the information found within the hundreds of posts on the blog.

For some this will prove a real challenge, so I'm asking that you comment with the answers and try to get them all done before I get back from my trip on Tuesday evening. Looking forward to reading how far you got!

Here are the questions, all answers can be found in previous posts or comments:

1. According to Hokiejaybee, what is Markco's RP brother's name?

2. Who is hoarding frostweave in sholozar basin?

3. What can you farm in durotar at level 9 for lots of easy gold?

4. Can you name the numbers in the XX/XX Rule?

5. What can be combined with Draenic Water to produce an item that often vendors for more than the mats required to make it?

6. When is the "Black" time period for bidding?

7. What is the #1 gold maker on the neutral auction house?

8. Which is better use of your gold according to my math, a guild bank or a normal bank full of 16 slotters?

9. Can you fill in the numbers that Bitwise uses for his auctioneer scans?

Minimum Profit: XXs
Minimum Discount: XX%
Minimum Seen Count: XXX (to be accurate on prices and profits I set this very high)

10. What advice did the greedy goblin have for players complaining that they couldn't make gold because their server was 'high population'?

11. What were the two possible nerfs I wrote about that I may have caused from posting on the world of warcraft forums?

12. According to Bill, what mobs drop a BOP Jewelcrafting Design and he got it on the second kill when he went back to the farming location in storm peaks? Hint: Gray Loots.

13. What extraordinarily rare item pwns a level 80 player but drops off low level mobs? A recent patch nerfed this item and gave it pvp dr's and reduced the time it affected a player.

14. What dessert might hurt if you ate it but definately is worth disenchanting?

15. What undead giant has a 43% chance to give you 6 gold?

16. Who gave the Mithril Ore gold tip?

17. "Just to the west of the Argent Dawn camp where you can do Troll Patrol is an amazing farming spot." ~ What was my name for this spot?

18. What are the top 5 addons Valrot can't live without. Hint: You will need to find a link to the location of this answer.

19. In what youtube video linked on the blog did I say "If you like monkeys please click away"?

20. "I may be the only warrior in the world who is going to shelve this in the bank after using it." What weapon was I referring to in this quote?

21. Where did I send my guildy to make some quick cash before his raid?

22. What item costs an eternal earth, water, shadow and four saronite bars and modifies a gear piece?

23. When an anonymous user was getting flippant, Scrooge responded with this image. What was the title of the post?

24. What primal still sells for amazing profits to level 80's looking to enchant their boots?

25. Which Auctioneer Tip stated: "Purchase an item as a stack of 20 and resell one at a time for 150-300% profit."?

26. Which blue gem according to my reliable sources sells for the most gold?

27. What poster recommended including cloth to help sell portals to leveling lowbies?

28. Long Elegant Feathers are the hardest component to get for what item?

29. What title does my brother use? Hint: It's not doctor.

30. What youtube video linked on the blog also played a song that included the lyrics: "I'm fat, I'm fat, I'm really really fat."

31. After 20 minutes of farming I found 35 Blindweed where?

32. What mobs can you farm without ever moving? Hint: They are neutral and in Icecrown.

33. What was the title of the post which the rogue Valustria submitted.

34. On what post did I say: "Create a level 1 of the opposite faction (better be alliance)"?

35. Which Suggestion Box Friday Post featured a video on farming crabs in westfall? (Looking for the date here)

36. What post did I say this: "Guess something good came about from my being banned after all: I had been removed from his ignore list."

Ok I've been at this for a while now and I got to believe this will keep you entertained for a good amount of time!

Now for the final question:

On what date did mini-me appear on the blog?

Traveling Time

I'm heading out later this evening to go fly and see my girlfriend, so I will not be avaiable for emails, youtube, twitter, the gold guide or the forums for the next 6 days.

The blog will keep rolling with posts that I have saved up, and I will go back to read them when I return from the trip. Maybe... and this is a huge maybe... I will have some free time to peak at a computer to try and mitigate the slew of emails I'm going to have waiting for me when I get back.

Wish me luck, this is the first time I will get to be with her in person, and I've been kicking my ass for over a month to look my best. (-21 pounds in 31 days last count)

Also: I have an awesome game for you guys to play tomorrow, so stay tuned to the blog and have fun!

Frost Lotus Getting So Damn Expensive

I really wish that blizzard would implement a 'dalaran solution' for Frost Lotus like they did with arctic furs and snowfall inks. Because of the insane prices of frost lotus from all the players saying 'oooh I need this right now I will pay 60 gold for it!' it is a real challenge to make money with flasks like stoneblood. Currently I just sell stonebloods that I get from alchemy procs while learning new flasks, and I never actually produce them myself.

If you're farming or leveling alchemy, try to stay away from frost lotus, it's just not reliable to count on the 15-20% proc from your flask spec to make gold. The best way to make gold with alchemy is to find flasks or potions that make you gold regardless of procs, then those just become icing on the cake.

Should blizzard implement a 'dalaran solution' for Frost Lotus?

JMTC Forums - 3.3 Speculation

Check out some 3.3 Speculation on the JMTC forums!


If you haven't registered and become a member of these incredible forums... um what are you waiting for?

Best Places to Power Level Someone

If you're going to powerlevel someone, do it in the right locations!

Here are my favorite power leveling spots in the game. The last three are awesome for having the person just sit there in xp range enjoying the slaughter and aren't as dangerous as moving through an instance (come on we've all lost a lowbie or two powerleveling them).

Dead Mines - Wool Cloth
Scarlet Monastery - Silk Cloth
Dead Trolls in Eastern Plaguelands - Rune Cloth and Essences of Undeath
Legion Hold - Netherweave Cloth
Sholozar Basin Undead - Frostweave Cloth
Icecrown Warlocks - Frostweave Cloth

Cool Thread at JMTC

This thread was pretty awesome:


An unexpected visitor showed up too, there was way too much gold guru awesome in one thread lol.

Anyone here want to share a success story in the comments, regardless of whether it was inspired by this blog, forum, youtube, etc.

Farming Clothies in Icecrown

Farming Clothies in Icecrown - ENJOY!

Probably the best clothie farming spot ever for level 80. Reminds me a lot of legion hold, everything down to the long green glows to the pillars and the warlock casters. Atleast there is no annoying elite walking around!

Suggestion Box Friday (10/23/09)


How will the new snowfall ink based glyphs affect the wow economy? It appears that blizzard is working on creating several new glyphs that require snowfall ink as a reagent. What's your thoughts on this?


Regarding Riding the Wave

Indy said...
Pygmy oils can also be used to make Guru Elixir, a decent buff for anyone - +20 to all stats, as I recall. I haven't found it to be a good seller, though, on my server anyway.

Given the high vendor value of pygmy oil (1.5g/stack), I haven't considered the risk/reward ratio reasonable enough to AH them. (My server is medium pop at best, too.) I've done a bit of advertising in trade channel for it, and sold some that way, and found some regular buyers to COD to.

So thanks, Marco, for mentioning pygmy oil earlier. Instead of vendoring the supply I get off my fishing expeditions, I decided to recheck the market and got some extra from it.

Regarding 10 Tips to Leveling Professions
Onewing said...

This is such a great example of why this blog works so well for both the hardcore and the casual gold-making player in WoW. Never underestimate the value of stating what appears to be obvious. I doubt any of the hardcore players reading this don't do each of these steps to some extent, but having them written out provides a focus that can improve the process. What seems like a post targeted at the casual player still provides value to those dedicated players that typically scoff at the "casual" tips on other sites (i.e. Wow.com)

Regarding Arctic Fur Predictions

richard said...
Also.. transmute:titanium no longer has a cooldown sooooooooooooo you figure it out.

Regarding Stop asking how much gold you can make per hour!

Bill said...
Measuring gold/hour is like measuring weight loss. Or DPS. Its valuable to understand your gold/hour, as long as you calculate it appropriately. Don't "step on the scale" at the wrong interval.

All these measurements can assist you in getting better in your given task. You just need to understand what they mean. And over what period.

Weight Loss

Down to ~238 pounds, which is just 2 pounds shy of my 20 pounds in one month goal with just a week left before I fly out to see my girlfriend. I think I'll make it easily :)

Riding the Wave - How to Sell Items with Random Supply and Demand

Time to learn to ride the wave of supply and demand with Pygmy Oil!

One of my favorite items to sell are Pygmy oil because of how much the demand for this item can flip flop on any given day. I do this for fun, the profit is minimal (50-200 gold a day) but it's a great excercise in suppy and demand for a new aucitoneer. What's more, you can take the following strategy and apply it to much more expensive items such as pets and epic weapons or enchants.

Day 1 Pre-Game:
Pygmy Suckerfish 2 gold per stack
Pygmy Oil ranging from 8-12 gold per stack, lots on auction house
Oil in Bags: 260

Day 1 Action:
Buy out all suckerfish and craft into oils.
Oil in Bags: 343
Post 15 stacks of pygmy oil for 5 gold a stack.

Day 3 Pre-Game:
Pygmy Suckerfish 4 gold per stack
Pygmy Oil ranging from 4-6 gold per stack
Oil in Bags: 223

Day 3 Action:
Post 10 stacks of pygmy oil for 3.50 gold a stack.

Day 5 Pre-Game:
Pygmy Suckerfish 2.50 gold per stack
Pygmy oil market empty except for 2 half stacks at 2 gold.

Day 5 Action:
Buy out all suckerfish and craft into oils.
But out oils.
Oil in Bags: 127
Post Pygmy Oils at 20 gold a stack.

Gold made in one week:
240 gold Time Invested: Maybe 10 minutes, 90% of which was crafting, but luckily you can post and craft at the same time, as well as craft while openning your mail.

Eventually the market will recrash and as a result pygmy suckerfish will as well. What's important is that regardless of how low pygmy oils get, suckerfish will still yield 1-2 oils, making you a profit even if fish and oils are identical prices.

This makes pygmy oil one of the most successful markets that can 'ride' and thrive off random supply/demand changes. Regardless of whether you're crashing or riding the wave of demand you will always make money. Even if one person buys a stack of oils you more than cover all your costs of posting 10-15 stacks.

Try applying this concept to other markets... Comment!

10 Tips to Leveling Professions

Certain professions literally pay for themselves while you level them, here's a quick look at the basics behind how you can make money leveling your professions.

10 Tips to Leveling Professions

1. All manufactured materials have a use or can be disenchanted. Vendoring is the worst option 99% of the time.

2. Leveling Professions that compliment each other is a huge bonus and allows for more options when making gold leveling up.

3. Always focus on both at once, don't skin level 40 mobs when you're mining is so low that you can only do copper. Try to achieve a balance.

4. Put everything up for auction you don't need for later use. Be careful, some professions require earlier created items for more complex and higher level crafted items.

5. Have the bags for the job. I find that all 20 slot bags works great, instead of focusing on profession specific bags. You never want to toss away the whites/greens you get killing mobs while leveling professions.

6. Purchase skills frequently. Mining for instance can be a lot faster if you make use of the smelting patterns you can purchase.

7. Make dalaran your home. Even if your character is a lower level, this helps a ton with traveling around.

8. Get routes and gatherer. These addons make farming a sinch! Make use of sites like wowhead.com to find where items drop from monsters for farming spots.

9. When the skillup is green, it's time to move on. Don't let guides online fool you that it's worth it to level up through green skillups.

10. Certain items are worth far more leveling up than others, particularly items used by level 80's such as early level glyphs. Pay attention for these awesome sellers and perhaps spend a little extra time at those locations farming, maybe even farm till the skillup is gray instead of green.

Arctic Fur Predictions

In patch 3.3, Braeg Stoutbeard is going to sell Arctic Furs for 60 Borean Leather (10 Heavy).

What does this mean for the speculators? It's time to buy up Borean Leather, and lots of it. If you want to make a killing off this change then you are going to want to follow these instructions very closely.

1. Sell your arctic furs slowly over the span of the next two weeks. Try to get as good a price as possible while also listing just enough to not send the market into a tizzy.

2. Buy up Borean Leather at a price that will make you money from disenchanting. This way if the market doesn't work out you can craft Nerubbian Legguards and still make gold.

3. After weeks of buying up the leather, you will be ready to make your move on patch day.

4. During patch day, post your borean leather after the first crazed hour or two when people are buying it up. Then post your borean leather for 150-300% markup of what you purchased it for. Try to entice the people who already stockpiled borean leather and are trying to corner the market to buy you out and relist. Post slowly and you will make a killing.

5. If you want to gamble you can buy out arctic furs when the market is flooded with them over the week or two after the patch, but that's up to you. Personally I will be happy with just my borean leather sales.

For over a month now Justmytwocopper has been ahead of Tobolds.blogspot.com according to sitemeter by about 700-1000 visitors per day. This really impressed me, because Tobold's blog was where I did one of my first guest posts regarding the analysis of dream shard economics and it really put my blog on the map. I want to encourage everyone to take a moment today to head over to Tobolds.blogspot.com and read some of the excellent articles he's done on MMORPG's including everyone's favorite: world of warcraft.

Once again thank you for reading Justmytwocopper and for those of you who have taken the extra step to get involved in the JMTC community forums my hats off to you for making this website into a home for savy auctioneers of all skill levels.

JMTC Important Information

Every few weeks I feel the need to welcome new members to this amazing community and 'show them the ropes' so to speak. Many people read this blog via a feed, which is great, but they miss out on some of the links here at JMTC that help members communicate. After all, commenting and getting new insights from readers is half the fun here!

Here's a look at some of the awesome avenues of discussion one can take at Just My Two Copper:


At the bottom of each post is small blue text saying 'X Comments'. I know this is a very noobish thing to explain but some people do email me from time to time asking how to see the comments for each post.

2. Forums

My greatest pride and also the one section of the site that I try to avoid posting in like the plague. Here some of the greatest gold making minds have come together to help noobs and grow their own businesses. There is no other place online like this forum, and it's the perfect outlet for both new and experienced players to discuss auction house mastery. I hope you try this forum out and are simply blown away by the quality of its content. There's even a section for newer players to ask for help on getting started.

3. Youtube

Under the alias 'foldberg1' I like to post youtube videos from time to time (average is 1-2 a week) and they can range from prot pvp videos to cool gold strategies. Definately worth a look as I do not always repost videos from the youtube to the site.

4. Twitter

I'll be the first to admit I suck at twitter. Sometimes I post four times in one day, the next I might not post at all. Follow at your own risk.

5. X-Fire Live

Less used than my twitter, every once in a while I'll set up the olde X-Fire and show off some moves. Usually just fun stuff with lots of dead alliance in the end. The last big X-Fire was a 2v10 with my bud jhaman, that was absolutely hillarious. Friend me on X-Fire and you'll know when I get online (markcolol).

There are many more ways I'd like to provide communication methods for my readers, but I won't realease anything until it's 100% ready. I'm also working on a gold guide podcast which I hope will blow you away.

A Gnome's Conquest and Wow Confidential - Darkmoon Cards

Wow Confidential Presents: Inscription Darkmoon Card Video

I liked this video as some people probably have no idea how valuable those cards can be, especially if you sell them just before or during darkmoon faire. Be careful though, there is no gaurantee that you will get a nobles card so your mileage will vary from Wow Confidentials. However, if you are patient and slowly build up supplies for the weekend before the faire starts you can craft your cards and make some amazing cash for the next couple of days.

A Gnome's Conquest Presents: Speculation on Darkmoon Cards

Heya this is Carbon from A Gnome's Conquest and thank you for reading my guest post at Just My Two Copper.

I wanted to talk to you guys today about my thoughts on card making in 3.3. There has been some talk around the JMTC community about whats going to happen with the new wave of welfare epics from the 5 man. Here are my thoughts about them:

On my server people were crying that 3.1 will ruin the deck market and it did to an extent. Prices on my server went from 8-10k a nobles deck to 3.5-4k a deck. This was a substantial blow and caused many card makers to find other markets. But if you noticed because of it herb prices also dropped. Adder's Tongue prices on my server went from 35-40g a stack to 15-20g a stack. You spend 40g to make 8-10k and now you spend 20g to make 4-5k. Your profit percents are still pretty much the same.

Patch 3.2 brought with it ToC and a new set of ilevel 200 trinkets. But it also made the darkmoon trinkets boe which is what saved the deck market and actually nobles prices went up and I can get 5k for a noble trinket.

Patch 3.3 will bring a new 5 man and its not certain if new trinkets will drop. My guess is they will drop ilevel 219 trinkets from the normal version. However we don't know the difficulty of the new 5 man. It might be something like Magister's Terrace where it was (somewhat) challenging (compared to other heroics).

If a trinket drops in the new 5 man I expect deck prices to drop a little but not by much. Currently they sell for 5k in trinket form and 4k in deck form and I expect to see them settle at around 4k-4.5k in trinket form and 3k-3.5k in deck form. The reason for this is simple. People want an item now and for many people 4k isn't a lot for a good solid trinket.

Thank you for reading my 3.3 Darkmoon card speculation post and please be sure to stop by gnomesconquest.blogspot.com to read more :)


Smoking Hot Prot Pvp

I was feeling pretty good today so gonna toss up my latest youtube video as well as the normal 8:00 AM post.

Enjoy some Prot PvP Loving!

Stop Asking How Much Gold You Can Make Per Hour


It doesn't matter how much you make per hour. What matters is that you make X profit from X materials in X auction cycles. By auction cycle I don't mean 12/24/48 hour periods, I mean how long it takes for prices to go from prime selling to prime buying during their daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal cycles. Once you start getting into how much you can make in an hour you hit a wall of random possibilities and variables.

So STOP THINKING ABOUT HOW MUCH GOLD YOU MAKE PER HOUR. Instead, think about how many glyphs you sell on a weekend, or how many you sell on thursday when your most hated auctioneers compete with you. Think about how much gold you make after a week of selling pygmy oils or netherweave bags. Think about how many flasks of endless rage you can sell on a busy raid night a half hour before most guilds raid.

I hope this opens a few eyes. Making gold on the stockmarket or wow auction house are not measured in hourly amounts for a reason. There are just too many variables to decide just how much you can make in an hour. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't, but if you are persistent you will make a consistent amount of gold doing whatever you do.

Suggestion Box Friday (10/15/2009)

This week should be called suggestion box Thursday... just look at yesterday's post!


What items will be big after 3.3 goes live, what items will lose value? (COMMENT YOUR SUGGESTIONS!)


Disenchant as Loot Option in 3.3
Belsebub said...
Finally! I'm tired of having to tell the whole group that I'm a DE just to have everyone greeding on every piece of BoP loot...

Mmo-Chumpion Strikes Again Best Thorium
Wiggin said...
Good job Markco for pointing out that these tips (more like direct instructions) leave areas for us real auctioneers to make massive gold.

I was upset when I first saw the post on MMO-champion because prospecting thorium has been my most consistent source of income for months!

So far on my server things are going well for me. Thorium ore usually sells for 30-40g a stack (lower than most servers) I however only bought when it dipped below 20 when farmers dropped their supply. The last 6 hours I've sold probably a dozen stacks for 60-70g per.

On the bright side, gems haven't been flooded (yet)! Still selling Opals/Emeralds for 15, Diamonds for 12.5, star ruby's for 10 and blue sapphires for 5.

Thankfully I have both a large supply of gems and thorium, so I don't even have to farm, I just have to watch and see :)

Building Trust
KevMar said...
This just shows that you are reaching a wider base of readers. Just a small percentage of your readers are idiots. The more idiot comments you get, just indicate the larger number of readers you now have.

Feel free to just delete those comments.

Back to the topic, I know my competition reads my blog. I will offset things I do or try by a few days or even weeks. I write the post in the moment but queue it out several days.

Like this last week, we had an herb shortage. I was weak in the market while I got things in order. I am back in the market at full force now because of an ink farmer I picked up last tuesday. My post that talks about my first buy from him will show up in the morning.

With that said, I am not manipulating my markets like those guys sugest with the blog. But I am keeping myself 1 step ahead of my competition.

Weight Loss

Finally another 2 pounds lost today after almost 7 days not losing a pound. Looking forward to the next week :D

I'm down 15 pounds in two weeks, not too shabby! I want to thank all the people kind enough to send me emails and offer advice. Still hoping for 20 pounds in one month... oh and for those who guessed it, I am doing this for someone very special to me.

Pick Your Favorite Way to Make Gold

Today is going to be really fun if everyone participates. Go ahead and place in the comments section your absolute favorite way to make gold. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter if it isn't necessarily your BEST way, but just your FAVORITE method.

Ok I'll go first:

Selling Armor Vellum III's and making 700% profit.

After you all make your list, I'll write another post regarding your methods.

Keep it to three ways to make gold max if you are torn on your favorite.

Thanks and have fun!

Disenchanting Idea - Onslaught Rings

Onslaught Rings - The best item to create and disenchant for greater eternal essences and illusion dust! There's just one problem - the mats are ridiculous!

For one onslaught ring you need a thorium setting, a powerful mojo, and an essence of earth. That's anywhere from 10-15 gold on my server, and the ROI is around 2-10 gold after disenchanting. That's not that amazing, unless you go and farm your own materials.

Here's where I would go to farm those materials:

Earth in silithus (northwest corner), powerful mojo in eastern plaguelands (Undead trolls up north), and teh thorium setting (need a thorium bar from darkwhisper gorge or sillithus).

The best way to farm for this ring is to send a toon to sillithus and a toon to eastern plaguelands and farm them one after the other, using the chapel and the cenarian camp to mail the items to your jewelcrafter. Since those areas are low level you don't even need a max level character to farm there. Deathknights would be recommended for eastern plaguelands right after they leave the starting area and anyone can go down to sillithus.

This market is one of the hardest markets to enter (the greater eternal essences and illusion dust) because once you hit 58 you head to outland and no longer get greens which drop the level 51-57 enchanting mats. Since no one does the instances anymore (maybe a zg run here or there for the mount) the market is pretty dry.

Lucky for you guys I'm no MMO-Champion and this strategy is complicated enough that most readers will not even attempt it. But if you take the time to set this up correctly you will easily have a never ending supply of essences and illusion dust. If the market gets low from multiple people doing this, simply sell your mats instead of crafting the rings.

Have fun!

Disenchant as a Loot Option in 3.3

Abyss crystals are going to see a nice increase, as you can now d/e something in patch 3.3 as a loot option.

That's probably going to look like this:


In fact, the pass option might dissapear entirely. Neat stuff!

Looking forward to this change, even more infinite dust and greater cosmics will be flooding the market as people d/e the cheaper abyss crystals. Supply goes up, price goes down. When that hits, abyss crystals should see a similiar dive to what they saw when TOC 5 man came out and dropped epics even in normal mode. Be wary of buying oppurtunities in the weeks after patch 3.3, especially during the day when most pugs are running, instead of at night when raids are in session.

MMO - Chumpion Strikes Again - Best Thorium Farming Spots?

MMO-Champion released another 'method' for making gold or rather... a great way to lose it!

At first I really liked their article, it was about prospecting ore and selling it based on the prices of gems you most frequently received from the ore. Perfect so far. Then it was mentioned that Thorium is a great way to do this... BAM! The post went in an instant from excellent to moronic.

Sure sure, let's tell them to go get thorium, since half the people reading really don't know the best spots to farm (dark whisper gorge, dire maul, etc) they will simply buy it off the auction house. How many of those people will even check to see if the gems are a good enough profit before prospecting? Why didn't you just say something along the lines of go compare ore with what it makes and see if it's valuable? Ugh! This is just getting to the point where I throw my hands up and say ok MMO-Champion, how many people do you have to screw over before people stop using those tips?

Here's what I'm going to do with this thorium fiasco.

1. Buy out all Thorium.
2. Camp an alt in dark whisper gorge and farm once around every 30 mins to 1 hour.
3. Post for dumb prices.
4. Laugh when people buy them eventhough gems are ridiculously flooded. Also I will post gems for crazy prices to help keep the price high, eventhough no one will buy them.

You're just leading lambs to the slaughter. People make smarter decisions when they have to think for themselves, however when you tell them do this task as if they are playing a single player game without real thinking opponents then you are turning them into sheeple.

Come sheeple, the thorium is selling quicker than I can stock it!

Building Trust

A few days ago I posted about dream shards going up in value, and a few comments really got me thinking.

Do some players truly believe that I make posts to somehow benefit myself? That I had tons of dream shards waiting in the wings or something that I was going to dump and try to sell after this post? I had 11 dreamshards in my bags across all characters at the time of the post. I like to keep about a dozen for the enchant chest - powerful stats which I sell about once every 1-2 days for 100 gold profit.

Since players seemed to be worried I was going to try and somehow 'use' this blog (which is ridiculous and flies in the face of everything I've stood for since day 1) to scam my readers, please note that that has never once happened and I'm not going to start any time soon.

Dream shards will go up in value due to abyssal shatter going live, and they will never go lower than the cost to make them through disenchanting. Many enchants take dream shards to create, and with the reduced cost of other mats, it only makes sense that dream shards will go up.

Hope that clarifies my previous article.

Netherweave Bags

Netherweave Bags cost approximately 4 gold 50 silver to craft and they often sell for 10-16 gold each. Even a mediocre tailor can craft these and every single leveling character would love to have some nice big bags for cheap. Even selling at 6-8 gold is worth the time it takes to make these and regardless of the competition you can always sell for a profit.

This is an important lesson to learn about making consistent money on the auction house. If you are going to want to make tons of gold every day, you are going to need to decide whther you want to shift with the market and when to hold your price.

For these bags, the ridiculously low cost allows you to shift and undercut people without a worry about losing too much profit. Since you know these are going to be bought up by the dozens every day (usually 4 at a time), you can dump tons for cheaper than everyone else and they will sell, even if you are undercut by a few other people.

If you want to maximize profit than you may want to risk posting at a steady price all the time, regardless of market fluctuations. You won't sell all your goods all the time, but you will make much more gold in the long run.

Either way you will make great profits on these bags, regardless of how you choose to sell them. Try selling in trade as well, you'll catch people leveling and trying to buy skills who might want to upgrade their bags.

Try to apply these concepts to other markets and see how you make out.

Inscription - Lesson in Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand - A lesson in Inscripiton and MMO-Champion

In the words of Emerald, ever since MMO-Champion released their article on milling herb and selling glyphs... Bam! Herb prices have shot through the roof!

Some players look at this and say "Oh great, now I can't sell glyphs for profit anymore because it costs too much to mill the inks." What's worse, snowfall inks have seen a decent drop (down from 20 to 12 gold on my server) and so for some players it actually is not worth it to mill your own ink and make glyphs. What's a savy auctioneer who reads this blog to do?

As an experiment I have been milling stacks of herbs for 25 gold (normally I buy below 20) and selling the inks for 140 gold a stack. They sell almost instantly. I get a stack of inks for about every 4 stacks of herbs so I'm making 40 gold just sitting there milling herbs, and that doesn't even include the snowfall inks. Give it a try and take advantage of the players who HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE NORMAL PRICE OF HERBS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. If the market believes herbs are worth 25-30 gold a stack, well then logically the inks will reflect that price.

Class dismissed!

Suggestion Box Friday (10/09/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making guru, remove myself from my saronite plated throne and allow you, the loveable heart-in-the-right-place amateurs to take my place, or atleast attempt to, for one whole day!

Lots is going on in the world of warcraft these days, so get cracking and try to help each other out with your suggestions!

Anyone notice the new enchant in dalaran? Definately worth checking out if you are an enchanter! I made some great tips off it, but I'll let you discover it :) (Hint: Good idea for the suggestion comments).

Weight Loss

Going great so far! Have been running 3-4 miles every day and lifting every 3 days. The diet I made is working great too. No binges or anything like that, though yesterday I wasn't paying attention and ate like half a bag of baby carrots lol.

Comments of the Week

Dream Shards going to Spike

Archangel said...

Dream Shards can be "produced". Same as dust and essences. If the dream shards pass the 12-13g threshold I can start to produce them whenever I need them. Saronite ore -> saronite bars -> saronite dirk -> voila: cheap dream shard for 9-11g. Or saronite ore -> prospect -> Jade Dagger Pendant -> voila: cheap dream shard. I'm positive that so many of us know this by now. So I bet we will start to make dream shards for sale, as soon as they even try to climb in price. So it would be stupid to stockpile them as long as they are easily produced by at least 2-3 professions (I think leatherworking has a profitable recipe also).

Inscription Spreadsheet

Lostmybow said...

Thank you very much for this one - the "% Profit" tab is genious - keep it up mate :) As WowConfidential said, adding Runescroll of Fortitude, and the price of 1 and 2 ink glyphs would alyways be nice. :)

Gold Making Podcast

Gloob said...

I say World of Goldcraft

To Gloob: OOOOoooo I like it! "World of Goldcraft - A call to Auction" That sounds pretty good lol. (phoenix came up with the second half)

New Craftable Items in Patch 3.3

Chimei of Kilrogg EU Writes:

Hey markco, I thought that even though there are undoubtedly other people out there that are already starting the process of doing this there are undoubtedly a lot more people who aren't.

In patch 3.3 there are new craftables coming out,


Deathfrost BootsLeggings of Woven Death Lightweave Leggings Sandals of Consecration


Legwraps of Unleashed Nature Draconic Bonesplinter Legguards Blessed Cenarion BootsFootpads of Impending Death Lightning-infused Leggings Bladeborn
LeggingsEarthsoul BootsRock-steady Treads


Hellfrozen BonegrindersPuresteel Legplates Pillars of Might Protectors of Life Legplates of Painful Death Boots of Kingly Upheaval

The mats used to craft these will be: Spellweave, Ebonweave - Arctic fur, Heavy Borean Leather, Jormungar scale - Titansteel bar, Saronite bar and Eternal shadow. Buying a decent amount of these now to resell when 3.3 hits should yield massive profits. Thanks for all the work you put in your guide and your blog, and good luck with the weight loss!

Dream Shards Going to Spike

People are running heroics like mad to get badges and so dream shards have remained around the same price for quite some time. But suddenly abyss crystal shatter are going to change all that, in terms of how profitable dream shards are. Since greater cosmic essences and infinite dust are going to become extremely cheap, people will pay more for dream shards to create enchants and enchant vellums. With the rise in item level 232 gear dropping from instances proposed by blizzard, there's a very good chance that people will start enchanting all that gear on their alts.

Dream shards are going to become very valuable... and quite rare in my humble, experienced, and all around incredibly accurate opinion.

Armor vellum III's should also be going up in value, as several people have reminded me through emailed tips. Thanks guys!

Inscription SpreadSheet

This was an awesome email from Phaqueuetoo on US-Magtheridon Horde:

I was wondering if you would like to post this on your blog for your users to link to... it's a pretty simple spreadsheet I put together to calculate values of milling northrend herbs.

It also includes the calculations to figure out the profit of darkmoon card of the north and off-hand crafting.

Thought it might be helpful :)

Go here to download the spreadsheet and make use of it, I'm currently hosting it on my 20kleveling.com hosting site.

Please say thank you to Phaqueuetoo in the comments section, he has definately earned it!

Gold Making Podcast

I am currently working with other bloggers (to be disclosed at a later date) on a gold making podcast that is going to rock the podcasting world... of warcraft.

I need help however, as we are currently trying to come up with a name for this podcast. The setup is two savy auctioneers discussing many topics about making gold, so the name needs to be broad enough to encompass all methods as well as be catchy and cool :)

What topics would you like to see on the show, and what would be a good title in your opinion?

Please comment! Looking forward to building this podcast and supplying you all with another great resource for making gold in world of warcraft.

Spreading Out the Markets - Diversify Your Portfolio

Currently I am barely playing this game, yet I make more money than most players make in a week with just 15 - 30 minutes of work across four characters. Although I still look for new ways to make gold all the time, it is good to find several niche markets and sit in them as long as possible.

Currently I am playing pygmy oil, snowfall inks, Armor Vellum III, iceweb spider silk, some glyphs, low level mining materials, low level skinning materials, as well as completely random items earned from auctioneer scans.

Quickly moving through these markets allows me a diverse portfolio which helps buffer against losses from any one market. Should something fall because of extreme undercutting, I can undercut my competetitors at a loss and still make enough money from the other markets to keep the profits coming in. My four alts will often take in upwards of 1200 gold each a night, and for a quick 15-30 minutes of work that's pretty good. I could make more, expand into more markets, but I have never cared about hoarding money, just having enough to never worry about it is all I want.

The point of this post is to place emphasis on diversity and to never stop looking for new ways to make gold. You'd be surprised how there is always a new way to make gold that you haven't discovered yet.

This post has been brought to you by PokerListings.Com, the premier review site for finding sites to play poker and make gold. Just like in world of warcraft, you can spend 15-30 minutes a day playing poker and make some pretty good money. Except this time, the money is real gold. Top name sites are reviewed there such as Pokerstars, Titan Poker, Pacific Poker, and Full Tilt Poker. Read reviews of the sites and find out which one is the best fit for you. Remember, just like in wow diversifying your portfolio and spreading out the markets (aka sites) you play on can really help you cusion against tough losses.

If you'd like to sponsor a post on Justmytwocopper for a small fee, please email me with the link at the bottom of the site.

The Doctor is In

A preponderance of new evidence supports the theory that video games are actually good for a person's mental health. Most improve mental accuity and quickness as well as hand-eye coordination. They are being used more frequently in rehab facilities and even for young children to aid in development of small motor skills. So the more I play WoW, the smarter I'll be and the better muscle tone I'll have, and I'll even be less of a klutz? No. Well, maybe...You have to take WoW, and all video gaming, in moderation. Studies show that excessive gaming wears down the body and brain, but a moderate amount every day actually will have a positive effect.

So what's a "moderate" amount?That depends on you. Do you exercise? (getting up to get food doesn't count) Do you eat properly? (hot pockets and energy drinks do NOT have everything the body needs) Are you finding social interaction outside of gaming and getting enough sleep? (8 hours sleep for most people) If you can answer yes to all of these, then you can spend more time gaming. If you're not exercising and getting enough sleep, you are not as focused when you play. This not only makes you play worse, but prevents your body from gaining any benefits from gaming. Eating properly has largely the same effect. It's amazing how you can boost your stamina (yeah I get it, ha, ha) by keeping a good diet. Cut sugars, eat protein and fiber from fruits and veggies. Did you know this kind of diet has been proven to increase reaction time?

Remember that next time you go into the Isle of Conquest. So if the rest of your life is in good shape, "moderate" for you can be pretty high. If not, straighten yourself out first for more gaming and a better life in general.

Who ever thought playing the AH could be good for your health? Or that I could be working on my reaction time in Icecrown? Feel better, make more gold, play more efficiently, pawn more noobs. Sounds good to me.

Happy Gaming,

Loremaster Ej

Doctor Ej is absolutely right. I have been running 3 miles every day for almost two weeks now. I'm thinner, faster, and the shield slams seem higher.

Suggestion Box Friday (10/1/09)

This week was probably one of the best weeks of my life. I spent maybe two hours playing wow the whole week, but made about 4k gold lol. A lot of great RL stuff happened, which I'd share with you guys but I want to wait for now.

I wasn't able to participate in the MMO-CHAMPION nonsense all that much, but I can say that I laughed so much at their inscription post. The idea of telling people exactly what to do for any gold making strategy is complete and utter nonsense! The best way to make gold from these recent MMO-CHAMPION gold guides is to make money off the uneducated members of the wow community which follow the instructions like a robot. This is why I try to leave my readers with intelligent off shoot strategies that they can employ if they think hard enough about what I suggest they do, especially in my gold guide. I think that's what seperates my guide and zuggy's guide from the rest of the ones on the market. Anyway, I digress.

I loved the fact that MMO-CHAMPION left out selling armor vellum III's, possibly my biggest money maker for my glyph industry. Weapon vellum III's are ok but they don't have the same profit margin on my server. My favorite part about armor vellum III is the posting cost... nothing.

For the wool cloth discussion, I really really want to try the dwarves in the barrens, excellent suggestion for those that made it! It really is a horde problem though, alliance never have an issue with wool cloth because of their instances.

No weekly comments this week, I don't have time, sorry :(

As far as my weight loss is going I'm down like 7 or 8 pounds, I say like because I weigh myself after breakfast, so it's a little off. My goal is 20 pounds lost in 30 days (.66 per day), which at this rate I will hit. The only bad thing so far is that I might have a minor stress fracture in my left foot, it isn't swelling but it has a steady pain that spreads the longer I run and goes away temporarily when I rest it. I will continue applying ice midday and at night as well as using an ace bandage while I run.

18 miles in 6 days, not bad for an out of shape nub :)

My workout schedule is 3 miles a day run plus one walked, as well as lifting for my arms every 3 days. If I keep this up for 30 days... I can't see myself losing less than 20 pounds. Although I am gaining muscle in my legs and arms, so I might look like I lost a lot more in the end.

Thank you for your kind emails and support, it goes a long way. Wait until you find out why I'm doing this, it will knock your socks off. Remember to check this community's amazing forums... YOUR forums for everything gold related.

Wool and You

Wool is one of the most expensive cloths in world of warcraft, and its price constantly fluctuates. The reasons for its expense is the lack of popular instances which contain wool, as well as the lack of humanoids to drop it in the more played instances. For instance, black fathom depths would be an awesome place to get cloth... if the humanoids didn't make up about 25% of the mobs and were earlier in the instance. Currently I am on the lookout for a wool farming location. I tried the harpies (level 28-30) in thousand needles but didn't have that much luck since the level 30's drop silk cloth. I think that ashenvale might be the key to this. There are some high level 20's worgs in a cave that might drop wool cloth. I remember farmers used to park there all the time back at 60.

If you can send in a video or just the location of a great wool farming spot, I'm sure everyone here would greatly appreciate it. If you own a blog or something and find a great spot, this is a great oppurtunity to get known.

Thanks all! I'll keep looking too!

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