Lowbie LFG Necklaces Bugged Vendor Price

I received a whisper from rawrior, a level 32 warrior on my realm who has made almost a hundred gold in 10 levels with the looking for group tool. How you ask? Well the necklaces that you get from the bag each time you complete an instance can be vendored for over 3 gold a piece! For a lowbie that's insane profit while also picking up the regular drops from an instance run. With everyone running their lowbies through instances wearing the BOA gear it's like having decked out epics for already incredibly easy content. Add to that the fact that there are 5 people doing the instance and that almost any class can tank before level 40 and you have a ridiculously easy way to both earn gold and level up. Let's not also forget the 30% health nerf to bosses and level reductions on some of the larger instances. Now that instances which used to be a pain to set up are fairly easy to participate in, I highly recommend questing while also queing for instances with the LFG tool to level and make easy wow gold.

Have you noticed the insane vendor values for these necklaces too? Does the vendor price scale into the higher levels or remain around the same? Will blizzard nerf these necklaces?

Sporeggar Reputation Grinding - Wow Gold Strategy

Here's an emailed tip on making gold with sporeggar reputation grinding!

Hello marcko im kylol emailing to share with you another killer gold making secret! Sanguine hibiscus is an outland rep and quest item for the sporeggar bc faction. You can get the sanguine hibiscus in underbog, and it has been selling by me all week for 30-100g per 20. Now, i am on a full server, but this is insane! I never have competition except a few random people who ran underbog and got a few, they post them cheap and i buy em and resell. You can make about 500-900g per hour on your 80 in underbog farming this i bet, it even stacks up to 200 so you save bagspace! Kill everything that moves in the very first room, go up ramp kill boss, go out, reset. Test it! Make a vid about it! The quest that takes 20 of them gives great exp (because its a dungeon quest) but people can complete it in 3 mins using the ah and get all that exp. Plus, the faction that handing in alot of it gives good rewards, http://www.wowhead.com/?item=25828 is a great aoe leveling shield and an item some 70 or 80 players will buy because of its mass aoe potential when running lower levels or otherwise aoeing when you dont need the defenses of a shield. You can also get http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29150, http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29149.
But most of all the sanguine hibiscus sells so well because this faction will give you

Thanks for the tip kylol! Be sure to sell in lots of 20 for the people doing the dungeon quest.

Two Enhancements to Make Openning Mail Easier

These tips are epic, I love them so much haha!

#1. Zero's Post on the JMTC forums on automatically openning up mail all at once.

"I decided to write a tiny addon that automatically checks for new mail (CheckInbox()) and opens all my current mails in my mailbox using Postal Open All. This addon will no longer require you to press any macro or button when you have loads of mails waiting to be opened but instead it will refresh your inbox every 10 seconds and attempt to open the current mail using Postal Open All (so it will be affected by the rules you change for that). I made it so I can go AFK when I have 500 or more mails waiting for me. Download here: http://zero.isimba.org/MailOpener%200.2.rar"

#2. Increase the speed at which mail loads with HitTheCap, Wow Journal about Hitting the Gold Cap.

These tips blew me away... nice job you two!

Griefing on Wow Auction House - Ending the Ammo Debate

Some wow businessmen see the gold cap as their only goal in wow. The glory of getting there is all that matters to them, regardless of who they cheat, scam, or trick along the way. Perhaps they will eventually get there, but it's a long road and there are multitudes of pissed off people left shaking their fists in anger at being cheated.

Let's put something into perspective real quick: This is a game. Wait hold on that's too simple: This is an easy game. And one more clarification: This is an easy game with real people playing with you.

If you think that hitting the gold cap is so important that you need to lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top then you have some serious issues. What's more, hitting the gold cap is not hard or time consuming once you develop honest, simple, repeatable methods to get there.

I bring up this point because I'm seeing more and more people discuss the ethics behind selling 100 bullets/arrows for slightly less than 1000 due to the vague blizzard interface on the auction house which makes it hard to see that there is a missing 0. This is a dishonest and terrible way to conduct business. Each person you piss off by supplying 100 arrows/bullets instead of 1000 will be one less customer you have and they will most likely spread the word about your selling practices.

There's always an honest way to profit that counters the negative scams. For this scenario, unlike the people selling bullets/arrows in stacks of 100, as an honest businessman/woman you can sell your own stacks of 100 but for normal price, thus destroying the scam. You will profit from people who don't realize you're selling in stacks of 100 or you will make profit off those that decide to buy your full stacks instead of the 100's.

Put this to practice on your server and show those liars and cheats a thing or two about how to conduct a real business where you value repeat customers over one time sales or scams. If enough people start posting their ammo in both stacks of 1000's and a few 100's then this argument over who is being a moron or who is being ethical won't even exist.

My First Auction House Sale

My first auction house sale was a blue dagger from a level 23 mob (can't remember the name). I ran to orgrimmar from ashenvale to sell this beauty on the trade chat and had no idea what the auction house was. A friendly person redirected me to it... and the rest is history. That dagger sold for 25 gold and it was the most gold I'd had on my poor little warrior who took 25ish days to level to 60 (grinding and staying in X9's for bg's ftl!). From that point on I started to watch the auction house and tried to learn as much as possible about the items within. I remember drooling at the prices of epics and marvelling at why some items were only a copper.

My first real serious set of sales where I was flipping items for profit involved low level herbs and minerals. These items have very fast sale rates and can often be picked off with simple bids. I would search for Herbs and then sort by buyout price to try and find items really really cheap that I could resell for several gold a stack. I didn't have auctioneer and I didn't even know what it was. Combining this with farming got me my epic mount back in vanilla and made me far richer than most of the people who I met in the game. Everyone else seemed to farm and dump their items on the auction house, and I was all too happy to snag and relist the items of anyone foolish enough to throw leveling herbs/minerals up for too cheap.

When I finally discovered auctioneer and started seriously making use of it in burning crusade... GG.

What was your first sale on the auction house and what was your first real series of sales as a businessman?

What's a Good Auctioneer Alt Outfit?

Diamond tipped cane, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants, tuxedo jacket, and jungle hat seem to be the ultimate auctioneer outfit for world of warcraft auction house alts (thanks to mike for an email pointing out the importance of the jungle hat!).

What is your favorite setup? I've seen people using things like pumpkin hats, centurian helmets, etc. Personally I go with old gear from previous arena seasons or with the classic setup that I mentioned at the start of this post.

If you're wondering how you can make money from this discussion, add these items to your snatch list and grab them anytime they fall below 15 gold. You can easily sell these for 20+ gold each. The cane can be worth as much as 200 gold and is obtained from fishing dailies.

Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish you all a very merry christmas and encourage you to spend as much time as possible with your friends and families today.

I hope that your sales of milk, eggs, and wool cloth have been as ridiculous as mine. Ho Ho Ho!

Here's two videos for your viewing pleasure from my prot warrior + gold tips youtube channel!

4.5k Dps Prot Warrior - Tanking Halls of Reflection

Prot Warrior Eye of the Storm Slaughter (EOTS)

Batch Posting - Setting Limits

Batch posting is a handy tool used in auctioneer to automate the process of posting an unlimited number of auctions at once. Many do not realize however that you can set the total number of auctions you'd like up at any one time for each item in the batch post. This provides you with a truly powerful way to post based on your sales instead of having to check to see if you have too many posted items before you press batch post.

Let's say you have the enchant "enchant chest powerful stats" and you want to keep only two up at a time in order to keep supply of this enchant low on the auction house. You currently have two up and press batch post, which you already have configured to post two enchant chest powerful stats with each batch post. Now there are three up there. Here's how you could of stopped it at two: Click the checkbox to the left of the word 'Only' in the batch post and then slide the bar above that to the number of items you'd like to see posted in total including what you already have on the auction house. Now if you had this set up before pressing batch post earlier than auctioneer would not have posted your third enchant chest powerful stats.

Incorporate this into your batch post to help automate your sales even more.

Good Luck!

Failing to Control a Market - Why Players Fail at the Wow Auction House

Knowledge is power. The difference between a player that understands a market as well as its sub markets compared to a player who only focuses on the 'surface market' is like night and day. A lack of knowledge regarding the web of interacting markets on the wow auction house is what leads to a noob auctioneer focusing all their attention on the surface market.

What is a surface market? Why do 99% of players that try to control a market fail? Let's use some examples.

Let's just make up a name here, um how about Gevy. Little Gevy the goblin is not happy that her netherweave bags are being undercut by two people. They are posting three bags each for 1 gold less than Gevy and she's pissed. An auction house noob like Gevy will look at this situation and think that she has to undercut her competition in order to control 'her' market. What Gevy doesn't realize is that she still doesn't control the market even after undercutting her competition. In order to truly control the 'surface market' of netherweave bags then little Gevy needs to look at the markets that support it. Netherweave bags only have one supporting market and that's netherweave cloth. With a little research Gevy would realize that simply buying up all netherweave cloth below X gold would allow her to force out her bag market competition because they would no longer be able to make bags cheaper than Gevy.

This little bit of knowledge... the understanding of a sub market controling the lowest possible price of a surface market is what makes or breaks auctioneers in world of warcraft. If you understand and apply this concept then you become way more likely to succeed on the wow auction house.

Now expand on this concept and think about something complicated like snowfall inks. Just think for a moment how you would control this item. First off, you need an understanding of not just what creates a snowfall ink but what it's used for. Just because you control it does not mean people will buy it in droves. You need to force the price to your liking but also have it reasonably affordable for the buyer.

Let's see... you would need to regulate the price of every wotlk herb (by regulate I mean constantly buy it out below price X). You then would need to buy the inks themselves below your new threshold for snowfall inks. The price you pick will need to be affordable for someone buying the inks to make nobles or other items.

Ok you ready for a real mental challenge? How would you regulate infinite dust. Just think for a moment about that, really think about every single market that exists which you can create infinite dust from and then the items used to create those items and so on. For an item like infinite dust which has multiple paths to getting to the same goal, ie disenchant a dust, the answer is actually a lot simpler than you would think... find the cheapest way and regulate that.

Regulating is NOT the same as undercutting everyone with the cheapest goods possible. Regulating a submarket to effect a surface market is about taking away items from your competition which they need to craft/modify and compete with your surface market. Stop allowing your competition to set your prices and instead set the competition's! You don't want to end up like Gevy and participate in undercutting wars for minimal profits.

What does PCT mean in Auctioneer? How do you use PCT to make wow gold?

PCT means percentage or percentage market value for an item. After you have scanned with auctioneer enough you will have an accurate PCT for the average price of any one item. PCT is the most important weapon of an auctioneer when looking for great deals and it's the number one thing I love about the auctioneer addon for making easy wow gold.

So how do you use PCT? First off, look up your favorite item or run a typical resale scan with auctioneer. For help on these topics, please visit the JMTC Wow Gold Forum or my Gold Guide. If you are having trouble correctly running scans with auctioneer perhaps my post on 22 Steps to Using Auctioneer will provide you with a rough outline for using the addon.

After doing your search you will notice at the far right column that it says 'PCT' with different colored numbers next to your search results. These values are color coded as red meaning way above normal value, green meaning a great deal, yellow meaning normal value, and blue meaning WOW BUY THIS ITEM OUT NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. If you see an item below 50% PCT then that means it is also 50% below the average market value for that item. By buying the item out and relisting it you have a very good chance of making a sale, just make sure that you understand the item's market and when/why/how you should resell it.

There is one key problem with PCT however and that's with searching multiple pages. When you sort a page by PCT auctioneer will only sort that particular page of 50 items. If there are multiple pages then you must cycle through each page selecting to sort by PCT in order to see the best deals. There could be a stack of the item for half price but expensive enough that it doesn't appear on the first page. Be wary of this issue when using PCT to sort with auctioneer search results.

Try out using PCT as a sorting method for making easy wow gold.

10 Ways to Boost the Efficiency of Your Wow Account

Do you feel that your current class/spec/profession setup for your wow account is not good enough for making lots of wow gold efficiently? Here are 10 ways to boost the efficiency of your wow account:

1. Make 10 level 80's.

2. Max out each profession on your characters, except only get one character to max fishing/cooking.

3. Get first aid on all your characters.

4. Get atleast entry level epics. Either purchasable via the auction house or honor/badge gear.

5. Have all professions covered between your characters.

6. Your farming characters should be paladins or deathknights for the speed aura. Getting gladiator on top of that is really fun (or any other 310% speed mount).

7. You should have a paladin or mage for aoe killing.

8. Have at least one pure dps class that can farm forever, ie dps prot warrior (shameless plug for markco), dps prot pally, bm hunter, affliction warlock, rogue, shadow priest, etc.

9. Have multiple guild banks for storing your business crap.

10. Have all boa chests and shoulders for maxing out your leveling speed for all your characters.

For the comments section what is your ideal setup of 10 characters for making easy wow gold? Include transmutes/dailies/etc.

How Population Imbalances Affect Eternal Fire

Cross faction auctions remains one of my favorite ways to make easy wow gold in world of warcraft. Especially on an imbalanced server where one side has far more players than the other (even after the paid faction change), it is easy to find items which sell for 30% more on one faction or the other.

On my server, eternal fires sell for 20 gold more on the alliance side than on the horde side. BAM! I just shot myself in the foot revealing this tip but oh well there's always my left foot for walking and kicking noobs in the rear. Why is this item so much more expensive on one side?

It comes down to three things:

#1. Wintergrasp is the most popular place to farm fire but there's only one spot and it is camped by the larger faction (in this case horde) making farming unreliable for the alliance side.

#2. The dailies at hodir is the second most popular place to farm fire and it's just as camped by horde players.

#3. The cave next to the Scions of Storm in storm peaks is not well known but would be the perfect place for an alliance farmer to setup shop killing those little yellowy floating fire balls. I guess not enough people are farming there to keep up with the insane number of eternal fires hitting the horde auction house.

Thanks to population imbalance eternal fires are an amazingly easy way to make wow gold. Excuse me while I dump all mine on the auction house in preparation for the mad rush of players who will try this method on my own imbalanced server.

Farming Elemental Invasions - Winterspring, Azshara, Silithus, and Un'goro Crater

Elemental invasions occur every 24-48 hours after the leader of each invasion has been killed. If you want to farm easy wow gold from these invasions then I highly suggest that you simply kill the mobs around the lead boss elemental and then when you want to leave kill the boss and clean up the elementals that are remaining. As long as the leader stays alive then all the other elementals will keep respawning. Think of it as milking the cow versus having the steak. As long as no one comes along to ruin your farming then this is a great way to make easy wow gold.

Here are the four locations:

Tempestria leads the water elementals in Winterspring all around lake Kel'Theril.

Avalanchion leads the earth elementals in Azshara around where the elite giants also spawn.

Baron Charr leads the fire elementals in Un'goro Crater around the volcano in the middle of the map.

The Windreaver leads the air elementals in northwestern Silithus.

The drops from these elementals can be sold for incredible prices on the auction house... 13 gold for a breath of wind, 10 gold for a elemental earth, etc. Since you now know the value of these items on the auction house be sure to snatch them off the hands of lesser minded auctioneers that try to sell these for a handful of gold or even less than that. Flipping a breath of wind from 1 gold to 13 gold is definately an easy wow gold making strategy.

Wool Cloth / HitTheCap / Gingerbread Cookie Recipe - Suggestion Box Friday

It's suggestion box friday and your chance to be the blog author! It's a big seat but don't be intimidated - anything goes today, as long as the comments are about tips for making wow gold.

Community Spotlight: Hit The Cap - Wow Gold Cap Blog Journal

I love blogs that tell an ongoing wow gold story... especially a SUCCESSFUL story about hitting the gold cap. Head over to HitTheCap and see how the author has made 350k wow gold in 13 weeks so far and is still trucking! I trully believe this blog is going to be a huge hit and I also expect the author to hit a million gold within 6-9 months. I was mostly impressed because the level of detail is excellent and every single article has been of a very high quality so far. Subscribe and comment to reward the author for all the hard work that is involved with keeping a high quality journal like the one at HitTheCap.

Comments of the Week:

Regarding Why Bank Space Doesn't Matter

Zamboni said...

All of my working materials are stored in mailboxes. The guild bank is for speculation materials or consumables where I actually need to see what I have. The 2300 stacks of Saronite Ore never needs to come out of the mail.It is important to mail everything at least once. Don't let fresh auction purchases pile up as they will be deleted in 30 days. If everything is mailed to an alt, it comes back after 30 days and then can sit in the mailbox for another 30 days. Everyone else can have items piled up in the mailbox, but the main AH banker - the distribution center - should have an empty mailbox as much as possible.Another spot for piling up a lot of materials for long-term storage is a mule, an alt with a full set of netherweave bags just for holding 216 stacks of assorted junk. Three of these equals a fully-tabbed guild bank. Leveling these up to level 10 will make them restorable if your account is hacked.

Regarding Famous How I Wow Podcast

Robert said...

This was the show that got me started making serious gold in WoW. I really miss How I WoW. After they went off the air (so to speak), I stopped listening to all WoW podcasts. Just didn't have the heart to listen anymore, since there show was perfect (for me, anyway).

Regarding How I Make Easy Wow Gold

Jerry said...

I've started doing this process that you are talking about since a month ago, and have been making a lot of gold with it. I started with about 2k gold and I'm up to 12k gold on my bank alt now.I love being able to check the AH 3 times a day and just pick up bargains which I can sell for sometimes 10x that amount of gold on another day.For people that want to do this, take a look at the addon Market Watcher (made it real easy for me).


WOOOAHHH is my wool cloth flying off the horde auction house shelves! Currently selling at 35 gold per stack and I purchased for as little as one gold on the alliance auction house. I get undercut once in a while but those people get bought out within 20-40 minutes each time. Have you been successful selling eggs, milk, and wool cloth this holiday season? I didn't touch eggs or milk myself but my favorite resto druid sold tons of eggs and milk for .75-2 gold each. Since Dec 1st I've probably sold around 3,000 wool cloth and I've been kicking myself that I didn't do this last year lol.

Here's a brain teaser for you: Is it worth it to buy a few stacks of gingerbread cookie recipes for those new characters/alts who need it later in the year?

10,400 Gold in One Batch Post

I decided to do a little experiment where I used one batch post to post around 2,000 auctions live with the majority of them acquired via methods similar to my 22 steps to auctioneer and auction house viper strategies. After 12 hours I opened my mail box live on XFIRE and produced a whopping 5k gold. By the next 12 hours it was up to 8k gold and by 48 hours it was at 10,400 easy wow gold. The vast majority of these items were simple flips from both normal and cross faction auctions. I did not include an epic gun I sold for 770 gold in these sales numbers as that wasn't a typical item for me to sell. I'd say 4k of this gold came from profession manipulation (infinite dusts, netherweave bags, armor vellums, weapon vellums, snowfall inks, cobalt bars, etc) and 400 gold came from a stratholme run.

What does this mean for anyone starting out with auctioneer trying to make easy wow gold? There's hope and you don't even need professions! All you need is the simple knowledge of individual markets and how they cycle in prices during the week. Buy/Bid low, sell normal... remember? I aim for items that are 50% or lower PCT and I rely heavily on my snatch scan to help remove the 'filth' from auctioneer's normal resale scan and make my purchasing faster. I cannot stress enough the importance of building a snatch scan that encompasses as many items as possible in the game when trying to make wow gold efficiently. This is just for simple flipping, that's not even taking into account buying out items for professions to manipulate and make even more wow gold.

A snatch list of 100+ items is not uncommon among auction house gurus, what does yours look like?

Why Bank Space Doesn't Matter for Making Easy Wow Gold

Players are always wondering how people can make thousands of gold in wow, I mean where do they put those materials anyway? Once you get into making an easy 8k+ wow gold a day then you really do run out of space. If you're marketing the materials as well as the crafted goods for several markets at once then you surely will end up with too much mail for your guild banks to soak up.

How do players making thousands of wow gold handle situations where they have more mail coming in than they can physically handle? It's simple really, they use one of their alts as their mail box bot. Every time there are too many items coming in they simply mail the surplus to this designated mail bot, wait less than thirty days and then mail the items back. All it costs is 60 copper and you have an extra bank slot. I don't think that 60 copper per slot is going to really effect your gold making efforts too much.

This doesn't just affect the super rich wow player either. If you aren't a millionaire in wow and you are struggling on bank space this is a great way to alleviate those concerns. I know some players that go to the extreme and don't even buy guild banks thanks to this easy gold making tip.

Do any of you use this tip frequently?

The Famous How I Wow Podcast

Wow Gold Making Podcast

Click the above link to listen to the famous How I Wow podcast that I did with Sean and Patrick before they ended their series. I managed to meet up with both at blizzcon and thought that they were really nice/fun guys to speak with.

The topics covered in this podcast were:

Real Life and Balance
Gold Making tips
Inscription Strategies
Being Successful (not just in game)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it with Sean and Patrick. It was an honor :)

How I Make Easy Wow Gold on the Auction House

As you can see from reading my blog, there are hundreds of methods that I've tried to make easy wow gold. Sometimes I'm successful but the large majority of the time I'm sifting through blunders and missteps on my long journey to gold guru status. My specialty and the thing that got me started using the auction house to make easy wow gold was flipping items. It didn't matter if the item was worth 10 copper or 10 gold, I sold them all with the same feverish dedication and insane patience. If I knew an item was worth 10 gold and someone posted 100 for 5 gold then damn it I was going to buy every single one and relist them two at a time for fifty days until they all sold. This was my bread and butter and recently I decided to get back into this strategy.

So what is my famous strategy for making easy wow gold every single day on the auction house in world of warcraft?

Buy Low, Sell Normal. That's right, BUY LOW, SELL NORMAL. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Self, WTF does that even mean?" The meaning is two fold: first, you are buying items that are under priced and second, you are selling under priced goods at or just below normal value. In essence you're presenting goods to the consumer at or below the normal price range, and if done correctly, all your flipped and posted auctions will sell.

Just how profitable is this method? What if I told you that I can bring in 5k-15k easy wow gold every single 12-48 hours depending on day of the week and my posting schedule? Sure I've had my insane days like when I posted 8k auctions and made 30k gold in a night and a half, but that's not realistic and took way too much caffeine for the average human being. No this wasn't on a weekend either, you'll soon learn that weekends are not necessarily your best days when flipping because of how quickly competition appears and mass undercuts can happen. Weekends are actually your best buying days unless of course you camp the auction house every hour then it's a nice selling time. Case in point for buying days: Saronite Saturdays.

The way I make thousands of easy wow gold every day comes down to being able to pin point not just one or two profitable markets but every single gosh-darn one in existence. It's all about experience, non stop learning, and above all: patience. My goal is to flip 80+% of all profitable auctions on the auction house, which includes any items below 50% market value that I believe can sell quickly. Some nights I will lose money because I invest so much, but that money always comes back ten fold within a week anyway.

What's the best part about the way I make easy wow gold? No one can stop me. You physically cannot stop a person from posting for too little, undercut every auction I post, or even know what I'm going to post tomorrow or the next day. I'm the auction house viper, snaking in to get some gold and zipping back out before you probably even knew I was there. I'm everywhere at once and then suddenly I'm gone again.

This concept is what propelled this blog into existence and grew it from 300 readers into the wow gold making monster it is today. I think it's time to get back to my roots, and yes I will keep experimenting but I want to write more about my flipping style and personal methods which work regardless of level or personal professions.

Auctioneering Tip for Alliance in Stormwind Auctionhouse Trick

An excellent find by Thrim on the JMTC forums can be found here.

The gist of it is that you can stand outside by the mailbox that is attached to the auction house, press your hotkey for viewing friendly health bars (shift + v is default I believe) and then you can browse the auction house or open the mail without moving!

Pretty sweet trick and it allows you to do something while you wait for your mail box to load for those lucky enough to have that problem.

I Have Created a Wow Gold Making MONSTER

Photo Taken 12/03/09

Many readers of this blog have taken the 'red pill' so to speak and visited the JMTC Wow Gold Forums. What awaited them was probably overwhelming, exciting, intimidating, and overall fun as hell. I had no idea when I created the forums that they would evolve into the monster collection of wow gold making ideas that it has developed into. Everyone from Millionaire Gurus down to brand new players share their wow gold making experiences, ideas, and guides for all to see. Even though competitors from the same server could be reading each other's information no one seems to mind as the unhindered free sharing of ideas seems to be everyone's collective goal while browsing the JMTC forums.

When I originally designed this aucitoneer's playground I had hoped that it would be the perfect forum to send people who had wow gold related questions which I saw every day and just didn't have time to answer in detail. At first I thought that I could just write a big FAQ section but the dynamic nature of wow and the diversity among the questions made this unreasonable. A forum seemed like the perfect way for newer users to get their feet wet making easy gold in wow without having to pick my brain to do it. It ended up being far greater than I could ever imagine, and soon even I, the gold making master, found myself learning from the forums as well!

Many have commented that these forums pose a direct threat to my gold guide. Here you have THOUSANDS of players pooling their ideas together creating incredible strategies and investigating every aspect of the game for the sole purpose of making gold. I'd have to agree that this does create an obstacle for the guide, but luckily from the onset I designed a document that taught people how to think instead of how to play directly. By avoiding the do this do that and you'll get rich quick methods of other wow gold guides I actually inadvertently designed a guide that fit perfectly with the JMTC forum.

There was another unforseen byproduct of these wow gold making forums that I never saw coming... people enjoyed writing about wow so much on the forums that they started their own blogs. I've counted dozens that have spawned from readers of JMTC and many more appear each week. Previously, the wow gold blog niche was originally filled with nothing but spammers and gold guide oriented blogs that had almost no real information on them. Now, thanks largely in part to the Just My Two Copper community and JMTC itself, there is a wide variety of gold oriented blogs which discuss real, current information on world of warcraft. When someone thinks gold making blog today they think of Just My Two Copper or a cousin blog founded by one of the forum members.

So what can the forum do for you and how can you participate? First off, register a new account and I recommend posting in one of these areas:

Be sure to read thoroughly any threads which deal with whatever questions/areas of interest that concern you before posting. That being said, don't feel bad if you post duplicate information or worry about doing so. There's always someone else thinking the same question and unable to find the current answer so it's no big deal if duplicate threads develop. Even if you consider yourself a gold making master I can assure you that these forums will be a humbling experience. There's something for everyone, regardless of skill and I'm sure there are ideas in your head you'd love to share with the community.

Be kind to your admins/MVP's and enjoy the rich content that is the JMTC forum. It's your forum, make the most of it. /cheers

Suggestion Box Friday (12/11/09)

This friday I'm not here because I'm currently flying out to see my favorite resto druid. Feel free to turn the comments section into your own personal soap box for discussing your favorite ways to make gold in the game but with a twist:

What are your favorite ways to make gold pre level 50? Comment!

While on the trip I have posts pre-made for the blog but will be unavailable for emails/comments/questions/etc until I return on the night of the 14th.

I will check periodically to moderate comments whenever I have a free moment, but that's all I'll have time for.

The Artificial Ceiling

There are so many ways to trick people on the auction house that I could sit down and write 5,000 words in about an hour on the subject. One of these 'tricks' is something I like to call the Artificial Ceiling. Perhaps someone more astute and in line with marketing jargin can reveal the proper name for this method in the comments section.

It's elementary my dear watson... first you get on a toon and post items for 200% market value. Just a couple as you are not trying to sell these items. Next, you get on another toon and post the same items for 120-150% market value. If there isn't much competition you are creating the stage for someone to come along and think that they see a great deal. Sure someone can undercut you but they also look like a great deal as well! If a new person running auctioneer or even just a noob browsing the ah sees your goods they will possibly buy them out as well as anyone who undercuts you.

Not a foolproof method but still an interesting way to make gold. I used to do this frequently with mammoth meats and it seemed to help me sell about 25% more meat when I set up the artificial ceiling. People just love deals, even if it's only a perceived deal.

Where Did the Farmers Go?

If you go on the JMTC Wow Gold Forum you will find people with gold in more than 6 figures... and they haven't been playing all that long either. Although blizzard took steps to reduce the effectiveness of farming, they actually increased the amount of gold circulating within the economy tenfold with this expansion. From daily questing to leveling people now have been given fun new ways to make more gold than they will require for repairs and other minor expenses. The overall effect on the game has been simple: people purchasing expensive items on the auction house or on vendors. If the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth had existed in vanilla or even burning crusade it would of been very rare to see anyone with the mount. With the onset of easy to get gold outside of farming for hours, players can just save up from their dailies and eventually get their vendor toting mounts or gasoline chugging motorcycles.

Blizzard created this system of providing large amounts of gold because of farming concerns. Now farmers can still run around for hours making money but the margin of gold they get compared to someone who just does their dailies and calls it quits is far smaller than it was in burning crusade. With mobs dropping very specific drops per mob type and few boe epics/blues in their loot tables there just isn't much to actually farm at one time. When relics of ulduar were big you could farm seething revenants for insane profits, but now they are about as good as any level 80 clothy you farm with the tailoring specialization.

The only prevelant farmers left in the game are mining/herbing ones, using the fancy fly under the world hack that reminds me of noclipping from doom II. These farmers are awesome because they use the auction house to sell all their goods and at amazing prices for milling.

Eventhough farming was greatly reduced during wotlk the past few weeks I have seen an incredible drop in the number of materials normally farmed by the farmers appearing on the auction house. I can only assume that many have been banned or moved on to other methods of making gold.

Some players (including yourself I assume) have discovered just how to grab up all that excess gold that people have been aqcuiring this expansion with... cough... the auction house! I have to wonder though, how many farmers have learned to use the auction house? What if someone like myself were to start selling gold to gold companies? Hell I can pump out a good 10k gold profit a day with ease if I use all the tools at my disposal... what's that? $20 a day? Now imagine if I played all day farming my mats and then started crafting items for even more profit. That kind of salary would be amazing in some of the poorer countries that setup gold farming companies. The only thing holding back this kind of farmer is the shifting nature of the auction house: their profits would not always be gauranteed with some days being better or worse than others. Businesses don't like to operate that way and it would take an owner willing to gamble on the skills of his farmers to make this happen.

Would you be able to make 10k gold a day if you played let's say 10 hours a day using both the auction house and farming? You'd have to diversify like crazy and make use of every market in the game, but it can certainly be done and consistently at that.

Large Brilliant Shards - How to Make Easy Wow Gold

Enchanting mats are such an awesome way to make easy gold in wow. Oh I'm sorry was I typing out loud again? I apologize for that, excuse me.

What I meant to say is that large brilliant shards are one of my favorite enchanting mats to sell and farm for that matter. On my snatch list I buy out these babies for 4.5 gold a piece or lower and I relist them at 6-8 gold depending on market value and day of the week. When I've posted all my auctions and have nothing better to do I go to old world stratholme and farm the whole instance for tons of blues to disenchant. Farming this instance is one of the oldest forms of making easy wow gold and it has been farmable by a single player since burning crusade. Every single blue in the instance becomes a large brilliant shard and there are tons of other great items to grab such as stacks of rune cloth or righteous orbs. If you don't have a dispeller for the nasty diseases and curses you can get from the mobs of this instance then you have two options:

1. Use my video to see how you can skip all the way up to the live side of the instance where righteous orbs can be farmed.
2. Bring potions that dispel the debuffs.

Many players go for Baron runs in an attempt to get the Baron's mount but do not finish the live side of Stratholme. I am the opposite: I always finish off live side with the Scarlet Crusaders before deciding whether or not I want to do the Baron's side. Regardless of whether you do either side or both, this is by far one of the easiest sure fire ways to make gold in wow. If you want to make even more profit from this place then you may want to invest in creating enchanted vellums from the mats you farm. There's a lot of easy wow gold to be made from these enchants and that's the market you're selling to anyway with the dream shards, illusion dusts, and greater eternal essences. That being said, be sure to diversify as sometimes you are selling straight to enchanters trying to level their profession and they don't want your enchanted vellums.

10 Things You Should Know About Patch 3.3 Analysis

Patch 3.3 Analysis from Just My Two Copper

What's going to happen in 3.3? I'm sure it's on everyone's minds. If you've been checking the JMTC forums then you are aware of several major item changes that will affect the game and making gold in wow.

1. Saronite Bar -> Titanium Bar Transmute Cooldown Lifted

This has sent buyers running to grab up all the Saronite Bars and Ore that they can find in anticipation for transmuting them into titanium bars. What will this do? Decrease the value of titanium bars and all the items made from them, as well as increase the value of saronite bars. Saronite ore will also be affected and this will greatly damage the profitability of the 'Saronite Shuffle.' Infinite dusts being made more readily thanks to a recent hotfix will also help to ruin the profitability of this method. Will it still exist after 3.3? Probably, but it will not be as profitable.

2. Heavy Borean Leather to Arctic Furs

Arctic furs and 10 heavy borean leather are going to even out to the same price.

3. Rare/Epic Gems going up in value along with other with upgrades

People are going to be upgrading at an insane pace thanks to the 5 mans. Not to mention the fact that t9 will also be available for triumph badges and 5 mans will drop it. Getting 25 arena points for the daily bg will help people upgrade somewhat faster as well. Leg enchants, enchanted vellums, titanium ore and spellthreads should see huge price increases for the first few weeks of the patch.

4. Raid Consumables

The more top end raiding guilds you have the better this market will be on your server. Everything from flasks to potions to elixirs to fish feasts will fly off the proverbial auction house shelves.

5. Snowfall Ink Glyphs

Two new glyphs are appearing which cost snowfall ink. Expect the price to rise on your server for these inks. I predict that it will increase even more so than the week of a darkmoon faire.

6. Pygmy Suckerfish Flood Incoming

With the emphasis on fishing and leveling fishing thanks to the new fishing competition expect pygmy suckerfish to flood the auction house. Definitely look for some great deals on turning these into pygmy oils for resale directly or indirectly as potions.

7. Disenchanting Option

Disenchanting option is equal to greed. If you roll a 90 on De and someone with greed rolls an 89 you will win the item in disenchanted form.

8. Random Dungeon

People will run WAY more dungeons thanks to this new tool. Get ready for enchanting mats to drop like a rock with this new option. People will que for dungeons the way they que for battlegrounds, resulting in far more runs and the incentives to try this new tool will have everyone doing it.

9. BOA Shoulder Enchants

Say goodbye to what was left of the Relics of Ulduar market.

10. New Leveling Rings

Say goodbye to the amazing profits of selling low level bis rings. Look into disenchanting if the mats for these rings plumet.

For a second opinion on Patch 3.3 Analysis here is Mark from Wowzer Gold

Hello my name is Mark(not Markco :)) aka The Wowzer and this is what I have done to prepare for Patch 3.3. The obvious ones have been stocking up on Heavy Borean Leather and Borean Leather for the Arctic Fur Exchange and Saronite Bar for the Titanium Bar Cooldown removal. The not so Obvious one are stocking up on things like Pygmy Oil, Flasks, Frost Lotus, Eternal Life, Lichbloom, Goldclover, Tiger Lily and Icethorn, and that's just for One Profession. Other mats are Rare and Epic Wrath gems, Infinite Dust and Abyss Crystals, Glyphs Galore and Nobles cards. Yes, I Don't Believe the new DPS trinket that drops from the new 3-Part 5man is that much more desirably and you could always have both. I predicted the 15th for the drop of 3.3 but am quite happy to be wrong and for it to drop this Tuesday/Wednesday as the Darkmoon Faire is in Elwyn Forest that week (Yup I'm Alliance). Last but not least, Eternal Earth and Shadow for the new ammo as they will take 2 Crystalized of each for a stack of the new ammo. Massive Thanks to Marco for the guest post and all his help.

What do you think will happen after Patch 3.3 hits? What have you done to prepare? Comment!

Sweet Spot for Cooking Gold

Cooking, like every other profession has what I like to call 'sweet spots' that make leveling it difficult because materials are no longer farmed on a regular basis.

For Blacksmithing this is thorium bars, for tailoring it's bolts of netherweave (largely due to bag makers buying up the cloth), etc.

When I was going through auctioneer I noticed something peculiar that really surprised me: Burning Crusade fish going for 60 gold a stack. At first I thought it was just some fool dumping his guild bank, but after watching the market for a week I noticed that it was actually pretty active with about six sellers and obviously more than one buyer. Since the food from these fish weren't appearing on the auction house I had to assume that it was for cooking. Having leveled my only cook during BC I never knew this market existed until now!

Spotted fel-tail and Crescent-Tail Skullfish seem to be the real money makers, possibly for the 330 and 335 cooking recipes that these are required for.

Definately add these to your snatch list as they can easily sell at 2-3 gold a piece.

Markco's Carrying Club

One of my most lucrative business areas of interest right now is none other than the arena. Getting paid 1.5-5k gold to carry someone up to 1800 for their weapon has not only been easy and quick, but also hillariously entertaining.

What I do is join someone's team and have them que me while I simply go in and lose the game (sometimes I play for the fun of it and crush some 1600 teams 2v1). Once my mmr is down to 200 points below the team I'm going to carry, I then proceed to win 6-12 point games all the way up to 1800. By the time we get to 1800 usually we are facing 1700-1900 teams and my partner has learned a thing or two which helps the odds of winning tremendously.

NOTE: The team I'm carrying and the team I tank my rating are different and have different players queing me.

So far I've carried ret pallies, disc priests, mut rogues, resto druids, resto shamans, holy pallies, and even a destro lock. It's been an absolute blast and I'm getting to play with teammates who would normally be strolling around trade chat dreaming of a chance to play more competetive arenas. By the end of the carrying session I hope that they not only had a blast but learned a thing or two.

If you are a gladiator or even a really good duelist don't just sit up at that pointless rating or mmr, tank your team and make some easy gold! Be warned, tanking your mmr too low is pointless; ie more than 200-300 points below the starting team rating of the person you are carrying.

I'm Drowning in Undercutters... Help! (Suggestion Box Friday)

"Hey Markco,

I wanted to ask you about something I've got mixed up in with the greedy goblin.

A guild mate of mine directed me to his main page branding me as "moron of the week" informing me that I was a moron for attempting to explain to this "Jason" on my server why he shouldn't undercut glyphs by 40% (the conversation with Flamybank, who is me).

This person would go down to 11g on ~20g glyphs that I had listed throughout the day. When I went to go check on them, I didn't expect for the price to be as low as it was. Spirestone has four players on it who habitually undercut on glyphs regardless of their price. Several others had undercut his 11g, he undercut again to 5g, and believe it or not, three others had brought it down to 3g per glyph, this particular case being the popular Glyph of Judgement. I believe he's citing his piece about inelastic demand and supply as the source for me being a "moron," because dogmatically, higher prices = higher profits = more sellers (according to his blog). This is definitely not the case on my server, as these four individuals don't seem to mind undercutting to 2 or 3g on important raiding or PvP glyphs.

My only strategy for attempting to sell glyphs in such a market defined by "geniuses" who think everyone else are "morons" is to attempt to sell them as high as possible and hope that players needing the glyphs will go to the auction house while mine are the cheapest. I do post these only at prime hours. I've had conversations with many people on the matter, particularly what they believe a fair price is for a glyph and the herb supply on my server. In my surveying, I have found no reason to believe that individuals are turned away by a 20g price tag for a glyph, nor have I found any reason to believe there is a shortage of ink supply for these four players.

I apologize for the lengthy e-mail, but I was hoping you'd be able to shed some insight on my situation. Frankly I'm quite offended to be publically listed as a moron when very few people are aware of the greater picture (my server's dynamics) and read his blog with a dogmatic knowledge of "right" and "wrong."

Thank you for your time :)


It's suggestion box friday, so how would you handle this?

I'll give my response, then you guys as a community take a crack at it.

First off, they are mocking you because they are undercutting you and still making money and they really don't care how far they undercut as long as they make a sale. To them they are winners whether you whine or do not, so therefore they don't care what you have to say. If you want to win, then you need to compete with them. Start selling the two ink types themselves, armor vellums, weapon vellums, offhand weapons, cards, and glyphs that are discoverable. This is what I do and I make an easy 500-1400 gold every day.

What you posted to the person screenshotting your conversation was actually a viable way to deal with the situaion. You could also offer to buy his glyphs up every day and relist them. In the end though these players only really hurt themselves. They compete with each other down to the wire and scrape up a small fraction of the profit they could make sharing the market and diversifying. Be smarter than them and expand into the other ways to make money with inscription. Also look into all the other ways you can make money on the auction house; never ever stick to one market/profession.

Looking for Guest Posts

It's been a long time since this blog has had a guest post (not including the countless gold tips that stream in on a daily basis from normal players) and I wanted to offer the opportunity for any gold making blog out there that would like to reach this astute audience.

Looking for quality information on making gold or even just conversation starting material on patch 3.3. Feel free to email me at freebeertomorrowonyxia AT gmail DOT com with your submission and I'll be happy to respond with an approximate date of when I will be able to display your work.

I ask for these guests posts because I understand that it is refreshing to hear someone else's opinion on making gold and it opens up more discussion as well as provide you the reader with even more blogs to dive into. There are some really high quality blogs out there with the same gold tip sharing orientation as JMTC, and I highly recommend visiting the Link Love section of my forums for a list of wow gold blogs.

Put in the comments section if you have any posts you'd like to see in the near future; which will in turn provide these aspiring authors with some material to work with.

Live Mail Box On Xfire

Today I'm going to be openning my mail box live for all to see on XFIRE at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

It will be an excellent time to chat up with each other live on xfire and you can discuss what I'm selling and why. All auctions were posted yesterday between 4-8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and will show up as having 29 days left in the mail box tab.

I expect it will take the usual 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to unload the mail box so feel free to stop in any time between 7-8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on XFIRE with the name markcolol. I sold items from all of my professions at once except for jewelcrafting and engineering on one toon so that you could see how much money I typically make without having to switch characters.

My XFIRE link is in the side bar but for those reading on a feed, go here.

I highly suggest being intoxicated to help pass the time between mail box loads, as I expect 35-50 of them. See you tonight!

For feed readers today's actual gold making post was on Cataclysm Flasks in PVP.

EDIT: That was fun although I didn't sell as many auctions as I thought I would in the 24 hour period. Ended up with about 800 still being sold on the auction house but from the 20 minutes of openning mail I made almost 6k gold. Not too bad, I apologize to those that came late and were expecting it to go longer :(

Flasks in Cataclysm

This will be one of the greatest level 85 money makers. I highly suggest leveling up a level 80 alchemist with flask specialization before cataclysm hits.

Why? Well because of rated bg's that's why! There is one thing every pvper is going to need for group bg's and that's flasks which persist through death. This will greatly increase the value of the mats for flasks (mostly herbs and oils) as well as provide a constant stream of buyers for the market. Let's not even discuss consumables like free action potions...

Don't delay, get an alchemist today! I highly suggest getting two (potion + flask specialization) but not everyone wants to be as hardcore as me so I understand if you only get one.

Discuss in the comments section :)

Smelting The Golds

There are two ways that I make gold with smelting (mining's better half) and they are titansteel bars and cobalt bars. First, I buy the materials off the auction house cheap every day as I see them. Once I have enough to make a few stacks of cobalt or one titansteel cooldown I craft the bars and sell at 75% market price to ensure that they sell quickly and I get about 20%-30% return on the investment.

Another item you can make gold off your miner with is bronze bar. These take 1 tin and 1 copper bar so check your auction house prices to see if this can also make you money.

Any other bars that you know of that will turn a profit simply by smelting them? It's not usually the case because of prospecting being so much more popular than blacksmithing.

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