5 Reasons to Have a Second Account in World of Warcraft

Having two accounts in world of warcraft is amazing. Here are five reasons for having a second world of warcraft account:

1. Crafting on two characters at once
2. Double space
3. 20 characters = 40 possible daily cooldowns depending on professions taken
4. Neutral Auction House made super easy and safe, no need to rely on friends
5. You can have conversations with yourself in trade, and you can be very clever with this to make gold ;)

I absolutely love having a second account, and it has openned up the amount of ways I can make gold tenfold. Just being able to use the neutral auction house to transfer higher quantities and types of items quickly has been a huge bonus. Do you have more than one account? How do you use it to make gold?

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  1. yes i do now have a second account a friend of mine just recently gave up playing WOW because of family situations and gave me his account.

    He has 450 enchant and 450 tailoring on his main and almost maxed inscrip and herb on his second toon needless to say I took advantage of this in a hurry and have since made almost 15k in less than a month with the ability to use the neutral Ah to interchange between factions, hope to ride this Gold Train for many months to come.

  2. Rule nr1: If you find yourself spenind IRL gold to make gold in a game, find a mental hospital quickly!

    Thats my mentality atleast

  3. Do I have two accounts that are solely dedicated to my own use? No.

    Do I have characters on two seperate accounts? Yes.

    I keep Alliance characters on my wife's account and use them for cross-faction trading, especially of pets.

    It's wonderful and has earned me a fairly large amount of money both Alliance and Horde side.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  4. 1) You can also use 2nd account for botting. How illegal it also sounds i made already more then 100K+ just herbing/mining on it

    2) Neutral AH became a fairy tail for me (price difference in some epics/mats is just ridiculous between factions). I am probably the only one doing it on my realm, so 0 competion = profit $$$

    @Anonymous 9:45

    11 euro extra per month is nothing compared to all that time you would loose without it. As economist i look only at opportunity cost. As long as it isnt excessive (11 euro is what i get IRL working max 2hours)

  5. @Anoymous 9:45,
    If you can't miss 11 euro per month go find a job very fast.
    This could make you a couple 1000g extra per month, if you ever wanted to sell it you well get like 3$ per 1000g, means 30x3=90$ per month if you are using it smart.
    So go find a mental hospital yourself and let them check your brains again.

    I got 5 accounts myself, wich I bought 5x WotLK at 12 o clock when the release was and I don't care about the money. I have a good paying job and rather have some fun.

  6. i would suggest buying game cards with gold to offset the cost of the second and even your main account. free wow is ftw

  7. Your number 3. was kinda nerdy lol, laughed irl for that one :)

    Most of my friends doesnt even bother use their professions cooldowns and are happy with just have amount of gold that required to manage the day.

    so often I "steal" (asking first) their CD's..

  8. If you're willing to PAY REAL MONEY, then Yes, a second account can help make Gold.

    This es exactly the same as buying Gold. Yoyu're paying REAL MONEY to get yourself quick and easy Gold.

    I'm disappointed the Copperman is suggesting this. Just stick to "Gold-making tips you DON'T have to pay real money for", please.

  9. uhhh, if you have 1 account you're already paying real money. Having multiple accounts is a far cry from buying gold from sites that go against the EULA.

  10. I'm sorry but having a second account for the sole reason of making more gold in a game is just retarded. And to Admin.. please.. I have a good job too, what the f*ck does that have to do with anything. Your colluded opinion of fun needs to be re-analyzed. Spending so much real money just to make WoW money is beyond retarded.

  11. I am a multiboxer, I play 5 accounts. I enjoy this playstyle, and as an added bonus when I do instances/quests/dailies, I gain full profit. Since I play all of the characters in my group, I don't have to worry about people AFKing, accidentally pulling or trying to be superman pulling more than the group can handle. Another bonus to being a multiboxer is that you can advertise multiple professions in any major city and people will thank you promptly for the 1 stop shop. I even had one person tip me 700g because I was able to craft his armor, enchant it, and cut gems for him all without having to wait.

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