582 Gold per Hour Fishing Dragonfin Angelfish?

Awesome tip and I don't think I need to add anything to it, as Achilliz already did a great job with the details in this email:

Hi there,

I don't know why, but not many people bother to cook on my server, so I do it for alot of money.
I go to Fish [Dragonfin Angelfish] in the river between Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills (only in pools, so no fishing skill is needed).
In about an hour, I fished 105 Dragonfin Angelfish, about 10 reinforced creates, and alot of Pigmys.
I bought 105 northrend spices for less then 100g. In my server, both Blackened Dragonfin and Dragonfin Filet go for about 6-7 per one.
I sell then in stacks of 2, they sell very fast.
105*6.5-100 = 582.5 gold without even considering all the other stuff I fished.

Please don't do it on my server :P

Achilliz (Karazhan-EU)

6 comments: on "582 Gold per Hour Fishing Dragonfin Angelfish?"

  1. Also very profitable on my server.

    From http://www.wowhead.com/?item=41807#comments:id=447296 :

    "A very nice place to catch these is Lake Indu'le, just north-west of Moa'ki Harbor.

    Not only do they seem to fish up well from the water, but the 'Dragonfin Angelfish Schools' spawn on a regular basis as well, with around 4 spawns to the lake."

  2. I was looking to work on my Fishing skill anyway. Might as well make some coin in the process!

  3. 1 hour fishing?!

    I would rather slit my wrists

  4. Glacial Salmon from the river in Grizzly Hills with bears is good for money as well.

  5. no biggy i fished 8 hours for coinmaster achievment

  6. thanks for this...I have never done cooking...new to all this...but always sell the products to make the products...I dont mind farming...and actually like the fishing...but now since spending two days farming this blog...I am so ready to do what I have learned...time to make a plan...

    Any other fish recipes u can suggest...or fish people like to buy...tried and true fish market...

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