Abyssal Shatter - Testing for Gold Making

Wowenomics did a test on this and here were the results. Today's abyss crystals can be purchased for as little as 30 gold each, so odds are you will actually make a small amount of gold from doing this. With a minmum of 7 infinite dust or 1 greater cosmic essence you are looking at a loss of 10-16 gold depending on your server's prices. But if you hit pay dirt and get the maximum results, ie 6 cosmic or 19 dust then you are going to be rolling in wow gold. With an average amount of 3 greater cosmic essences or 10 infinite dust you are seeing some nice profits as long as you get the cosmic essences. The infinite dust are going to break you even at best.

Since more enchants use greater cosmic essences than abyss crystals and the materials to make greater cosmic essences have become more expensive, the real money maker for abyssal shatter is when you get greater cosmics back. Personally, I've found that taking cheap abyss crystals and turning them into enchants like berserking or powerful stats to chest are a better use for them rather than making use of abyssal shatter. What have your results been?

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  1. On my server, Muradin, the enchant scroll market is absolutely broken. Countless people regularly and constantly sell enchant scrolls at WELL under the cost of mats. I'm talking 1/3 or even occasionally less.

    It's great if you want to buy cheap enchants, but there's NO way to make money off Enchanting.

  2. What I ended up doing is using a spreadsheet from JMTC forums, and plug in your numbers, the numbers you bought your mats for (or the lowest cost of the mat that is profitable). Then you know exactly how much each enchant costs. Then use qa2 and make a new item for each enchant, and make the threshold at 20g more than the cost of mats. That way there is no way you can lose money. If the enchant doesn't sell, no biggie. Eventually my enchants do sell, but so slowly that it's not a good way to make money. At best its a nice way to get rid of enchanting mats for a bit more than you can get now.

    Dust prices are between 1 and 2 gold on my servers, so i would be very cautious with the shatters. Not only do the dusts sell for practically nothing, but you would honestly have a hard time selling them at any price.

    GCEs sell well though.

  3. I like abyss crystals too much to shatter and wish they would come up with an alternate to create them. Blacksmiths have no problem making greater cosmics from weapons and I think the risk is higer than the reward to shatter.

  4. Yeah, I'm having a hard time selling dusts, too. Would anyone happen to know a decent way to convert dust to GCEs with crafting and re-disenchanting? According to http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34055#disenchanted-from the highest drop rates are green weapons.

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