Call to Auction - Will You Answer the Call? (Podcast)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! It's when I, the gold making guru, steps down from my frozen primoridal saronite throne and allow you, the adoreable yet amateur auctioneer, make heads or tails out of the world of warcraft economy. Anything goes today, but to help you out I would like to provide some discussion starters.

Today's suggestions should focus on:

How to make gold Mining Azeroth - Where do you mine? What do you mine? How long?

Community Spotlight:

Here is the link to a very useful tool for moving into new markets
It will tell you the average going price on your
realm, give an estimate of sales by volume for days of the week, give a graph of
prices and more

~Nuclearmage of Alexstrasza~

Blog News - PODCAST Finally Here!

Call to Auction - Here is the New Podcast where I and several other influential members of the blogging community discuss making gold in world of warcraft. Visit and check us out on ITunes under "a call to auction"! We expect to make a new podcast on a weekly basis and I look forward to continuing to co-host this great podcast with Euripides and Faeghleis for a very long time. Warning: The first show my sound was very poor, but episode 2 and all future episodes I sound 10x better.

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  1. Mine? You mean that thing i did back before i found my good buddy Auctioneer Chilton? :P

    I've Mining on a couple characters, but i don't see much point in it.
    fly around in circles for hours when WG's on its lunch-break and get ganked by belf pallys(I don't bother fighting them since it's faster too just die and res), or spend 30-45 min. standing around on your pimp-ish DK dwarf DE-ing, transmuting and posting auctions worth 2 days of belf penetra... i mean farming :P
    I love exploting the poor miners for JC/ALC/DE though :P

  2. I am really surprised how Thorium Ore has crashed and how cobalt ore had gone up.

  3. We have a vid up actually of mining in Icecrown, though its focus is on using Gatherer, GathererDB, and routes.

    You can see the vid here:

    Knights of Ancient War (US-Arathor-Alliance) mining tutorial

  4. Also, for audio podcasts, use the Levelator. 100% better sound always, and it's free from the Conversations Network.

  5. I recently rerolled to a horde toon, and in my leveling, came into Un'Goro and started the Venomhide dailies. In Un'Goro when I do my daily, i'm mining up a minimum of a stack of thorium just running around killing dino's or what have you. I've played the game a long time and don't remember Un'Goro being such a hot spot for thorium, but I'm finding 2-3 nodes sometimes per "spawn point" and have come across instant respawns of a node when I mine it. Seems to have happened since 3.3 but the cost seems to be fairly steady, and if it does drop, some of the prospectable gems from thorium are going for just as much as the thorium.

  6. I like to run around 1kNeedles, grabbing low/mid level ores... These are hot on my server, and 1k provides a wide array of different ores, from Copper to Silver.

  7. ::::: Mining in Azeroth :::::

    - Thorium ore: as many of you have fount out (read on sites) best place to farm this is Silithius, Un'Goro or Plaguelands. Too bad even with my 20% speed on DK i could farm max 5 stacks/hour(without any competition). Thats around 250g on my server (50g/stack av.)

    - Mithril: best place to farm this are Badlands, but once again 5 stacks/hour max. I could get max 60g/stack on AH , so stil 300g top.

    - Copper/Tin/Iron ore: if you re 70+ -> don't even bother ! they cost way less then previous ones.

    --- Conclusion---
    Stay in Northrend/Outlands and mine there. Leave Azeroth for lowbies/M&S. Best you can do is just buying low on AH -> smelt -> sell

  8. Hi, this is a bit off subject but I'm getting desperate for an answer. When I do a search with my snatch list, so many items that should be there(I think) aren't. Thorium bar for example. My snatch search shows none under 50% market value yet if i individually search thorium bar at least 20-30 stacks are popping up at 30%. Am I doing something horribly wrong?

  9. Leveling mining (only up to 300)and selling all ore and bars, I made 1,400 gold. No joke. But I found while leveling that the best ore to mine is mithril or thorium. No one is mining these but people still want them for crafting, smelting, or prospecting. Stacks of mithril and thorium can sell for tons more than what they really should.

    It's very easy to farm these, just hop on, run a quick route, mail it to a banker, and log back off. If you're horde and just want a very quick route I recommend doing Nethergarde Quarry (or Nethergarde Mine, whatever it's called). Running a full loop of this can easily net you ~40 gold and the loop will take you under 10 minutes.

  10. Two of my favorite mining spots.

    1) Demon Infested Southern Wintergrasp. This area is full of demons, but many are avoidable if you learn their pathing. This are is full of Thorium and mainly Rich Thorium Nodes and you rarely see anyone around this area.

    2) The Yeti Cave Near Tarren Mill. This cave is great to farm if you are a levelling skinner/miner. We all know Yetis are the best grind for skinners as they drop loot, coin, and skins/hides, but this cave also has 2 iron veins, with the occasional truesilver vein. This is one of the best farming spots for experience, skins, ores, and coin for characters near level 30.
    There is occasionnal competition from anyone doing the Horde questline.

    Cold's Gold Factory

  11. I really found the concept of valuing ink of the sea versus snowfall ink that you and Euripedes discussed in the first podcast to be very interesting. It totally changes the way you do business depending on how you view the different inks.

  12. Odd my server is not listed in the AuctioneerDb


  13. My server is listed in auctioneerdb but shows no info for netherweave bags.... weird.

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