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Some massive changes are coming into play with the world of warcraft phasing system in cataclysm. For one, phasing is no longer going to be limited to the mobs and nodes you see in an area. The ground intself will become phased, as well as buildings and other obstructions that have never before been moveable. There's even talk of leaving much of the old world intact for players who haven't reached a high enough level to experience cataclysm yet. That means that if you buy the old game, you won't see the torn up world until a higher level or some quest or something. This has very interesting implications for farming old world mats after cataclysm launches.

Obviously you will still be able to farm old world mats even if you participate in whatever quest unlocks the destroyed and changed world, but who's to say there won't be easier places to farm highly valuable old world mats in the old azeroth versus the cataclysm version? Perhaps the zombies in eastern plaguelands will be the best place to farm for essence of undeath and it will be used as a major leveling block for archaelogy? There's really no way to know how important old world mats will be, as blizzard has already stated that they want to change the number of skill levels you get for crafting harder to make items and to make leveling professions easier in the earlier stages of the game.

I could be totally wrong on all accounts for my vision of cataclysm, but I know for a fact that blizzard is going to be forced to make level 1's in azeroth phased into a different zone then level 85's. Imagine a level 85 camping lowbies in the barrens on a flying mount. /shudder

Now, how can you avoid having all your farming level 85 toons getting phased out of awesome old world farming spots? I'm assuming that level 80+ is going to be where you get phased into cataclysm, so leaving behind a level 70-79 is probably all you will have to do.

So, am I dead wrong on my predictions of cataclysm? Perhaps reading too far into it? Or is this discussion getting you to wonder as well about how to profit from azeroth wide phasing?

Are you wondering what materials you should stock up on for Cataclysm levelers? Will the changes to leveling professions make items like thorium ore easier to obtain or required less to mid-level professions?

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  1. I think leveling on a PVP server will become near impossible with level 85 flying gankers all over the place, let alone trying to farm old world mats (lowbie gets attacked by mobs, level 85 can just farm away since the mobs won't agro him, he also moves faster through the zone so he gets to all noded first)
    Selling profession-leveling kits FTW!
    On the other hand I don't think that the phasing of the old world will be like you think, since they said that the cataclysm will happen for everybody, so buy the old box and see the ripped up world anyway.

  2. They are gonna change the whole leveling experience as well, so there isnt a different world when you are lvl15 or lvl 85.

    All the content pre 60 is going to change as we know it.

  3. High levels camping lows? That's what they get for rolling on a PvP server, and should have expected it. In fact, isn't that why people *want* pvp servers?

    The rest of us don't give a d***, and play on servers where this can't happen. Blizzard has stated that the Cataclysm will happen for everybody, and the old world version of changed zones won't be around.

  4. Been thinking about that too. Ive recently dropped tailoring and picked up mining since it syncs more with my other chars. Then i started thinking, where am i going to get tin ores when the world is different?
    People lvl 85 will be runnin around my nodes...

    Would be cool tho if the whole barrens would phase

  5. I am almost CERTAIN everything I have read has said that the world will be changed for good - if you only buy vanilla wow, you will still see the Barrens torn apart, green Desolace, etc.

  6. My current ideas for Cataclysm investments are bags(this ones obvious why), runecloth(for people wanting exalted Worgen/Goblin) and BoE epics(For people that just want to be OP for pvp or otherwise).

    I plan to buy up tons of old world mats that are going to be put up dirt cheap by lvl'ing players. I fully expect to be able to buy stacks of wool for 1-2g and Runecloth for the same. Like the first anonymous said, profession leveling kits will make some very nice money for a while at least.

    As far as higher lvl markets, I may try and corner the market on the Titansteel equivalent. My thoughts being that it's in the perfect position for everyone who wants to gear up for raids. Whether I actually try this is still up in the air. I think it will only make sense for that brief moment where demand is insanely high and everyone has lots of cash from wrath in their bags still.

    So far I've only begun stockpiling mini pet raptors,and a couple really cheap BoE epics. I'm hoping to gold cap off cataclysm when it comes out. Still pretty new to all this stuff(and WoW itself), so trying to build up some infrastructure to get my money really flowing.

    If anyone else has other good ideas or sees flaws with mine, point them out for me.

  7. I've read that the plan is to change Azeroth permanently, but phasing will help deal with the level disparity during leveling.

    I've already used phasing to my advantage. I have a miner/herb that hasn't done the questline to become friendly with Sons of Hodir, and that area is RICH with nodes!

    I agree that the phasing system will be able to be used to our advantage, in the gold-making sense. But, I guess we'll have to wait and see!

  8. This type of speculation is so fun as so many interesting ideas get thrown around. All the means to the auctioneer is to diversify their stock.

    I was thinking about the same thing myself just yesterday. I said to myself "I'm not going to level another alt until Cataclysm comes out." But so will everyone. What is that going to mean for professions? Will base materials like copper shoot up?

    I thought perhaps not with so many people leveling, but then again, people are leveling much faster than they used to, likely often in dungeons, thus moving through content and zones quickly which will likely keep starter crafting mats high.

    Extending the use of phasing sounds really interesting. Sometimes I got lonely on my DK, but still found the technology to work seamlessly and added a new level of immersion.

    A topic like this would be great on your forum. Especially something that can be referred to and updated by users as cataclysm approaches.

  9. Well, we know that the starting zones for the worgen and goblins are going to be phased, so high level characters won't be able to interact with them anyway. It's possible that ALL starting zones will be phased - I suspect that Blizz doesn't want anyone to get a quick reputation gain with a faction by running all the new starter quests.

    Just because Blizz has said that the Cataclysm will happen for everyone, doesn't mean that phasing WON'T happen. The Death Knight starting zone happens for all death knights, but level 55 DKs are not able to interact with level 58s, because of the phasing structure. I don't see why there couldn't be multiple layers for the whole thing, so all characters at levels 21-40 are in one phase, all characters level 41-60 are in another, etc. With cities and towns being non-phased, of course.

    I'm not saying this is what I think is going happen, but since they've said they want to do a lot more phasing in Cataclysm, it's a possibility.

    I honestly don't think farming for old world mats will be much of a problem. All the leet-sauce 85s will be buggering each other for herbs and metals in the highest level areas. I don't think they're going to care much about a few tin deposits or kingsblood nodes.

  10. you are wrong. There will be no phasing of early content like you think.

    That said, there is an easy PvP solution... all zones below a certain level (20? 30?) will just be safe zones. You are only flagged for PvP if you choose to be. Lowbie zones are that way now. Why not keep it that way?

  11. What Valorum Said.

    Zones are going to be physically changed PERMANENTLY, not through the phasing mechanic. For instance, the Barrens is literally being split in two, one section (norhtern I believe) will remain true to what we know right now and the Southern zone will be a 'new' high level zone.

    Not to say phasing won't be used, but it isn't going to be used in the way you are thinking.

    This obviously might change, but from what I remember of the the Cata presentations at Blizzcon, this is what they stated.

  12. Flying over lower levels is going to present a lot of problems on PVP servers.
    Ganking will go up a hundred fold.

  13. Everyone is going to want to roll a worgen and a goblin and every new alt is going to need bags. In my estimation, the best thing to stock up on for cataclysm will be netherweave cloth for bags because they will be FLYING off the shelves.

  14. I read on MMO that they were going to phase the old world content, like they phased Icecrown and Storm Peaks now. It is most logical that they do phase the old world content seeings how they are going to recycle the the barrens the way it is now AND a higher level zone just phased.

  15. I'm telling you now I'm farming up old world mats like hot cakes before Cata. It doesn't matter what profession uses it, there will be so many lowbies running around and a lot will want to buy mats instead of farming them (plus all the competition for nodes/herbs. Can you say get 10 bank chars and fill them all with beginning-mid level mats ftw and to become rich?! Start picking things off the AH now!

  16. I was wondering about that.
    My dilemma right now is whether I should get rid of all the low level mats that I have left or keep them until Cata. Maybe you should write a post about this.

  17. Scribe Monoply in Progress! said... January 14, 2010 at 11:42 PM

    Blizz stated that they intend on having a system such that blues give +5 To crafting skills per item made, etc, to avoid having people make 25 blues just to be tedious. Might want to note this.

  18. Blizzard has very clearly and repeatedly stated that there will be no old world phasing. Once the Cataclysm occurs, it will occur for everybody and there is no going back.

  19. There will be extensive phasing. Check out the link:

    Also, the goblin and worgen starting zones are ABSOLUTELY phased areas. The goblins have to escape Kezan, and the worgen have to overcome their curse. Just as with the Death Knight starting zone, no other race is going to be able to do those phased quests.

    It would make sense for other starting zones to be phased, because an existing character could just go back to the new starting zone and do all new quests for a lot of extra reputation. (I somehow doubt the orcs and trolls are going to be after Sarkoth's claw after five years, but hey, I could be wrong...)

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