Disenchanting Cobalt War Axe for 1.5 Greater Cosmic Essences

If you haven't noticed yet, infinite dust, dream shards, and abyss crystals have sunk to all time lows. 'The Patient' puggers have been gearing their alts out in full tier 9 and in the process collecting insane amounts of enchanting mats. So many materials have been gathered from the new disenchant tool that eventhough the demand for enchanting mats have skyrocketed there is no way it can match the flood of new mats. What's more, you have people accumulating the enchanting mats who have no use for them except to sell on the auction house for super cheap. Normally this would result in a great deal for the auctioneer running his resale scan at that moment, but instead it has become a flood of raw enchanting mats that have completely overwhelmed the standard suppliers.

This gap of supply and demand is only going to get worse, except for one enchanting mat: Greater Cosmic Essence. The Cobalt War Axe happens to be the best way to get greater cosmic essences for cheap, and it takes 10 cobalt bars to build one. With the price of greater cosmic essences fluttering around 15-25 gold I can easily grab 1 gold cobalt ore, smelt it into bars, craft them into Cobalt War Axes and then disenchant for a 75% chance of 1.5 greater cosmics each. Reminds me of months ago with disenchanting the cobalt chest pieces and selling infinite dust for 10 gold each; boy was that even easier gold!

If you do try this method then avoid flooding and practice flipping the greater cosmic essences that fall below your cheap cobalt ore prices. Have Fun!

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  1. Been doing this for the past few months, now; noticing cobalt ore on the rise on my server.

  2. I used to do this in the beginning of WotLK (did you just find this? or did you just decide to tell this? I thought it was one of the older tricks, like DEing the 2 JC rings that can be made from eternals), but the problem is that cobalt ore has skyrocketed in price too, since nobody mines it anymore. Why should they? There is nothing you can use it for that interests anyone, except this.

  3. This reminds me of when dream shards sold on my server for 80g and I used my blacksmith to craft the level 77ish mace and I would get a gaurenteed dream shard out of the 15 saronite bars and 2 crystilized fire (can't remember the exact mats, but it was something very close to this). Total cost of mats was about 40g.

  4. this si a good post ill have to check it out. I have some mats left over from when i was lvling BS. Unfortunatly i dont belive my ore cost are as low as yours.

  5. I have 2 mains, one with 450 enchanting and the other with 450 Jewelcrafting. Both have 450 mining. Would it be worth dropping mining for blacksmithing on one to be able to do this on my own?

  6. I've been doing this before 3.3 , because essences were pretty expensive, but now they dropped in price along with everything else on my server. At the moment the profit doesn't worth the time you need to spend on smelting/crafting/DEing unless you manage to snatch really cheap cobalt.

  7. Cobalt ore was running around 50g per stack so this wouldn't be very effective on my realm.

  8. As if the price of cobalt wasn't high enough on my server already lol, I guess I'll just start selling cobalt bars from now on instead of converting into GCE, also a good idea is to sell as lesser cosmic essense at one point LCE were selling for 15g each while GCE were 18g and you'd be suprised how many people would buy 6 LCE instead of 2 GCE at that price lol

  9. Abyss crystals drop like water in these 5 mans because most the folks steamrolling their way through them have the better Triumph badge gear.

    Abyss crystals on my server have reached an all time low this week, at last scan it was 20g each. You can get between 2-6 GCEs per shatter or 7-19 infinite dusts using the abyssal shatter method.

    Thus lowering the value of GCEs as well.

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