Don't Be First in Cataclysm

If there's anything I learned during the BC to WOTLK expansion metamorphosis it's that being first means you lose out on lots of money. What I mean by being first is that you take the items you find through professions or looting and use them on your characters before you decide to sell the new items. Don't do this! Instead, SELL EVERYTHING you find in the game through professions or looting and you will most likely make 200-400% profit off items that in the near future will drop like crazy in value (especially as more toons level to max with their gathering professions that created goblins or worgs). Herbalism/Alchemy and Skinning/Leather Working will be very common combos by the new races so you can expect for herbs and skins to drop in value once enough of the new characters hit 85 and farm for themselves.

In the meantime while people are leveling like mad and using up materials to craft new gear you will be selling to them for maximum profits. A quick example: In WOTLK I remember selling cobalt bars for 100 gold a stack and within four weeks they were down to 20-30 gold a stack.

Keep this in mind when the mad dash for Cataclysm profession leveling starts! Get your gathers at max level, they will be the true money makers in those crucial first four weeks.

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  1. There is money to be made by being first too, but it's not for all professions. Jewelcrafters for instance know the "reset" and they can make money by being first to level their profession.

  2. I leveled up enchanting a lot in early WOTLK and found that it was a mistake. DE everything and sell the mats. I found that people prefer spending for mats and have friends do their enchants (to help them level) than buy the scrolls on the AH.

  3. I can't wait to be lvl 85 and walk across icecrown killing mobs that used to wipe me out at 80 when i went in the center for titanium..
    I can't wait to kill the 76 elites that I can't solo now.

  4. What about saving up some WotLK stuff? Like Eternals, won't they go up in price when they get rare while people still level their professions

  5. equivalents of frost lotus, Arctic Fur and Titanium Ore? I've only been playing the AH seriously for a few months but I read that these items were cheap and plentiful in the early days of the expansion as so many people were levelling their gathering skills.

  6. No way!

    I'm absolutely going to use whatever I find to advance my characters. If I need to buy materials, no problem!

    I'll make the gold back when it settles.

    It's not like you have to choose... the choices of "Gear capped" or "Gold Capped" are not mutually exclusive. You can have both.

  7. I'm planning on taking Herbalism and Mining for the start of WOTLK, I think the prices for new herbs and ore will be super inflated for the first few weeks.

  8. I was away for the weekend and just found the new podcast. Checked it out, loved it, keep up the great work!

  9. Marco i do not agree with you compleatly on this one, i belive you should not sell everything, most but not the lot. This way you can start crafting some of the new items. If you waited to long in WotLC to level incription you missed out every day not being able to craft a new glyph that were in huge demand. I belive selling items 80% and keeping 20% is probly a better choice than selling everything, less profit but you don't fall behind. Although i do agree for some profesions.

  10. I'm an achievement dork, so even though I recognize the truth of this, I'll still probably be rushing my smithing.

    And quickly leveling Jewelcrafting (especially combined with transmute specced Alchemy) will probably pay for itself pretty quickly once up to the metas. Imagine being the only person on your server with the Chaotic Cataclysm Sky-diamond recipe.

  11. Here is food for thought, and if someone has an answer, whether it is simply a hunch, I'd like to know:

    Will JC daily badges net any of the new gems? Assuming there will be new gems in Cata, stockpiling the badges would be a huge advantage.

    But I imagine there are lots of people who simply dont care to buy recipes, as well as those who have all the "good" recipies will already have a stock.

  12. I think that blizz will want to even the playing field, no wotlk stuff will be used in cata for end game. This makes it fair.

  13. The random high end gathers (frost lotus/Arctic fur) wre very cheap in the AH at the beginning of WotLK, I'd expect the same again. The thing was no one could use them, I remember getting Frost Lotus's for 1g each to seer them rise to about 40-50g each about 4-6 weeks later. Expect the same again especially as it appears rare crafts will give more skill ups.

    As for buying or selling your drops/gathered mats - Drops I'd always sell but gathered mats it will depend on how fast I'm lvling. I just aim to get the profession bonus when I get to 85.

  14. Dont forget about the wraith stuff. In general sell everything you possibly can. The only things I see holding value are enchanting mats (dust/essence), leather, cloth, and ore. I would expect prices to be about what they are right now though, so there is little point in waiting. Definately sell your eternals, your frost lotus, etc. All that level 80 raid stuff will be useless junk at 85. ESPECIALLY epic gems. I know my raid guild had stacks of epic gems that they just let rot instead of giving to people to make money, within a week they were unsellable. Ditto for orbs, saronite, etc. Sell those for what you can right now.

  15. Well, I feel like Im in a pretty good position with my main who has enchanting+herbalism. I will get quest items to disenchant so no need to farm for that and I know I wont be first to reach level 85 or first to reach max in a profession, so no need to level fast either.

    I just dont know if I should farm herbs in the low level zones(80-82) or level fast as possible so I can herb in the later zones. :s
    Hm, its just weird with only five more levels and we dont know exactly how they will distribute the levels of the zones and how they will do with nodes and herbs in those zones.

  16. Boe blues that do not have a heirloom counter part will sell for tons of gold. During the begining stages of Lk I made a ton of gold flipping these items.

    Ore is always a good gold maker too.

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