Engineering Pets During the Feast of Winter Veil

Jelsa, my favorite resto druid, noticed something peculiar about her sales of engineering pets during the christmas season. At first she thought it was just a random good day, but soon that day turned into a steady trend of engineering pets flying off the shelves for a week around christmas day. She almost exhausted her entire supply of engineering pets, which is extensive mind you, and it made me wonder why this happened. Since economic experts are so good at explaining why the things that happened today weren't what they predicted yesterday I thought I'd take a crack at figuring why those pets sold so well.

First off, it's christmas time and many players who don't get to play during the school year suddenly show up for about two weeks during their break from school. They reactivate accounts and they do the things that everyone else took for granted during the school year, such as achievements. Pets are part of those achievements, and so every day you had returning players wanting to complete something during their short visit to azeroth while on break from school. They picked achievements that they could obtain solo, as no one is going to defeat Arthas or get Gladiator in two weeks. Collecting pets seems to be one of the best choices for a solo player who wants to try something new.

A second reason is that christmas is a time when many players do send gift wrapped packages to their friends. Engineering pets are a fun, creative way to surprise friends with a little in game gift.

These two reasons are my answer for why engineering pets boomed during the holiday season. Did you see an increase in pet demand? Where there any other reasons you could think of for pets selling exceptionally well on your server?

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  1. I max out engeneering some days ago on my newly dinged 80. Which pets are worth selling?

    (I don't know any pets or schematics except the yeti)

  2. That's when people are trying to get themselves a full set of Winter's Veil pets - gnomes, reindeer, etc. If they're browsing the Auction House for those, odds are that if they see a pet they don't already have, and it's not too expensive, they'll snap it up.

  3. I think the free pets given at christmas triggerd for many people the want to complete the pets achievment

  4. I don't have an enigneer yet...I was told that was a money engineers make good gold?

  5. Totally makes sense to me. I was looking for things to wrap and gift in WoW.. they are few are far between! The wrapping paper was not cooperating with me - Coal, Epic Gems, Bags.. nope.

    Pets seem like the perfect gift. I'll have to remember that next year!

  6. I can certainly vouch for pets being given as gifts. Four of my characters received pets from various friends, and I gave more pets than that, since several of my friends are working on getting their Little Fawn pets (one of them was two away, and I got her the last two).

    Tufak of Feathermoon

  7. Another influence on these pets is the influx of Christmas Noobs. As getting ten pets is an easy start at the achievement system, and most people opened a gift that got the started on their way to collecting pets. It has trigged people to look for more.


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