Frozen Orbs Supply and Demand

Email from Justin:

If you haven't noticed, as of late the prices of frozen orbs have dramatically decreased. This is a result of high supply (because of the new dungeon tool) and low demand (because of the new orbs/primordial saronite). It's no rocket science to assume that you can take advantage of these drastic changes. Although frozen orbs in and of themselves have no real value, the items it creates do. More specifically though I'm referring to Brilliant and Sapphire Spellthreads. Because even as the prices of frozen orbs sink, the prices of Brilliant and Sapphire Spellthreads remain relatively unchanged.This is because there is still a high demand for these (being the only spellthreads available) and a steady supply of them as well.

Now before you go buying out all the mats for these two threads, let me tell you how to maximize your profits.

Check the price of Crystallized elements, before buying the Eternal versionCalculate your total net profit before spending your gold: this should include the costs of one frozen orb, four of your specific eternal (life or fire), four iceweb spider silk, and the cost to tip your tailor (unless you are one)Buy the mats on Monday or Wednesday, and sell your threads on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday after the typical raid times or before the restart (I'll talk about when to sell in another post) There are also a few other items you can craft, but these are definitely the most profitable.

Thank you for the email Justin, and remember everyone, I'm always open to publishing quality emails regarding making gold in wow. Personally I have been buying frozen orbs for around vendor price and relisting for 1 gold profit, which has been working out great for me so far.

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  1. Very happy about frozen orbs selling for less than vendor price on Azshara server because my JC needs them for daily cool down of Icy Prism.

  2. Abyss Shards on my server this weekend were in the low 20's. I actually scooped up a few for 17g. I didn't try this, but I think I'm going to shatter a few tonight. I've been using the Abyss shards for Berserking sales. (300g for mats - easy sell for 600g) The one thing that slows me down is the Essence. Sometimes they aren't even on the AH, and most of the time they cost as much as an Abyss shard.

  3. I've been buying them at vendor price (or less!) and storing them. I use them when I make Leatherworking Leg Enchantments and otherwise keep them. I might even keep them til the next expansion!

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