iLevel 245 Gear - Sales Down but Mats Cheaper

You may have noticed that iLevel 245 Gear has slowly decreased in value since ICC was released. I sure have with the sales of my Saronite SwordBreakers. These beauties have made me around 35k gold from selling 6 of them. My sales started at 4k and have slowly decreased down to 1.6k as of last week. Some days I sell one or two, other days I sell none as my server is rather small and there just isn't much of a market for tanking gear.

That being said, the Saronite Swordbreakers are the go to item for new tanks entering ICC. They want the gear now and to complete their epic sets, with no alternative except for a drop off of flame leviathon or for badges.

You may be wondering if my profit margins have changed much with this item... Yes they have. At first I was making 2200 gold profit and now I'm making 500 gold profit, but it isn't that much of a change considering the item has gone down 2400 gold in value. I luckily never stockpiled mats and simply bought enough for super cheap when I needed to make the next one.

This is the strategy I always recommend for epics:

Buy mats cheap, but never more than enough to make two of the item.
Aim to break even by sale #3.
Adjust your price with the market as your mats go down in value; don't be greedy.
Sell one and then post another, don't damage supply by posting multiple items yourself that are this expensive.

7 comments: on "iLevel 245 Gear - Sales Down but Mats Cheaper"

  1. On the mats front....

    Did any other Trans. Spec. Alchem's notice a increase in the multiple proc rate?

    I did my weekly Transmutes yesterday and was delited with a higher then previous ammount of proc.s'. Was i lucky or is there a better explination?

  2. I just got my blacksmith up to level 50 and bs lvl 375...I would love to know your favorite recipes....what are the best ways a leveling blacksmith to make gold thanks!!!!!

  3. To get started there are BoE wrists still for sale for emblems. They are i200 but they will get people started. I am amazed that more people don't know about them.

  4. I was ignoring this potential moneymaker, but I might have to get into it. I have most of the ToC patterns on various alts (mainly to make gear for myself and friends), but I never was a huge fan of selling epics. I think the main reason was that anything I happened to obtain would have 8 other people selling the same thing and the supply never seemed to decrease. I might have to take another look at this stuff on my server.

  5. Although I don't sell these myself, I've spoken with someone who does, and who I bought my boots from.

    The bracers and chest have dropped 50% or so in price in the last months, while the boots have stayed high, likely because the boots don't use a lot of crusader orbs, which dropped 75% in some cases.

    The boots on my server still sell for 3.5k+, and according to the seller I bought mine from, he only, but always, keeps 1 posted, and replaces it for the same price if it is sold, selling 0-2 a day.

    I bought the chest and bracers at their most expensive, but it only took me a couple weeks to make back the 11k or so I spent on the two (8k for the chest sheesh I'm silly).

    But now I have great tanking gear for raids...the very same raids I don't run (otherwise I wouldn't have had to buy gear in the first place, ya see!?) O well, overgearing heroics is always fun :)

    great tip on not over producing items, which can lead to having too much invested in an item that fluctuates in value. The same will happen with the new iLVL 264 stuff...eventually. I want those legs, but 22k? Damn.

  6. Always keep up on upcoming patch notes...I made the dumb mistake of crafting an epic the week before a patch hit that made runed orbs purchasable with badges. So I spent about 3 times the amount I would have if I had waited for the patch. Live and learn.

  7. The mats run around 1k on my server, and people are still trying to dump these bracers for 3.4k, and that's the low price. I don't have the plans for these bracers, but I did get some crafted for my alt dk tank, and I ended up selling them for 2.5k instead of equiping them because I gave myself a few days to get the ilvl 232 bracers before I gave up and equiped them.

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