Issues with JMTC Digest

I apologize if anyone received 0 or multiple copies of the JMTC Digest. I am afraid that there may be an issue with the script I wrote (being run on my server) and I will have to do some testing to identify if I am having any issues. Please check your spam filters to see if the email was sent there.

If you did not receive a copy of JMTC Digest please leave the first name you signed up with in the comments section so that I can look to see if certain emails are being sent but not others.

Thank you and I hope that those who received the digest enjoy it. If I figure out what is wrong I will fix the script tonight and resend the email.

EDIT: It appears that the server got hungup the first time I ran it and that process needed to be killed. Now it appears to have worked. Let me know if you didn't receive a copy, otherwise I apologize for those that got more than one.

10 comments: on "Issues with JMTC Digest"

  1. Hey! I didn't get a copy not in junk mail either.

    Looking forward to the issue.


  2. Markco, please send me a copy.

    Thank you

  3. I am currently receiving the digest, but am receiving 2 copies in about a 4 minute spread apart.

    Great stuff

  4. I tried sending again, please give it 20 minutes and look in your inboxes.

  5. I would like to get one, I just signed up with the name movieman.


  6. I didn't receive one either...

  7. I'm looking into a solution for this, sorry everyone who didn't get one :(

  8. I just sent it again, hopefully this time I corrected the issue.

  9. Got it this morning just fine. Woot!


  10. I have not received mine.

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