Just My One Copper

Undercutting can be so annoying, especially when it's just one copper.

How People Undercut by One Copper

Either by typing in the numbers manually or by using addons like auctioneer or quick auction.

Why You Should Undercut by One Copper

For gems, glyphs, and other high frequency items that you sell very quickly. Posting with very few items is also key so that you reduce the amount of damage when you in turn are undercut. It's pointless to post 30 glyphs of one type for 48 hours only to have a dozen people undercut you thus limitting your sales to a handful of glyphs.

Why You Shouldn't Undercut by One Copper

You don't want an item to be profitable for someone else, so you consistently post at amounts you'd like to sell each day that are lower than what you assume the other person can afford to post for.

Why Deep Undercutting can be Foolish

You foolishly assume that posting much lower than the person will allow you to 'sell faster' or 'ensure a sale.' It's better to understand the market and not post if you are going to have to deep undercut in order to sell that day.

7 comments: on "Just My One Copper"

  1. I usually post Glyphs at 5-10g even while others post at 40g or higher. This makes them very mad most of the time but does drive out some of the weaker competition. Undercutting by 1c becomes a camping fest wich takes your GPH to a low amount.

  2. I disagree with the last part. I am all about shock-undercutting- just so long as you know what it will do. If you see a market where the price of the final good has a lot of margin, you can mass produce and undercut deeply to get a nice surge of sales (as people buy this "underpriced" stuff hoping to resell) with very little competition, as all the other vendors assume you're a flash in the pan and will try to wait you out.

  3. @SRS- stuff I undercut by 1 copper and easily make 1k gold a day from inscription. Even with 4 other scribes heavily camping the auction house!

    @Euripides- This would be a great discussion on the podcast tonight: Whether massive undercutting in order to 'sell faster' is a worthwhile strategy.

  4. Deep undercutting is not a strategy for maximizing profit per item. It is best used when you are trying to either drive out competition or sell in large volume.

  5. I would now make 500g in a day with Inscription with all low posted glyphs. With maybe 5-10 minutes spend a day. When I undercutted by 1c and camped on peak times I could make 2-3K on a day but also 2-3 hours spend.

  6. I'd be up for it any time :) There's pros to both methods, and they both work in different server scenarios.

  7. This is completely off topic but are you going arms next season???

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