Making Gold after the Feast of Winter Veil

Tip from 'Red' regarding making gold at the end of the christmas season in world of warcraft:

Hey, figured I would give this tip to you since Gevlon gave up making gold to solo Wailing Caverns. Everyone was stocking up for this season (with eggs and what-not) but now its time to start stocking up for the flip side of that coin. Players with the same professions for the last 2-4 years will find they get the same recipe in the mail they already know. Loads of people see it as free gold and dump them on the AH. I snagged a 6-8 of each (Snowmaster 9000, Gloves of the Greatfather, Edge of Winter, etc) for 1g or less. In June-July-August people will have different alts working on new professions, and these recipes sell for 30-50 each easily. Just don't flood the market >.< -Red

Nice tip red, I'm also looking into selling the gingerbread cookie recipe although I think the things you listed will sell much more frequently out of season.

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  1. Another tip I would add is to grab the pets on every toon you have....and save them. After a few months go by, they should be going for a decently hefty price. A little late to grab them now, but a tip for this year.

  2. last year around august-November, I was selling the green winterveil suit and shoes for 25g, i literally made about 900g ish total. best income i had in a while :D


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