Prepare for Cataclysm - What to stockpile for Cataclysm

UPDATE: See my top 10 items to stockpile for cataclysm.

I've been thinking a lot about cataclysm lately and how best to prepare for it. What items can I stockpile, and more importantly what changes with cataclysm should I allow to influence my choices while stocking up? Let's look at this logically by laying out some facts:

  1. We don't know all the changes.
  2. We know that they will change the way you level professions and so some crafted items will be worth multiple skillups, maybe even all pre some determined skill level.
  3. There will be many new characters entering the game and trying to powerlevel professions.
  4. Some materials for crafting might even be removed from the game or made much easier to get.

How do you take advantage of the situation with those simple facts? How do you know what to stockpile? It's simple really... the lowest level items. Copper ore/bars, peacebloom, light leather, etc. These items are the first skill ups, so even if it's made easier to skill up through all parts of a profession, these will always be essential to the leveling process. Perhaps mid level stuff will be more profitable but who knows? What if thorium ore drops 3x as frequently from nodes in the expansion? Since the lowest level of mats will surely be used in cataclysm these are the only materials you know will remain unchanged and valuable to those leveling professions in my opinion it will be worth it to keep a large stockpile for cataclysm.

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  1. I don't agree. The amount of, say, copper in each node could be doubled or tripled, making it less valuable. It is even possible, though unlikely, that copper ore will be removed from the game in Cataclysm.

    I expect that the PTR will open well in advance of Cataclysm. We should have ample time to figure out what goods will be needed in large volumes at through the PTR. Until then, I intend to avoid large speculative moves, particularly on items in the level 1-60 range.

    I think there is an opportunity, however, for speculating on Outland goods. My understanding is that the level 60-70 experience will not be changing much, particularly in comparison to the big changes ahead for old world content.

  2. Anything comming from a gathering profession and that's used up to the switchmarks (300 - 350 - 425? ) should be worth lots and lots come cataclysm.

    I suspect the usual bottlenecks from the old world to be lifted (so less need for mithril and thorium or more supply ... My guess is less need)

  3. This has to be 100% true. Blizz has never gone through and really redid the old professions or mats, and they have no indication they will do so this time. The profession leveling slog will now be to 425 instead of 300.

    Its also hard to know what will be the in profession, but I think its very safe to say that leveling mats are going to be quite in demand, especially at high 50s zones, since people level through those zones so quickly their professions often lag quite behind. If I were gambling I would say thorium, rugged leather, etc will all increase in demand.

    But as you point out who knows what they will do. Maybe they'll actually revamp the professions to make them more useful (gasp)

  4. Definetely not what I'm thinking. I think that will be one of the worst things to buy, as most leveling characters will take gathering professions. They don't even have to be smart. When they see that a stack of copper ore goes for 10g on the AH, they're going to take the easy money instead of trying to lvl a crafting profession imo.

    I think it's much better to invest in low lvl BoE epics and various minipets. Low lvl enchants will also probably be a decent seller. The BoE epics I'm not sure about though. I need to see what lvl of gear is awarded from the newly revamped quests.

    The real question for me is this; will the horde of new players keep coming? Or will it be a huge rush at first, and then fade away in the next few months? If it's the latter, I will probably buy thousands of stacks of various low lvl ores/herbs etc. They will be extremely cheap as the market is flooded from everyone leveling up, and then there will be a market for them as people switch to crafting professions.

    That's just my thoughts for the moment. What actually will happen will be impossible to figure out until we know more information. I won't have concrete plans until there is info coming out of the cataclysm beta.

  5. I'm going to slightly disagree but hear me out.

    I would think that with a huge influx of new characters, that a lot of them may choose gathering professions and end up flooding the market trying to sell their entry-level materials. What I'm going to be stockpiling is those next-level mats (Medium Leather, Bronze Ore/Bars, etc).

    Thoughts? Opinions?

  6. I'm curious to see what kind of "Major" cities will arise what kind of services will be offered that will be comparable the current fur trader and ink trader. I've been thinking about what they will do with Inscription in general and frankly the whole change to talent trees makes the future of glyphs unpredictable.

  7. maybe it's worth to save a bunch of high level materials, so that any yellow/red recipes will boost the profession from 450 to at least 475 at the moment Cata launches?

  8. How about this:
    I bet you guys all know you can buy inks with Ink of the Sea for inscription. What will happen if they do the same for other professions? For example leather? Or bars? It would change the marktet, but also make it much easier to level a profession. The ore you need isn't on the AH? Buy some end game bars if not too expensive and exchange them for the right bars.

    Would be funny to see that happening. Although I think the market will be flooded with people leveling gathering skills.

    Also an interesting thought. If a lot of people take gathering skills, this might just be the moment to take two crafting professions from the start, as most people will be gathering. That means cheap supply of mats, while less crafters, so more demand for crafted stuff. Of course I wouldn't level it to the max if the mats are expensive, but at least till 400 will probably be a lot cheaper with a lot of gatherers around. Wait a month, then level the rest, as most people will be higher level then.

  9. i was just reading and realised that runecloth would be an exelent thing to stock up on - especialy since there will be two new races to get reputaion with!

  10. Let's not forget that there will be flying in the old world. This alone will drive down prices of all low lvl mats due to the increased easiness of farming these low lvl items. I personally will not be stock pilling any low lvl items de to this theory. I believe the best thing to be sock pilling would be gold, so you can begin playing with he wow cataclysm economy as soon as possible

  11. I am not sure where this comment goes but I wanted to get this out there so all you fellow scribes can give it a try.

    The glyph market has been dicey on my server. The prices will get high and very profitable for me and then some goblin comes in and throws up a wall of glyphs that undercuts the whole market by 60%. This...angered me. I want my cash cow to stay a pretty, bovine, milk producing animal of wootness.

    [light bulb] I decided to start a pseudo propaganda campaign based on actual [beta]-factual information. Let me explain. I made a macro that basically stated the fact that glyphs were going to be learned like spells and hot-swappable, permanent. I then said that Scribes would gouge the market so they can squeeze all the blood they could out of the profession before it collapses into a secondary profession of sorts.


    Glyphs started moving like mad!!! I got messages from scribes and they were all kneeling before me like I was Zod himself. It is amazing how sharing some Cataclysm changes can affect the market the way it did.

    Something to think about...

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