Prot Gladiator talks about Pvp in Season 8

My thoughts on the proposed nerfs by ghostcrawler to prot pvp.

5 comments: on "Prot Gladiator talks about Pvp in Season 8"

  1. You will still be able to charge out of roots with intercept.

  2. Nvm, I misread the change.

  3. Sad, when i do start to get some nice gear for my PvP Prot Warrior. They'll nerf them to oblivion

  4. Ghostcrawler making all these changes is annoying tbh, he's the new kalgan.

  5. Markco this is my favorite video of yours!

    I have enjoyed all the other ones of course but, I have leveled a warrior via RAF and have decided to 69 twink her out :)

    She has been alot of fun to play and your pvp videos inspired me to try it out :) Level 65 currently but already set up with 69 gear :)


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