Quick Flips on the Auction House

Flipping is such a great way to make gold on the auction house but it is not noob friendly at all. You need to understand when items sell, why items sell, and where you should strike... that's quite a bit to ask of someone new to the game. With lots of experience however you can make flipping into a side business all by itself.

What do I mean when I say 'quick flip'? Well it means that I buy an item out for .8 * X price and I resell it within 1-4 hours for X + .10 * X price or more. The key is knowing that the item will sell fast enough. If you place the item up for 12 hour auction then you want it to sell fairly quickly and avoid getting into undercutting dilemas where a 48 hour auction would fair better. What items do I do this with? LOTS.

Here's a few major ones:

large brilliant shard
infinite dust
greater cosmic essence
eternal fire
greater eternal essence
abyss crystal
arctic fur
eternal belt buckle
frostweave bag
saronite bar
illusion dust
strange dust
dream shard
...and the list goes on and on.

Keep in mind that this strategy requires you to focus on items which sell crazy fast all day long or atleast during the time you are doing the quick flips. You want to get in, make a quick gold and then get out to allow the undercutters a chance to get the price back down to where you can buy and flip again.

Example: Large brilliant shards are going for 4 gold each and there are fifteen on the auction house for this price. I buy them all out and relist for 6 gold each. Within a few hours they all sell. That doesn't seem like much gold and it isn't, but when you do this with twenty different markets you make a decent amount of money. The trick is to automate this process with a snatch and batch post which will avoid wasting time on checking prices of each item individually with the standard search bar.

Here's a video I made showing where the snatch tool is located, which will help you with finding items to flip much faster:

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  1. cool

  2. So there's no way to avoid the two clicks per auction when you're snatching? I find it really tedious. at least a way to bypass the confirmation box would be nice.

  3. Don't you mean buy out at .8 and resell at 1.0?

  4. If you push control-alt-shift the purchase button changes to a purchase all. Then you just click away at the yes button and they are all yours! mine! my precious!

  5. I believe there is an option in auctioneer that let's you shift click an item to buy it out without confirmation box. I'd have to look for it, but I remember something like that showing up when I got on the wrong configuration page.
    Sidenote: Anyone knows how to allow auctioneer to post only above 3 gold even if there are lower ones? I tried a bit, but some things still get posted under 3 gold, witch is not good for me:(

  6. If you use the appraiser tab you get to set your price if you unclick the "Enable Price Matching" box. Its nice if you always want to sell at a specific price no matter what.

    love that appraiser tab.

  7. Sidenote: Anyone knows how to allow auctioneer to post only above 3 gold even if there are lower ones? I tried a bit, but some things still get posted under 3 gold, witch is not good for me:(

    Set your Undercut matcher "markdown" to 0% and your "markup" to 50% (or whatever you find to be reasonable). Disable your Beancount matcher. Then set a fixed price for the item to 3g, enable price matching, and Appraiser will post in the range of 3g to 4g50s.

  8. Im just starting to use my snatch in auctioneer, but for some reason when i enter the a % of Market price in the box, the PCT column colors are Red and not yellow. anyone know why?

  9. For some reason i cannot get snatch to work properly. The PCT column is displaying either "Red PCT numbers" or it will say "NIL" also nothing shows up in the search box when I put X% in the "Buy as percent of Market price box" when clearly someone selling the item for X% when I manually search for the item. What am I doing wrong?

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