Stockades and LFG Tool

Since the introduction of the looking for group tool in patch 3.3, horde players have been able to que up for stockades both in random LFG and specifically queuing for it. What will this mean for the wool cloth trade? The fact that stormwind still houses the stockades should ensure that many more alliance will run it than horde even with the LFG tool. Hopefully horde will only see a small decrease in prices on their side but alliance prices should remain virtually the same.

Has the LFG tool affected other markets? Have you noticed a steady decline in low level mats that have become flooded by players running instances instead of questing to level?

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  1. Skypíráte - Kilrogg-EU said... January 13, 2010 at 8:10 AM

    I've definitely seen a reduction of price on enchanting materials on my server (Kilrogg-EU) which is definitely from the fact that items being can be disenchanted in instances much more easily as well as the fact you can run instances much faster. I also believe that the addition of getting more from disenchants has also affected the market slightly.

  2. Has the LFG tool affected other markets? Have you noticed a steady decline in low level mats that have become flooded by players running instances instead of questing to level?

    I hate to say I told you so, but facts are fact. Auto Disenchant option in LFG is no option for Enchanters.

    This is only the beginning that I expect by the end of next month enchanting materials will be so saturated that people will start taking the greed option because enchanting material cost will be below vender costs.

    The only way enchanters will be able to make a profit during cataclysm will be to sell dirt cheap scrolls or bark their wares like call girls from a street corner.

  3. Enchanted material prices have dropped. This is in part due to the new disenchant option, but also because of the LFG tool. If groups wern't so quick to form then not as many dungeons would be run, this not as many enchanting mats. Also the prices of frost orbs went from 20g to mostly below vendor price.

  4. Only leveling players can queue up for dungeons like that... level capped Horde couldn't use the dungeon finder to farm Stockades. I don't know what the level range is, but I suspect it isn't wide enough to let players who could solo it queue up. I don't expect there to be enough population in the required range to massively impact wool prices.

  5. Noob question, but don't you need a full 5 people in order for the LFG tool to teleport you to the dungeon? Stocks isn't going to be that great for farming wool if you can't teleport there solo.=

  6. I have definitely seen a major decrease in the prices of enchanting materials most notably the low level shards. It never was a strong market (very low demand) but with the mass influx of de'd blues from rfc et al. the price on them is down to about 5s on both of my servers.

  7. Aerie peak alliance side has seen a drastic drop in enchanting mats that are easily farmed from heroics. It seems that triumph farming via lfg tool coupled with auto DEing has killed my major money maker bc the ore I used to turn into mats has remained at its original price and the process is no longer profitable

  8. @ Goth

    I already started Greeding stuff on my server due to mats being so cheap.

  9. Surprisingly enough, I've notice more supply and whether or whether not the demand has changed... the prices haven't. Pretty well across the board for all common profession items (ore, herbs, ench mats etc...)

    @ Goth: The ench mat market with drop and rise but will always be more than vendor price. Why? Because if everyone vendors items instead of deing them, the supply of mats will decrease with demand being steady (strong old market) and prices will rise again until an equilibrium is established. This equilibrium is that mats are more than vendor cost.

  10. You should also realize that while enchanting mats are way cheap right now, there is also a flood of players farming heroics for gear upgrades. Pretty soon, players will stop doing heroics as much since they will have all the badge gear already, I've already stopped farming badges on my main and have already started to see a steady decline in groups forming for badge farming since 3.3 dropped. Same thing happened when 3.2 dropped (although there was no DE feature, people farmed conquest badges). I'm betting that in about a month, prices will rise a bit due to less people running heroics and getting free DE'ed mats.

  11. Hmm, I did notice prices dropping, but never thought of leveling my enchanting a bit higher for cheap.
    Some people will probably start to greed and vendor things soon, so I expect prices to increase after a few weeks from now.
    Frozen orbs are just plain funny, vendor price is 5 gold, I sell them for 8 gold. Very low profit.
    However, if you can buy a stack of 20 for 100 gold like I did you still make 20*3 = 60 gold.

  12. The only recent change I've seen on my horde server is that thorium is completely flooding the market. I've been picking it up for cheap, prospecting and selling the gems for a nice profit, but it still confuses me.
    I've seen other lower level ores go down in price too, but none as dramatically as thorium.

  13. I have seen the opposite on a few things, prices raised on my server for decent lowbie greens. selling level 5-20 greens for 20-30g a pop.

    kirin tor pve

    love my market

  14. I've seen the price of items and mats that come from the TBC instances decline quite a bit.

    Netherweave cloth for instance, use to run for 5-8g per stack, with 8-15 stacks available. Now there are usually 40 stacks available at somewhere near 3-4g per. (Near enough to forget netherweave bags and go back to vendoring bandages)

    Arcane dust is another mat that's had a huge price drop.

    Those levels spent in the Outlands were terrible for finding a group for instancing with, but now it seems that a lot more are being run.

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