Suggestion Box Friday (1/01/10)

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer; it's when I, the gold making guru, step down from my frozen, primordial saronite plated throne and humbly allow you, the adorable yet amateur auctioneer, take my place. Anything goes today as long as it pertains to making gold in world of warcraft. So grab your soap box and proclaim your gold making conundrums to the masses!


Regarding Sporeggar Rep Gold:
Darraxus said...

I did this before. I usually just skipped to the Sanguine Hibiscus. It sells really well. You can skip most of the mobs at level 80.

Regarding Mail Enhancements:
Sunkist said...

To the person unable to use addons while alt+tabbed: I've also had this problem since 3.3. But to solve this all I've had to do is play in windowed mode and then simply minimize the game and the addons continue to run. Hope that helps for you too

Regarding Unethical Business Practices:
Baileykitty said...

I've hit gold cap without treating my customers like redheaded step-children. I can confidently say I don't purchase bot farmed items because I either farm it myself or simply don't use the item.

The items I do buy from people I have cultivated more than just a click trade enter xxxx amount of gold get goods relationship. I have actually made more of an effort to get to know my sellers personally. I know how they get their goods, when they will be able to sell, etc. I treat my customers (on and off ah) like king and in return I have started to procure a very loyal customer base. (who wouldn't want to see a 15k C.O.D of goods that you can manipulate into making almost double that)

I guess simple real life business practices are above and beyond those who are not willing to put in the effort. I guess it is a matter of whatever floats your boat, biting the hand that feeds you or treating them with kindness.

Personal Stuff:

I like to share with you my successes in life not to brag or put others down, but to give you some encouragement for your own goals and dreams in life. As Patrick once said: "you'd make an excellent motivational life coach." Regarding weight loss, I'm down 33 pounds. The slowdown in weight loss was mostly due to illness and holiday eating, but now that I can get back to a consistent workout schedule I expect to lose another 10 this month. I'm below what I was in college, when I considered myself a pretty good athlete and played sports consistently. Thank you Jelsa, my family, and the blog readers here for their support. For those that are also trying to lose weight, for whatever reason, one of the secrets I've figured out is picking foods which you truly enjoy but won't hurt you if you cheat and eat too much. By keeping these always available I've never harmed myself by overeating once in a while. For me these include nuts, veggies, fruit, popcorn and cold cuts. Also, if you keep a steady metabolism by working out you will be able to survive the occasional Christmas cookie.

Gold Contest Discussion:

If I were to run another gold making contest, what would you like the format to be in? What creative caveats would you set in place if you were running it? I'd like to do another contest but I'm looking for some interesting spin on making gold for it. Any creative rewards that you'd like given out? I'm thinking of giving away a premium membership to the forums as well as a copy of the gold guide for starters, but I'd like some other incentive for those that are already owners of both. All ideas are appreciated.

2 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (1/01/10)"

  1. You pic a server of your liking and everyone that wants to enter the competition just starts a lvl 1 there. Add some start up cash and bags to see were they will go in 1 month.

  2. It would be interesting to see something in which victory necessarily manifest itself in the total amount of gold gained. I wasn't around for the first competition, but I could easily see an advantage for those who had the most time to kill, the most capital to start with, a sneaky way to add extra gold from another character, or the most experience in this kind of competition.

    It would be cool to maybe make it about whoever has the most creative ways of making gold. Maybe give awards based on how fairly non-gold-makers are treated (no iceblade arrow stack-splitting allowed!), how original one's methods are (and their effectiveness, not numerically but in finding a new way to do things), or how intricate one's process is (something multi-step; a lame example would be using dust from the saronite shuffle to make frostweave bags).

    You could even devote an entire week of the blog posts to the best entries (chosen by you) as a suggestion-box-week. People could vote on their favorite, and the top seven could win some lower prize with the winner getting some larger one so everyone feels like their hard work is valued. This will promote JMTC's great community aspect and allow everyone to give back with some possibility of reward for themselves.

    Something more subjective like this that isn't necessarily monetary can award the prize to whoever exhibits true genius in making WoW gold and spreading their ideas to the community to help others.

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