Suggestion Box Friday - Guest Posts and Warcraft Pets

Today's suggestion box friday is a pretty special one. Anyone out there who has guest posts and wants to get more traffic sent to their site should take a look at the following submission by Chris from Brattgaming with regards to pets in world of warcraft. The post is thorough and I'm certain many of the readers of this blog will flock to see the rest of the great information contained within his site.

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Guest Post by: Brattgaming

Hey there JMTC fans and as you may have noticed, this is indeed a guest post. I will try to keep in with the general theme of this blog and look at a great gold making idea in the World of Warcraft.

I’m going to focus on one of my favourite markets to play with via the Auction House and one of the most ‘collectable’ set of items that seem to have people spending ridiculous amounts of gold: WoW minipets. There are many different types of pets available and I will now split these into categories to explain how we can use some of them to create a great and relatively constant income.

Faction Specific

These pets can only be bought if you belong to the relevant faction, either Horde or Alliance. This is one of the most basic pet selling ideas and has been always been a great strategy. Simply buy the pets that only your faction can buy and then post them on the Neutral Auction House for a massive profit. Recently players have been given the opportunity to have both Horde and Alliance characters on both PvE and PvP realms and now you can take advantage of both sides of the market and double your potential sales.

Faction Specific pets are split into two categories at the moment. The vendor bought pets found near each of the capital cities can be bought for a measly 50 silver and yet sell for around 15-20 gold on most servers at a very constant rate. Level 80 characters involved in the Argent Tournament have the option to buy another 5 faction specific pets for Champion Seals and these are more difficult to obtain but can easily be sold for a few hundred gold. The Argent Tournament pets can sometimes take longer to sell and can often be worth advertising in the opposite faction’s Trade Chat (if you dare!)

Rare Drops

There are a large amount of minipets that are dropped from various mobs throughout the game and these are usually sought after by the die hard collectors with the largest bank balance. The pets with the lower drop rates are always the most expensive. Some of you may wish to farm for these pets yourself and could start with the various hatchling pets or whichever you feel puts your time to best use. However you are relying on luck for the most part and you really need to think how much your time is worth. My advice for selling rare pets is to try and get a really firm grasp on the market prices and what you think the pets should sell for on your server. From here you can use the Snatch function within Auctioneer to purchase any pets that are being sold for a lower price than you expect. To quote Markco: ‘Buy cheap and sell normal’. So work out what prices you expect the pets to sell for and set this as your ‘normal’ price. From there you can look at buying and selling and really start to get a feel for the market. As a final tip for rare pets, always try to sell them on your own faction’s Auction House. These pets sell for a rather large amount of gold and unfortunately the Neutral Auction House will be more than happy to take a nice slice out of your profit. In my opinion the Neutral Auction House should be used to sell faction specific items and little else.

Vendor Pets

Similar to the Faction Specific pets there are several other minipets that can be purchased from vendors throughout the World of Warcraft. These can often be sold on the Auction House for some easy profit. I am not suggesting that you try and scam people into thinking these pets are Rare Drops but instead think of it as charging them for your time spent collecting the pets from the various locations. Therefore I would usually sell these pets with a much smaller mark up price and avoid any dishonest behavior. My favourite minipet vendors to visit are extremely easy to find:


This NPC can be found within the Pet Shop of Dalaran. She sells three different types of pets at a price of 50g each. These can be bought and placed upon the Auction House for some easy profit. Please note that these prices are changed by your Kirin Tor Rep and you can get them for slightly lower prices.

Extra Note: Breanni is named and modeled after the creator of, which is a website that can provide all sorts of valuable information for the collecting and selling of WoW minipets.

Dealer Rashaad

This NPC is located at the Stormspire in Netherstorm. He sells eight different pets: four of these can be found at other locations and importantly four of them are completely unique to this vendor. The Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling, Brown Rabbit Cage, Mana Wyrmling and Red Moth Egg pets are only available from Dealer Rashaad. They range from 10 gold to 40 gold and can once again be bought and then placed upon the Auction House for some quick gold. Please note that once again this vendor is subject to faction reputation and if you have reputation with The Consortium then you will notice lower pricing.

Extra Note: Dealer Rashaad sells the Cat Carrier (Siamese) pet which can only be obtained elsewhere by killing the Cookie boss within the Deadmines. He has a 13% droprate for this pet and therefore buying it from Dealer Rashaad can save you a lot of trouble.

Engineering pets

For those who say Engineering isn’t a profitable profession, they really need to take a look at some of the minipets engineers can craft. Although some of these pets are used only by Engineers there are three pets than I can think of that can be sold and used by non-engineers. These pets vary in rarity and the usual prices they sell for reflect this. However they are essential for any pet collection and people will be willing to part with their precious gold for these vanity items.

The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti is the first of these pets and can be picked up via the ‘Are we there, Yeti?’ quest-line in Winterspring. Once crafted it can easily be sold for around 100- 200g depending on your server. The other two pets that can be sold are the Mechanical Squirrel and the Lifelike Mechanical Toad. Both of these are learnt from recipes that are considered rare drops, found in Azeroth. The Mechanical Squirrel is much easier to obtain and the recipe drops from a whole variety of level 10-25 mobs throughout the game. This is not usually a rare sight on the Auction House. For this reason you cannot sell it for a very high price, you will aim to sell a large amount of these pets for a smaller amount of profit. However the Lifelike Mechanical Toad is a complete opposite. It is a much more difficult recipe to obtain and when you have it you can craft and then sell it for a larger amount. I would not be surprised to see these selling often for over a 100 gold and are always snatched up by collectors that recognize a rare pet.

There are plenty of other pets that can be collected or sold throughout the World of Warcraft and I hope this post has emphasized how large and profitable this market can be. I will apologize if this writing style is not great, as I have only just started blogging and this entire process is still very new to me. Thank you very much for reading and feel free to check my own blog out if you have the time.

Thanks to Markco for allowing me to steal his blog for a day!


  1. Ruining one of my bread-and-butters. :P

    I'll further back this with my own recommendation. It's mentioned, but not emphasized enough in my opinion.

    The mini pet raptors. I have characters camped at two of them. It takes literally less than 5 minutes to check, and I would say I find them about half the time. I average a raptor a day. These sell for 400g each for me, or 250g if there is alot of competition (which happens every few weeks seemingly randomly). The Ravasaur Hatchling has the highest value at about 700g, but it takes alot longer to find, so not as worth it in my opinion.

    What is the gold per hour on that? It varies with luck of course, but even if I'm freakishly unlucky, I'm probably making around 3k gold an hour.

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