Suggestion Box Friday - Making Gold with Blacksmithing

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blogwriter! It's when I, the gold making guru (you know the one with the smoking hot body and huge ego?) allows you, the adorable rank amateur, to ascend my frozen saronite throne and attempt to make heads or tails out of the auction house.


For the suggestions, let's see how you would make money with blacksmithing while leveling it. Try to be crafty here (pun intended) and list particular items that you made while leveling up to make some gold. Perhaps recommend certain items to be made even when they turn green because they are worth the money to help cover profession leveling expenses.

Community Spotlight:

Bobreaze recently leveled blacksmithing and used enchanting to make some gold.

Check out this article which helps explain my questions regarding engineering pets during winter veil. Christmas Noobs by Cold.


Regarding Disenchanting Notched Cobalt Axes

Gold NoScripts said...
This reminds me of when dream shards sold on my server for 80g and I used my blacksmith to craft the level 77ish mace and I would get a gaurenteed dream shard out of the 15 saronite bars and 2 crystilized fire (can't remember the exact mats, but it was something very close to this). Total cost of mats was about 40g.

Regarding Engineering pets during the Feast of Winter Veil

Cold said...
Another influence on these pets is the influx of Christmas Noobs. As getting ten pets is an easy start at the achievement system, and most people opened a gift that got the started on their way to collecting pets. It has trigged people to look for more.

Regarding Tips for Making a Modest Amount of Gold

rachaels_dad said...

Best Help ....EVER!!!!

Regarding my personal and blog info:
- Weight loss: Down 38 pounds and feeling pretty damn good. In the best shape of my life.
- Forums and Blog saw record numbers this week for readership and hits. Been working hard to get more google hits on both and it has paid off. Play around and try to find the blog with google search terms, it's fun!
- Gold Guide went back to full price and I added a new chapter, be sure to check it out if you are a gold guide holder. I tested the new chapter to see how much it improved my sales last weekend and came out pretty happy... 15k gold spent in purchases, 36k gold in sales.

9 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday - Making Gold with Blacksmithing"

  1. The enchanting rods immediatly jumped to mind here, they seem to be a bit of a forgotten item by many blacksmiths, but the return on investment is gigantic.

    Green Iron Hauberk is also one of my favorites, but you'll need a leatherworker alt to make it realy work profit.

    Then offcourse there's the beltbuckles that still sell well ...

  2. Traffic is a result of your HoR 4.5k dps video. Well a lot of it at least :) Post more of those!

  3. On my current server copper,silver, and gold rods sell for 5g max. The cost of mats im unsure of. To me the investment of time for the profit seems low. i may need to lookinto arcanite rods and other higher level ones.

  4. I picked up the pattern for mithril spurs while leveling up mine and did surprisingly well with it - had no trouble selling all of them at an okay price. It won't make you rich, but it will help offset the cost.

  5. Enchanting rods will always sell. ive been selling golden rods for 100g a piece for a couple of days.

    also sheild spikes can go for a bit aswell and weapon chain's

    xoxo anaalius

  6. Enchanting rods are a big one, for sure.

    Also, consider that most of what you make can be disenchanted, so as long as it's reasonably priced in AH it should sell, if not to someone who can use the gear, then as something to disenchant. Or you can pass the stuff to an alt to disenchant and sell or use for leveling.

    My philosophy was to put it out there and see what sold and what didn't, you gotta make it anyhow to level up.

  7. tella still beating u m8 :D

  8. Tella is a great player and I've linked to her blog several times. Neither of us are competing against the other.

  9. Dream shards from axes ? How about 4-10g for Dream Shard on my server ?!? BAM !

    Forget BS for disenchating. Random Dung. Syst. killed the disenchanting star ( same goes for Leatherworking).

    Only thing that stil works is Saronite Shuffle but not on weekends (infinite dust droppping from 2-4g to 1-0,8g -_- on 3 servers i play).

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