Thousands of Small Auctions vs A Few Big Ones

Which is better, thousands of small very good chance to sell auctions or two really big ones that sell maybe once a day? My answer will always be thousands of small auctions with a very good chance to sell. That doesn't mean you should overlook the power of selling big auctions once every couple of days, but the consistency of selling thousands of small auctions with maybe only 1-30 gold profit each is definately how you make the most gold in wow.

Where are these magic markets that can make you so much gold? Probably right under your nose, let's see... what do you buy on the auction house on a weekly, daily, or even upgrade basis? Bingo, that's where your markets lie. When you upgrade your new chest piece you buy three gems and enchant chest powerful stats. When you upgrade your belt you buy an eternium belt buckle and two gems. There's more to it than just listing these 'surface markets', as there are components which create the eternium belt buckle and enchant chest powerful stats. What about those markets, are you involved in those? That's how you need to think in order to discover high demand markets which will make you the most gold.

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  1. I think its a percentage game...the more you have up on the board the more that will sell..does get cumbersome in the postal addon game...but that what it takes...
    By the way and off topic...has everyone's thorium bar/ore crashed from 4g each to 22g a stack? It has on ashzara server.

  2. * Eternal Belt Buckle


  3. hey marcko, im from the latin servers and i find a very good deal to shatter Void Crystals for large prismatic shards, crystal go in my server for 5 to 9g and shards go for 12g average so its a pretty neat deal.
    Rasmurie, Ragnaros.
    P.s. sorry for grammar errors english is not my mother lenguaje and y try to email you but the outlook crashed on me

  4. I thought it was "Eternal" belt buckle? :)

    great post though, as always Markco. Keep it up!

  5. I used to run a very diverse spread of auctions but eventually found most of my profit in medium priced items (50-300g range), with emphasis on enchanting scrolls and meta gems. But the over the past 3-4 months gold sellers have dominated both these markets on both horde and alliance side of my server (and many other servers if reports on the JMTC forums are accurate). They change their names every 5-7 days and are able to sells large quantities of items at cost, or even slightly below cost (likely due to their ability to farm mats via teleport hacks or stealing from hacked accounts)

    Looks like I need to diversify again. Takes more time but there's no other way to compete with these gold sellers. Anyone else have any luck combating them? Opening tickets does nothing.

  6. Er, what about both at the same time?

  7. As a response to rachaels_dad... I'm not sure when it happened, but I recently discovered that Un'goro Crater is now home to a ridiculous amount of thorium. I'm talking way more than there was before. If it's a lot easier to mine up what you need, less people buy it. If less buy, the price goes down. Mystery solved. :)

  8. April - Blizzard updated warden a few weeks ago and have got quite a few of those bots lvl 80s it seems (my "friendlist" was very "offline" today). Dust etc is down 80% in numbers on AH though :P

  9. @Last Anon:
    Might be so, but last week (or week before) there was still a huge batch of ridiculously low priced herbs on our AH. So not all bots are gone, and I definitely don't mind either.

    I think that thousands of small auctions is exactly the reason why Inscription is one of the big moneymakers of WoW professions. It is easy and simple (with the right tools) to post 2k auctions of glyphs, inks, cards and vellums with little to no deposit cost.

    Have to say that I also made quite a chunk of gold with some big ones, being vanity pets and things like DMF decks.

    The old saying "Divide and conquer" is also applicable to the AH.

  10. I used to make a ton of gold on WoW. I recently went back, and played around with the AH, but after being away for 2 years I just didn't really know what to look for.

  11. The thorium prices have dropped because blizzard have added a lot more thorium nodes to Un'goro Crater.

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