Twitter Game - #JMTC

Twitter has never been a huge part of this community so I am going to start including it in posts and other activities.

First off, if you aren't on twitter and following foldberg1, you should be!

Next, for every daily post on jmtc I want you to start giving a quick opinion on your twitter account of what you read. You don't have to necessarily link to the post or anything, but you can say #JMTC and then whatever you'd like to write.

This #JMTC topic will allow everyone to click on it and see all the buzz around jmtc on twitter.

I think that this will help the community grow and get more people interested in twittering about JMTC. Feel free to talk about the forums, youtube, this blog, or anything else JMTC related with the #JMTC topic.

2 comments: on "Twitter Game - #JMTC"

  1. Sure i can manage that anything to help out the community here

  2. Some creative ways to use the #JMTC tag:

    Give a gold tip
    Point to a forum post
    Point to a blog post
    Give gold intake for the day

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