Why Certain Class Glyphs Sell Great

Not all glyphs were created equal. There are numerous factors which determine if a glyph will sell for profitable amounts of gold as well as how frequently.

The first and greatest reason glyphs sell more frequently is because there are only two specs a character can have at one time. This means that paladins, druids, and priests will always have the highest purchase rate of glyphs because they can fulfill there roles. However, keep in mind that certain glyphs are kept by all three roles for the classes in question.

Another factor which determines frequency of purchasing is popularity of a class. Rogues are the least popular class and therefore you will most likely sell these glyphs less than any other. It doesn't help that this class also can only fulfill one role so if a rogue doesn't pvp as well as pve then they will only ever buy one set of glyphs.

One factor that often gets overlooked is the availability of a glyph to scribes. Glyphs made leveling inscription are notoriously cheaper than ones learned through research.

Some factors are the same as with any profession:

The number of scribes you have effects how expensive glyphs are as well as how many you can sell for maximum price because no one has put any up when you go to post yours.

The number of glyphs posted by any one scribe of each glyph type can greatly cut into your profits. Most scribes who automate their inscription sales do not post more than 2 or 3 of any one glyph on the market at a time. Sometimes however, you get people who dump glyphs onto the auction house for way too cheap and you will need to buff up your addons to account for these anomalies.

What should you do with this information?
Make more glyphs that are popular and post them more frequently then ones that are less popular. Since glyphs are so cheap to post for 12 hour increments there really is nothing wrong with doing a smattering of sales, but by focusing in on the ones that really make the most money you will increase your profits substantially.

Apply this analysis of the glyph market to other markets if you can in the comments section.

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  1. I took a different approach. I made around a dozen of everything, and I post anything I can above my minimum prices. Then I restock what sells.

    Yeah, I've got some mats tied up in glyphs that will never sell, but I can build a crafting queue in three seconds flat, and I don't have to rethink my inventory after every patch.

  2. You also have to consider the fact that some glyphs need 2 inks to make, and make sure you don't go under your profit margin because their cost is higher.

    Also, depending on your server, your glyph treshold needs to be higher.

    As an exemple, I see Marcko saying often to sell snowfalls for 10g+, while my server's snowfalls hover slightly over 5.75g. You also need to take this into account while determining your cost.

  3. on the server that my scribe is on i seem to sell 2 DK glyphs to every 1 other glyph- its REALLY crazy=/

  4. I have played the glyph market on three different servers, both alliance and horde, and I can tell you that there is NO ONE METHOD that will universally work. You absolutely have to know the economy of your server and faction before you decide on a glyph (or any market) strategy.

    On alliance side of my server, about 15% of the glyphs sell for over 20g, with an average of about 10g each. On horde side, less than 5% sell for more than 20g and the average amount is about 4g. The strategies I use to sell on each side are very different.

    It seems that the difference in the market is due to the number of sellers and the frequency in which they cancel/undercut. On alliance side, there are less sellers and they are less aggressive with cancel/undercut. On horde side, there are so many sellers that you are usually undercut within 5-10 minutes of posting.

    So for the less aggressive alliance market, it is worth my time to cancel and undercut aggressively because the competition doesn't keep up and I make more sales. On horde side, it isn't worth my time because I will spend hours sitting at the mailbox and at best I will make 1-2g profit per glyph. It is far better use of my time to simply post my glyphs at the price I wish to sell at, and let them ride. (and of course diversify into other markets).

  5. The idea of pure dps classes only running 1 set of glyphs isn't strictly true, in my opionion atleast. Many players I know run with 2 PvE specs, in different trees, which allows for better raid balance, so for example being a rogue I run with a Mutilate main spec, Combat off spec. Similarly our locks usually have an Affliction main spec, Demo off spec, incase we need the buffs it provides.

  6. On my server, I only make glyphs for Druids, Paly, DK, Priests and Hunters. But whatever I do, one guy sells every kind of glyph at the same 6.66g each ... and also dumped the Runescroll of Fortitude down to 2g each with Snowfalls around 9g ...
    It's now really hard to make good profit on this market :(
    Actually, I make more profit on enchants.

  7. In JC, the first designs I bought were "strength" due to pallies, warriors & DKs needing them, spell power cuts used by all casters. I use wow popular to measure # of each class on my faction and chose which items to sell based on that. Anything for hunters, however, is over saturated on my server.

  8. You can never stress enough that "your mileage may vary", due to different servers...

    I use my Auctioneer data to get a feel for what sells (on average) above cost of creation. I then create 3 of each of those glyphs. (Only three because I am on a RP server with a relatively "small" population, compared to normal or pvp servers.) Some - usually minors - I will make 6 of (but only post 3 at a time). Like Brent, I simply restock what sells. This has, at times, left me with a bunch of glyphs that don't seem to move, but the market is SO volatile that what may be selling for 52silver one day, sells for 8g the next.

    (An aside on Snowfall Ink? I have seen the Market (Alliance side) dip to 12g per ink. Today? I sold my inks for 40g each, and I was undercutting other sellers by 200%.)

  9. Whoops, forgot:

    Death Knight glyphs are my TOP selling glyphs, hands down. I sell out of the DK minors almost daily, and they average 30g each. (If I am left to establish the 'top' price, amongst the several glyph sellers on my server, I typically drop into the mid20's range.)

    I have also found that a lot of my Researched Glyphs do well. Innervate, Beacon of Light...

  10. I'm always amazed when people tell me they can sell Snowfall Ink. In the past 3 1/2 months since I did an Auctioneer data reset, I've sold 173 of them at around 12g each.

    Since I'm only using Northrend herbs for my glyphs (thanks, Jessica Sellers), I currently have 971 more in my bags/banks.

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