10 Things the Netherweave Bag Market Teaches Us

There's a lot of things you can learn from selling netherweave bags on the auction house. Here's a list of them... my what a handy thing this could be for the savvy auctioneer to appy to other markets (HINT HINT HINT).

1. It takes a 50 silver runecloth thread to make each bag. That is a cost per bag that I cannot avoid.
2. A stack of netherweave is the exact amount of materials I need that can be bought from the auction house for each bag.
3. The difference between a bag and 20 cloth is around 5-12 gold. That's a lot of profit, definately worth the short amount of time it takes to craft a bag!
4. If I buy out the cloth up to a certain price, the bags will reflect this price.
5. If I flood with too many items the cost of bags seems to drop dramatically.
6. Even if I post 30 bags a day they all sell on my server. I'll have to post more and see what happens. On the weekends I've noticed even more sell. Maybe I should double my postings no friday and saturday.
7. QA3 works great with netherweave bags! Even when people undercut below my threshold they are eventually bought out and mine get bought for my fallout!
8. If I post for reasonable market amounts they still sell, even with undercutters. 48 hour auctions work best for me so far.
9. Selling in amounts divisible by four seems to work rather well.
10. Trade chat sells as many bags as the auction house! So many people stop into town while leveling to grab some bags, it's amazing. I can even sell for above market price because the leveler wants his/her items NOW!

9 comments: on "10 Things the Netherweave Bag Market Teaches Us"

  1. I love Netherweave bags, on my server they cost me about 4 gold to make, but sell for just over 8 gold a time

    I normally sell anywhere between 20-30 a day, so giving me a profit of between 80-120g per day which may not be a lot in the scheme of things but is a nice profit by the end of the week for minimal effort.

    Long may it continue

  2. This is one market where I can post 40 for a 12 hour period and know they'll all be sold :-D
    This also has a popular thread on your forum.

    just an FYI: 1. is less than 50s if you're exalted where you buy those :-P

  3. 9. Selling in amounts divisible by four seems to work rather well.

    Maybe it's my english but how can you sell stacks of 4 bags? :)

  4. I thought you said you were on a low pop server? must just be my server that I only sell MAYBE 6-8 every day.

  5. Something that I think hasn't been addressed with the netherweave bag market is that if you can easily get into it and there is little to no competition this means that there is a very very likely chance that other markets tied to re-rolls or new characters are probably wide open as well.

    I've found that on my server when there is little supply of bags there is also very little supply of low level greens, crafted or otherwise, low level twink enchants, and a few other odds and ends.

    People do service these markets but they simply don't keep them stocked and it seems to be directly tied to the bag market at least in my observation or vice versa.

    To sum it up if one entry level market tied to new characters is open for profiteering likely others are as well.

  6. @ the poster asking about 4 bags

    he means post numbers of bags such as 8,12,16, etc so people that need 4 bags will always be able to get enough bags to fill up all the bag slots.

  7. 9. Selling in amounts divisible by four seems to work rather well.

    Maybe it's my english but how can you sell stacks of 4 bags? :)

    You don't sell stacks. You just put a number of bags on the auctionhouse that is divisible by four. They'll probably be bought out with four bags everytime.

  8. Can someone link to the forums - the links I have found on the blog don't seem to work?


  9. If you're exalted the thread is only 40s. I always buy my threads, dyes, parchments, etc on my main who's exalted with all factions and then mail them to my crafting alts. In the long run it saves you a lot of dough.

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