20,400! 14,600! 3,000! 9,650!

Numbers, they're a funny thing aren't they? Whether you are a pvp nut like me, a try hard pver, or even an auction house guru... everyone has one factor in common: We all love numbers! It doesn't matter if the number is a 21k shield slam, a #1 world first kill, or selling a 16 thousand gold bike.

So what is so crazy about numbers in this game? Why do we love them so much? The answer is actually quite simple because it all comes down to the fact that we built those numbers ourselves. These pixels that we finally acquire are the culmination of hours and hours of work setting them up. We feel a sense of ownership over our numbers and that is one of the greatest successes of world of warcraft. Fun takes on many meanings for many people, but everyone has fun when they feel a sense of accomplishment in building up to their own personal number goals.

Another great success of world of warcraft is the fact that even if we are terrible at this game we will slowly accrue more and more materials to make our numbers a reality. Even if you fail at pvp eventually you will get the gear you want from honor points or badges, just not as high quality as you may have been wishing for. Your character will always eventually improve, thus you will always get your slice of the numbers fun we all crave and pay $15 a month for.

How do you feel about numbers in world of warcraft?

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  1. There's a particular brand of numbers that realy annoy me, and that's the numbers from people that use GearScore. I mean if a total asshat and 24 of his blue-geared palls can finish ICC-wings in normal mode, why do people need T9 (and over) to complete anything?

    If you require such a high gearscore for your group, you may just aswell be advertising that you're a moron without skill and you need the gear to compensate for it.

  2. Numbers make me fuckin wanna play wow!


    Sorry, couldn't resist :P

  3. the biggest thing about numbers is that they can be positive or negative. Gearscore is a perfect example since it can be used as a measurement for approximate success, or it can be used as a whipping pole to keep "baddies" out for the lazy raiders.

    I've been playing the market for the past 5 weeks and have immensely enjoyed seeing the numbers increase in the per weekly intake. Measuring that between having a casual raiding guild that is only working through ICC about 3 hours a week. End game has become enjoyable to be still raiding, getting big hits and crits on my hunter. As well as setting myself up for cataclysm
    to be able to do more than I ever imagined money wise.

  4. I actually feel that numbers are one of the worst things in todays MMORPGs. Why? Take WoW for example. You're a veteran player, creating a new character, currently level 20, and can't kill a damn noob who's level 50 just because of numbers. I think a skill based game would be awsome, and there are already some things starting to show up in the market, but nothing good enough to beat WoW so far

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