Buy Frozen Orbs NOW for Patch 3.3.3

Patch 3.3.3 is on the PTR and frozen orbs will now be used to purchase a frost lotus, 6 frozen orbs for a crusader orb, 4 frozen orbs per rune orb, any eternal per frozen orb, and a frosty flying carpet tailoring pattern for 6 frozen orbs.

In other words:


That is all.

Seriously though, you are going to kick yourself for not buying orbs at near vendor price now and reselling for 20-30 gold each at a later date.

36 comments: on "Buy Frozen Orbs NOW for Patch 3.3.3"

  1. I read the patch notes last night and immediately get on to buy every frozen orb on the AH. However, someone beat me to the punch and had 5 up for 50g each.

  2. price of frozen orb has gone up to 20-30g overnight =(

  3. They are already selling for 35 gold on my server, everyone already knows about it and they are pretty overvalued right now. It'd be pretty tough to buy any at the usual 5-6 gold price.

  4. First - ahhahaha. Don't make me laugh like that when drinking coffee.

    Second - I am like many, I guess, in that by the time I got to the AH this morning at 8 AM (!) the orbs were gone, replaced by 20g single stacks. grr.

    On the rest of the patch...I guess that tailoring profits move from the cooldowns to the glacial bags? And sadly, this is going to bork auctioneer. Of course, this is way early and things can change.

    I'm looking forward to the upcoming insights here, in the forums, and the podcast. Btw the podcast is great. Thanks for doing it, and pls pass along the grats to Euripides and Phaeglis. (I am sure I did not spell his name right.)

  5. bought some yesterday when I saw the patchnotes. And today the price have went up from 4g to 14g per frozen orb :O

  6. Too late. They are already selling on my server for 30g each. Well there goes my Faces of Doom/Iron-Bound Tome profits.

  7. At the time the patch notes came out I wasnt anywhere near a pc.

    Sadly all the Frozen orbs on my realm is now 20g+ on AH.

  8. hehe managed to get 250ish for around 6-7 gold each. incoming easy proft ! wtb call to auction 6 !

  9. I think on most servers, they were selling around 5g each. When I went to bed, I bought a ton of them at 10-12 gold. Now, the price is at 15g. On Wowhead, a guy was already stating that on his server they'd already hit 50g each.

    I'm logging back in on my bank alt to swoop up more of those 15g ones. :)

  10. Markco please send an email next time to your subscibers

  11. the patch notes have been out for about 6 hours and you are 5 hours and 59 mins late for my server.

    frozen orb prices went up to 30g within 5 mins of the patch notes and have stayed there.

    thats still cheaper than frost lotus right now though.

  12. Too late.

    On Sargeras, they're already going for 35g a pop.

  13. Ugh, Notes came out today on mmo. I read them, immediately went to buy all the frozen orbs. However, all the orbs are 30g already. /cry.

  14. Skypirate - EU Kilrogg said... February 20, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Personally I can just see a lot of things shooting down in price as soon as the patch hits rather than everything staying the same. Think that's what Blizz intended to do but obviously there's the chance that it won't happen. Unsure though of course.

  15. The orbs are already going for 20-30g each on my server's AH. I guess the only way I'd be able to get them any cheaper is by spamming trade to try to buy them from someone who doesn't know their new value.

    It's too bad, really. The price spiked within hours of the news on MMO-Champion. Oh well.

  16. FML i decide to sleep in today and the orbs are now at 30g

  17. My realm must blow because there's only about eight listed and the CHEAPEST one is 22g.

  18. I've checked three servers that I have main characters. None are below 10g, most only have less than 5 for 15g each. They are already going for 35g+. I dont know if people are buying them at that price, but it might not be a horrible time to sell some as well. Unless of course we think the price will exceed 30g after the patch.

  19. Yeah fuck that, by the time I read the patch notes this morning all Frost Orbs on my server went from 6G to over 20G. Too late to do anything now. Luckily I still have a couple of stacks.

  20. Dang, too late. Already 40g on my server.

  21. Well, I had to work today, came home, read this, checked AH - looks like I already missed the boat. Current prices on ah are over 34g each (up from 6g). I tried getting some on trade for 10g, but no takers, guess that has been done too. All I can do now to profit from this is hold my current leg armors till the price goes up.

  22. Seems my server is full of people that read MMO-champ, soon as they posted the notes all of the orbs left. Now the lowest price is 25g per orb.

  23. Just a few days ago 10g-13g was the highest price in the AH. Today most are in the 20g+ to 30g range. What really hurts me is that last week I was typically buying stacks for well less than the 5g eash vendor price and selling them on.

  24. This explains all the needing for orbs in randoms. Also on my server I was selling orbs for 75g last night.

  25. haha nice had like 20 stacks of them in my guild bank for jc dailys on all my alts :p
    just snatched them all when they were below vendor price on ah

  26. They're 15-20g now on my server :(

  27. Within 5 minutes of the mmo-champion post on this, the frozen orb prices on my server went from near vendor to 30g.


  28. So
    1 eternal = 1 FO = 1 Frost Lotus?

    On my server Eternal Earth goes for 4G and Frozen orbs go for 10-20 (a volatile mark i frequent anyhow) so why not just stock up on eternals, as an investor its more efficient.

  29. Man if your not right about them going sky high.

    When I logged last night they were sitting at 5-7 each at most, I was even getting lucky and getting some at below vendor.

    Logged on today around 8am EST after reading the post and they were at 20 plus some as high as 75 each.

    I have since been checking the AH about every 20-30 mins all day and grabbing any below 15 each, and have stock piled about 200 I plan on stopping at about 300 or so.

  30. Damn! I sold 100 Frozen Orbs yesterday, for 7g each (having originally bought them all the way down as they tumbled from 80g to 5g)

  31. I would, but you wouldn't believe how many dudes spam to the world the "hoax" i'm pulling by buying them in bulk for 250g/stack.

  32. I bought nearly all of the frozen orbs on the AH as soon as mmo-champion posted about them. I feel so lucky to beat everybody to the punch.

  33. The funny thing is, it isn't too late.

    This is what happens. Patch comes out. Everybody dumps his orbs on the AH, increasing the supply, thereby decreasing the price.

    After a month or maybe earlier, everybody has dumped their orbs, and supply decreases, while prices go up. So if you buy the cheapest ones just after the patch, you can probably resell them pretty good a month later for higher.

    It is a bet though. You gotta step in on the right moment and buy the cheapest ones. If you buy too late price might already have increased.

  34. On my server they jumped to 30g immediately as well. I have a few in the bank, but not a ton.

    I am still going to buy them for 25g or less because eternal fires go for 30g. I'll need those eternal fire for making cheap Titansteel Bars since I'll be limited only by mats.

  35. Crap i need to read this on the weekends more often. I wondered why someone was spamming trade chat to buy frozen orbs.....

  36. Since frost lotus is the item with a fairly constant demand which you can't farm in a predictable way (freya doesn't count since you still need a raid to get there while all the other items can be farmed in a very predictable way) I believe that frozen orbs will stabilize at the price of frost lotus. The last weeks I were able to farm around 5 frost lotus per week while waiting for random daily dungeons and on my server they sell for 65g each (the market is pretty stable). Thats 325g.

    I speculate that a lower price will only increase demand by 10% since nobody needs really more flasks and only a few poor raiders will switch from elixiers to flasks. So, instead of 325g my own marketshare will be 357g. But with the 50% increase of dropchance of frost lotus and with probably one frozen orb I will have 9 frost lotus to sell. This means the new price for frost lotus will be around 40g.
    Am I off with my math?

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