Damaged Necklace - How Much Gold?

While farming high level mobs in northrend it's always important to keep an eye out for a Damaged Necklace. These items are huge boosts to your gold per hour and have about the same drop rate as books of glyph mastery. So how much are these babies worth?

Well, since they grant a jewelcrafting token from a quest which is worth 10 titanium powder, the necklace should go for about the same amount of money as 10x5 titanium ore as that's how much ore you would need to prospect (assuming 1 to 1 ratio of getting titanium powder from the ore). Five titanium ore goes for around 45 gold on my server, so the necklace could be sold for about 450 gold.

Not bad huh? Unfortuneately, many players do not know the true value of this item and post it for far less. I have snatched them for as little as 50 gold and resold for 450 gold the same day.

Definately add to your snatch list!

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  1. I've only seen it once, and that was i got it initially for my JC...

  2. the theory that it goes for 10x5 titanium ore doesnt work... should be going by the average price of titanium powder (since on my realm it does for an average of 25-30g each since people mass post it presumably after making the cost of the ore back off the gems)

  3. Stacks of titanium for 180 Gold, I can only dream of it going so cheap. On my server a stack of Titanium ore at 350 G is normal ... damaged necklaces go for around 500G so I guess by this calculation they should rise up to 875 G

  4. Unfortunately? FORTUNATELY!

    Mad money to be made by those who don't know.

  5. What Mischief said is right - when you prospect titanium you get gems back in addition to powder, so going by the price of ore isn't quite accurate.

    A damaged necklace SHOULD be worth the price of 10 powders, which runs about 200-300g on my server.

    But, in my opinion the powder is more valuable than the necklace because a level 65 crafting alt can use the powder to trade for tokens but you have to be level 76 to use the necklaces.

  6. I have *never* paid more than 250g (I have all 73 epic gem designs and more). They sell for 200-250g on my server. Titanium powder goes for around 25g so that makes sense. Comparing it to Titanium Ore like that is a very slanted cost distribution again (like in Call to Auction 1) because you value the prospected gems as 0.

  7. You could also make the argument that they're worth the same as one Dragon's Eye, since those also cost one JC token. (You can also get the occasional one from Icy Prisms, but I don't think that's really that common.)

    On my server, a Dragon's Eye goes for around 150g, give or take, and there are usually plenty of them.

    While these are nice items, don't expect them to be flying off the shelves at 450g.

  8. Same for "Waterlogged recipe".

    Although you must be carefull: on my server (low-mid pop) they already droped in price for about 30% for 3 month, because most of pple who lvled cooking already have all recipes.

  9. Good point about how to value an item a lot of people wouldn't know the value of.

    However your maths is flawed, it would be worth the price of 10x5 titanium ore if the dust was all that the ore produced. However the ore produces a lot of other things including epic gems which offset your calculated cost. Not to mention you don't get a dust per prospect, closer to 3 dusts in 4 prospects.

    As mischief said just work it out against the cost of dust, unless you want to include the offset cost of all the gems you get as well which is harder to simply calculate and is much more server dependent.

  10. Logged in and asked for one of these in trade chat. I asked how much. He said, 25g. I said sold. then asked him to kindly COD me any more he finds for the same price. :)


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