Farming Golden Pearls

Golden pearls are used for leveling several professions and are a major headache for levelers to obtain. Here's a location submitted by the youtube member BloodVorteX7.

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  1. 4 minutes for cleaning out the place, 20 minutes to actually get there. >.<

  2. A great suggestion on the youtube channel was to do bg's in between farming there so you don't get stuck waiting on respawns.

  3. I am too busy farming eternal fires in storm peaks next to terrace of the markers..
    Eternal fires are constantly selling for over 25g on azshara server with crystallized fire selling 4g every day.

    found it on youtube...

  4. This can be frustrating...I spent hours last week farming this spot and trying others (naga in azshara get you clams pretty fast too), but after 140 zesty clam meat I had quite a few black pearls but still no goldens. arghh!

  5. If you start out on the very far mobs outside the cave and circle around outside. Then work your way in you usually have them respawning by the time you have cleared and head back outside. If you slow down to mine that also helps.

  6. I have an alt with the ring of the Kirin Tor and his stone is set for Feathermoon Haven. He's a dps toon, so in between waiting for groups, I just farm for clams.

    The golden pearls are used in an enchant for BoA weapons, so they have a lot of value. I've sold the enchant for 800g.

  7. This is not good anymore!

    89 Clams and only:

    3 Black Pearls
    1 Small Lustorous Pearl
    1 Iridescent Pearl

    Anyone got any other better spots for Golden Pearls?

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