Help with making more than 1k gold a day

Hey Markco,

I could use some advice as I feel my gold income isn't going fast enough.

I'm a relatively new player to WoW having started back in
September. Highest level character is 76 atm. I didn't start seriously
trying to make money until probably this last December. My problem is, I
don't feel I'm making the amount of money I could. I'm working on learning
various markets at the moment, but I'm dealing with limited liquid
capital of about 10k only.

I've been making my money from Netherweave Bags, manipulating cloth
markets, raptor minipets, reselling cheap farmed mats I get from some
suppliers, and Titansteel Bars. A couple of different things, but
still only netting me about 1k per day at best. I'm interested in
making more, but I don't have multiple lvl 80's with high level
crafting professions. I have a guildie with every profession on his 10
characters, so I've been using him to get all sorts of different things
made. I tip him well, he happily provides me with what I need.

I'm currently thinking of branching into crafted BoE epics atm, so I
would appreciate any advice you could give for that market.

What I'm really interested in though is this; What advice can you give
that would help with making large amounts of gold with none or very
limited infrastructure? This may call for a blog post, as I'm guessing
this is would be a long winded reply....kind of like this email. :D

Thanks in advance for any help,
Youbeenshot -Medivh US

The answer to the question: "How do I make large amounts of gold with none or very limited infrastructure?" is in no way long winded or difficult. Simply look at my 22 steps to using auctioneer and enjoy. I noticed that you mentioned the sale of netherweave bags... why not frostweave bags as well? Do you do your tailoring quests for free money? First and foremost, get to level 80 and max out your professions. While you wait to get to that point make use of the 22 steps to using auctioneer.

Another point I'd like to address is that you seem to be looking at higher priced items in order to make more gold. I'd rather you invested in very cheap items which are guaranteed to sell in a 48 hour period. I like that you are trying to diversify and branch into other areas, how about crafting lower level tailoring items and disenchanting them?

Don't be afraid to poke around in the JMTC forums for useful information as well.

Thanks for the email,


Anyone else have additional advice they'd like to give in the comments section?

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  1. 1K a day is a very nice start (depending on how much time that went into it)

    But yeah, hit the forum, head for the omg-I-can't-make-gold section and fill in the template for posting.

  2. I would advise staying away from BOE epics unless it's the ICC gear. They are dramatically dropping in price since ilevel 219/226 gear is really easy to get now.

  3. This is what I do everyday to come close to 1k/day

    0) run auctioneer 3x a day
    1) titansteel cool down
    2) alchemy epic transmute
    3) buy uncut epic gems and cut them put them back up on ah
    4) farm a primal air, mana, water, fire, primal earth and transmute a primal energy
    5) run battlegrounds to farm honor
    6) check to see what plate armor needs to be sold
    7) create scrolls major agility, stamina
    8) lvl my next toon....

    I have make at least 60k since november but I do admit...1k/day is hard sometimes without a grind on a low pop server like azshara

  4. Thanks for the help. A bit of an update is called for I think.

    I've now stopped messing around with cloth, as I decided it just wasn't profitable enough for the time and inventory space it required. It made money, but I think it was more suited for when I was lower level with only 1k gold to my name.

    Frostweave bags aren't really profitable on my server. If you buy all the mats cheap, then you can make a couple gold on the sale, but it's too much work for another 50-100g a week in my mind.

    Titansteel has also descended to the point where I can't really make good money on it. When I sent that email, I was turning 60g profit per bar, and I got 6 cd's a day from guildies. Just sent the mats, they COD'd the bar back for a 15g tip. Saved the time from shouting in trade like alot of other people.

    Raptors I'm still doing, but I'm actually stockpiling them for Cata, as I feel the rise in new toons would mean a large demand increase with a negligible supply increase.

    I did end up dabbling in one BoE epic, but demand is slow. Sold the first 2 in like 3 days, haven't moved one since. I've been doing 24 hour auctions, as I only have one competitor, and I like to be able to undercut him with minimal cost when he throws up another 48 hour auction. If I can't sell the one, I'll just use it. I wouldn't mind a new ilvl 245 chest for my hunter.

    One of my easiest money makers right now is Titanium Ore. I buy from a supplier for about 50g or more below market value, then resell to a guildie working on getting every wrath JC recipe. I put it below AH, so I make 40-50g per stack, and I often move five stacks a day.

    The tip you posted yesterday has me excited though. I can get eternal earth for 3.5g, and the various gems for 1-1.5g. I crunched some numbers, and I should be able to get a good return from prospecting the huge (in my mind anyways) amounts of saronite ore I have access to. Just sent 100+ stacks to get prospected as a test batch, so waiting to see how it goes.

    I see one person mentioned time. Since December, I've logged about 20 hours on my AH/bank alt. The stuff I've been doing is pretty fire and forget. The crafting stuff that actually takes awhile is all done by a guildie.

    Another person mentioned the epics. Ilvl 245 gear still has decent demand on my server as it gears up new alts fast. It's 2.5k for the 245 chest, 8-9k for the 264 chest. But, nonetheless, I decided for the moment I don't want to really get to involved in that market.

  5. About the tailoring, I don't actually have that profession, I've just been using it.

    I've checked the possibility of de'ing tailoring, bs'ing, and leatherworking items, but the price for raw mats on my server is generally retarded. Only thing I can sometimes get is weapons/armor to de for nether essence.

    There's probably a lot of servers like this, but I would say I have really "mature" server. It's mainly lvl 80's, if you do a who search, you get about 5 people tops below 80.

  6. Seeing you have Inscription & enchanting you could make a decent amount of money.
    Stratholme (vanilla one), still makes a load of money (and gives you some reputation with Argent Dawn if you're interested in that).
    Both the dead and the living side provide a nice amount of runecloth & enchanting mats, the living side adds righteous orbs to that (scrolls of enchanting weapon crusader).

    Try to get some rare vanilla enchanting formulae (fiery, agility, 2H weapon Agility etc), they sell pretty well because people 'need' them for their BoA gears, alts, twinks or whatever.
    With inscription you can provide yourself the scrolls to put them on AH so you won't loose money leveling your enchanting either.

    Max out inscription and scan the AH every day at least once, so you'll see a decent average price of the hot glyphs that you will want to sell.
    Do your inscription research every day, do the Argent Tournament dailies as they give BoE pets as a bonus (neutral/your own faction AH) and a small amount of money while working to that.

    Farming heroics with a tank(fast queue's) wouldn't hurt either, it nets you some extra cash and emblems for either gears or gems.
    Do wintergrasp whenever you can too, the added honour, tokens(both WG & and Stone Keeper's Shards) and small amount of gold you receive also add up. And honour also provides you some easy gems = money or an easy way to epic out your character.

    Hope that this helps a little.

  7. I like to look for mats that are typically in short supply, but have inconsistent demand. Example, adamantite ore on my server can be anywhere between 25 to 75 gold a stack. I tend to buy stacks 35g or less to hold onto when I see there is little or no competition.

    1k a day is strong, but it sounds like your process is a bit tedious and slow because you have to use guildie alts. At least they are there to help, keep them happy too. Look into saronite to titanium bar transmutes, sometimes as much as 8g profit per bar.

    look for lower level gems underpriced like citrine, aquamarine and jade. I've been selling citrine in bulk for 15g per, selling as many as 15 a day, it just takes a while to restock those supplies either from cheap iron ore, or from underpriced auctions.

    But keep it up, you are doing fine.

  8. Markco said "Do you do your tailoring quests for free money?" I didn't know there were any tailoring quests (other than the Shadoweave stuff at level 50). Have I been missing out all this time?

  9. Glyphs, vellums, and runescrolls net me anywhere from 800g to 2k g a day, depending on when/how often I post. This is on a server where glyphs are capped at 20g, so it's still a very profitable market. If your server caps glyphs at 6g, see if you can sneak in the vellum and runescroll segments. Those require much less time invested to produce decent profits.

    One of my faves has been cross-faction tourney pets. If no one else bothers to do it, you (I) can make 300 to 400g per pet, and people like to buy one of each.

  10. The other thing you must be able to do is to watch the AH and trade chat, then react quickly.

    I made about 6k on Sunday farming Ulduar for the Lovely Bracelets. Holiday items can be a good cash cow, but you have to act fast.

  11. Thanks guys, good tips from all of you.

    I'm trying to avoid more "grindy" type money makers. Someone mentioned Stratholme, I know that can be good, but the few times of done it, I was really doing speedruns trying to get the barons mount.

    Inscription glyph wise is pretty dormant on my server. About 3 or 4 major players all of which seem to have thresholds of about 2g. I'll look into runescrolls and vellums though. Inscription is up in the air atm, I'm not sure if I'll keep it.

    I am looking to pick some of the popular leveling enchants, as I think that could be a good money maker.

    Another person mentioned my process being tedious and slow. I would say that it is slow, but not really tedious. I do no crafting of my own, I just mail and get it back the next day in whatever form I need. I tip him well for what he does for me, although he says I really don't have to. Not the best position, but it's the best I have access to for a while at least.

    Last of all, I saw the tourney pets mentioned. That's why I love the minipet raptors so much. I have alts parked at the two easiest ones, so it takes 1-2 mins to check if the nest is there. If so, I just made 300g or so.

    My server used to be huge, first to open AQ gets, pretty far in raid progression, but it's shrunk because people got tired of server instability and log in queues. It doesn't have those issues now, but because of its past, it doesn't seem to really get many new players. It's full of people that have been around for a while.

    The AH has a lot of players, so it can be tricky to find ways of making cash without investing a lot of time. I really think the only reason I've done even this good is because I know a few good farmers, that can get me any high lvl ore and any eternals at large discounts.

  12. If you have a few spare hours and some money, make a Dk on your servef and level alchemy (maybe also inscription on him) and level him to 68. This gets you a transmute mule for an extra 100g a day or so, if you do the epic gem transmute.

    My dk has actually made me more money so far than my 2 level 80's.

  13. I have looked into Alchemy, currently torn between that and JC for my DK alt. But I guess there isn't really any reason I couldn't do both on him. Would just suck up time and a decent amount of cash.

    Flask prices on my server are in the area where without procs you would break even or lose a couple gold. But with some procs, there is good money to be made, especially if you're smart enough to stock up on Frost Lotus on weekends and other less popular raid days.

    I really need to get registered on the forums, get active on there. Would probably help me alot to push past where I am right now.

    Keep the tips coming guys. :D


  14. My friend is on Medihv and I'm visiting there for a bit. There is a LOT of potential on that market compared to my other server. I'm still feeling things out (and spending less time playing WoW in general), but I think the most money to be made will be in catering to certain niches. Register at JMTC, read the stickies and we can work from there.

    In the meantime, compile a list of what you've tried already and why you think things did or didn't work. Learn to figure that stuff out and you'll do great :)

  15. Markco said "Do you do your tailoring quests for free money?"

    Markco got his professions mixed up, there are NO tailoring dailies.

  16. I apologize, I meant tailoring Cd's.

  17. oh hell yeah, those 3 day CDs are a must, depending on the AH :)

  18. Its so hard to give specific advice based on not much. The tried and true crafting tends to be flooded (ie inscription). I would say find a market and exploit it. If glyphs are bad, sell armor vellum 3, sell cards, etc. Sell the offhand. Sell scrolls. Sell only DK and paly glyphs (the most common).

    Get into karazhan and get the mongoose enchant, its pretty good money> Get the enchants for hierloom items. (Crusader ia a big one). Recipes are uslaly good profit makers.

    What i have generally found is that gathering is always 100% profit, while things like making flasks you would actually lose money on if you expect to buy the herbs and make flasks immediately. For example frost lotus is going for 85g and flasks for 40g each. There is little if any profit there and only for elixir speced.

    The market is all about timing. Look often for your favorite items, snatch them, then sell slowly over the course of the week. Start thinking week to week instead of day to day. I gave up inscription a long time ago as dead due to competition, but i still did it every day because there would always be *some* profit. Lately I've had sales over 1k a day, closer to 2k, and I can't mill/make glyphs fast enough. Markets change, people come, people go. If a market is bad now, check in a day, a week, a month. One thing is for sure, if its easy and obvious its easy and obvious for everyone else too, and you wont make a profit that way.

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