It's Not About the Gold - Even 1,000,000 Gold

There's a reason why there are so few millionaires in the game (though the number is growing thanks in part to the Wow Gold Forum): They don't do it for the gold. It's the same with making money in real life, if you do it just for the money then you will eventually fail. Why is this fundamental truth proven over and over again? It's because you are going to fail over and over again in your journey to becoming a wow millionaire. You'll take risks that don't work out, have weeks where you lose gold, butt heads with competition, etc. In other words, you are not going to have a straight exponential growth from 0 to 1,000,000 and it's the bumps in the road that cannot be overcome solely by how much you want to reach one million gold. Passion, a willingness to risk even after failing previously, and a belief that you will eventually succeed against all odds are what gets you through those rough patches.

Another major part of the process of hitting one million gold is a willingness to change course and do something against the grain (popular opinion or trend). If you want to get a million gold then you are going to have to do things no one else is doing. After all, if it were easy to make 1,000,000 shiny gold pieces then everyone would be doing it.

Making that 1,000,000 gold is about the journey, the never ending process of refining your skills and always learning. It's about striving for perfection but knowing you will never be perfect. You know, the same is true for success in life itself. Shawn and Patrick touched on this in their How I Wow interview with me.

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  1. My two cents:

    I didn't even think about making 1 million a bar to shoot for until I was more than halfway there. While hitting the cap was definitely a goal, the number's just so massive that it takes several months, and I'm the type that doesn't set goals that far in advance usually, at least for videogames.

    Generally, you just have to enjoy the game in general (PVE, PVP, or social reasons), and keep doing what you're doing, and a few months later you might hit it. Definitely a bit more difficult now later in the expansion and time consuming, but on the bright side, some auction utility mods exist now that didn't at the beginning of the expansion. When I was "pushing" for it, I bothered with a couple professions that were a bit more tedious and time consuming (ie: Inscription), but I eventually dropped them.

    Tackling as many markets as you can, and just more time and patience than when you hit the cap is what it's all about.

  2. I found once I stopped really trying my income is now around 2k per day.

    That is just from inscription and a few other deals.

    Maybe I was loosing gold on bad deals when I was trying too hard?

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