Jewelcrafting Prospecting Saronite Ore Gold Strategy

Jewelcrafting Strategy - The new saronite shuffle video. Quick clip about what to sell while prospecting saronite ore and how I still make money from it. Chalcedony and dark jades are the real money makers, as well as cut rare gems.

The old saronite shuffle focused on turning your common gems into disenchanting fodder, which you can still do but I've found that simply cutting and vendoring the less expensive common gems is only slightly less money at this point with infinite dusts falling below 1 gold sometimes on my server.

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  1. I'll have to do the math on not buying eternal earths, and selling cut gems to the vendor. However, it is slightly more profitable to vendor the jewelry if dust prices are below ~1.25g on the AH. Also, always check the prices on uncut uncommons, as dark jade and shadow crystals are excellent on my main server, but horrible on my alt server.

  2. Right idea, but DON'T CUT THEM! This will net you less than 1g. If you make them into necklaces and vendor them for 3g, with the 2 crystallized earth valued at like 1g, thats a 2g profit.

  3. Use the left overs here:

  4. Don't forget the rings themselves vendor for 3g14s, which is many times what the gems vendor for by themselves. Eternal Earth is also selling at an all-time low, making this even more profitable.

    You can make even more gold by buying the cheap gems from other JCs and make even more rings to vendor. Free money is free money.

  5. Not to be a total word nazi, but it's:




  6. Unfortunately Chalcedony and Dark Jades dont sell for more than 8g on my server, which makes the profit margin about equal. The other green gems go for maybe 1-2g. Infinite dust hasn't gone past 2g since 3.3 and is usually hoovering around 1.3g

    Saronite Shuffle is dead on my server, seeing as the stacks themselves are 16g+

  7. Wiggin someone is probably buying them for 13.5-14 gold a stack so you only see the 16's! Also, a rare quality gem will usually pay for more than a stack of saronite.

  8. @Wiggen

    With those prices, 16g saronite is a license to print money. To make it easier, do the math with 3 stacks to end up with 12 prospects, or two of each gem.

    2 x chalc = 16g
    2 x jade = 16g
    2 x purple = 4g
    6 x vendored jewely = 18g

    Total = 55g plus 3 blue gems.

    The shuffle lives.

  9. I just don't see it on my server guys.

    Saronite Ore - 16 gold (Markco, I rarely see it below 16, I often buy it when I do, since 3.3 and titanium transmutes its usually 18 per stack)

    Eternal earth - 6 gold (sometimes drops to 4g, usually around 6 however)

    The Chalcedonies and the DJs may go for 8g a pop, but the purple ones are around 3g, the rest 1.25 or less, and the Chalcedonies and DJs are much more rare. I've prospected over a hundred stacks and I get no more than 1 per stack (not 1 per, 1 total).

    The uncut blue gems, the greens can sell for 8-10 sometimes, but other than that, only the red sell for maybe 25g if you get one, the other are barely a gold above vendor.

    I'm not trying to say the shuffle is dead, but my mat prices are higher and my yeilded mats are lower. There is SOME profit margin, but I see no more than an average of 10-15% margin. And ALL that work is not worth it. I prefer post and forget auctions.

    BTW, why is it I can buy up stack and stacks of thorium ore for less than 20g at the moment, but I can sucker people into buying mithril ore for 75...these chinese farmers need to get their priorities. Even iron ore is selling for the same price as thorium its silly!

  10. Yesterday i tried something. i bought lots of saronite ore at 12G stack, turned them all into rings, DEing them and then i was able to sell a few stacks of infinite dust by 60G. there were a lot more cheaper individuals infinite dust selling even at 96S. mine were about 3G for dust. i believe what mad ethis happened was that ppl are lazy to buy one by one so they bought the cheapest 20 stack on AH that was mine... if this continues to work this can be a good strategy to return to some nice profits :)

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