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Hey Marcko,

Was soloing Dwarfageddon earlier today and I noticed the dwarves you kill drop the Lovely Charm.  You get 10 of these and turn them into a Lovely Charm Bracelet - these go for 20g EACH on my server!  It's a super fast way to make some easy cash.  I managed to get 50 bracelets in about half an hour.


Kilrogg EU

Awesome email Tangoguy! I tried this myself to make sure it worked and holy crap is this an easy way to make money.

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  1. Err... Dwarfageddon? Where's that? :P

  2. Word travels fast. While this morning selling these bracelets for 20-30g was fairly easy, now most people on my server have been farming various places for them, including Ulduar. Price has gone down to around 10g and some people have been going as low as 5g.

    Granted, it's still fairly easy money (me and a friend in a single demo combined for 100 in about 30-40 mins), but it's not as great as it was a few hours ago.

  3. here is a video:

  4. Hi! Here's Derek from Perenolde (EU)
    I just farmed 44 Lovely Charm Bracers and sold them all at once for 20g/pro. That were fast (2h farming) 880g!

    I did

    Don't return the quest until you have flown 8 times, then return 1 q and fly another 8 rounds!

    Greetings from Germany,
    Gute Arbeit Marcko, mach weiter so!

  5. These items were doing great last night, but dropped like a rock today and this evening (Sunday). I wouldn't be surprised to see these at 5g or less for the rest of the run.

  6. As a shadowpriest: the mobs outside draktharon keep @ the grizzly hills side. They have about 5K health and die within 2 hits of mindsear. They also respawn the second they die. stack up on spellpower and keep shield up. i usually had about 10 on me all the time. I got my permapeddle (40 tokens) this way in less than 15 minutes.

  7. As Alliance player I found doing this quest to be the fastest farm:
    It involves in you using a bomber vehicle to bomb scourge in icecrown, it takes 4-5 minutes per bombing run and my personal max was 8 lovely charms for one run, the respawn of these mobs is very good so u can keep going until your inv is full

  8. I was doing the two giant-riding quests to farm mine. There's one in the Avalanche part of eastern Sholozar Basin, and then a storm giant in Zul'Drak. Waves of mobs dead, and a stack of Lovely Charms for each aoe blast. It's probably not as good as Ulduar, but a bit more accessible (if you haven't turned in the quest).

    I was able to sell a three or four charms for 150g, but now the market is flooded and has settled to less than 10g each.

  9. Alterac Valley killing the diggers in the mines .... provide lovely charms...and u get experience/honor for being there...killing 2 birds one stone.

  10. They won't sell at the auction house, as they are conjured items...

    So if you'll farm those you have to sell them manually to the crowd afterwards :(

  11. got in and got out of this market quickly after the holiday started, sold a few dozen of these at ridiculous prices (40-50g at first) but didn't take others long to jump on it and then there were Ulduar groups forming with the intention of farming them. Now there's 12+ pages of them on the Thrall AH and price is dropping like a stone. Around 10g last time I checked, and supply is only increasing faster and faster as people find out how easy they are to farm. Glad I got rid of all mine when price was still around 20g. Still not bad money I guess, if everyone on your server hasn't already heard you can farm endless amounts of them in no time.

  12. Easiest way in the world is to just equip a lance and start running over all those Boneguard Footmen in front of the citadel. Stacks of charms will appear in your packs without having to do anything but steer your horse around.

  13. tried posting these on the AH tells me u cant post a conjured item...possible hotfix?

  14. Three things to note.

    1. Apparently this hasn't caught on on my server, where the bracelets are STILL 25g each. Mad profit =D

    2. For low level players, Razorfen Downs has an area with a decent amount of weak skeletons - I'd estimate about 50 or so - that can be downed in a hit or two with a mage AoE spell. They drop the charms too, if you're the right level, and so do all the pulls in the dungeon (which tend to be much bigger than pulls in others around that level).

    3. Selling the bracelets IS good money, but depending on your server's prices, there's potentially better money to be had from them. Do the dailies for love tokens, including the gifts, sell the rest of your bracelets/save them for later (don't trade any for a single love token, that's a waste), and buy chocolates. Buttermilk Delights are 90g each on my server - that's massive profit!

    ~Blackthor (Level 35 Mage)

  15. @Royce

    sounds like you're trying to post the Lovely Charms rather than the Lovely Charm Bracelet which is created by combining 10 of them.

  16. And just as an update: Still a level 35 mage, couple things to note.

    -PvP drops the charms too.
    -Charm bracelet price is dropping; other items, however, still seem good. Likely due to random chance of acquisition.
    -Lovely Dresses fluctuate WILDLY in value. I was able to flip a 20G Lovely Blue Dress for 140G, and at last check on my server AH price was 300k.

    Hope this helps everyone!


  17. Take Charms, do each faction leader quest... take tokens buy silver shafted arrows (selling for 30g each on my server, ie. 5=150G) or Red Rockets (Sell for 10g, 10=100g). Better than selling chocolates imho.

  18. Obviously very server dependent item, on my high pop realm I have already seen these as low as 5g on the AH, and enough people know of the various ways to easily farm ludicrous amounts and are posting hundreds at a time that I don't see the price going anywhere but down, and fast. They don't cost anything to post though, and considering how easy they are to farm they can still be very profitable.

  19. I have the same issue about not being able to post the BRACELETS for sale on the AH. I can't mail them either. I get an error message saying they are a conjured item.

  20. Noooo! This was my secret method of making mad amounts of gold. I managed to sell over 100 of these by doing this before the bottom dropped out of the market and I got bored with it.

    I do recommend bringing one person to help you clear the giant. He's a little hard to kill by yourself and since the dwarves constantly respawn you don't have to worry about them stealing your kills. Just bring someone that needs the bracelets for the achievements while you sell them for sweet, sweet gold and there won't be much competition.

  21. Holy cow last night was awesome. Kept my DK on farming bracelets and my bank alt posting them and selling 'stacks' of 10 (advertising 19g each and 180g for the stack), and easily made 1k gold last night with an hour of farming and an hour or two babysitting the AH and making sure my bracelets were always cheapest.

  22. I hear from multiple sources they've removed the ability to get these while driving vehicles, though I haven't personally confirmed it, seems like a logical change and I have no reason to doubt it. Prices are back up a bit on my realm, hovering around 10-12g at the moment. I've been farming them from the packs of Converted Heroes in Ice Crown. One of my favorite places to farm anyway on my warlock with my felguard farming spec I just send him followed by 3 seeds, run in and pop shadowflame to blow them all up, heal up the pet if he took a few good shots, rinse and repeat.

  23. As feral druid i went into Throne of Tides regular and killed the first two bosses solo. then you head towards last boss where the gauntlet of little corrupted water things are. make sure you dont kill the last two big elementals in that tunnel or they stop spawning. farm for 3 hours and go buy the love bird or sell the charms.

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