The upcoming auction house changes are awesome! Only thing I'm worried about is compatibility with auctioneer and QA3... we'll just have to see won't we? One thing I'm really interested in is this new posting bar method that will be available, will it replace auctioneer's batch post? Will it ruin the batch post by not allowing more than one item type posted at a time? Will it allow for multiple item types to be posted in a que similiar to batch post? Who knows, all I know is I can't wait to see what blizzard has planned for the auction house and I'm curious if all this is being done to prepare for the new wow armory version of the auction house.

Auction House

  • If the Auction House on a realm is unavailable for any reason, an alert will pop up informing players who attempt to access it.
  • Players can now Right-Click to place an item in the Auction frame.
  • Entire stacks of a specific item type can be placed in the Auction frame and several options have been added for choosing how to list auctions.
    • Stack Size: If a stack of items has been added to the Auction frame, players can select the size of the stack they wish to sell. If an invalid stack size is entered (i.e. a stack of 21 Saronite Ore), the Create Auction button will be grayed out.
    • Number of Stacks: In addition to selecting the size of a stack, players can select how many stacks of an item they wish to sell (i.e. if a player has a total of 43 Saronite Ore in the Auction frame, they can choose to list 2 stacks of 20, 4 stacks of 10, 8 stacks of 5, 43 stacks of 1, etc. If the number and amount of stacks listed results in a remainder, the left-over items will be placed back in the player's bags automatically).
    • Stack Size and Number of Stacks are linked mathematically so that altering the variables of one may automatically calculate the amount of the other (i.e. if a player puts 20 in the Stack Size field and 43 Saronite Ore are in the Auction frame, the Number of Stacks field will change to 2 by default. If a player only wishes to sell one stack of 20 Saronite Ore, the Number of Stacks field can be manually changed to 1).
    • Price: Players can now choose to input the price of an item Per Stack or Per Item by selecting either option from a pull-down. If Per Item is selected and a player is selling a stack of that item, the Auction House will multiply the selected Per Item price by the amount of that item in the stack. If Per Stack is selected, the player can enter the total price he or she wishes to charge for each stack of that item being listed.
    • Auction Post Completion Bar: If multiple items or stacks of items are being listed at once by a player, a Posting completion bar will appear showing the total progress of each individual auction being listed once the Create Auction button is selected. The greater the number of individual listings being made in a single press of the Create Auction button, the longer this process will take. Players can still browse the Auction House while the Posting completion bar is in progress, but moving around will interrupt the progress, similar to moving while attempting to create multiple bandages with First Aid. Just as with creating bandages, auctions that were completed prior to the character moving or otherwise canceling the actions will successfully be listed.

3 comments: on "Patch Notes... AUCTION HOUSE UPDATES?!?!"

  1. I don't see why any of this should affect Auctioneer and QA. At worst, they might change the way addons interact with the auction house with some API changes, but that's a pretty simple fix for the addon writers to cope with. Unless of course, Blizzard decide they don't like what these addons are doing and break them completely, but they could have done that long before now if they wanted.
    I really hope they change the search UI a bit too, at the minute its totally horrible, even more so without any addons. And not being able to search for something like an uncut gem without having to sift through loads of cut ones too is ridiculous.

  2. A site as simple as Neopets (kids games my son plays) has an option to let you search other players' shops for either items containing a word, or for something specific (matching identically what you typed, nothing more). I don't know much of anything about how to make things like that work, but if Neopets can do it, I would think Warcraft could.

  3. @Thayer

    Lol, I remember Neopets. It's apparently still pretty popular with the young'ns. :D Good for AH training, since you basically play arcade games for currency? Hehehehe...

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